Anchorage superintendent recommending ending Family Partnership Charter School’s charter



Anchorage School Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt is recommending the termination of the Family Partnership Charter School’s charter.  

Bryantt, according to a memo, wants to transition the school from its current charter status to an alternative correspondence school,  which would give the district total control over the operation of the school, its textbooks, and its curriculum.

The superintendent’s memo to the Anchorage School Board states that, “Unfortunately, for a number of years, Family Partnership’s Academic Policy Committee has been engaged in repeated breaches of its charter and other unacceptable behavior. The APC has violated the laws, regulations and rules that govern the operation of charter schools. The Anchorage School District has repeatedly admonished the APC to take corrective action.”

The memo states the Academic Policy Committee members are incessantly fighting about the proper role of the school and they are interfering with the principal’s operation of the school.

This debate on the role of the Family Partnership Charter School has also resulted in the Association of Alaska School Boards ending its assistance to the charter school’s board.  

The Association of Alaska School Boards is a member of the National School Boards Association which has caused controversy by calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists.”

The AASB also receives $8,600 from Anchorage taxpayers.

This appears to be a power play by the superintendent to control the curriculum, staff assignments, and overall operation of the Family Partnership School.

One reason for revocation of the school’s charter is one of the Academic Policy Committee members is also a teacher at the school. This person was allowed to evaluate the principal, which is a violation of district rules.

ASD Administrative Regulation AR 6181f states, “The charter school APC shall supervise the operation of the charter school and shall ensure the fulfillment of its mission.”

This district regulation seems to conflict with Alaska law. AS 14.03.255(a)(2) says, “The principal, not the APC, is in charge of operations of the school, including the decision to hire teachers and staff.”

This leads to ambiguity in who is responsible for the operation of the charter school.

There does seem to be some infighting with the Academic Policy Committee members, which has caused it to be somewhat dysfunctional.  But this could be remedied; the charter does not need to be revoked.

The Family Partnership students perform much better than the average of district students. The proficiency percentages for all students in the district compared to the Family Partnership students:

SchoolEnglish Language ArtsMath
Family Partnership60%40%

The results speak for themselves. Family Partnership Charter School is excelling in educating its students. Why would the district want to close an excellent school?

It appears as if the district may be filling its budget hole of $48 million, using the closure of the Family Partnership Charter School. If this charter school is closed, the district stands to gain about $2,000 dollars per enrolled student.

Currently, a family whose student is enrolled in FPCS gets about $4,000. When the FPCS charter is revoked and the school is turned into a correspondence school, that same family would only receive about $2,000. The district would gain another $2,000, while taking away some the best education being provided in the district.

The issue will come before the school board during Monday’s meeting, which starts at 6 pm at the Anchorage School District building at 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Access the agenda at this link. Watch the meeting online here.


  1. Dave Boyle- what specific breaches is the super talking about? This article did not list the specifics. What is the student population? How many educators are there? Is it safe to assume the cost benefit analysis of this charter school is more productive than ASD’s 1900s traditional pub ed structure? It would seem quality education is not the goal of the super, in fact according to this article, one would think the super would try to replicate the success of this school if quality education was goal.

    • Chris, there is a link to the ASD Memo in the article. The memo mostly criticizes the Academic Policy Committee as being dysfunctional due to infighting. That could be a problem but not enough to close a charter school. The FPCS has 1235 students according to the State’s website. This school’s per student cost is more than $7,000 LESS than the ASD’s per student cost.

  2. Bryantt and the ASD are just enraged that the Charter School isn’t churning out illiterate little Marxists who march in lockstep with the ASDs Leftwing extremist agendas, while costing people the second highest per student expense in the nation…….like the ASD is.

    “This cannot stand! You VILL comply!”

  3. Perhaps the Anchorage School Board should begin fulfilling their role to ensure excellence in education. Parents that actively participate in their child’s education are NOT domestic terrorist. What are the student enrollment statistics in Anchorage? Are they following the national trend of decreasing? Anchorage School District (ASD) has a very bloated budget compared to national cost per student, why is that? Why have voters continued to NOT support ASD budgets? Why are a significant number of students falling behind national academic rankings? Time to drop common core, no child left behind, woke indoctrination and FOCUS on education that will give children futures.

