ARP President Glenn Clary, Ivanka Trump, spotted in Kansas City airport


Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary and Ivanka Trump were spotted in the Kansas City International Airport exchanging pleasantries today. A quick-thinking Must Read Alaska reader sent the photo.

Clary said he was sharing encouragement with Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, and said he looks forward to the Republican National Convention in Charlotte next year, and that the Alaska Republican Party stands behind the president.


  1. Then get these “Republicans” in Juneau to support our Governor.. Kick out the weasels that have betrayed our “Conservative Party” members. It starts with strong Conservative leadership within the Party of Reagan and Lincoln.

    • Do you genuinely think President Trump’s stated positions, administrative conduct, political skills and conduct are consistent with President Lincoln and Reagan?

      • There’s been a lot of shenanigans back in the day including Lincoln being neither for or against slavery but generally wanting the country not to tear itself apart. General Grant was a heavy drinker but at in-your-face kind of guy and a strong Republican. He pretty much died penniless. Let’s not forget Teddy Roosevelt who during his first campaign was a Republican and only when beat out of the nomination by Taft went over to the bull moose. he parked a couple of battleships off the coast of Panama and basically took the country without firing a shot so that we could complete the Panama canal. Not sure what you were saying about Trump and Reagan and Lincoln, but one thing they have in common is strong leadership and, to quote Teddy, speak softly but carry a big stick. Trump chooses not to speak softly but he’s damn sure got a big stick.

      • Why yes, I absolutely do. Only a leftist progressive hack fails to see the positives of President Trump for the country. Try thinking for yourself for a change.

    • Trillion-dollar deficit? Abandoning military allies, some who helped fulfill your campaign promises (think ISIS)? Corruption, deceit, and foul-mouthed rhetoric? Higher cabinet turnover than your neighborhood fast-food restaurant? Those are not party of Lincoln and Reagan values. Welcome to modern-day conservatism. I’ll gladly keep my “RINO” label.

      • Damn son, I thought you were talking about Obama committing treason against the United States when he went on the “I’m sorry bend over and grab your ankles” tour, which scored him a Nobel prize before he did anything. Most of the debt was racked up by Obama by stripping down the military making us vulnerable, and losing respect around the globe so that he could fund his Socialist programs. He gave Isis rockets and other weapons to defeat Kadafi. That’s what Hillary sent our ambassador and those seals over there for after the coup d’etat, to get them back because they realized they had given them to terrorists who are going to shoot down 737s with them. So yeah, that one’s on Obama and Hillary. Go back and get a refund on your history lessons because you didn’t learn a thing.

        • YOU didn’t learn a thing….AKA: Al Quaeda when we abandoned the Afghan freedom fighters. What makes you think that ISIS won’t reemerge, the Kurds won’t do the same, and the whole world won’t trust us any more than they already do? Also, at what point is our President responsible for his trillion dollar deficit? Sorry- no free pass from me for stupidity. I’m no Obama or Hillary fan, but what we have now is BY FAR the worst in our history.

  2. Cool beans. All real Republicans stand behind the president except for the rinos. But they’re not real Republicans anyway are they? I once was in a photo op with murkowski in an airport, but that was before I knew she was partial to saddling fences. Stupid is as stupid does.

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