Assembly to create citizen panel that will name places in Anchorage


The Anchorage Assembly majority has decided it’s time to pick some better names for places in Anchorage. In today’s politically correct parlance, that typically means assigning indigenous names from languages that are essentially dead.

“The map of Anchorage is characterized by the place names we’ve chosen over the years. Streets, parks, rivers, lakes and buildings are named in reflection of our community’s values,” the Assembly said, indicating in its press release that the Assembly members are unhappy that places are named after individuals and not indigenous place names.

Thus, a naming commission is being created by ordinance to select new names for public places. Perhaps Cuddy Park could get a dual name from a Dena’ina word that describes it.

The renaming of Anchorage has been part of the Anchorage Park Foundation’s mission for several years with its Indigenous Place Names Project.

The park foundation has placed sculptures in various places in Anchorage with indigenous names. Two are along Chester Creek, denoting the name Chanshtnu, the Dena’ina place name meaning Grassy Creek.  Hkaditali, meaning driftwood, is the name for Potter Marsh, referring to the driftwood that was accumulated along the tidal flats. Nuch’ishtunt means a place protected from the wind, and is how the park foundation sees Point Woronzof.

The ordinance seating the naming commission want the members to “select names for public places that impart a sense of historical, cultural or geographical significance considering location, function, Indigenous place names or natural features.” 

The naming commission will consist of nine voting members, including: 

  • A member with a background in history, anthropology, or archaeology
  • An Alaska Native culture advisor with knowledge of local Indigenous history and culture
  • A person recommended by the Native Village of Eklutna
  • A member with expertise in historic preservation
  • A member with experience in diversity, equity and inclusion work
  • Four community-at-large members from different neighborhoods

“While an amendment was made to clarify that the process does not apply to any pending naming proposals, the commission will be charged with future proposals,” the Assembly notes. Those interested in serving on the naming commission can reach out to the Assembly at [email protected] to get instructions on how to apply. 

Do you have suggestions for names of places in Anchorage? Drop them in the comment section below:


    • At least we’ll be able to pronounce it correctly.. How many can still pronounce the Conv building correctly? They can change the names, but we’ll still call them by the old names, we’ve always known them as..I think your name of “Hobosville” is good and proper..3rd and Karluk can be called the “DUMP”..

  1. Here’s an idea: Maybe the Assembly could do something – anything – to solve the homeless problem instead of renaming things that already have names.

  2. How do you say “brown nosing” in Dena’ina? Hows this for an idea, lets name them names we can all pronounce without having to learn a second language…..

  3. Let me guess……there won’t be anything named like Squaw Creek, Squaw Lake, or Squaw Trail.
    How about Squatter’s Park. Gay Lover’s Leap.
    Panhandler’s Path. DEI Boulevard. Diversity Dump. Riviera Creek. Queer Quarter.

  4. The idiocy continues on the Assembly as the city decays into a swampy morass of decadence and lawlessness, wherein the only citizens penalized are those that have built their lives here. The imports from the destroyed places int he lower 48 and the unwilling to live by society’s rules get a pass.

  5. Was unaware of the immediate importance of renaming places and things. The Ass-embly has obviously fixed all of the other problems like the homeless situation.

  6. This has nothing to do with honoring indigenous people. It is 100% about destroying an individual’s identity with any european culture and background.
    Typical leftist. In an effort to prove they are non-discriminatory, they will cut down anything good or established in favor of something that is contrary.
    I wonder… just speculating here, how many of the “at large” community members will be white, conservative, or male?

    • If they really want to honor the Indigenous the ones that are worried about them should give up their seat on the Assembly to tribal members
      Maybe then things would begin to normalize with someone familiar with making the best of dealing with adverse weather conditions and work harder to support real healthy family issues like nutrition and subsistence hunting and gathering and teaching the young survival skills instead of gender and racial issues.
      Wouldnt that be a dream?

