Anchorage taxpayers likely on the hook for $56 million to house mainly drug and alcohol abusers in Sullivan Arena


Homeless individuals from across Alaska have slept in the Sullivan Arena since March 16, 2020. It’s the longest-running Covid emergency order homeless magnet shelter in the nation.

Now, it looks like Anchorage taxpayers will be on the hook for at least $56.5 million in expenses related to the Covid sheltering project — expenses that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will probably not reimburse, according to multiple municipal sources.

The facility, once the go-to venue for concerts and hockey games, has become the place for people being banished from their villages in Alaska and for others who have made a lifestyle out of living on the streets, especially after Covid-19 pandemic policies from the federal and local government forced traditional shelters to reduce the clientele they could serve in their facilities.

In March of 2020, the Sullivan was turned into that mass shelter by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. It was a case of “If you build it, they will come.” The cost was to reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

That’s over 720 days of room and board for up to 500 people, at a cost of about $206,666 per day, according to municipal sources. Clients in non-congregate care — area hotels — are fed from restaurants around town such as Humpy’s, at a cost of $46 per client per day, while those at Sullivans are fed through a Beans Cafe contract.

According to the Municipality, Anchorage Assembly authorized the city to spend nearly $93 million as inter-fund loans made under the Berkowitz and then Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson emergency order.

All this means if the reimbursement is not received from federal or state governments, the Municipality is authorized to collect additional property taxes to cover this spending. And that means additional taxes can be levied that exceed the legal tax cap.

Municipal reimbursements from FEMA as of December.

Less than $30 million of the $84 million in expenses relating to the Covid emergency order, mainly Sullivan Arena shelter, have been reimbursed by FEMA.

Anchorage is spending between $5-$6 million per month on all services related to sheltering, and up to $75 million annually to support sheltering, mostly in the Sullivan Arena, according to municipal sources.

FEMA has been tough on the project reimbursements, requesting additional documentation and even turning down some requests for reimbursements — not only in Anchorage, but in other cities that have been keeping shelters open far past emergency orders.

For over a year, the Municipality has been promising that the Sullivan Arena will be closed “soon,” yet none of the deadlines were ever met under previous administrations, and the early refusal of the Assembly to work with the current mayor on a viable plan led to the inevitable second winter of this arena-turned-shelter.

Those knowledgeable of the situation say that 80 percent of the people using the 32,000-square-foot Sullivan Arena to shelter at night are drug and alcohol abusers with no motivation or intention of cleaning up their lives, regardless of the services that have been offered at the service desk. The facility has been significantly damaged and will cost millions of dollars to restore. For example, the plumbing have been clogged by clothing and other items being shoved down the toilets, which are now unusable.

The previous mayors (Berkowitz and Quinn-Davidson) wanted to open up a shelter at the former Alaska Club on Tudor Road, and $50,000 was spent on earnest money for that failed project — the $5.4 million building would have cost too much in restoration to make it usable and the midtown neighborhood rose up in revolt. That was $50,000 down the drain.

Berkowitz and the leftist Assembly also intended to use the Best Western Golden Lion Hotel as a drug treatment center. The city bought the building for $9.5 million. The neighborhoods nearby revolted and today the building is vacant, unused for any purpose.

The Berkowitz Administration and Assembly also tried to buy a hotel in Spenard, but Acting Mayor Quinn-Davidson eventually let go of that effort in late 2021, as the cost of restoration was also too high.

If other cities’ experiences are any indication, Anchorage property taxpayers will foot the $56.5 million for the Sullivan. And that’s if the shelter is closed right away.

In a report by the Denver Gazette, a similar dispute between Denver officials and administrators with the FEMA may cost that city close to $32 million, “money already spent on homeless shelters last year that FEMA is poised to refuse to reimburse.”


  1. How about we sue the Asssmbly for spending money unwisely-that many of us spoke out against and not putting ALL the funds where We The People thought better served.

    • The Assembly also illegally used COVID money to purchase the Best Western Hotel instead of giving it to deserving small businesses…..many of whom are gone now. Surprise, surprise the homeless are still here and we’re still paying. That should be added to the suit against the assembly. Better yet, DO NOT vote for any incumbent assembly person–especially Forrest Dunbar!

    • And pierce the veil.

      There should be no protection for being knowingly irresponsible w/ the public wallet and if you’re not quite sharp enough to balance a checkbook there should be discipline associated w/ pretending otherwise.

