Assembly members demand resignation of volunteer homelessness commissioner they call ‘racist’


Instead of solving homelessness, the Assembly Committee on Housing and Homelessness today used an age-old tactic of distraction and diversion, and called for the resignation of a volunteer member of the Housing, Homelessness, and Neighborhood Development Commission.

Two members of the Assembly — Felix Rivera and Chris Constant — attacked volunteer Jim Crawford and took his comments out of context. The two demand his resignation and say the mayor should demand it also.

Crawford, during the meeting, was engaged in a discussion with other members about the role of the Alaska Mental Health Trust, budgets, homelessness, Native Alaskans, and other issues relating to the ever-growing homeless population in Anchorage, which is said to have a housing crisis, when what it really has is a drug addition problem.

By geography, the Anchorage Public Health Region had the state’s highest overdose death rate in 2021, at 49.3 deaths per 100,000, up from 31.4 in 2020, according to state statistics that indicate the drug abuse problems in Anchorage are significant.

The city has spent hundreds of millions of dollars housing the homeless, and yet the problem continues to grow in Anchorage.

The homelessness commission is all volunteer, but the Assembly is paid. Today’s attack was by paid workers attacking a volunteer who is a known conservative. Crawford is the former chairman of the Alaska Republican Party and has been the state chair for several Republican presidential campaigns, including the 2016 campaign of President Donald Trump.

During today’s Assembly meeting, Rivera started the diatribe, which appeared to have been coordinated in advance with Constant.

​“Before we get started, I need to speak to an issue brought to my attention yesterday that I cannot ignore,” Rivera said. “This statement has no place in our discourse around homelessness. For my part, I am sick and tired of how the Alaska Native community is treated as a punching bag on this topic. I demand that the Administration look into this issue and that the commissioner that made this statement is asked to resign from their seat on the Commission.”

“I am appalled,” said Assembly Vice Chair Christopher Constant, in a statement. “Racism has no place in government, especially racism towards Indigenous communities, who have stewarded these lands for time immemorial, Besides,the Mayor himself recently said, ‘Regardless of how someone becomes homeless, each person must have a place to go at every moment of every day. Everyone needs a place.’ If he truly believes what he published in Must Read Alaska, he should call for the removal of Commissioner Crawford and appoint a thoroughly-vetted candidate who aligns with the values the city holds towards the issue.”

Neither Rivera nor Constant were born or raised in Alaska, but Crawford, who is now elderly, was born and raised in Anchorage and has spent his career as a Realtor. Crawford denies he is racist and says that the people in charge of homelessness in the community — the Assembly in particular — appear to have no interest in solving the problem.

The Assembly radicals, including Rivera and Constant, appear to have just one solution for homelessness: Give Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, who works her day job as the head of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, even more taxpayer dollars to not solve the problem.

Mayor Bronson issued a statement in response to the demands: “Mayor Bronson disagrees with Mr. Crawford’s statement. Mental illness crosses all boundaries of race, ethnicities and economic status. The Mayor continues to fight for solutions that will help our city’s most vulnerable get access to treatment, services, and permanent housing.”


  1. Those who are part of the Anchorage Homeless Industrial Complex will do anything to keep the flow of money coming to them, including knocking down any reasonable discussion of how to solve the homeless issue.

  2. One always knows that they did or said something good when a radical leftist extremist accuses them of being “racist”.
    And on that note, when did it become the ne plus ultra of crimes to be “racist”? I’m not saying that being racist is any kind of virtue, but it is merely a personal peccadillo, and hardly a venal sin on the order of rape or murder. But to hear the radical leftists (who are themselves regularly guilty of being racist) on the subject, racism is the worst possible thing. Not that I think that racism has any part of this controversy, other than being a dog whistle for the extremists on the (so-called) left.

    • I finally agree with you on something. Racism isn’t a crime. It is rooted in ignorance and prejudice, but there’s no penal code that I know of attached to such behavior.

  3. Where were Felix and Constant when their colleague Kameron Perez hosted a racially segregated event at the botanical garden?

  4. That’s silly. Almost no one volunteers anymore since “covid”. C’mon. Be nice to our very rare volunteers!!!

  5. Back in the early days in Anchorage it was prevalent to say “Why anyone would take drugs if they weren’t prescribed?” People who had conditions and were prescribed medications often said “I wish I didn’t have to take this. I would do anything to avoid having to take medications”. That is the normal view of normal Anchoragites not racist at all.

