And the Anchorage winners are …

Suzanne LaFrance, Dave Bronson

Early results from the Anchorage municipal election indicate that Mayor Dave Bronson is in a comfortable position, but not leading in his reelection for mayor. The Anchorage Election Office counted 44,427 ballots and posted results late in the evening on April, with more mail-in ballots to be counted and posted in the coming days. So far, the turnout is 18.91% but many more votes are expected.

There are 237,360​ registered voters in Anchorage A mayoral candidate must have 45% of ballots cast to avoid going into a runoff. It appears there will be a runoff between Suzanne LaFrance and Dave Bronson for mayor.

Mayor’s race

Suzanne LaFrance: 16,121 for 36.29%

Dave Bronson: 15,559 for 35%

Bill Popp: 7,630 for 17.17%

Chris Tuck: 3,490 for 7.86%

Jenny DiGrappa: 916

Nick Danger: 220

Phil Isley: 198

Dustin Darden: 148

Breck Craig: 92

Darin Colby: 63

Eagle River has a new Assembly member, as Mark Littlefield was unopposed in the exercise of replacing resigning member Kevin Cross.

Mark Littlefield: 4,838

School Board:

School Board – Seat E

Pat Higgins, incumbent: 22,290

Kay Schuster: 17,636

School Board – Seat F

Angela Frank: 14,004

Dora Wilson, incumbent: 23,987

School Board – Seat G

Chelsea Pohland: 16,744

Carl Jacobs, incumbent: 22,721

Proposition 1: Capital improvements, Anchorage School bonds. Yes – 23,007; No – 21,305

Proposition 2: Amending charter, requiring confirmation of chief medical officer by Assembly. Yes – 24,641; No – 19,443

Proposition 3: Roads, drainage bonds. Yes – 28,792; No – 15,533

Proposition 4: Parks and Recreation capital improvement bonds. Yes – 25,702; No – 18,529

Proposition 5: Police service area bonds. Yes – 26,071; No – 18,026

Proposition 6: Transit capital improvement bonds. Yes – 26,784; No – 17,430

Proposition 7: Cemetery capital improvement bonds. Yes – 19,609; No – 24,445 FAILS

Proposition 8: Portland Loo bonds. Yes – 17,186; No – 27,086 FAILS

Proposition 9: Chugach State Park access service bonds. Yes – 24,919; No – 19,332


  1. Why do people so blindly vote in favor of all these bonds that drive up our taxes and create bigger, bigger, bigger government?!?!

    • I’ve had conversations about this with many people – a lot vote YES blindly on all of them because the listed increases to property taxes ‘don’t affect them’ – they’ve oft mentioned that, since they don’t own houses, etc, they aren’t worried.

      Course, the same folks will also complain when their rent goes up… Because the landlord’s property taxes went up…

        • That is an interesting idea and has merit. The concept of being able to cast a vote that impacts someone else’s need to pay seems deeply flawed.

          It also seems deeply flawed that so many would vote against LaFrance’s most recent stupid idea (bum outhouses) yet apparently feel that there must also be good ideas in that head of hers that are yet to be discovered based on her position in the polls.

        • Fire, renters pay property taxes indirectly (captured through their rental payments), but you want to disenfranchise them?

          • Owners have a legal obligation to pay their property tax. Renters have no obligation because they do not own the property. They can move.
            Honest to God, I seriously have to explain this to you??? Are you a student at Clark Middle School?? Oh wait, you must be a teacher there.

    • When has the tax rate ever dropped because the Muni retired bond debt?
      We always see the rate increase ($1.75 per $100K of assessed value) and we see that $20M of bond debt has been retire, but did anyone’s mill rate drop because of that retired debt?

    • I have two sons living in Anchorage. They voted for different mayoral candidates. I know they both supported Propositions 4 and 9. They are willing to pay for things that make Anchorage a better place for them to live.

    • Conservatives have been moving out. Anchorage is now a liberal city and has been for a while. It doesn’t matter how many people vote or what machines are used. The march toward “progress” won’t end till Anchorage is a baren wasteland. The only thing to do is to sit back and watch the implosion that will happen. Only liberals stay in a liberal cesspool. The only question to ask is why do progressives do this everywhere they go? It’s like they enjoy misery. The same is happening with the country as a whole. People apart from God will always end up destroying themselves. Man is not inherently good. It’s the nature of evil. They will invent new ways of doing evil, and are blinded to see the death inside themselves. Voting won’t ever fix this, only Christ can.

  2. I bet the long list of other mayoral candidates is another Leftist trick, because Republicans, moderates, conservatives have difficulty being in lock-step and unity, since they don’t have worry about Democrats and progressives they already vote kick-step with one another even for an old man who should had been left alone in Delaware to live out his retirement in peace and security while he loses his mind.
    Well. There is hope our crumbling little city Anchorage IS split 50/50 down the middle between traditionalist/conservatives vs radicals/progressives no matter who declared mayor

  3. Someone should do a bit of investigative reporting on the number of paper ballots that were never received by voters. Conveniently the majority of those who never received a ballot were located in statistically conservative areas. Coincidence? Of course not.