      Unless and until these clowns are held accountable for their idiocy there won’t be progress.

      To understand what you’re looking at better note that this is essentially what happened to Portland, OR and it’s a predictable trajectory that goes something like this…

      – The City notices that it has a lot of buns and addicts.

      – The City moves to coddle them

      – Parasitic industry crops up… like mobile showers, mobile clothes washing trucks, non-profits that befriend members of the Assembly and propose that they can manage homeless housing, feeding and care, etc.

      There are an endless stream of budget parasites that request and receive money in cities where the Assembly is composed of the financially unsuccessful, bureaucrats, gov’t employees, and others that haven’t applied themselves in an effort to escape a life of suckling at the gov’t teat. Without consequences there’s no accountability and it is time. Pierce the veil and hold them personally accountable for irresponsible handling of public funds. The time has come to expect something more than masks, men in dresses reading to children in the library, crimes against women in the library, homeless camps, etc.

      Look to where the money was spent for this $56mm debacle and you’ll find a friend of multiple Assembly members that is now set for life at your expense.

  2. Liberal Democrats running, yet another city into the ground!
    When will people learn to quit voting Democrat? I think Anchorage is about there…whatever will be left of it anyways!

  3. Some come in from other places, spend time getting drunk and doing drugs and stay in the Sullivan until they fly home again, they are not even from Anchorage.

  4. And what would the cost be to purchase an airline ticket for each of these 500 “guests of Anchorage”?
    Bet it would be less than $56 million.

  5. “Clients are fed from restaurants around town such as Humpy’s, at a cost of $46 per client per day.” Seriously? Who made that decision? I look forward to my ‘current’ assembly members Weddleton and LaFrance chiming in on this. What happened to Beans providing meals?

      • I’d like to see proof for any claim the author makes. All of her stories reject comments from so called ‘leftists’, a derogatory term by the way.
        In this story she wants to have everything both ways again. All those millions spent locally yet it’s ‘down the drain’? Republicans don’t talk about good government anymore, they have nothing but rabid anti government positions in this generation.

        • That’s not exactly what people have in mind when it comes to spending money locally. For me that would mean hiring more police, firefighters, fixing the schools, after school programs. Not spending it on enabling people with addiction problems. The people that contribute to the panhandling are doing enough of that already.

      • Humpy’s has never provided meals to Sullivan Arena. Beans Cafe does at a cost of $3.50 per meal (you can see that in the closed bids section of the muni website)

      • You’re right, Beans Cafe has or was feeding the clients at Sully for at least the first 18 months.Now I see Beans Food truck at the unloading dock every day.

      • Me too. In fact, I’d like to get sources/proof for most of this author’s claims. Does she have a journalism degree? Oh wait, that’s not needed anymore. 🙄

    • Actually they don’t, Beans still feeds them… on occasion restaurants donate food to them yet its rare, and usually on a holiday! I work there and this is how I know this information to be true that I am stating.

  6. Well ASD better prepare not to get that 111 million bond they have on the ballot. Also can any of the assembly members explain where all of the cities Covid funds went?

    • Amen! Vote NO on all bonds! Taxpayers had better wise up and cut off this money spigot; i.e., their wallets! Cut ‘em off in the upcoming election!

  7. I suggest that the City gather all the info on the illegal banishments of Native Alaskans and figure out what that’s cost.

    Then file with the BIA for all the accured costs. These folks were illegally kicked out of their Villages by Tribal Courts for a set period of time. There’s no Reservation Status in Western Alaska. There’s also no due process in a tribal court.

    There’s no reason a City should be held liable for a Federal “Courts” (Tribal Court) costs for their imposed sentences.

    To my way of thinking if courts aren’t liable for paying the costs incurred through sentencing, then the citizens of Juneau and Seward should be held responsible for all costs incurred for housing prisoners the State sends there.

    By filing action against the Bureau of Indian Affairs, at the very least, the Feds will slow down or stop the banishments too the Hub Communities. This shameful practice of banishment needs to cease and desist.

    • What specific village bans people? I live in a village and only see the courts release violent criminals back into their home community. What specific Western village has a tribal court that uses banishment? You have to be specific, otherwise, it is just your word.