  6. But thanks for being on guard for us, guys. We do have difficulties in our lives in Anchorage as natives.

  7. So what did Jim Crawford say and what was the context? What’s the whole story? I just see the Assembly’s side in this article or did I miss it?

  8. It’s not racism if you point out the obvious is it? Native Americans are a huge part of the homeless, drug addicted alcohol problem. To say anything different is lying to yourself. Denial is a terrible way to approach a problem and it’s simply a waste of time to make this about racism.

  9. Gee. Those two whiny bs calling someone they don’t like racist? Must be a day ending in Y.

    Like those two ever gave a damn about natives. Wanna see racism in action? The modern history of democrats, beginning with post Civil War.

    Just declare him a non person, exile him to Soldotna, and give the growth of the homeless industry to Meg. At $1 million a year. Tax free.

    Stop acting like you want anything else.

    Proud of yourself Anchorage? In all the 400,000 plus who live there, those three are your best and brightest?

    I used to wonder when Anchorage would come to its senses. Gave that up years ago. Not happening.

  10. I would love it if just one time someone that these a holes attack would just straight up tell them to GF themselves. The pure continual diatribe that comes out of the mouths of the uber leftist members of the assembly is designed to continue the flow of taxpayer money into the preferred pockets as long as possible. Jim Crawford is absolutely correct, the plan was never to SOLVE homelessness, it is how to USE it.

  11. Rivera and constant need to leave Alaska ASAP. They come to Alaska and bring their unwanted policies then try to force them on normal people. We don’t care for rather one of you two.

  12. I don’t appreciate Californians dictating the morality for Alaska’s largest city. The only reason they are up here is because they were too mediocre to thrive where they came from.

  13. The socialist assembly has only one agenda. That’s to make the mayor look bad. The people of Anchorage deserve this assembly and their socialist thinking.

  14. The best argument against Democracy is a five minute conversation with a liberal member of the Anchorage Assembly.

    The liberal, moron, Anchorage Assembly members want to turn Anchorage into Portland. Portland is now hell. Drug addicts are camped out everywhere. Crime is off the charts, and businesses are fleeing.

    Stop subsidizing bad behavior.

  15. Not only communists, but blind communists.
    Hey Rivera/Constant …. the “Native Community” are the ones you help suffer as our “paid” rulers that continue to block solutions that are not “perfect” enough you & the homeless Czar

    I had 2 homeless Native nephews during Covid.
    1 sought help, worked, cooperated w/ the system & rents a room from an elderly couple now (a church set that up for him)
    The other would only drink (&chew) he refused to cooperate w/ the do gooders, he was unable really, he was hit twice by vehicles on the streets & died in a tent, by Cambell Cr, last Oct.
    There are LOTS of sad stories like his, they don’t get in the news, do they?

    Why not the facility by the hospital on Tudor?
    Why are they ALL stuck in a hockey rink? The place is like a prison & many won’t go there.
    There are police actions constantly & the majority of the people ARE Natives …. get a grip.
    I now have another nephew that is homeless here. Half Black, half Native.
    They keep coming. And drinking.
    How about DOING something instead of virtue signaling to your lib voters.

    And Chris, why is it OK to open the new Nav Center on 3rd, plus the Sully full
    YOU SAID we shouldn’t have ALL the issues in our district when you started, but now it’s fine?
    Like your power much?

    • George,
      I’m sorry for your loss. It is tough to watch someone you love head off the cliff. I lost a loved one that way as well. I am glad, however, that your other nephew was able to get help and move in the right track.

      To the rest,
      It appears that the commissioner is trying to find options to resolve the problem of getting Natives off the streets. If that was the context, then addressing the true problem is essential.

      It is truly sad that we aren’t able to have a productive conversation without the drama. The homeless problem needs to be resolved. The tough situation calls for tough questions and a sincere dialogue. Nothing less.

    • With the amount of money the federal government gives to native communities.. why can’t they take a step and try to take care of their own?

      • Because they were banished from the village; and Anchorage Asssmbly has not stood up to them & said stop doing this! Instead they’re saying…hey, the public is voting on their emotions-so keep sending them because ‘We have a Cash Cow’ here.

    • He told the truth about where the majority of the homeless come from.
      Spoiler alert, it’s natives banished from native villages.

      • I recall someone who looks like Mr. Crawford state this at an assembly meeting last year or so? Just commenting on how the Alaska Native Corporation should pitch in to help more because the demographics of Anchorage homeless lean to natives. Constant waxed eloquent on who he personally sees on the streets. Is this the comment?