  4. Appears to be retaliation and a money grab by Anchorage Superintendent-in-training, pure and simple. The use of one-time funding to fill the budget deficit will run out by next year and ASD will be asking for more money or threaten cuts of pet programs/schools.

  5. “Every politically controlled educational system will inculcate the doctrine of state supremacy.”
    “Education under the political power…routes human energy into the dead-end political channels…As now the case, [people] will even forget the larger principles they have applied, and on which their well-being depends.”
    “There can be no greater stretch of arbitrary power than is required to seize children from their parents, teach them whatever the authorities decree they shall be taught, and expropriate from the parents the funds to pay for the procedure.” – Isabel Patterson, The God Of The Machine, 1943.

  6. Liberals want 100% control of our children. They feel children belong to them after being born from a “birthing” person.

  7. I always thought all asd charters out to be seperated from asd and turned into private schools make the parents pay tuition. Taxpayers were only to pay for its neighborhood schools not special schools, which 5 neighborhood schools still need to be shutdown.

    • The parents are taxpayers.
      They are paying just like everybody else.
      Besides, when I was growing up in Anchorage and had my first job at 16 years old in 1974?
      I wasn’t a parent, and school tax still came out of my pay…

  8. No to the power grab. The government has to much already. Vote no on the school bonds. This is just another way for power and money.

  9. Is this the same Superintendent Bryantt who’s resume and work experience weren’t up the the standards required by the city or district? If he’s looking to have a failing system take over leadership from a succeeding system, I’d question his motivations and management.

  10. Sounds like a call for the APC to sort out their issues for the benefit of those families served. But without more info, it may be that the fussiness is a symptom of tension between a traditional brick and mortar crowd and a homeschool advocacy contingent.

    In any case, the ASD will not reap a windfall, as parents can vote with their feet and decide to select another fine homeschool option available from one of the dozen or so statewide programs offered by those that truly value student success AND accoutability.

  11. I’m sad to say that I don’t find it hard to believe. This assembly majority, with a “straight face “ (pun intended) belittled and ridiculed the mayors choice for the top librarian position in Anchorage due to “qualifications “
    And then again (straight faced) gave full endorsement to the make-believe/want to be superintendent.
    It’s pretty safe to assume that there’s some backdoor dealings going on here.

  12. 1730 Students.
    $14M / Year budget.
    62% or more goes directly to students.
    Flexible Curriculum — No CRT.
    $2M-$3M in student funding would be seized by ASD.
    School Admin abusing staff and Charter School Board members.
    Not pushing the leftist agenda.

  13. I am a hardcore conservative and I support alternative education tracts like fpcs. My kids go there. Why, because of the outcomes and freedom of choice. Fpcs has excellent teachers and administration, but that isn’t the issue. The issue is a rogue board with more violations of municipal, state, oma, and asd policy than I’ve ever seen anywhere, ever. Also, your facts are all wrong in this article. I suggest getting the facts from someone at the school vs someone who thinks they know, but has no access to data. As much as I don’t want to see us lose the charter, this board has left the asd with no other choice. At least in the letter from the superintendent he promised “nothing will change”. That includes allotments. To say otherwise is fear-mongering and counter to the asds stated intentions. Do I trust everything I hear, no, hell no, but this was in writing to all parents and we need to hold them to that. I’m also comforted that the teachers and administration will remain in place. So, if allotments don’t change, if parents still get to vet curriculum as they do today, and our leadership team remains in place, I’m good with this. Asd is wise to keep a program like this going. I’d also be good if the fpcs’ entire board resigned, stopped appointing their friends vs running actual open and legitimate elections, and stopped silencing the teachers vote; Perhaps then we could keep our 25 year charter..