  8. I think everyone should refuse to pay property taxes until these thieves fix the budget appropriately. That means cutting all unnecessary spending. Bear in mind that they make far more than us serfs.

    • The only way you can refuse to pay property taxes is if you pay them yourself. If they’re included in a mortgage payment the mortgage company will pay them, if you short the mortgage company they will initiate foreclosure proceedings. The county also has heavy penalties for non payment and they themselves can start foreclosure proceedings, at which time if you have a mortgage they will pay it to protect their lien. Its lose lose in this situation.

  9. This is the problem with Marxism, Marxist Nine… You spend everybody else’s money and then they get mad at you. Please all of you: Retire!

  10. You can vote NO on the school district bonds all day long but they ALWAYS manage to get their grubby mitts on millions!!
    At the same time our students are getting ripped off on the education they need!!!

    • VOTE NO. Don’t you remember several years ago, when the school bonds didn’t pass they always seemed to found (very surprisingly?) some extra money somewhere in all their hidden cash accounts the $$. They seem to have hidden slush money pots all over the city schools. It’s NOT Very surprising they act if they’re on their last dollar..

      • I had to laugh today at the local grocery store when the pin pad asked me if I would like to make a donation to the Anchorage School District before I paid for my purchase. I kept my mouth shut to avoid making a vulgar comment! How ridiculous does it get?

        • I saw that too. I was like poor asd. they probably collect a little money. It won’t bring them back into the black than laying off maybe 180 teachers and staff.

          • I went back today to be sure of what I saw. Today, the pin pad said, “Alaska Schools.” I checked with the customer service person at the counter, and she said “Alaska Schools” is intended to mean “Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, etc.” I thanked her and went on my way.

  11. It is really unfortunate to see this disaster come to light before the approaching Municipal election. Hate to see voters express their anger by not voting for the current authoritarian-socialists on the Assembly.

  12. How many of Anchorage’s homeless are “banished” from Alaskan rural communities? Do I detect a whiff of racism?

    • Not really. The Alaskans that are banished from their villages are alcholics, drug addicts others that are trouble making people. Many of the smaller villages don’t have facilities for keeping people “locked up”..

    • Seriously? Where have you been? Yes, this has been happening for years. Point the finger at the banishers but I am pretty sure those banished are being kicked out based on behavior not race.

  13. Since most of the folks staying at the Sullivan are Alaska residents the city should seek reimbursement by filing a lien on their PFDs.

    • After talking to many of them, I don’t believe the majority are Alaskan residents. Many say, literally they came up here “to see what Alaska is like”, lol.
      Anchorage, because of the Nonprofits like Rasmuson Foundation and their partners such as Catholic Charities, has just become a major stop on the Hobo Highway. These people all trade info and stories about “the best spots”.
      Can’t we just get the money back from Natasha Von Imhoff and her family, some of the biggest profiteers off of this “New Human Trafficking”? It’s big money, and she’s already taking our PFDs, too.
      Not a bad gig, a nonprofit that isn’t supposed to directly advocate under its charter rules, yet has a daughter in the Alaska Senate making sure your PFD is funneled her way AND she won’t pay her billionaire’s taxes…we will on our property instead.
      Thanks, Rasmuson Foundation, United Way, and Catholic Charities.

  14. When New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina, the Superdome became a homeless shelter for displaced victims. Here, the Sullivan Arena has become a pit of filth and disgrace, but there’s no hurricane. Only a bunch of drug addicts, and mentally ill street people that the Lefties love to enable.

  15. Meanwhile, every road in Anchorage needs immediate plowing. Where’s the snow plows? AND, why are our tax dollars going towards this homelessness initiative that pays zero dividends?

  16. Six months after these dopers turn Best Western Hotels into shooting gallery ruins and the buildings are bulldozed your communist government will start seizing private homes and converting them into barracks.

  17. This is over $400 per bum per night to sleep on a cot. $206,666/500 = $413. This is on top of the per diem, I assume. The homeless industrial complex has got a thing goin.

  18. Here’s an idea. When the villages exile someone to Anchorage, send them back.

    It’s wrong for Anchorage to expect the villages to help pay for the Muni’s failed school system. It’s just as wrong for the villages to send their rejects to Anchorage.

    But that’s sense. Something lacking in Alaska politics lately.