  4. Well, when counting continues after voting day, we know how that turns out. The Ds know how much they need to make it look like Bronson lost by just a little bit – or maybe this time they’ll make it look like he lost by alot. Hmmm.

  5. They stop counting 40 minutes in on election night and allow unlimited ballots to show up over the course of a week.
    I swear to God. We are a serious country

  6. Ever increasing property taxes.
    If you thought picking a librarian was a fiasco wait until the assembly gets to vet the medical officer, woof.

  7. This city is in big trouble. The only two bonds that did not pass were the 1/2 million $ toilets and the housing improvements for the dead. Lafrance, who wants $1/2 million toilets is in the lead and all three liberal school board members were reelected.
    The voters in this city are going to turn us into another Seattle/Portland/LA.

  8. Who the FFFFFFFFFFFF keeps voting in these grooming pedophile traitorous school board members? These three will just continue being the monsters they are to our kids n grandkids.
    Are you insane?

    • People tend not to pay attention to politics, especially local politics. The main reason, in my humble opinion, is because life is good enough for them locally, so whoever is currently in that seat should be fine. Just mark on the ballot for the person currently in the seat, or whomever you see the most signs for.

  9. Stupid Anchorage voters never met a bond they didn’t like, now home owners get higher property taxes……………….yay! (/s)

  10. If vote counting trend continues with these results, Anchorage property taxes will rise, forced foreclosures, more homeless people.
    Conservatives and republicans complain but do not show in numbers at the polls., liberals, progressives and democrats all vote.
    I voted Bronson did you?

  11. A bond initiative failed? Well, initially failed. Wow, I am floored.
    Of course, until after all the mail in votes get counted, we will never know. What’s that? Oh… it is the sound of several boxes of ballots that got forgotten about in a car trunk.

  12. Not enough conservatives are voting! Out of 237,360​ registered voters and only 44,427 ballots counted??!!
    18.91% is a terrible number of voters.

    • ^^^ is the real issue. Get out and vote people, or at least mail your ballot in.

      We lost because we don’t vote, and they do.

      It’s smaller than the MOA election but will have huge consequences with your electric bill and system reliability and outages.

      Vote for Dan Rogers (me 😜) and Todd Lindley for Chugach electric board. Ballots get mailed to every member 4/17 and have to be back 5/17.

      If we get more of the same and only 18% vote, the candidates backed by the alaska center for the environment (not us!) will win.

  13. Popp will endorse LaFrance, thus ensuring an easy path to victory for her.

    She will give him a prominent position in her administration, restoring transparency and good faith in our Municipal government again.

    • Restoring what? Faith in the assembly that has been running the show for more than a decade and got us here? Oh ya sure, this city had no problems until Bronson came on board who couldn’t do anything because the assembly strategized every way possible to kill everything he proposed. He tried to be transparent and that just gave them time to see what he was doing and prepare their attack strategies. All while every blunder and divisive power hungry thing that the assembly has ever done goes completely unnoticed and completely unreported by the ADN, AK Public Media, and KTUU. It took a raging woman and photo evidence before they decided to run anything negative about Berkowitz. Astute my… Just keep listening to NPR so you can keep flattering yourself and believe in your fantasies.

  14. So, residents of Los Anchorage want to spend $20m to replace a school when they could easily shutter three buildings and simply shuffle the children around. All while the student body continues in decline. It boggles the mind.

  15. A run off is gonna favor LaFrance.

    44,000 and change bothered to vote so far.

    You’re doing this to yourselves, Anchorage.

    • This is pathetic. I really don’t think Republicans are not an “offshoot” of the Democratic Party to placate the minority. If you add Popp’s and Tuck’s vote to Suzanne’s, Bronson has no chance. The only way to fix this is to have the State require elections in November. The population at large doesn’t not vote in April and the Union phone banks do their job.

      THERE IS NO REASON TO VOTE UNTIL THIS IS CHANGED. This should be the only item Republicans should work on because Suzanne is the next mayor.

      • Doesn’t Not ??
        LaBronson said he expects Tucks votes to transfer to him.
        Or in Duncan speak: double verbs.
        Pretty easy recap:
        vote = win
        Not don’t vote = not don’t win
        Ducan might be onto the Rosetta Stone folks…or the not isn’t Rosetta

    • Bronson needs to actually advertise.. He’s getting buried in T V ads.I have only seen La sFrance ads on TV. Not one Bronson the907 dark money ads. Understand that TV is costly. But you can’t forfeit the ground and win with yard signs anymore

      • Do you think anyone’s mind has been changed because they viewed a television ad? The problem is that few cared to vote this year. Last time for mayor there were 74k votes cast in the general and 90k in the runoff. Evidently, this year few care who the mayor will be.

        • Dom, I think some here are under the misconception that 44,000 votes is it. The election center stopped counting votes just shortly after 8pm election night. This indicates that they counted and tabulated the votes that were turned in BEFORE Tuesday. All the votes from election day (either drop boxes or election centers) and those mailed on Tuesday have to still be verified and then counted, so I for one will reserve judgement on turnout until all the votes are actually in.
          As of April 3 per the Muni website 52,661 votes have been counted, yet per the ballot data they received 54,819 by April 2 and it appears that almost 5000 are still in progress.

