Another 14 cases, 1 more COVID-19 death, and rural Arctic Alaska gets a scare



Alaska gained 14 more diagnosed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus since yesterday, and one more person has died.

Saturday’s total has been updated and was also 14 cases, with two deaths reported, bringing the weekend death count to six.

The cases statewide now total 185, including those who have recovered. Total hospitalization are now at 20, including those admitted and since released or deceased.

Of note is there is a case that has been diagnosed from the Delta Junction area, and another from the Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area. Both are new regions to the list.

The population of the Yukon-Koyukuk Borough was 5,588 in the 2010 census. The unorganized borough is the largest area of any county or county-equivalent in the United States and has no borough seat. Its largest communities are Galena, in the west, and Fort Yukon, in the northeast.

Delta Junction is in the Southeast Fairbanks Census Area.

Other case count totals across the state are:

  • Anchorage area: 85, a gain of four cases in 24 hours
  • Kenai Peninsula: 12, a gain of one case
  • Fairbanks/North Pole: 53, a gain of seven cases
  • Palmer/Wasilla: 4, no change
  • Juneau: 14, a gain of two
  • Ketchikan: 14, no change
  • Petersburg: 1 (deceased out of state)


The leader of the British government, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was admitted to a London hospital today, 10 days after his diagnosis with COVID-19. He is reported to have a persistent high fever. He is the most well-known global leader who has contracted the virus.

Read more about world leaders who have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus at Foreign Policy magazine.


U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said on “Fox News Sunday” that his coming week ahead will be the “hardest and the saddest of most Americans’ lives. This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment, only it’s not going to be localized; it’s going to be happening all over the country.”

“There is hope, but we’ve also got to all do our part,” he added.


  1. Just a note from the Interior, or perhaps more of an observation; Here in Tok, in the unorganized borough, there’s been a lot of seniors seen at the local Three Bears, going in and out, but none can be recognized … LOL. I can honestly say they’re doing their part. Just wish the younger ones would pay more attention.

  2. Funny how most of the “youngsters” ignore anything and everything not directly pertaining to them. What we are seeing in the “younger” generation is a direct result of their leftist “teaching”. Care not for anyone except yourself, your “friends” and only those agreeing with you. Disenfranchise elders and anyone not agreeing with your socialist indoctrination. The direct opposite of what America was founded upon. Those “youngsters” will be “oldsters” sooner than they realize. Payback’s a bitch. Most of the younger folks seem to either ignore that and/or don’t care. Their turn is coming.

  3. Few days ago we were crushing corona, but sadly the math of this contagion spread does not care. We need to increase medical supplies and up our restrictions across Alaska and the country and stick to them for months if we are going to “win” corona. We will win, its not all doom and gloom, but folks need to accept this is a long game of small ball (baseball reference). If we relax before there is a vaccine we will end up deep freezing the economy all over again.
    When we do beat it, folks will say, see it was not that big of deal and we ruined the economy for naught. I hope to be here for that silly argument, you? Save the political blame for election time, look out for your neighbors and strangers alike-commercial fishing season is still happening-think of the villages.

    Ideologically am not sure I agree with Suzanne or Art on anything, but take their advice on the corona to heart. They are doing us all a service with (most of :)) their reporting on this worldwide crisis. They probably can’t help themselves with occasional political jibes-it is their bread and butter after-all and best to let it ride for the greater good they are doing.

    Stay safe, where a mask, self-isolate if your in a risk group, and Stay at a Safe Distance.

    • BS! 99% will not have any lasting effects from this. For that we’ve destroyed our children’s and grandchildren’s inheritance? MRAK is publishing Fear just like the MSM. She’s a loyal Dunleavy fan, but Dunleavy has gone full Retard in this Medical Tyranny and for what? You’ll wish it never happened in 12 mos when we are all bankrupt and our quality of life is in the tank from the Greatest Depression.

  4. Staying at home. Have gone out two or three for food. My experience during my outings has been more persons without face masks/coverings. Masks are non existent in stores around Eagle River/Chugiak. I have a few masks from my past home painting ventures so I am OK for the present. I hope everyone takes the necessary precautions when going food shopping. If we persevere we can get through this and get back to some semblance of normalcy. Hang in there Alaska.

    • In the take it or leave it department:

      Hospital risk assessment guy said paper bag your used paper mask at end of day, and five days later it can be pulled out and worn again safely.

  5. All Fear and no context, if the Government’s worst case prediction comes true it is still 50,000 less deaths than what occurs annually from Medical Mistakes! 99% of those who get it will either have no symptoms or have flu like symptoms with no lasting effects. Calm down people, the numbers are relatively small not only in Alaska but in the US and in the World. The catastrophic numbers are what is happening to the economy……………………..millions will die from this Greatest Depression.

  6. I see it’s being referred to here as the “Wuhan coronavirus.” A couple of days ago I got a postcard in the mail that referred to it as President Trump’s coronavirus.
    I find that more appropriate.

  7. Connecticut and LA and probably others are lumping in all deaths whether they are caused by the coronavirus or not as being virus deaths. So if someone dies from anything, they’re getting tested, and if positive for the virus are listed as death by the virus and not what they actually died from. I hope we are not doing that here in Alaska , Is there anyway to find out? Counting viral deaths in that manner skews the numbers for more federal aid and skews the numbers for all the Medical models being used now.

    • The numbers need to be inflated to keep the wildfire roaring till our economy is totally decimated.

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