Anchorage to Rep. Josephson: Stop saying police department endorses you


An attorney for the Municipality of Anchorage has sent a “cease and desist” letter to Rep. Andy Josephson, telling the legislator to stop saying in his political ads that the Anchorage Police Department endorses him.

“It has come to our attention that you have represented in your campaign advertisements that you are ‘endorsed by the Anchorage Police Department.’ The Anchorage Police Department is a department of the Municipality of Anchorage. Neither the Anchorage Police Department nor the Municipality of Anchorage has endorsed your campaign. We request you cease stating or implying that you are endorsed by the Anchorage Police Department or any other department of the Municipality of Anchorage immediately,” the letter states. It was sent Oct. 24.

Josephson is running against Kathy Henslee for a newly drawn area of Anchorage that is more conservative than he is. But as a veteran of many campaigns stretching back a decade, Josephson, a Democrat and a lawyer, knows how to word things “just so,” and in some cases he has put, in small letters, that it is the police union that is supporting him, while in large letters he states it is the police department itself.


  1. THIS IS QUITE COMICAL AFTER HE PROMOTED SB91 which encouraged ” grand theft alaska ” and ” opioid crisis ” in 2017. These 2 events were horrible for both police and citizens of anchorage. He even had a chance to REPEAL it and said NO.

    • can these people be filed against after telling them to stop the calls and loads of mailing? Josephson is a maxis dangerous person in our state legislature and Kathy Henslee our first conservative in midtown to try and vote him out this time. He and Elvie Gray Jackson

  2. A cease-and-desist letter to Peoples Representative and Major Money Getter Andy Josephson, card-carrying member of the Alaska Bar Association who own and operate Alaska’s judiciary, one-third of Alaska’s government
    … ole Andy must be quaking in his boots, yeah?
    Sure and Andy’s running against Kathy Henslee in an area of Anchorage more conservative than himself, but the 800-pound gorilla is still Alaska’s easily corruptible election system arguably calibrated to produce the results its sponsors want, within credible margins of course.
    Wondered why Andy appeared never to give a damn in the first place about some policeman’s union or cease-and-desist letter. The former was simply pablum for the public, the latter is nothing because it’ll never be pursued by the very officials who benefit most from Representative Andy’s money-getting talent.
    Might be interesting, post-election, to find out how many ballots were cast and how many voters voted.

    • Yes Thank you!! And people do not want to open the constitution to change the strangle hold the low lifespan’s have on us.

  3. What about Calvin Schrage’s signs? They say “Endorsed by Anchorage Police” and then in small print, “Employees Union.”

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