  16. Anchorage residents constantly complain that their property taxes are too high and that they are just renting their homes from the government. Yet, they vote yes for nearly every bond proposal that is ever on the ballot. The definition of insanity.

  17. Unions get paid by politicians, who turn it around and give it back to the politicians. Union voters are literally enriched on the basis of their vote. Regular voters don’t stand a chance.

  18. Thank you ADN, KTUU, AK “Public” Media, and all of the out of state dark money activist organizations for making sure people don’t understand what the assembly and school board have done to slowly ruin this city and make sure our kids turn into more flakey arrogant democrats. And they make sure the city is inviting for airhead environmental zealots that are educated beyond their intelligence that think that Alaska has always been backwards should be more like Portland and Seattle.

    The school board is horrible. They are all highly qualified to use thee media to run over people in order to push for more idiocy and spending while never being critical of themselves and the same minded ASD administration.

  19. We know where Chris Tuck voters are going. Bill Popp…what say u ? With great power comes great responsibility. You think LaFrance, as just another radical in line with the San Francisco/Seattle/Portland/Anchorage Assembly is where our city needs to go ?

  20. I guess Anchorage forgot about the scamdemic and how the council of communists treated them. While the city council closed down businesses, the valley flourished and enjoyed the revenue brought in by Anchorage political refugees who wanted some normalcy. Some were literally sneaking out here, hoping their co-workers and bosses would not find out.

  21. How pitiful has this city become. It was but a few short yrs ago we knew the next day the results of our elections. Now it’s frigging weeks? Does anyone care that our schools are failing? Apparently not judging from the reelection of the same twits over and over. They vot for the bonds yet squawk about building un-needed schools? Loved have mercy, please.

  22. I never post comments, but my family did not received their ballots. We checked on and it said our ballots were still at the post office and took screenshots. We went to vote in person and were told by 3 volunteers that lots of people in Chugiak and Eagle River complained that like us, they did not receive their ballots. Is this voter disenfranchisement? Mail in voting is ripe for fraud and only benefits those who are willing to commit illegal activities to win.

    • Well, no one likes to lose and in today’s current political climate, there’s no such thing as everyone coming together to vote for a person who’s truly running to DO good, for EVERYONE because that candidate doesn’t exist. So, even the “f your feelings” crowd gets a bit bummed from time to time because their side didn’t win.

  23. I think people, like myself, are fed up with seeing politicians like Bronson align themselves with churches and religion. In this case, the Baptist Temple which has left a particularly toxic, corrupt vibe in most people. I have in the past always swayed to the Republican side….fiscally responsible, less government interference, etc..but lately it seems (to me) that the GOP wants to control peoples decisions by the way of the bible.

    • Liz, yeah how archaic, imagine someone turning to an ancient manuscript to find their way in today’s world! I read it once, it was full of restrictive passages that lacked an understanding of the present time. I mean, ” thou shalt not steal”, what a joke! Everybody knows that the Man has the system rigged and the only way out is to rip him off!

  24. ….and this is why the ADN did NOT report on the fight at Clark Middle school until today! Now the election is in the bag and bad news no longer impacts the school board out come…… just saying!

  25. So far the only things positive are that $500k public toilets and a cemetery failed. ER has a Rep not a real estate broker out to change zoning to his financial benefit and Mayor Bronson will get another shot at reelection in a runoff. What a missed opportunity with all those school board seats ! So much apathy.

  26. I really can’t wait for the runoff election to boost LaFrance into the Mayors office! I’m giddy with anticipation to continue watching the city I once tolerated into one that’s designed for the far-left progressives.

  27. Judging by todays numbers Eagle River really did vote early, of the 8,000 or so that were processed today only 700 or so were from District 2.

  28. Interesting how Must Read put up a lovely, professional looking photo of Bronson, and the grungiest looking one of LaFrance.

  29. Apparently the other “Karen” half of Anchorage (who erroneously think they are smarter than everyone) wants to have a Mayor Karen, who controls you, tells you what to do and takes all your money in taxes, spending it and leaving you broke.

  30. Suzanne LaFrance is a Marxist. If this race goes to a runoff, Bronson is not in a good position. They will use the mail-in ballots with the machines to tip the scales just enough to put the Marxist in office. This is how it works folks. Unless you like living in a 3rd world country, we need to wake up to the fact our elections are controlled. I hope Bronson is lawyered up, because he will need to make sure each and every ballot is a verified registered voter. Otherwise, they will use dead people and people that moved out of State to get the numbers needed to take full control of your government. They have also found evidence of these criminals stealing elderly voters votes by telling them they already voted. It’s that bad!

  31. I don’t understand how Anchorage continues to vote for these candidates. Do they just not know who they are? I went to the school board page and looked at the crew. I wouldn’t let them near my kids.
    La France got more votes than Bronson, really? The city gets exactly what it deserves when they don’t show up to vote. C’mon, republicans, get it together and get out and vote. The rest of us in this state cannot afford to have the largest city be blue!


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