  19. Ah and now we see why the Dems refuse to accept the pandemic is over, the COVID money is drying up. Every Dem voted against the US Senate resolution to end the 2 year old COVID Emergency Declaration last Thursday. And because three Dems were not able to vote IT PASSED! Read the room liberals. If Anchorage doesn’t follow suit we’re going to get stuck with the bills.

  20. I’ve walked through Sullivan arena and it made me smile to see nothing but happy faces when I walked in. Where are your sources for the information you’re gathering? “The facility, once the go-to venue for concerts and hockey games, has become the place for people being banished from their villages in Alaska and for others who have made a lifestyle out of living on the streets, especially after Covid-19 pandemic policies from the federal and local government forced traditional shelters to reduce the clientele they could serve in their facilities.” Please cite this. You just sound like an opinionated Karen tbh.

  21. When I first read municipalities were going to house the homeless in hotels and other public venues I cringed. I saw this coming and, working in a prison, I knew the buildings would be totally destroyed in a very short time. So sad, so expensive.

  22. Anchorage Assembly authorized the city to spend nearly $93 million as inter-fund loans made under the Berkowitz and then Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson emergency order. What gave them the power to do this? An acting mayor that was not run off in the time allotted by the city charter? They can’t just spend whatever they want. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK.

  23. It is the Muni’s failure to not keep up on budget. It is the entire failure of community for ignoring the issue. There is no fault in someone who suffers from addiction or alcoholism. Too bad it wasn’t immediately turned into a treatment center. Those people are our family, friends and neighbors who suffer pains a person without the gene wouldn’t understand. They need medical help. Mentally ill people are being abused there. The women aren’t safe there. It’s like a prison in those walls to some degree. Imagine getting your prescriptions stolen or shoes taken when you fall asleep. Imagine a security guard grabbing your phone and tossing it in the snow to be lost. How can anyone get on their feet without a phone, without clothes, without food? Maybe the help they received saved lives and employed several thousand people. Where are those statistics? Maybe it’s a good use of tax dollars. You are doing your civic duty.

    • My civic duty is managing my finances, helping those in need through my church, donating to my church and other worthy causes, paying my bills, including taxes, and avoiding being a burden on society. Thanks for the lecture. I respectfully disagree with your assessment of my civic duty. In all that, I’m being taxed for “duties” beyond my personal responsibilities. Peoples’ choices, illnesses, and station in life are not my financial responsibility tax wise , no matter how you cut it. The operative word here is taxation.

  24. I wold like to see a print out of where all the taxes are going. Alcohol, gas, tobacco etc.. Thought they were suppose to help these programs and no on school bonds or city bonds. Seems every election there is a ton of bonds. I say bull and something stinks.

  25. How about the city and the state use the money received from the federal Gov earmarked for COVID related issues to pay for this?
    There needs to be accounting as to where all that money has gone.
    Oh, wait. Creative accounting will show its all been used.

  26. No problem. Amounts to only about $ 750.00 for a family of four. It’s a great deal for the fun of dodging these people while driving in Anchorage.

  27. Mr. Mayor, please consider leading a class-action lawsuit in federal court, on behalf of Anchorage taxpayers against culpable Assembly members for what appears to be a significant breach of fiduciary duty involving federal funds.
    Requested relief should be: (a) recovering monetary damages from culpable Assembly members, persons, and corporations who benefited financially from Assembly members’ actions, (b) permanent debarment of Assembly members from public office, and (c) referral of culpable members for criminal prosecution possibly under racketeering statutes.
    A reasonable person, a trusted fiduciary, would hardly be expected to invest $56M of personal money in such a venture without advance confirmation of what the federal government will reimburse or if the federal government will reimburse the money at all which leads to five questions:
    Did Assembly members, acting under color of law, deliberately abrogate their fiduciary duty by disregarding either the distinct possibility or the known fact that the federal government would not reimburse the $56M?
    Did Assembly members intend to do so for the financial benefit of certain donors or beneficiaries, knowing that taxpayers would assume the debt while donors or beneficiaries would reap the profit?
    Did Assembly members intend to do so for the purpose of corrupting municipal elections by establishing homeless housing at physical addresses in order to pad municipal voter rolls and to harvest votes?
    Did Assembly members know the federal government would not reimburse the $56M before they spent it?
    Have voter rolls expanded to include voters residing at homeless-housing addresses?
    Mr. Mayor, please request help from Governor Dunleavy and Anchorage’s legislative team in persuading Alaska’s villages and Native corporations to defray the cost of caring for their banished castoffs.
    The issue is not their right to export their human rejects to Anchorage.
    The issue is Anchorage taxpayers having to pay for the consequences of villages’ arbitrary choice to export their human rejects to Anchorage and abandon them.