    • The administrator is the only one rigging elections and “appointing friends.” The other appointments were done according to the FPCS Bylaws, Amendment 14, that can be found on the school’s website.

    • As an FPCS parent as well, your comment above is spot on. I have spent the past 6+ months listening/watching the APC Board meetings and concur with the dysfunction of the current sitting board.
      The move to revoke the charter is not some liberal agenda conspiracy. It is an attempt to refocus the leadership of this charter school back to the students.

      The cited past excellent performance of FPCS did not occur under the current leadership.

      David – please take the time to get a better picture of the situation before publishing an article like this. By doing so you will give conservative media outlets a trusted voice.

    • IF the FPCS is coverted to a correspondence school, then the district controls the curriculum, not the parents. Please point out the “facts that are wrong” and I will correct the article. Thanks.

      • David, respectfully your statements and facts regarding the money are incorrect both in the amounts and inferred actions. The money is already in the districts control as fpcs is an asd school. The asd doesn’t gain any more money in this change. Also, every piece of curriculum is already vetted by administration to ensure the fpcs guardrails with asd and the state can be maintained. This is a fiscal and legal risk responsibility that was instituted when the previous administration made mistakes, as referenced in the letter, so the asd doesn’t gain any more control in that either. Curriculum remains parent choice with teacher and administrative oversight as it is today. What I’m interested in is making sure no matter what happens, that the parent voice is still part of the process. If they are, then I think we’re good no matter the outcome.

        • Thank you for your comments. There is a huge difference between being a charter school and being a correspondence school. That difference is who decides the curriculum. As you know, a charter school has the liberty of choosing a curriculum. On the other hand, a correspondence school has to use the curriculum of the district, ASD (see AS 14.03.310(b)(2). I am open to any more information that is accurate and I hope the best outcome for all parents and, especially, the students at FPCS. I will be watching and listening to all voices. Thanks again.

        • 4 AAC 33.421. Statewide correspondence study program requirements
          (c) In accordance with AS 14.07.050 , AS 14.08.111 , and AS 14.14.090 , the program must use curriculum materials, including textbooks and other instructional aids, that have been reviewed and selected by the school board of the district, are of the same quality as those materials that the district offers in the district’s other programs, and are in compliance with AS 14.03.090 and AS 14.18.060 .

  14. Very simple if students are achieving and parents are onboard leave it alone. Too many other irons in the fire to worry about this part of ASD. Now you have created an issue for the legislature to argue about concerning education funding. Concentrate on the busses running on time and the roof repairs due to excess snow. Sharpen your resume and check on moving expenses.

  15. This is what lack of parental involvement ultimately gets you. A school system which views you as pay pigs.

    The most important vote anyone, anywhere can cast is their local school board. And most don’t bother.

  16. Frankly does anyone believe that this is Mr. Bryantt’s idea? Doesn’t the man still have a minder teaching him the ropes?
    This sure sounds like Margo Bellamy consolidating and eliminating parental options. Academic achievement does not figure into this equation (see the once proposed closure of Birchwood ABC). I was wondering why there was so much advertising for homeschooling lately. It seems with this move ASD is trying to recapture ALL those students their parents withdrew from the ASD, in order to return control of the education of their children back to the parents.

