APOC filings: Bronson raising for ’24 campaign, while Chris Constant appears to have forgotten what year it is


Required financial reports at the Alaska Public Offices Commission website show that Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, who has already filed as a candidate for reelection for 2024, has raised over $53,000 for his campaign, an impressive start for a race that is a year away.

That bodes well for a mayor who has been repeatedly attacked by the Anchorage Daily News and the Anchorage Assembly majority. Minus his campaign expenditures, such as paying for a campaign post office box, office supplies, and printing, he has $50,000 cash on hand.

For the 2023 Anchorage Municipal Election, which ends April 4, Assembly candidate Brian Flynn, running for the open seat in West Anchorage, has raised enough campaign funds to mount a serious race against liberal candidate Anna Brawley.

Flynn raised $43,365, nearly all from small donors, and nearly all from people in the private sector. View Flynn’s financial report here.

Brawley, who was handpicked by liberal Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson to replace her, has donations from the liberals on the Anchorage Assembly. She has raised $35,150, with many large union contributions, and the remainder of her donations coming from government workers and the nonprofit sector. View her financial report here.

Brawley had spent $9,000 and had $25,072 cash on hand when the report deadline came and went.

Assemblyman Felix Rivera has raised just $9,912, and much of it comes from $1,000 checks from unions, as he makes his run for reelection to represent midtown.

Alaska AFL-CIO Putting Alaska First PAC, IBEW Political Action Committee, IUOE Local 302 PAC Account, and Teamster ALIVE – Gaming each contributed $1,000, and another union contributed $500, which means nearly half of his donors are the big labor unions. Read his financial report here.

Travis Szanto, running against Rivera, has raised barely $400, but he had only a couple of days of donations since he filed for office just before the reporting deadline at APOC.

John Trueblood, who is challenging Assemblyman Chris Constant, reported raising $100, but he also was a latecomer to the race, and had not started raising funds. In fact, the $100 he reports is his own check to his campaign.

As for his opponent, Assemblyman Constant, the campaign veteran apparently forgot to file his APOC report for 2023, or rather it appears he mistakenly filed it instead for 2022. Constant ran for Congress last year but was beat in his own district by Santa Claus, a Democrat from North Pole. It’s unclear why he put himself in violation of APOC reporting, since he is an experienced candidate. He has $29,835 for income for his campaign.

In East Anchorage, George Martinez has raised a pile of money for his Assembly race. His campaign income of $36,751 has come from a long list of regular liberal donors. But he’s spent a lot and had just $20,530 cash on hand as of the filing cutoff. Martinez filed his letter of intent to run for the seat in April of 2022 and has been raising money ever since.

His opponent in the race, Spencer Moore, filed for office just before the filing deadline in January and has raised a not-insignificant $5,193 in just five days.

For the Eagle River seat on the Anchorage, Scott Myers has raised $30,678, and his opponent Jim Arlington seems to have let the filing deadline slip by him and is possibly in violation.

Leigh Sloan, running for East Anchorage, filed a the last minute and raised $250, and her opponent, Karen Bronga raised $21,306.32. Her campaign disclosure can be seen at this link.

For South Anchorage, Rachel Ries has reported $16,595, Her reported can be read here.

Ries’ main opponent Zac Johnson has raised $24,728. His report is here. Candidate Mike Insalaco appears to have missed the financial disclosure deadline.


  1. Mayor Bronson destroyed the Anchorage assembly by not saying a word against the frivolous accusations and allegations along with the scorned City manager and other staff members as Bronson will run again and win 😉

  2. Why hasn’t the Assembly been held accountable for their ongoing and repeated violations of the Open Meeting Act?!

  3. I’d like to be supportive of the Anchorage Mayor but, he just hired a city attorney who has a clear conflict of interest.

  4. Member chris constant he’d purposefully write 2022 just to make suzanne at must read chuckle, he must feel he not garnering enough attention. Hahaha.

  5. I’m estimating $136k Unions vs $90k conservatives … ~40% more from D’s. The Rs better wake up soon or we’re going to lose this city! Donate!

  6. I really hope we can do better than Bronson. He has been a massive disappointment. As for Flynn in West Anchorage, he should save himself the trouble. West Anchorage has been lost to the teachers and the freak show crowd for years now. It’s no longer the home of old line conservatives like Mystrom and Dineen.

  7. Where is Bronson’s campaign page? I can find a Facebook page, that is very outdated, and I see a URL on the Facebook page for campaign page but it doesn’t go to one. When I did a search it produced pages of all the ‘I hate Bronson’ stuff. I would say he is doing something right if thar much leftist engineered strategic ‘hate’ has been generated. Can someone post a link?

  8. Union members who don’t agree with their union’s use of their dues to promote political campaigns need to speak up. There should be no fear of repercussion, as that would be illegal. Candidates should be rated by their ability to raise money from individuals, of their own choosing.

  9. Who cares what Bronson and Constant File with APOC? It’s a bet that THEY don’t care since the Chair of the APOC now works for the Muni full time as city attorney…..

    No conflict there no sir

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