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Army orders stand down of aviators for safety training

Army Chief of Staff James McConville on Friday ordered a nationwide aviation stand down for safety training, following Thursday’s midair helicopter collision near Healy, Alaska.

Three Fort Wainwright soldiers died in that collision between the two AH-64 Apache helicopters, and a fourth soldier is being treated at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. The names of the deceased will be released Saturday, the Army said.

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Aviators who are engaged in critical missions will continue flying, but all other Army aviators are grounded until they complete required training. Army National Guard and Reserve were given until May 31 to complete the training.

Thursday’s crash followed a March 29 crash of two Black Hawk helicopters in Kentucky near the Tennessee border that killed nine soldiers.

Two other soldiers were injured Feb. 5 when an Apache helicopter was involved in a rollover accident in Talkeetna. On Feb. 15, a Black Hawk helicopter from the Tennessee National Guard crashed in Alabama, killing two crew members who were on a training flight. 

In all, three military helicopter crashes have killed 14 soldiers in three months.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. CBS News showed an aerial view of Fairbanks International Airport with their national story, apparently they did not bother to figure out the Apache Training Operations are based at Fort Wainwright. Maybe it was to throw the Russians off?

  2. I am glad to hear they are taking some action regarding these training accidents under controlled conditions. Conditions during emergency responses are never controlled which subjects the crews to even more risk. I am also hoping these accidents are not a direct result of lackluster leadership trickling down from top level management from the pentagon.Which of course in that situation we would never hear about as they are becoming so screwed up that drag queen story hour for military families seems to higher on their list of priorities than flight safety. I cant believe how Milley and Austin were both pretending to be so unaware of the existence of this bulls**t even being in the military base run schools. I am sure the CCP President Xi and Vladimir Putin were having a good laugh over their public display of ignorance. You can bet your retirement Xi and Putin know exactly what is going on on their military bases right down to the brand of toilet paper being used! All of this queer agenda on bases around the world is a direct result of the “chief” Commander Joe at the top wandering around the white house eating an ice cream while avoiding the press room and hoping he wont need another diaper change before dinner. I just have to laugh every time a recruiter reaches out to my son with another “big” enlistment bonus. It’s going to take lots more than money to get sane qualified intelligent young men to join a military that promotes “Queers” over normal soldiers. They never seem to respond to my sons replies as he tell them why he is not interested. LOL

  3. The stand down itself is a non issue. This is the normal response when multiple accidents happen. The whole fleet is parked and safety procedures all down the line are reviewed.

  4. I was actually in Healy on Wednesday and may have seen the helicopters flying together. God bless these aviators, their families and comrades. If I did not have great respect for those serving in uniform I would be tempted to saying something nasty about the not-ready-for-combat CJCS Gen Milley, doughboy Defense Secretary Austin and the corrupt liars in the intelligence community. But I won’t.

  5. Predictable outcome when Command is interested in the wrong stuff (equity, ideological purge, trans, CRT, COVID vax, etc).

    Perhaps leadership needs to refocus on getting the mission done. An alternate explanation would be that leadership has successfully chased off a significant percentage of their competent soldiers. If true, what we saw last week is just the beginning. I hope not. I fear it may be. Cheers –

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