Assembly tonight will consider certification of mayoral runoff


Tonight’s Anchorage Assembly meeting will feature the certification of the Anchorage Mayoral race. The Assembly will take up the matter forwarded by the Municipal Clerk during its regular meeting that starts at 5 pm at the Loussac Library at 36th Ave. and Denali Street.

Mayor-elect Dave Bronson won over Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar in a close vote, 45,937 to 44,743, a 1,194-vote difference and enough to avoid a recount.

If certified, Bronson will be sworn in on July 1 and Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson will return to her seat on the Assembly.

Unlike Assembly meetings in the recent year, the emergency order that has been lifted by the Assembly will also allow more people in the chambers to observe the proceedings.


  1. I wonder what the chances of them not certifying the election, because most of the Assembly preferred the candidate who did not win. Or will they try some Hail Mary like they did when they installed an illegal mayor for 8 months.

  2. I forget who said it during their testimony during the winter that this Assembly was waiting to see who be the new mayor before lifting the Emergency orders (or powers to the mayor).
    Hahaha. They were correct. But Mayor Bronson doesn’t need the extra powers; he isn’t a tyrant.

    It’s a sorry thing but I am sure this Assembly’s attitude hasn’t changed if not become increasingly more bitter.

  3. So much for Conservatism my comments keep getting deleted off. This site is no better than MSNBC OR CNN

  4. Steven, sometimes they do mysteriously disappear. Some of my posts are guilty of that but sometimes I use wording that maybe too harsh for the fence sitters. Since we don’t own this blog we don’t have a say and if you want to contribute to it you have to play by Suzanne’s rules.

    They will show when you first submit them, but You have to wait for your comments to be reviewed and then also sometimes you have to refresh the web page to see them stay up. If there’s a lag in reviewing them sometimes, I’m assuming it’s because even Suzanne has to sleep at some point like the rest of us, or maybe even go grocery shopping, and live life.
    We all go through these same motions, when we post. No one is being picked on, unless profanity and such is used I suspect.

  6. Perhaps they are too harsh. I use words like castrate when I probably should use the word neuter as a more civil description of what I would like done to criminals. Things like that.

  7. Haha….you guys are silly.
    Greg got to say castrate in his post, oops I got to too, and all your comments are there up above your comments about where’d my comment go. There’s almost always a lag for review.
    “Funny people” At least we are all now comfortable with the word Castrate now.

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