        I really wish you could link to the statement Constant is referring to. Did he say?

        • The problem is that they are not saying what exactly they object to, and it’s apparent they simply object to Crawford having any kind of discussion. -sd

          • Suzanne, I would be inclined to think that like the boy who cried Wolf and lost all credibility so have the Commie leftist freaks on the Anchorage Assembly who cry RACIST!

            For what it’s worth, I’ve known Jim Crawford for awhile. I believe his family came to Alaska at about the same time as mine, ( we are talking 1890’s 1900 era). Jim worked with my Father back in the late 60’s at ASHA. I’ve had numerous discussions with Jim, about Housing and Public Policy and have never found him to be anything but a very civilized gentleman.

  16. Assisted living facility, for the homeless people, who are most likely to have mental illness. The FEDS pay $250k per person for services. They are placed in a home, and treatment for problems are first thing to do. They have a good crew to care for them. After they get progress going, they can volunteer to help others on the streets. If any city avoids this, it’s because they don’t want progress.
    It seems like they profit on others sufferings. Now why does that seem familiar? ?

  17. Felix Rivera is not intelligent enough to realize that he’s already painted himself w/ his own brush. Here’s a felix quote:

    “I really think our political establishments need to get over this idea that only a certain typecast of individual can run for office, because when you do that, you’re typically going to go to someone who is white and someone who is male, and we need to get beyond that very rigid thinking in our political establishments.”


  18. I was born and raised in Fairview. Im 53. Me and my friend sit our tow truck at Carrs on Gambell (and other places)waiting for the phone to ring so that we can go to work.

    The homeless industrial complex does not care what is going on. They just want their money, maybe buy a new Lexus or a new Volvo next year.

    What we see while we are waiting is blatant drug dealing, blatant prostitution, blatant public drunkenness, purchasing and sale of stolen property, assaults, eyc.

    Seriously, you have people in the parking lot of Carrs on Gambell flagging down vehicles attempting to sell their food stamps so that they can go buy drugs.

    That’s real compassionate all you volunteers and people that are getting paid to virtue signal

    • Patrick, best comment on this page, thank you, BTW, I lived off Medfra for a year, the Hood Store, or Carrs on Gamble was my place to shop, you nailed it brother!

    • Xlnt post. I lived in a beater apartment on 12th Avenue in the late 70’s within about 400′ of the Carrs store’s rear parking lot. That place has always had a sordid presence but it’s def worse now.

  19. I spoke with a police officer at an event the Dena’ina Center a few years ago when the Brother Francis shelter area was ground zero for our exploding homeless population. I asked her for her opinion as to why so many more homeless were spilling onto our streets. She told me many of those people in the parking lots and along Third Avenue weren’t homeless but rather predators on them.

    I count our Homeless Industrial Complex among the largest of the predators. Who didn’t see it coming when Bare Back Berkowitz hired his Homeless Czar. The more money there for an issue, the more of that issue there is, and the more there will be.

  20. Why do people vote for this political garbage. If you wanna live like Seattle and Portland go move there

  21. What exactly did Mr. Crawford say? Others have asked above also.
    It seems it had something to do with homelessness being more about addiction and mental health struggles, which is correct. Not sure how that is a racist statement. There is a need for more mental health services, but people need to also want to overcome and work at recovery.
    The ‘racist’ name calling ruse is really wearying and grossly counterproductive..

    • The Assembly is not saying exactly what was offensive, so it’s impossible for MRAK to report what they won’t say publicly. – sd

  22. Another divide and attack strategy aimed underhandily at Bronson using Crawford as the catalyst.

  23. “The city has spent hundreds of millions of dollars housing the homeless, and yet the problem continues to grow in Anchorage.”
    WHAT! I refuse to believe it.
    Anchorage did EXACTLY what Seattle, Portland, San Fran and every other major city that has homeless problems did, and for some reason they thought they would have a different outcome?
    Yeah, that is the problem with children, errr… I mean leftists. They think they are so super special that they can do it, even though no one else can.

  24. Oh goody, Felix and Chris found something else to be upset about. More and more it becomes clear that without fake outrage, they really have nothing to say. Maybe it is time to laugh in their faces and ignore the rantings. I hope Jim Crawford did and he should not resign, especially considering that Felix is on record hating white men……
    Read a story yesterday about a small California community, Coronado, nearly eliminating homelessness by enforcing municipal codes against public intoxication, public urination etc and giving homeless only one option, to get help. They have a strictly enforced no camping on sidewalks policy. Homeless individuals get a certain amount help from city services.
    We have laws on the books here in Anchorage, covering the same topics. Yet our hyperventilating assembly members prefer to get upset about semantics and perceived character flaws in others……..