  17. A wise and thoughtful parent sent this to ASD and gave permission to share:

    Dear ASD Superintendent Dr. Bryantt, ASD Director Dr. Hlasny, and Members of the ASD Board:
    I am writing to you to express my deepest concern regarding a recommendation the Anchorage
    School District (ASD) is planning to release on March 20, 2023 at the School Board meeting. In
    particular, I understand this recommendation is to dissolve the Academic Policy Committee
    (APC) and reorganize the Family Partnership Charter School (FPCS) as a “correspondence choice
    school” (ASD email March 17). My concern is formed on the basis of personal research and
    family choice of how I desire my children to be educated.
    My research was informed by a complete reading of several documents and thorough review of
    the ASD website. I am very interested if there are any public records available on this matter in
    excess of the list below:
    • Letter to the APC from the ASD Superintendent and Director of Charter Schools (DCS)
    dated February 13, 2023
    • Email from the APC Chair to FPCS Families dated February 17, 2023
    • Email from ASD Superintendent to ASD Families dated March 17, 2023
    • Email from APC Chair to FPCS Families dated March 18, 2023
    • AS 14.03.255 from Alaska Legal Resource Center
    • hJps://
    After reviewing all sources that I could find pertinent to this matter, two main conclusions are
    apparent to me. The conclusions are the ASD’s justification for dissolution and differences in a
    correspondence choice school. I welcome correction if I have reached these conclusions in
    Jus9fica9on for Dissolu9on of the APC.
    The justification for dissolving the APC seems to center around 5 questions and demands (ASD
    letter Feb 13). Additionally, the ASD Administration claims “documented concerns…broken
    laws…violated terms of charter…negatively affected the student experience” (ASD email March
    I will detail several of my concerns with the justification below:
    1. I was unable to source the contract between ASD and the FPCS. I only have the excerpt
    provided by the ASD letter dated February 13. The excerpt states in part:
    “The District may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Contract for Charter
    School’s failure to meet educational achievement goals or fiscal
    management standards, for a default in any provision of this Contract, or
    for any other cause.”
    The educational achievement and fiscal management of FPCS do not appear to be in
    question. Rather the recommendation to dissolve appears to be justified by a default of
    the Contract, “any other cause”, and broken laws.
    2. Default of the Contract. The defaults appear to be “APCs history of repeatedly violating
    its Charter, including during the 2018-2019 and 2020-2021 school years” (ASD Letter Feb
    13). The exact defaults are not listed for an unknown reason. I am forced to surmise
    these defaults refer to an evaluation of the FPCS Principal by teachers on the board and
    Christian curriculum items that were reimbursed.
    The FPCS had a 20-year-old bylaw enabling 2 teachers on the board to evaluate the
    Principal as a way to balance power. This bylaw was overwritten approximately 4 years
    ago by a Daryl Vinseck. Around this time (approx. 2018-2019) two teachers from the
    board were questioned during an executive meeting. Neither teacher actually evaluated
    the Principal nor made statements to that fact. However, after the meeting the ASD
    claimed the evaluation took place. An ASD lawyer got involved and it was resolved with
    no fault on behalf of the teachers. This is not justification for dissolution.
    A second time an evaluation was claimed to have happened against the Principal. This in
    fact did not happen. There was no investigation and the teachers were never asked
    what happened. This is not justification for dissolution.
    Another claim of Contract default was approximately 4 years ago when a past Principal
    let a few Christian curriculum items slip through reimbursements. I hardly see how this
    specific matter is a factor anymore since that Principal is no longer employed by FPCS.
    Additionally, this violation wasn’t even the fault of the APC but rather the Principal. This
    is not justification for dissolution.
    3. “Any other cause”. There appears to be a discrepancy between the provided Contract
    and AS 14.03.255 (b)(12). The Alaska Statute is written as “or for other good cause”
    (emphasis mine). The Contract as provided (ASD letter Feb 13) is written as “any other
    cause.” Is there a newer version of the Alaska Statute that I couldn’t find? If not, this is
    a stark difference! The Alaska Statute has authority over a Contract in the case of a
    conflict. What is the definition of “good cause” vs “any cause”?
    It appears this verbiage is being used as a basis against APC members and their conduct
    due to “in-fighting and unprofessional conduct”. Is the APC member conduct “good
    cause” for termination of the contract? Interestingly most of the board in-fighting was
    caused by three members that were either removed or put under investigation for their
    conduct. This appears to be a functional and healthy APC that is policing it’s own