    • I hope to see class action lawsuits against the assembly and ASD for their reckless abandonment of their responsibilities toward taxpayers. In my dreams – Snort! They appear to be running taxpayers over with a steam roller!

      • Well, SS, judging from the extent of your comments here, I think you should run for the Assembly instead of just complaining endlessly about them. Please do so at your earliest opportunity.

  28. Very fine article. Now you get part of the secret picture. Whatever they are doing so blithely and belligerantly they must slow down some and stop some. Because they caved in our tremulous economy for the last two years. Only conservatives please for anything going forward. Liberty and fiscal responsibility.

  29. So how about Must Read Alaska clear the air regarding the statement that “Clients in non-congregate care — area hotels — are fed from restaurants around town such as Humpy’s, at a cost of $46 per client per day, while those at Sullivans are fed through a Beans Cafe contract.” Accurate or not? How many are placed in non-congregate care and why isn’t Beans providing meals to these folks as well?

      • No need to clear the air with Humpy’s, not sure why our name was mentioned specifically or where the $46 comes from (its $33 a day PP for 3 meals, snacks, drinks and utensils personally delivered to each door). We understand being over worked and some details slipping a bit here and there, pretty much everyone in our industry has been in that boat for the last 2 years. We have been part of the food supply program but only supply the designated covid facility which comes with unique requirements. That’s all public dollars, public record and I am incredibly proud our team has never once failed our contractual obligations for more then a year now, 5am, 7 days a week. We don’t decide the contract we simply tendered a bid and then do the work

      • Suzanne. The knashing of their teeth at you will only intensify if you continue to point out their wrongdoings. They are made to feel they are being pure in their actions. They abide to the pleasures of flesh. They will attack at all angles. They are shutout now.

  30. Do I sense a bit of unhappiness with your man, the savior of Anchorage, Mayor Bronson? Apparently he’s not all he was cracked up to be. Surely, he will fall from favor soon, as his critics move on to their next Trump lookalike.

    News flash: Fixing the homelessness problem is an almost impossible challenge. If you all don’t like what’s being done, then get your butts out there and do something instead of just raging away at your keyboards.

    • Not sure it’s ‘unhappiness’ with Mayor Bronson. More likely an unhappiness that the Administration and the Assembly cannot come to a consensus as to how to address and overcome the issues that will assist in helping Anchorage succeed. This article’s purpose, assuming it’s accurate, is to provide the property tax payers a heads up on what may be coming. And, as written, it would seem to indicate that the Assembly may not have been clear on this matter.

      As for your ‘News Flash’, it would seem from your comment that you may have given up on finding a solution to homelessness. Yet in the same flash you suggest that those ‘raging’ at keyboards do something. What might you suggest?

  31. Well, I remember a story from 50 or so years ago about a program that put inebriates in work farms so they actually produced something and stayed off the streets. As I recall, the courts ruled that approach was cruel and unusual punishment. Snort!

  32. To the author Suzanne,
    There’s a lot of anger and hate speech coming from you towards the homeless.
    Did you spend one night at the Sullivan arena in the last 2 years???
    I mean did you sleep on a mat on the floor, on the concrete floor of a hockey arena?
    Praying that a beat up wobbly used army truck would open up so you would be 6 inches off that seem concrete floor you may have slept on the last three or four nights?

    Did she sleep at the Sullivan Arena one night?

