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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Art Chance: You say you want a revolution

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You say you want a revolution. You’re watching one. Our forefathers would have been shooting already, but for the most part we’ve just lined up like sheep for the slaughterhouse.

A friend of mine jokingly asked, “can we use Alaska Airlines miles to get an upgrade to a better re-education camp?”

The Democrat Party and the bureaucratic state, both arms of the same entity, have used the COVID-19 scam-demic to deprive us of our lives, livelihood, liberty, and property.  

In those parts of the country under Democrat control, the citizenry has essentially been incarcerated. The whole purpose was to force uncontrolled mail ballot voting in the General Election.

The Democrat-controlled media has constantly conflated mail ballots with absentee ballots. Some states, Alaska among  them, are too liberal with absentee voting; you really should have a legitimate reason for not being able to be at your polling place in order to vote absentee. 

Disability and military service are obvious reasons. I don’t mind an early “in person” early vote for someone who will not be in the district on Election Day, but it should require an appearance before an election official, ID, and a sworn statement that you won’t be in the district.

The mail balloting being used in the Democrat states is just the uncontrolled mailing of ballots to everyone on the voter rolls to the address at which they are registered.   

In all states “motor voter” requirements cause anyone who has any contact with government to become a registered voter; Alaska has thousands of registered voters whose only contact with the State is showing up in the spring, signing up for unemployment insurance and welfare, and along the way becoming registered to vote.

 They leave when their Alaska adventure doesn’t materialize or at the end of the summer, but they remain on the voter rolls for a decade or more.

The geniuses who supported Permanent Fund dividend registration only made it worse. Everybody and his dog applies for a PFD and is automatically registered to vote. 

Flash: the Permanent Fund Division of the Department of Revenue, the people who administer the dividend program, have almost no verification or fraud detection capability.   

Instead, the division relies on fraudsters doing or saying something stupid and getting ratted out. Then, the division and the Department of Law make a lot of smoke and noise prosecuting the stupid ones that get caught and try to scare others off. That is the fraud prevention program of the PFD folks, and also the voter registration folks.

I learned about Get Out the Vote operations from a master, the late Matt Reese, the man who stole the presidency for John F. Kennedy. It is only one small step from Get Out The Vote to voter fraud. If you’re doing legitimate GOTV, you use your phone bank to make sure all of your voters have actually voted and to motivate them to vote by offering incentives from just a ride to “walking around money,” which isn’t legal but is very common.   

The next step is once you have identified the voters on your list who haven’t voted, or who don’t exist in the district anymore,  you can vote for them. In the old days, this was almost entirely a blue city phenomenon, because you had to have the cooperation or at least acquiescence of law enforcement. 

Once you had a list of your voters who didn’t exist anymore or who had resisted your attempts to get them to vote, you just saddled up the van at the union hall or the Black church, gave your voters a name, and dropped them off at the polling place to vote.   

This is why the Democrats have always so strenuously resisted voter ID.   Those were the “good old days” when you had to be pretty organized and good at what you did to commit voter fraud.

Fast forward to today’s world of computers, high quality, cheap printers, and mail ballots. In liberal or stupid jurisdictions, the government has allowed early voting and gives anyone who asks for the list of all those who’ve voted. Your campaign can mass mail ballots to every registered voter. You put a crew out to harvest any undelivered or undeliverable ballots. 

In some places you can get a lot of cooperation from unionized Postal Service workers in securing these ballots. Before long, you have a stack of ballots that no voter has used.

 If you have a decent computer guy, you can make all the fake ballots you need as well. I think the current internet rumors of watermarked “canary” ballots is just a PsyOps operation; the Department of Homeland Security isn’t really capable of doing that.

In my working days I used canary documents to run down leaks, but I was looking at groups of at most 15 or 20, and it was tough then. To do it on a national scale takes more resources, skill, and security than the federal government has these days.

Next, you put the phone bank back to work, just like in the old days, to see who is real and who has already voted. Once you have a list of those who aren’t real voters and those who haven’t or aren’t likely to vote, you just cast mail-in ballots for them or in the states that allow third-party delivery of ballots, just send the paid college punk to go deliver the ballots to the election office.