    • Ready to pay the increase in taxes to put people in jail? Add a thouusand people to Anchorage jails?

      • I don’t live the the hell hole known as Anchorage. But if Juneau did the same I’d vote yes in a heartbeat.

        I’m all for things that actually make the streets and community safer.

      • Maureen, we won’t need to pay more taxes. We just need to redirect all those tax dollars going to all those homeless activists back to the police force for the homeless to get help in the system. If there are consequences for one’s action, then one generally makes better choices and those, who are mentally not capable can be helped to be in a better place than being vulnerable to exploitation on the street.

          • Nice try Maureen.
            The Muni spent a ton of taxpayer funds on the homeless issue:
            July 2022 $7.6 million homeless relief
            Jan 2022 $6.2 million for shelter
            $ 5 million for renewal of homeless services
            2020-2021 $ 22.5 million Covid funds (which last I checked are tax dollars) for buying buildings. The whole proposal was for $51 million total. Considering how many homeless we have in this city, the amount of funds spent should have eliminated the problem long ago. Instead it grows along with the list of non-profits. I am all for non-profits doing their thing, but if their major source of support is a government entity, then the need for intense fundraising and providing value goes away.
            So you see there are plenty of tax dollars that can be redirected.

          • No, Lucinda; You take the millions that are now being squandered coddling homeless miscreants and redirect that money to the jail system. In that scenario those same miscreants aren’t defecating on the spirit of Anchorage during the daylight hours.

            …like that bum that hangs out at 15th and Ingra w/ a sign that says “Anything helps / God Bless”. That guy has a nice place to live and free meals right down the street every day. What do you figure he needs to panhandle for? Anything helps what, exactly?

      • We are already forced to pay the increase in taxes putting the wants of the homeless before the needs of the taxpayers. At least jailing them would result in correction officer jobs. Whereas, the current situation lines the pockets of the homeless industrial complex without any measurable results.
        Or were you clueless enough to think the homeless were being taken care of without any impact to the taxpayer?

  25. Today’s homeless problem is primarily the result of drug abuse and mental illness. This is not the 1930’s depression era where homeless citizens were on the street because of the real condition of finding no work. Nothing racist about saying that. You must begin to address those two causes to eliminate the effect. Period.

      • Do you have proof the housing issue (which I acknowledge) drives people into becoming drug addicted street people?

        I know it’s not your thing, but every community of faith will do everything they can to help people in those situations. But they gotta ask and they gotta be responsible with the help given.

      • There are plenty of programs providing housing to those who want it. Most of the “homeless” are that way by choice. Giving them an apartment won’t end the addictions, the poor choices, the inability to value anything beyond the next hit. It ain’t about the house.

      • Plenty of housing available.
        Have you looked?
        Or are you one of those idiots that insist that everyone should have luxury? I took a look at craigslist, and there are plenty of affordable places.

      • How convenient for them.
        They get to throw around a highfalutin temper tantrum, while the subject of their ire has no possible way to dispute any of their claims. It is truly cowardly and spineless.

        • Ha! They won’t say what it is, but the mayor will sag he disagrees with it? C’mon, maaan! Don’t give the Ass an inch!

      • Hey Suzie, did you watch Alaska Daily last night ? They were profiling you and your moronic followers.

        • In my opinion Alaska Daily is designed to reinforce unsubstantiated perceptions from lower 48 denizens, making all Alaskans look as you said moronic. As a side benefit it attempts to make the ADN out to be a fair and balanced wholesome home town paper! Clearly you have time to waste.

  26. So for all anyone knows he read a forbidden Dr Suess.

    I’m trying to decide if the three dumiegos planned this, or just started raving one day.

    “MR Crawford, you’re a racist”
    “what did I say or do?”
    “ it doesn’t matter. You’re a racist and must be destroyed”
    “So you have no proof?”
    “ proof? We’re the ruling Politburo, plus gay. We don’t need proof”

  27. Constant said, ‘Racism has no place in government, especially racism towards Indigenous communities.’

    Why is that, Chris? Why are Alaskan Natives deserving of more protection from racism than other races? Isn’t that statement in itself racist?

    Constant will never see this, as he’s told me he refuses to read anything from MRAK.