    She thinks she knows about being homeless because maybe she slept in a tent one winter night with the mayor and the other city councilman. A so-called homeless authorities and so-called experts…. where all the tents head heaters there’s hot chocolate additional space heaters bathrooms you got to go inside to use basically spending about 1 hour being homeless outside saw their faces show up on the 10 p.m. news…
    Maybe from that hour or two they spent in the heated tent catered by Starbucks ,humpy’s, and Krispy Kreme… so they can Pat themselves on the back and be part of the struggle.
    Services you can’t even get a $1 bus pass to go to a job interview from services end case management.
    Is an illusion…. when the case manager shows up at 4:30 p.m. on a Friday it’s 50 60 people to sign up on a sheet with their name and phone number…. they raced back to the office to turn it in and the case managers say they’re swamped they got 50 people they haven’t even been able to contact yet..
    Just like the show called Services they offer case management in Anchorage is another illusion
    Yeah there’s a grandiose Big Show when you take your tour with the other press and VIPs they brag about all the offer meanwhile it’s just a show. And $46 per person to feed them per day is even more ridiculous than charging the taxpayers. $206,666 ADay….. for a building you already own….. and then just to bash homeless even more the author says those knowledgeable of the situation say 80% I drug and alcohol abusers with no motivation. Basically this could be considered as “A VERBAL HATE CRIME”and I’d like to know whom claims is knowledgeable about the situation???
    I did stay the Sullivan when they opened
    I am staying at one of the hotels now.
    We get at the most on a good day $3dollars worth of food!!!!
    That’s right I was ServSafe kitchen manager certified…. I worked at Bellagio Las Vegas,, I’ve cooked for five presidents couple Kings Montana Arnold Schwarzenegger confirm Bill Gates’s and his ex-wife, I cooked in Barrow Nome and the Bering Sea.
    And I swear they’re charging $46 per day per person..
    And 80% of the time the clients are receiving a. $150- $2.50 worth of Food.
    Maybe one day a week that’s one day out of seven days they will actually spend $3 per client for the whole day.
    And that’s basically only when all the food they cook that day was expired or going to go bad… or it was all donated.
    I’ll tell you this most meals they call him be serving the little paper tray with plastic on it.
    The little Tray costs more than the food they put in it.
    If anyone wants to know anything about what’s really going on with the homeless,
    the shelters, the non-profits, if you want the truth about what’s really going on.. email me.
    If the new mayor, city council members, any Anchorage residents thinking about running for office have any questions about where the money is being wasted and where it should go. If the Municipality of Anchorage Prosecutors office wants to go after the slumlords, the scammers, the ones getting rich praying on the homeless…. lying to the citizens of Anchorage year after year will they keep asking for more of your money..
    I am knowledgeable!!! I got twenty years on the street here… and what 99.9% of Anchorage residents don’t know is the date the Anchorage solved the Homeless Problem!!!
    Nobody told you cuz you were throwing a hundred million dollars a year at it. Now what are you up to 150 million a year.
    Never remember nonprofits in Alaska doesn’t mean they’re there to help is everyone getting paid at the nonprofits the officers or board orv responsible party or CEO… yep some of them are making six figures couple of them as much as to$ 200,000 to $”300,000 a year..
    Like I Said…..
    YOU ARE!!!!

  33. As heard by a caller on Mike Porcaro show, each assembly member is bonded. Since, the assembly’s actions have created this $56 million dollar problem for MOA taxpayers, maybe the taxpayers need to file and pull the bonds of those in the Assembly to aid in paying for this. Food for thought…

  34. Have you ever been homeless?
    There is no help for people, no counseling, no work programs,no mental health outreach .No affordable housing, or help for these people to get a home. No caseworkers
    Most are mentally ill. All are emotionally traumatized. They have no where to sleep at night. Do you?
    They need resources, in order to change, not your condemnation!
    Shame on you. Hope you never become homeless…..

  35. If the cost is $56,000,000 for a maximum of 500 persons for 720 days works out to about $413. Per day per person. That is outrageous!

  36. You’re all horrible, whiny colonizers. Go back where you came from, you are who ruined the state. Don’t like homeless? Maybe if you supported programs that actual prevent the issues we see, they wouldn’t be so widespread.

    This article is hatebait and you should be ashamed of yourself, you’re a disgusting person.

    • Dear Decent Human Being and Lola, my beef is with the way my tax dollars being appropriated and apparently mismanaged, not with the folks in need of humanitarian services. As a responsible and caring (believe it or not) taxpayer, my wallet has its limits when it comes to taxation. I give regularly and generously to humanitarian causes, especially to food and clothing drives, children’s services, and social services campaigns for those in need. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  37. Dear Decent Human Being and Lola, my beef is with the way my tax dollars are being appropriated and apparently mismanaged, not with the folks in need of humanitarian services. As a responsible and caring (believe it or not) taxpayer, my wallet has its limits when it comes to taxation. I give regularly and generously to humanitarian causes, especially to food and clothing drives, children’s services, and social services campaigns for those in need. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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