So, that is enough of Voter Fraud 101. I’m not a pro, but a bit above a rank amateur.  

Here is a way forward. The Republicans should have been in court months ago stopping governors and judges from changing election laws. One day, Republicans will learn that there is no legal requirement to be nice.

The only move left on the board is to force the question to the Supreme Court. The Democrats have been committing fraud for generations, and they’re generally quite good at it. Now and then, they get too arrogant and do something stupid, so the Republicans should be mindful of those.  

The recounts will be meaningless; the Democrats will have separated the mailing envelopes from the ballots so there will be no verifiable chain of custody and no way to attach any particular ballot to a name or address; they’re evil but not stupid. There will be no way to put the toothpaste back in the tube in the contested states.

The United States Supreme Court has never ordered a state to re-run an election and isn’t likely to today. So in the face of overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, what does the Court do?   

Well, they could just refuse the case, which means probably the Trump appointee and even Bush appointees on the Court face impeachment, a packed court, or both.

More likely, smart minds prevail. The Court concludes that there is not reasonable remedy in the states where fraud has been demonstrated.   Consequently, those states will not be allowed to cast votes in the Electoral College, the result of which is that neither Trump nor Biden have an EC majority. Absent an Electoral College majority, the election goes to the House of Representatives.

If the election goes to the House of Representatives, each state has one vote.   The Republicans currently have a majority in 27 states, but the math isn’t that simple. There is nothing that binds any Representative to his party or his/her state’s choice. There are many states that have Republican delegations but which have Democrat legislatures, governors, or Attorneys General and Secretaries of State.  

If you think faithless electors in the Electoral College are an issue, wait until the electors are members of the House.

We are destined to live in interesting times.

Art Chance is a retired Director of Labor Relations for the State of Alaska, formerly of Juneau and now living in Anchorage. He is the author of the book, “Red on Blue, Establishing a Republican Governance,” available at Amazon.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Your conspiracy theory is funny, Art. Yes, it may have all worked out that way but the COVID-19 AKA kung fu was/is real. I know people who have died from it. While you may be king of the sheep up there in Alaska, I can tell you in Central Florida there’s a bunch of rednecks ready to March if given the orders.

    • It’s not a conspiracy “theory”, when the Globalist-Left have declared their intentions openly. Since they have killed over 200,000 people, when known cures were at hand, do you think they will stop when they know how to fix an election ? The only question now is, What will the US Supreme Court do ? The fate of the nation, and not just an election, is at stake.

    • I’ve never denied the reality of the Chinese Plague. I deny the reality of the measures the Democrats and the bureaucratic state took to deal with it. I’ve been around government enough to know first hand that few of the experts are expert; they’re just well known and well connected. Almost every measure the experts touted was either ineffective or detrimental to the public health but very advantageous to Democrat election strategy.

      • Maybe in Art’s world the experts weren’t expert, just well connected, but the coronavirus shows us that the faux experts are no match for a real problem. There are two extreme ways to deal with a pandemic.
        The first is to isolate all those who are, or who might be, infected. That was the upshot of the initial shutdown, with the intention of beating the virus down to manageable levels so it could be contained. (It was most definitely not a plot to get people to vote by mail, a method Mr. and Mrs. Trump used to vote in the Presidential election. But I digress.) Unfortunately, nothing was done to take advantage of the shutdown, and it was easily and reliably predicted that, once the shutdown was lifted, cases would once again burgeon.
        The second response is to let the virus run wild, apparently hoping to achieve “herd immunity” at the lives of those who were unfortunate enough to catch the virus but not survive it. With that, we got the highest number of deaths in the world, and WE’RE STILL NUMBER 1!
        But those two extremes are not the only possibilities. There is a middle ground, successfully pounded by some Asian nations and a couple islands that proves this method, properly used, does work. You can walk on the beach, have a brewski in a pub, go to a concert or a wedding or a religious service, and mingle in a restaurant with friends and family, without fearing for your life or denying the disease is real, in both New Zealand and Australia.
        But don’t try going there if you are an American. They won’t let you in. The don’t trust you.
        The difference between them and us is that they took the actions necessary to beat the virus down and control it; they united to fight the virus. Trump twiddled while the genome burned. They followed the experts. The REAL experts. We followed the person who told us it was a hoax.