    • He would just come back with “… cis-gendered, eurocentric false equivalency” … (mumble mumble) … “social justice” …. (hem and haw) … “equity demands that …” (sputter sputter) … “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!”

    • What makes you think that; we see his comments all the time. You don’t think he would use his real name, do you?

  28. There is a scent of Dunbar in this attempt to smear Jim Crawford and it would be great to see the text or email trail between Dunbar and Constant on this and what they may have next planned…

    • What’s are legal way to get this information? We need to call them out on this. We can call them racist as they don’t treat everybody equally.

  29. Speaking of “coordination” (paragraph 7), I did some research after receiving my recent Anchorage 907 Initiative mailer and found out that the Executive Director, Aubrey Wieber, has a history of coordinating with Constant. After his stint as an ADN reporter (I use that term loosely) from 2019-2020, he then went on to be Chrissy’s Communications Director in his failed attempt at the U.S. Senate Seat. Then, lo and behold, he’s using all of his previously garnered information – and whatever he’s sent via Signal from “you know who” – to head the attack against Mayor Bronson. Probably all just coincidental. Naturally, none of this is made public in the digital rag he used to be paid by nor Alaska’s News Source. I’m confident that Suzanne has covered this before and I probably missed it.

  30. Rivera and Constant must re-learn the definitions of usefulness and productive to re-affirm what they reflect in the mirror. Their brand of drama, sloppy finger wagging belongs else where; one way ticket to New York? “Hello Bumble Airlines we’ve got two for ye, cargo class”!

  31. It would seem to me that it would be racist to fail to acknowledge that Mental Health is a prevalent factor in homelessness in Anchorage since if one does that then one must also acknowledge that a significant number of the Anchorage homeless people are Alaska Natives and that there is a clearly defined and well endowed funding source for that group of people that should be used.

    After all it clearly is is racist to knowingly not admit a group exists thereby denying that group assistance that has already been set aside for them.

    And that seems to be what the Municipal assembly would like to accomplish.

  32. I worked for twenty years at the downtown bus station, from the time it existed temporarily within City Hall and from the opening of the new bus station at 700 West 6th Avenue, within two separate time stances.

    Within the first stance, from 1986 thru 1994, there was a demonstrable increase within the homeless utilizing the bus station as a ‘holding station’ of those that were homeless, most inclusive of the ‘Covey Kids’, that is, those that had now found the Covenant Center as a place of home, whilst spending their days outside the Covenant Center itself languishing within the Transit Center as a daytime center to feel their oats and to allow themselves a protective place, which was not protective at all, as the predators were given
    free reign, not by those within the Transit Center themselves, but by those within the Covenant Center themselves.

    The second stance occurred between 1998-2010, and things were much worse.

    It had come unto a time whence the homeless were marked by traffic cones around their passed-out bodies, many times within the multiples, up unto a dozen at a time. Think I am kidding? This is absolutely true.

    At the same time, there existed a space within the Western corner of the Transit Center that supported the Covenant House, even so much so that it protected those that were under the threat of law, within those that were under investigation for various crimes, and protected them, even though those that they protected were the very same individuals that exploited those that they professed to protect.

    This is the game that those such as Meg Zelental, Chris Constant, and Felix Rivera are playing that they think that they can win.

    They cannot, but they shall damn well attempt to do so.

  33. Our low income housing In Juneau is full of people that have been there for years. New cars in the parking lot. Even some boats. Does anyone keep tabs on the people that live in these places? I mean a year or two to get your feet under you is fine but spend your whole life there?

  34. I am glad I see people just as an american. I won’t call out a person as a race as constant, rivera, my co workers, and many if not all of you done classifying peoples by what they dominatly look like. You know! Today no one can be sure whos what. We are the mixed/blended family generations. When i see and approach/ or approached by homeless person i see a lost child ora prodigal needing to know God’s story and his plans for us. Cause you know God takes care
    of his own family, for the one who asked for salvation, they aren’t beggars, drunks, or dirty anymore. God even utilizes the very tax dollars and
    non profits and other
    christians to meet a fmr homeless new true believer’s physical needs met.

  35. The definition of what constitutes racism seems to have the shelf life of lettuce. It is fair to say Crawford, like most Seniors want to maintain white privelege.

    • Frank, since we really do not know WHAT Mr. Crawford supposedly uttered to so upset our illustrious leaders, your statement is pure conjecture and an insult to all those, who through life experience clearly have more nuanced views. Shame on you!
      It used to be in this country we were entitled to have our opinions respected. Today in public discourse in this city, the only opinions apparently acceptable are those our before mentioned illustrious leaders can tolerate, which means only their own.