  7. It is my understanding that except for the village at Eklutna, the Athabaskan people have had little historical presence in the Anchorage bowl until recent times. Reverting to lots of indigenous place names seems kinda goofy. More revisionism.

    • JMARK, yes I agree, from my reading it appears that the indigenous group now present are actually recent invaders. Seems that a rapacious, plundering gang from the Copper River Valley showed up just a few hundred years ago and immediately displaced a band of Eskimo people that had lived here for some 6000 years. Evidently the colonizers sent the indigenous Eskimos packing.

  8. First it was plastic bags. Then it was mandatory lockdowns and masking. Shutting down and silencing testimony at Assembly meetings. A temporary mayor who should have never been in office as long as she was. Now this tripe. Zero real action on the homeless, our tanking economy, spiking crime, natural gas that powers and heats Anchorage running dry and more. Yet, somebody keeps electing the leftist members of this clown show. Maybe we do deserve the government we elect. And screw republicans in these districts who were just too darned lazy to write a check to a conservative campaign or even get out and vote.

  9. What is so offensive about the caucasian names in place right now ? After all, without caucasian men and women Alaska might be part of Russia ! Or is it about monkey see monkey do to keep up tradition of erasing history ? Liberal progressives just can’t leave anything alone, since they are basically unhappy with themselves and must make everyone else miserable because of that !
    But we could just change Anchorage to Camp Hobo since that is the path the assembly has chosen for Anchorage ! After all we now have a homeless camp in every neighborhood !

  10. And let us not forget renaming the Anchorage Ass-embly, choosing the appropriate Denaina word,
    K’letchn’dinaktint’lna, meaning “many little squaws, much big noise, bigger stink”.

    • The wants of Anchorage’s many are irrelevant and antithetical to the historical and cultural revisionism and destructionism of the Ass-embly’s nihilistic Marxist Nine.

  11. Wow. Completely racist.

    And, as if Anchorage has nothing other to focus on.

    “Socialist Hellscape” comes to mind.

    I wonder if any of our assembly members could translate that into an indigenous language for us?

      • You know nothing.
        If you actually knew anything about local/Muni government, you would know the leftists on the Assembly have a solid veto proof majority. Bronson has no authority to do anything outside of direct management of the City employees/departments. Anything he tries to do, without explicit approval from the assembly will be stopped.
        And, his vetoes mean nothing. The Assembly will call a special session before the ink dries to overturn it.

      • Since Bronson had nothing to do with this “Renaming committee” how do you figure that??
        Oh and brush up on your civics, in a representative (and in this town that’s a misnomer) republic, it takes more than one branch of government to make it work. If the assembly doesn’t approve the funds, the mayor can’t get it done….

  12. Homelessness is out of control, K-12 is an embarrassment but the Anchorage Assembly has a solution rename everything. How about a new name for the MOA Assembly?

    • Reminds me of my first car. Was leaking oil, not too bad, but bad enough. So, I bought a new stereo, and the oil kept leaking. Got a new set of seat covers, and there was still an oil leak.
      What the Assembly is doing is no different.

  13. Good thing Anchorage has dealt with all the real issues.

    Collapse of western civilization well underway.

  14. The seats on this commission are designated to guarantee the alt-left prevails. One can only hope the indigenous members see through the wokism and racism and reject the name changing. If they must change something, let the effort be restrained and realistic. The at-large seats must be conservative to have any hope at all – and fat chance of that happening. The libtards on the assembly are still trying to find their own identity, thus inflicting identity crisis on everyone else. Meanwhile, many more will pull up stakes and leave, and visitors will flee because they can’t find anything. Get over yourselves, idiots.

    • It’s a fad much like the Valley Girl stereotype of years ago. The current batch of woke idiots will look back when they’re a little more mature and a little smarter and say things like “we were so cute then… promoting drug addicts, prostitutes, recreationally homeless transients, petty thieves, village outcasts and other societal detritus and you know, ‘rage against the man’ stuff like that”.