        • Greg, you missed the true culprit of our bloated death figures. In March with the first stimulus hospitals were told they would receive an additional 20% reimbursement for any covid death. Who knew everything from a hangnail to a gunshot would be caused by covid. In many cases without proof of actual covid infection a mere supposition was sufficient to gain that extra 20%. The CDC has published just 6% of the 225000 deaths here were from covid putting our deaths from covid at 13500 matching every other country. So the condemnation of the administration is like the covid death figures is painfully skewed.

  • Well stated.
    2A it will be.

    • So, Art, why did the Supreme Court as of today ( 11/6/20) just order the segregation of ballots from Election Day in PA? Canary ballot theory being put to the test?

      • No, at least not the watermark canary ballot theory. The Court wanted them segregated so that the conventional security checks, signatures, postmarks, etc. could be checked. The Democrats are evil, not stupid, so in most cases where they segregated the ballots, they separated them from the security envelops so there is no chain of custody to link a particular ballot to a particular voter. Recounts and audits will be indeterminate.

  • Well I agree the 1960 election was stolen from vice President Nixon, probably not in the same way that the conspiracy theorist s have gone around tooting. Some say Dad Kennedy had the teamster stuff ballot boxes in Illinois but Illinois itself wouldn’t have given Nixon the win. In reality people were sending in ballots from vacant and gutted houses some as many as 50 from the same address. The same sort of thing went on in Texas so those two states plus the 15 or so rogue electors that the state police are probably still looking for swung it for Kennedy. Nixon told everybody to stop it in the investigation because the Cold war was ramping up and he didn’t think the country needed to go through a constitutional crisis during that time Nixon put the country before himself. Then there is the story that they were going to court martial Kennedy during world war II because of the PT 109 ramming but dad Kennedy paid off and grease the palms of higher-ups and got that all swept under the carpet. and let’s not all forget that the Kennedy Fortune itself was made during prohibition when Dad Kennedy smuggled illegal booze across the border from Canada. These Kennedys are the people who have the country idolize and put up on a pedestal just because one of them got his brains blown out, well two of them actually if you count dear Bobby. Certainly not a family to idolize but that’s America. One more choice little tidbit from our history vault, remember Edward Kennedy senator Edward Kennedy flipped his car into water and swam out scared to death and ran home to Daddy and let the girl that was in there with him drown as a later autopsy showed. Yeah boy those Kennedys are really something to be proud of.

    • So I take it you’re not buying the whole Camelot thing…

      What do you suppose Trump would/will do to get one of his kids in the White House? Answer: almost anything.

      • Nope. Media hype. Why do you think they knocked him off?

        • The Democrats and the Republicans in Name Only will be knocked off in CWII

        • Coca Cola knocked off Kennedy. They had a Board meeting in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Look it up. Kennedy drank Pepsi. Board member Nixon purged his stock the previous Thursday. Look it up.

          • The sad thing is that in this day and age of alternate facts, disinformation, Q Anon, and conspiracy theories, I can’t tell if you really believe this or not.

          • Lee Harvey Oswald drank Coke and so did Jack Ruby. All members of the Warren Commission drank it too. You can look it up.

  • We secede. Sound crazy? The communists are stealing the presidency. That’s what’s fricking crazy.

    • We have enough of our own commies that secession just wouldn’t work FF, but it sure sounds good.

  • Very interesting, unique and frightful interpretation of the current situation for US elections. However, I do do not appreciate Art taking liberty to paint the “ union halls and black churches” with a dirty brush!!

    • You can stupidly virtue signal all you want to, but that is where the organization emanates from. Prove me wrong.

    • Whether you appreciate it or not; it is a fact.

  • And now we know why Al Gross says he will win!

    • Kinda scary isn’t it, when you can see the writing in the wall and you can’t do anything about it.

      • Something can be done about it Sullivan should have more people to be there to watch the count of these Mail in Ballots. The Alaska Supreme Court can and will be smacked down at the SCOTUS because of allowing no signature required on the Ballots a Violation of the US Constitution in the State Legislature being the only entity to change that requirement.