  36. The real question is, why are the assemblies of Anchorage and Fairbanks not asking the Native Corporations to step in and help with the homeless problem?

    • I don’t even know what you just said. Your words sound so smart I can’t figure them out. Californians have every right to have a say what goes on in Alaska. Their taxes fund us.

  37. What is Safeway doing to help with the problem or Starbucks, or ACS, or Alaska Railriad, or the Nazarene Churge or iBEW, or NBA, or Wal mart, or Yellow Cab, or Alaska Airlines, or Netflicks, or DIsneyland, or GE, Brown’s LIghting, or Tesoro, or Barns and Noble, MexiAlaska, or 26 Glacier Cruise, Pizza Hut, or the pawn shops… THERE’S your answer. Right there.

    • What does that have to do with it? They are not sending their employees to urban centers to remove the problem of their community. Why should the homeless problem be shouldered by Anchorage and Fairbanks property tax payers?

  38. How dare someone not born in Alaska respond negatively toward someone born in Alaska! The nerve!

  39. Indeed, where are the ’empathetic’ native corporations, they’ve the big bucks now? Why are there no support centers in the villages funded by socially generous board members? The problem is endemic, period. Anchorage assembly members require a refreshing ‘vacay’ out West, cheers!

    • In Juneau the natives are spending our federal money on making basket weavings and totem poles in city parks.

    • Thank you for addressing the elephant in the room. IMO they prefer to keep all the profits to themselves and sweep the problems to Anchorage and Fairbanks to deal with.

  40. It’s comical when democrats throw around the word racist
    1- they were the party of slavery ( southern democrats)
    2- they did start the KKK
    3- all major cities have had democratic mayors for decades and look how the minority neighborhoods are kept
    4- Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights rights bill and after signing the bill he was quoted as saying “ we will have these n words voting democrat for the next 200 years .
    5- Joe Biden was mentored in politics b6 James Byrd a known memeber of the KKK

    So anytime a democrat calls you a racist just tell them it takes one to know one .

  41. Constant and Rivera. Instead of causing trouble, why don’t you work with the other members of the Assembly to make a difference. I understand the Northway Mall can not be used for the Homeless. So, tear it down and reconstruct a building that they can use with housing, and offices for assistance, such as job placement, drug and alcohol and drug rehab. It is close to hospitals, and Mountain View where some of the homeless have families. A hand up instead of a hand out. Have offices for Social workers from the Native Hospital and VA. 24 hour Security would be a must. All the money used for all the different places you want to utilize, combine all these to pay for this facility.

    • Better yet, vacate all available offices fully non-utilized at 632 W 6th Avenue as well as all available fully non-utilized spaces and chambers at 3600 Denali Street and apply said fully non-utilized vacated spaces as an official municipal multi-usage homeless facility.

      Better than that, even, extend such usage as a homeless facility unto Assembly members that foment, and advance said support of homeless issues within their own properties, as into their own personal homes and upon their own property.

      They are benefitting unto the financial aspect of the problem that they have supported, are they not?

      So why would they not fully support the responsibility unto themselves to take unto themselves each and every possible method to house those unhoused?

      Their house is as much as deserved as yours, is it not?

      Therefore, your house belongs to them, as they are without one.

      You deserve to be homeless, Constant, Rivera, and Zaletel, as you have what they do not.

  42. There is one objective here, to bankrupt government at all levels in order to build back better. And hopefully make a very good living doing it. Beats work if you can get it. The window of opportunity may be running out, though. Limitless credit cards don’t last forever. Just make sure you are part of the build back better team. If you are “helping people” or “saving the climate” then there is no shame in enriching yourself off public service. It all leads to the same outcome. Someday soon the game of Musical Chairs will come to an end. There will be no more music and people will be fighting over the last chair left.

  43. I want reparations. The Anchorage assembly has created more problems, on a magnitude of 100, subjecting me to insulting visuals, verbal garbage, emotional and professional stress, all because of phony racial propaganda perpetrated by Rivera, Zaletel, and Constant. The amount is huge.

  44. It seems that Constant and Rivera always have something or someone to complain about. They cause trouble and should be removed. They both get paid and Mr. Crawford is a volunteer. He knows more about homeless then they do. Who does anyone see on the road with a sign?? That is not racist, that is a fact. Anchorage offers many services to the homeless population IF they want it.

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