Anybody want to run as a Democrat? Anyone at all?


The Alaska Democratic Party is so desperate for candidates that it’s now sending out text messages, trolling for a Democrat — any Democrat — to run for office for Anchorage.

“Hi ——-, this is Sarah, a volunteer w/ the Alaska Democratic Party. We’re looking for folks in Anchorage to run for office. Would you like info on how to run?” the Democrats wrote in a text message that got waylaid by Must Read Alaska.

The Alaska Democratic Party is a brand fraught with peril. Many liberals have started to file as “undeclared” or “nonpartisan,” rather than be saddled with the Democrat label, since it’s so closely bound with the Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, post-gender, and Antifa identities.

Masks required for the help, but not for Hillary at the Met Gala.

For instance, Al Gross, who ran with Democrat Party support in 2020 against Sen. Dan Sullivan, kept his party affiliation secret then, and is doing so today as a candidate for Congress. Rep. Cal Schrage, who has the support of Democrats, also doesn’t want his affiliation known. He caucuses with Democrats but with his clean-cut look and buzz cut, he cosplays as an independent. Former Gov. Bill Walker is running without the Democrat label, although he had the party’s support in the 2018 race for governor, which he lost. His running mate, like his last running mate, ditched the Democrat label for the election cycle. The only brand-name Democrat the party could get to file for Congress is Chris Constant of the Anchorage Assembly.

The Democrats are specifically interested in filling slots in the new redistricted political areas of Anchorage — areas they fought hard to secure as Democrat-controlled. Must Read Alaska has learned that the Alaska Republican Party is using a more traditional method of recruiting candidates and has not yet resorted to sending text messages into the wild.

June 1 is the filing deadline for state offices.


  1. Who in their right mind would campaign in Alaska with the D next to their name? The Democrat party is so toxic even Democrats won’t run as Democrats! lol

  2. There are many good democrats, independents, progressives and even republicans, so please stop.

      • Lisa learned how to drive in reverse first. Frankie taught her in our driveway. Insurance premiums went so high, only a banker could afford them.

    • It doesn’t work that way. Democrats validate and vet any candidate seeking to run under the Party’s banner. Anyone who ever breathed a sigh of “pro-life” is permanently banned. That’s one example, but you get the idea.

  3. Thank you for the laugh Suzanne. Must read and Suzanne has more integrity than our oath takers. Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne the ladies union ma’am.

  4. It does seem the ones truly interested in running for office change their affiliation to something else not Democrat. It is very surprising how many voters get fooled.

  5. Why would they try to hide their affiliation with the Democrat party? I guess high inflation and gas prices, out of control spending and Europe on the verge of conflict that they would be proud of their achievements.

  6. How horrible that a political party would be interested in trying to recruit new (“grassroots”) people to run for office, unless of course your trying to take over the Republican Party? I thought this sort of activism was celebrated among the “deplorables” and tea-party folks, which has actually been celebrated on this very blog. Perhaps this means the Alaska Republican Party is recruiting the same old “swamp”.

    *Misuse of the word “waylaid”

  7. I will probably “trigger” someone with this comment. If two people could cause me to reconsider my fifty-five years of Republican identification they would be the Donald and half-Guv Sarah. These two have far more interest in self-promotion than conservative principles. The Democrats are bad; Republicans must be a better alternative, which suggests dropping the personalty cults.

  8. Beats work if you can get it. Actually it’s like winning the lottery if you know how to cash in.

  9. Democrats out themselves, whether hiding behind Independent, or even masquerading as Republican. Lisa Murkowski doesn’t even try to cover it up. Bill Walker, the disgraced, pedophile-enabler governor has been lying about his party affiliation since 2010. Fortunately, Walker is not a very successful liar. He’s got Scott Kendall on his lap and that’s enough to out him immediately. There are a lot of frauds who try to hide their Donkey doo. But this fall the Demo-t*rds are going to be cited by the voters for deficating in public. It’s hard to miss.

  10. No such thing as an independent, undeclared or whatever other new label one can make up to trick people into thinking they’re not leftist fools.

  11. ANOTHER reason to come on down to watch the Assembly aka the nasty nine ! The latest thing they have stooped to is : the security guards have now been instructed to lean over you in your chair and say ” If you make a PEEP, I will trespass you ” . it seems they are saying this to conservatives .. hmmm. To constitute a true criminal trespass on public property.. 2 THINGS must have already happened. One:a stopping of government business. TWO: a threat must ve been posed to the public. Only if an officer is present and witnesses this for himself is it a real trespass, others who Constant has brought to court have said they have won in the cases from 2020,2021 up til now. Constant is a true PELOSI ITE .

  12. By far and away the largest problem the Democrats have and won’t realize is that they are still drunk on the highs of the civil rights movements of the 1960s. Simply look at the cronyism, evolution of the DNC.

    Prior to the late ’60s they were first and foremost concerned with economic issues of the working man. Frankly, that’s where they belonged and that was where their base should have remained. The Republicans were the party of large business and white collar; the Democrats were farming interests and blue collar workers.

    No longer.

    Somehow, since 1972 (Mcgovern) and 1976 (Carter) they’ve evolved into a party of “social” interests and lost their base. They need to manufacture or exaggerate social crises to maintain relevancy.

    What most Democrats fail to grasp is what the pushback v. them really is.. as much as people don’t like being told what to do, we hate being told how to feel.

    • I have not seen you post before. Your observations are interesting. I look forward to your future comments.

  13. I wonder how many new foreign born guys entering the US are assigned to Alaska? How many replacement democrats, unvaccinated newcomers who have a quantifiable first grade English vocabulary will we be welcoming as America gets its “changing” away from a republic? Thank you dear democrats.

  14. Going the democrat way and running away. For a change stay a democrat and correct the party’s mistakes. See this is what happens when elders following timeless traditions bucked what worked,entrusting young emotion powered adults take over the farmland. I am sure
    its this generation of middle aged noparty name who’d catapult us in a one world system, telling party systems don’t work. Well! They don’t work when its members are tyrannical and unbiblical .

    • Seems like the democrat leaders can’t even debate without one running home crying. Since some leaders are tasting the heartburn in their mouth experiencing the mistake adding blm, crt, and woke ideology on to the platform, dems can double back. Thats what these young dem’s elders would done.
      You know! The church should take heed to the democrat lesson here about allowing its young middle age adults controlling too much church direction from ministries to worship songs.

  15. Democrats have been running and winning for decades by calling themselves Republicans, then voting for the socialist agenda.

  16. I received:

    “Hi ……, this is Pj, a volunteer w/ the Alaska Democratic Party. We’re looking for folks in Homer to run for office. Would you like info on how to run?”

    The text came from a 907 area code number but these are not people from or in Alaska. It is a very large organization that purchase disposable cell phones and get 907 numbers.

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