  • Said it before and I’ll say it again, the three pillars of freedom are the soap box, ballot box, cartridge box. How long before it will happen? Remember, socialism has to be voted in, but can’t be voted out.

  • Pertaining to today’s ADN article on the “slow ballot-counting process”, makes you wonder what’s in store for Alaska by the time all of the state’s ballots are tallied-up.
    I’m sure all the ballot-counting shenanigans put forth by the far-left/globalists/chi-coms in the Lower 48 is exactly what was needed for the Harris/Biden ticket!

  • I have been puzzling about what the US Supreme Court will do. Invalidating certain State’s due to election fraud had not occurred to me. I supposed they would decide on either one or the other and put an end to it. Mr. Chance says that the Republicans have a 27 State majority in the House, and each state gets one vote. He also notes that there is nothing to lock down this result. So, if neither candidate reaches the 270 electoral votes because of a declaration of voter fraud in enough states, the House would be the deciding body, with one vote per State… an interesting conclusion to a very flawed election process. In 2000, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the apparent winner (Bush over Gore) on election day, and the recount process in Florida was halted… Thanks for putting this info out, Art !

  • When you’re winning, everything is on the up-and-up. When you’re losing, there’s a conspiracy lurking in every shadow.

    Face it folks, Trump didn’t lose because of voter fraud. He lost because he’s a defective human product who spread hatred and divided the Country. He deserved to go, and now, finally, he’s gone. Good riddance.

    Now, Trump, go sell some steaks or condos, and we all hope never to see you or the likes of you again.

    • I don’t have that much faith in elected officials.

    • What would be better is if we never saw the likes of you and your ilk again. Anyone who can’t see the dramatic evidence of massive fraud in the Blue districts is blind, an idiot, or a hopeless partisan.

      • Of course, way up in the far north, you have direct access to the incontrovertible evidence needed to prove your allegations of massive fraud.

        Of course you don’t. You’re just repeating what you hear on Fox, Breitbart, and other conservative sources because it’s what you want to believe, and because it allows you to rationalize Trump’s loss. You are embarrassed to see him lose, because it makes you face your error of supporting him in the first place. No one likes to be exposed as, or to admit that they are a fool..

        On the contrary, I don’t believe that there has been fraud because to do so would undermine the legitimacy of my candidate’s win. But furthermore, I believe that people are generally well-intentioned, honest, and are not inclined to fraudulent activity, the concomitant penalties notwithstanding.

        Apparently, some of the more cynical amongst us have a less optimistic view of human nature.

        As expected, Trump will bluster, blather, and sue, sue, sue as he always has. But as usual, his lawsuits won’t amount to a hill of beans. The Courts will find little or nothing, the lawsuits will quietly fade into oblivion, and the election results will stand. Trump, meanwhile, will progressively become an irrelevant, shunned, and pitied laughingstock.

        And Biden will go on to restore common decency to the political scene, and respect for the Country around the globe.

        • Opines the Dog, from his recliner chair on Whidbey Island, in front of his widescreen tv with CNN blasting away. Woof.

    • Right you are Whidbey – we are all so deliriously happy that the finest economy we’ve ever seen, the strongest foreign policy, and great gains in human rights are being replaced by the trashing of America by communists. Where were you when the hildabeast was crying foul? – and her complaints were bogus – we have evidence, not just theories. Enjoy the false high your TDS is giving you – you won’t get another chance.

    • You don’t make that call and neither do these news organizations so nothing has been settled yet so you might want to wait a little with the celebrating.

    • Dog, isn’t that what you Democrats complained about in 2001 and then again in 2016? Voter fraud? Works both ways, chump.

  • Elections are over dude. They gave up on winning at the election box. Per Frederick Douglas we only have one box remaining for redress. The next election can’t solve what this one so systematically broke.

  • There’s another avenue other than throwing out entire slates of Electors, the state legislatures.

    It is the legislature that selects the Electors. Today, MI, GA & PA all have Republican majorities in both houses of the legislature. Should the Trump team demonstrate fraud due to mail-in ballots and other shenanigans, it is possible for the 3 legislatures to send a slate of Republican Electors to the January vote. This must be done by Dec 13 or so.

