Assembly chairwoman has security remove citizens from Tuesday meeting


Another Tuesday, another night of civil disobedience at the Anchorage Assembly meeting. Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance had security remove two members of the public for the offense of having verbally expressed their discontent and protest that public testimony was engineered to keep those who didn’t sign up in advance from being able to express their opinion at the podium.

In short, the Assembly ran out the clock so that only one person was able to testify during “initial public participation” before the Assembly got into its normal meeting business that included the budget.

That person was Assembly critic Dustin Darden and he played a song whose lyrics included, “Revolution,” and “We will not comply.” He spoke about a maintenance worker whose job had been cut in the budget and asked the Assembly to consider adding it back.

But there was a line of 8-10 people behind Darden, and none of them was allowed to give their 3-minute remarks. Assemblywoman Crystal Kennedy tried twice to make a motion to extend the public hearing time but she was not acknowledged by Chairwoman LaFrance.

Although LaFrance had warned members of the public that they must wear masks while in the meeting, several chose to ignore that admonishment.

One person who was hauled out by security ended up in an Anchorage Police Department cruiser for yelling at the Assembly for not allowing people to speak.

Assemblywoman Kennedy finally broke through and said that there were many people in line to speak, and they had stood for a long time to do so. She asked for a vote to give them another 15 minutes of time. The vote was 6-5 against allowing the audience the time they believed was theirs.

The Assembly then spent 10 minutes on a resolution to recognize Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The resolution was held up by debate about whether races of men should be included in the “Whereas” portion of the resolution, since African-American men have a higher risk of prostate cancer than others.

The Assembly also passed a resolution recognizing community activist Eugene Haberman, who died in October. He had not missed an Assembly meeting in years and would frequently comment on the public process and scold the Assembly for not being inclusive or transparent.

Several members of the public testified about how much impact Haberman had on the public process in Anchorage, and for a brief moment, everyone in the room seemed to be on the same page, mourning the loss of a person who never passed up an opportunity to testify.

The meeting is underway, with the budget being the main menu item. Stories will follow.


  1. If I understand correctly, Eugene Haberman was denied Ivermectin treatment in the hospital and died as a consequence of not being allowed his requested treatment protocol.

  2. If the leftist socialists are so thin skinned that they can’t take criticism from those they supposedly represent, they should do the correct thing and RESIGN!

  3. How long before they no longer bother to vote? Or vote tomorrow remove Allard? Or start sending police to the homes of people who complain?

    Bolsheviks gonna Bolshevik.

  4. It’s the job of the Assembly to weigh in on the concerns of the populace and do the will of the people who voted them in. I was taught this in grade school and later in high school in the ancient eras of the 60’s and 70’s. If they can’t , don’t, won’t be bothered to to hear the people then this is no longer a government by the people or for the people. I don’t give a damn how many minutes it takes, their job is to hear the people. Wow, maybe they had to delay their next martini for another hour! Horrors!

  5. Two men died in Providence, denied by the hospital the treatments they thought would save them. To me, a moderately sane person, someone on their death bed asking for something they thought would help them, I would give it to them. What harm could it do, they’re dying. Ken, I need M&M’s, they’ll save me. I’ll be like, Okay… I’ll get you a big ol’ bag of M&M’s. There would be no downside to honoring their request.

    Yet providence, arguably no longer deserving then title, ‘hospital’, saw fit to refuse the men their requests. I wonder why?

    • Many doctors all over the world have had great success treating CV with Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin particularly if used within the first seven days of infection. These have been approved for human use for many years and have been used safely. “They” need to prove that these don’t work or “they” can’t have the hastily approved for emergency use “vaccines” and the accompanying billions in profits. Hospitals have told people who are mildly sick to go home and come back when it’s really bad. By then the seven days where it’s easily beat have passed and the fauci protocol of remdesivir (which killed the most people in African trials out of four drugs), can be administered. Remdesivir shuts down kidneys and fills the lungs with fluid. This is how CV deaths have been inflated to cause people to get the experimental biological agent that causes clots, heart attacks, strokes, seizures, Bells Palsy, death and other bad outcomes for people. For others, it brings huge profits from faulty tests, masks with chemicals, experimental shots, and hospitalizations. Big corporations that can continue to do business while small businesses struggle or fail. Some appear to like this system so they can appropriate relief funds to their pet projects.

      • “These have been approved for human use for many years and have been used safely.” For parasites Jan, not the virus. Crucial difference.

        • That is incorrect, Evan.
          Ivermectin has been approved and used against multiple microorganisms including coronaviruses.
          As a matter of fact, ivermectin “is an FDA-approved, WHO essential drug used as broad spectrum antiparasitic, antibiotic and which has demonstrated broad spectrum antiviral activity against RNA viruses, including HIV, Zika, MERS corona virus. It is being repurposed as a therapeutic agent for COVID-19, after in vitro studies in Vero/hSLAM cells, showed that it caused a 5000-fold inhibition of SARS-CoV-2, (99.98% at 48 hours) with an IC50 of 2.8μM [2]. ”
          That’s a quote from a review by Ajayi AAL, titled “Drugs Shown to Inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in COVID-19 Disease: Comparative Basic and Clinical Pharmacology of Molnupiravir and Ivermectin” published in Austin Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, August 2021.