      Then they’ll go through an awakening and wonder if they can reverse their mistakes by integrating Zyklon B into the free showers they poked Anchorage’s taxpayers out of. The concept of having a clear thinking individual come out of predetermined geographical areas known to consist primarily of poor performers is self defeating and brings in people like the fat mexican homosexual uber driver. Allowing those w/ conflicts of interest like Zalatel and Constant on the board will result in worse.

  15. Well there goes good tax money that could go to the schools or homeless. If they change names they need to be fair and call them numbers and or letters so nobody gets a-fended. I will be a-fended if any name is from a person place or thing. The assembly can’t solve homeless so let’s use valuable time and money on BS. This will not save money help people solve problems or make Anchorage any better.

    • Well then, you’re the one who’s offensive because the tiny little mustache men of the ass*embly will be offended that you’re offended by their offending you.
      The level of stupid with these selected ass*embly beings is astronomical. Anchorage is being destroyed by absolute psychopaths.

      • I could care less about what the children in the assembly think. But I will say the street names of people offend me when the assembly thinks it’s good.

  16. Ah in typical fashion a game of semantics!
    We, the assembly, refuse to make any meaningful changes,
    to address keeping people in deplorable places,
    or the criminality that runs in these spaces,
    but we will rename the mess, we refuse to address,
    make it sound nicer, when you sleep on these streets in your underdress.

  17. I am so thankful that I live on the Kenai. It’s like sitting in the grandstands watching this sh$tshow go on in Anchorage. If I lived in Anchorage, I wouldn’t!!! I’d move. Anywhere else!! Just get the hell out of Dodge!!

    • Remember Kenai and Palmer has problems with the same type of Leftist community and business leaders rooted on the peninsula and Palmer. They just laying low cause they know if they truly let it be known, they’d be humiliated and shoved out of the peninsula or Palmer. Not long ago Palmer just showed it’s too early for Leftists in its region to rear their ugly head in their community when it Still has enough votes to oust three Leftist council members (but barely by 100 votes each which isn’t enough to be called a landslide when each candidate did garner at least 300 supporters compared to their 400 opposition ). What Palmer and Kenai Peninsula can do to further keep Anchorage corruption from infecting and poisoning the two areas is its more conservative leaders protect its election and anchor its GenZ students and families on the foundation of Christ, so its residents can discern and recognize a liar when they see one. I heard recently town of Kenai has a lot of clean up work to do about its increasing drug problem that I hear Kenai residents and its leadership are in denial is a problem.

  18. Like guests invited to a pool party who then piss in the pool and complain to the host about piss in the pool. WTF is wrong with you people ?

  19. We have serious issues in this city & they are worried about names of parks, lakes, streams,& streets?
    They tried to rename Minnesota, how’s that working for them?
    Cuddy Park is named after the Cuddy family because it was their families land. 🤦🏻‍♀️ most of midtown is Cuddy or Calais owned.
    When the Native Corps donate land towards a park, they are welcome to name it.
    Our assemblies priorities are so disappointing.

  20. How do you say “Place led by Fools” in the Den’e Athabaskan language?
    And why aren’t we going to use Yupik names here?
    Yupik people were here thousands of years before the Den’e came from the Intrerior & replaced them recently.

  21. Mountain Meth View, Crack Carrs, Hypocritical Hillside, Fox-why is my basement wet Hall, Earthquake-jelly land park. There I just saved ya’ll millions!

  22. This will just mess up what everyone has known for years for street names. Now we all will have to figure out directions again and say, “it used to be Bering street now it’s….” Isn’t that a waste of money too!?

  23. Here’s an idea, since the pipeline legislation passed in 1973, due solely to one vote cast by the then residing Vice President, let’s rename 5th Avenue in Anchorage to the , Spiro T. Agnew expressway.

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