    Of course, this assumes that cowardly legislators will step up and do the right thing which may be a bridge too far. Cheers –

  • Third world countries have revolutions regularly. So why shouldn’t the U.S. have one?

    • We’re not a third world country, that’s why.

      • Sure not Acting like it. The Voter Fraud taking Place dwarfs what a Third World Country does.

  • Art, thanks for your insight. Well said.

  • Art, the name of the political party you referenced is called the Democratic Party. You misspelled it several times in your column.

    • Actually, it is more correctly the Communist Party, but I indulge their fiction a bit.

  • The hair sniffer and the whore (my apologies if my semantic choice is offensive to whores).

    This election has been shameful and neither of these democrats will ever be my president.

    • Well stated Trouser Bark!
      “China Joe” Biden ‘s election has serious legitimacy questions. I will not accept him as President either.

  • Great article, Art, with enough meat to make the most vegetarian of Lefties want a few more bites.
    In my opinion, the Democrats have learned the business of defrauding elections from labor union bosses. Internal union elections were always full of fraud, and even in 1959, the Landrum-Griffen Act didn’t address the issue that Congress was trying to clean up through legislation. Reason: L-G didn’t put teeth into the Act. There were no penalties for committing election fraud. So then, why not just commit election fraud and see if you can get away with it.
    Ditto, general elections in 2020.
    Another part of the problem is in the electronic scanning performed largely by the Diebold Accuvote machines. They can be easily manipulated by programmers to under-tabulate or over-tabulate by pre-adusting the control settings. Diebold had been involved in many election snafus over the years. A paper ballot inserted into an Accuvote does not lend to absolute trust in the tabulation process.
    Art, what do you think Trump is likely to end up doing while Biden, the press, and the Democrats prepare America for their transition?

    • I could feel a seismic shift in both public sector labor relations and in Democrat politics in the late Eighties, early Nineties as the public sector unions came to control the AFL-CIO. It wasn’t for nothing that Slick Willie Clinton and AFSCME’s Gerald McEntee seemed joined at the hip.

      Traditionally, the trades and crafts unions had little interest in public employees. Only in the most unionized states were even trades and crafts public employees unionized and they were usually organized into separate public employee only locals. The last thing the “working class heroes” wanted was public employee slugs on the same hiring hall list as the old boys.

      The evolving big, wall-to-wall white collar public employee unions had almost nothing in common with the traditional trades unions. If you wondered what happened to the “student radicals” of the Sixties look no further than the big industrial model public employee unions, and like the industrial unions in the private sector, e.g., Machinists, UAW, the public employee industrial unions were one small step away from European-style Socialist Workers’ Parties.

      The big public employee unions and the Democrat Party melded in the late ’80s and came to power with Clinton’s election in ’92. Both the unions and the Democrats are essentially Trotskyite/Alinskyite political parties and use the “continuing revolution” Trotskyite model of political and organizing action.

      It is really all up to the courts now. None of the “audits” and hand counts will determine anything; the communists, excuse me, Democrats destroyed the chain of custody. Either the USSC will or will not say that these states cannot certify their election results. If they cannot be certified, either state legislatures will determine the outcome or it will go to the HOR. We’re destined to live in interesting times.

      • Excellent summation, Art.

  • Face up to it, sweetie. Your dude lost. End of story. End of nightmare.

    Doesn’t feel good. I know – it happened to me last time.

  • Speaking of voting machines … seems as though the machines run by the “Dominion Voting Systems software” could be under investigation based on a snafu in Michigan. That software is used in alot of other states, too.

    Seen this on another site:

    “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” ― Joseph Stalin

  • I gotta say, if Sleepy Joe pulled off this fraud in many different states and doesn’t get caught, he deserves a new nickname.

  • …what? Sneaky Joe? Hahaha. He doesn’t know his left from his right hand. Besides, he’s more of a sniffer at this stage.

  • That punk college kid who was paid to deliver the fraudulent ballots was so stoned on legal weed that he forgot his mission. So it was attempted fraud which was stopped by drugs.

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