        • Evan, you establishment defenders cannot seem to grasp that a drug not being ‘approved’ by some governmental agency does NOT equate to it not being effective for a secondary use, as ivermectin has conclusively been proven to be for the early treatment of the Wuhan Plague.
          Why don’t you try opening your mind, instead of blindly parroting the official narrative, particularly when it is as laughably false and self-serving for our overlords as it is?

    • These people hate America, they hate all of us, what’s worse still is that they hate themselves even more. And they are bring us all on their kamikaze suicide adventure. These people think the way to make friends with ‘vulnerable populations’, ‘marginalized communities’ or ‘[insert victim class here]’ is to show that they hate themselves EVEN MORE than their enemies hate them. Fact is, none of this is political, it is psychological. And we’re all along for the ride.

  6. It’s too much drama — guilty on both sides. It’s been that way too long! More likely the Assembly dysfunction has started long before July 2020.

    Last night instead of going to the Chambers or watching it cause of a time conflict, the place I went to was more encouraging and more productive building up this community than what little work both sides got completed last night in the Assembly Chambers.

  7. The Assembly should take a break from passing its too many of those community recognitions and resolutions awards. The time break causes a disturbance between major items concerning the entire community not only regarding an individual and small group. Instead of boasting about one’s achievements privately wouldn’t it be enough to give the city certificate to the designated person and small group privately?

    The public proclamation for the subject is more for the subject’s own glory than for the community.

    The whole point for an Assembly meeting is district representatives come together to discuss major matters over the whole community. I think this Assembly is doing too much work, its know wonder some of them are grumpy and crabby. They not only attend the major work affecting the entire community, they also are doing the minor work that affects individual and small groups that can be done privately and in-person. I think our old Mayor Berkowitz was a masterful politician and good people skills enough for him he would take residents privately aside and address the matter rather than use precious public time to rebuke and reproach them.

  8. Kangaroo Kourt? Never did like that game. Why don’t they just pass a resolution to eliminate the need to meet and allow themselves to make rules from the comfort of their homes. 9-2, it’s a law. That’s basically where they are at now anyway. All this public process is such a bother.

  9. Anchorage voters had the power to end the madness but chose not to.

    You bought it.
    It’s yours.


    You have thrown away your last chance to vote honestly and fairly.

    Of course there remains the option of voting with your feet. Move. Until that requires an assembly “exit visa” – of course, for a price.

  10. The Assembly is operating solely to its own perpetuation. How is demonstrable, derelict exclusion of the People whose liberties they are sworn, under oath, to protect and uphold are ignored to the deferred favor of other political machines and unelected ministries without legal recourse? Of course, order is a necessary requirement in a public forum, although with extreme tolerances given the scope and purpose of that assembly (something overwhelmingly evident with Leftist’s at conservative Assemblies). Their ‘reaction’ is the sort of chastening decree you would expect from unbridled toddlers. As if we’re (the People) there to serve their ‘process’ rather than the other way around. Calling this embarrassing assembly of petulant grade school minded brats a ‘legal representation’ of any collective trust is obscene. If you recall the Star Trek TOS episode, ‘Miri’ where they encounter a planet governed by unruly children as a result of a mortal pathogen that decimates the mature population, this Assembly, is analogous to those ‘Onlies’.

    Democratic (adjective) Republic (noun). Represetatives elected to assure constitutional principles, evaluating the sovereignty of the individual citizen – OF the collective – as the paramount directive, are not undermined. Fixed, untenable rules that cannot be usurped by referendum or any other form of capricious, transient-minded mob.

  11. What is the difference between leftists and toddlers?
    Seriously, this Assembly reminds me consistently of children throwing a tantrum. When someone tries to say something they do not like, they cover their ears and shout “LALALALALALA” over and over again to drown out the noises they do not want to hear. No, not children, the Assembly.
    April cannot come soon enough. If you have not already, start supporting the folks running against the marxist 9.

    • Best comment of the day!
      I have to say though that my toddler grand baby is much more fun to be with than these whiners. At least the wee little one you can reign in with a stern look and an emphatic “NO”.

  12. They seriously honored a man that called them out for being unfair, whilst being unfair and silencing people.
    I’ve said it many times, you cants be liberal without being a hypocrite.

    • Call: No. Republicans have the whole hypocrisy thing nailed. You are artists and professionals. Were liberals inclined toward hypocrisy, we’d turn to you for advice.

      An example of Republican hypocrisy: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Trump was “practically and morally responsible for provoking” the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. But in March he said that if former President Trump is the GOP nominee for president in 2024, he will endorse him.

  13. I would not have been removed by security. You Anchorscurge residents better start standing your ground. These assembly clowns you elected work for you. Touchy feely approach is not working.

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