    membership. Passionate discussions are bound to happen in a board meeting especially
    when our kids’ education is at stake. Using this as “cause” seems very weak especially
    when the APC internal process to fix this issue is working. Interestingly enough, when
    the APC requested to use available funds to hire legal counsel, this request was denied
    by the ASD. Legal council could easily clear up an issue like this one. This is not
    justification for dissolution.
    4. Broken Laws. The vague accusation of broken laws was not defined in any of the
    research I am privy to at this time. This is a serious accusation and should be backed up
    with the actual laws that were broken. In absence of actual broken laws, I am forced
    once again to surmise on this issue. I can only surmise this is an exaggeration or
    embellishment of what actually occurred. Again, I am open and very interested in a
    5. Five Questions and Demands. Much of my concern in this area can be reiterated using
    the “Any other cause” in section 3 above. In addition, this section addresses the claim of
    violating bylaws and taking up an “inordinate amount of time from ASD’s administrative
    staff” (ASD letter Feb 13). The bylaw that seems to be in question is a bylaw allowing
    the FPCS Principal to choose teachers. This by-law is also codified in AS 14.03.255 (a)
    which states in part:
    “(c); the principal of the charter school shall be selected by the academic
    policy committee and shall select, appoint, or otherwise supervise
    employees of the charter school; and (3) operates under the charter
    school’s annual program budget as set out in the contract between the
    local school board and the charter school under (c) of this section.”
    There is clear conflict in these powers and responsibilities. This conflict appears to be
    intentional as part of a checks and balances in the APC and FPCS. The Principal is in fact
    empowered to appoint teachers (section (c) above). However, at the same time, the
    APC is charged with being fiscally responsible (section (3) above) and the Principal must
    operate under budget. A new teacher costs the school approximately $100,000. If the
    budget does not allow for a $100,000 expenditure, how can a new teacher be hired?
    The situation in question over teacher hiring was exacerbated by an alleged conflict of
    interest referenced by the ASD letter dated February 13th. In the letter, an APC Member
    and his wife were involved in a lawsuit against the ASD over FPCS’s hiring practices.
    Instead of going after the entire APC, the brunt of the responsibility should fall to the
    Member referenced by the ASD due to his alleged conflict of interest. As to the ASDs
    demand that the APC explain itself when the Member wasn’t removed, it appears to me
    that that APC was trying to find a solution when a Member made a very serious mistake.
    Was it worth ruining the Member’s position or was he being given a second chance? In
    any case, this situation needs assistance from the ASD, good legal counsel, and
    teamwork. This is not justification for dissolution.
    Making the claim of “taking up an inordinate time” and stating no other charter school
    required so much time is irrelevant. Stating that the ASD needs assurance that “valuable
    time and resources will not be wasted in the future” (ASD letter Feb 13) is vindictive. In
    this case, FPCS and ASD had a unique and very large issue (the hiring lawsuit). When
    something unexpected happens, I would expect ASD to rise to the challenge. This is not
    justification for dissolution.
    Differences in a “Correspondence Choice School”
    The ASD informed FPCS Families that the FPCS would transition to a “ASD correspondence
    choice school” (ASD email Mar 17). I looked through hJps:// and Alaska
    Statute to find a definition or contract of what a correspondence choice school is. I couldn’t
    find that verbiage. I found a Flex and a P.A.I.D.E.I.A program which seemed to have some
    characteristics of what the ASD letter described but neither was named “correspondence
    choice.” I’m forced to conclude this term is loosely defined or new and not defined at all. The
    thrust of the ASD letter is “in fact, the only significant change will be the dissolving of the
    current governance board.” I do not find this statement reassuring nor binding on behalf of the
    ASD. If there isn’t an Alaska Statute or formal program defined in the ASD as a “correspondence
    choice” then this is being made up as we go. As things formalize, I have zero assurance that
    nothing will change. In fact, the letter readily admits that in the coming years “we do not
    anticipate many changes” (emphasis mine). This is intentionally vague and misleading
    language. Things are going to change but by then it will be too late to raise a concern.
    In any case, it is hard to prove that changes might happen in the future. However, here are
    things that are codified right now and I know I will continue to have them with the APC intact. I
    have no such assurance if the APC is dissolved.
    • Currently our charter states we have a curriculum wavier from the district and our
    parents can choose any curriculum they want. Once the charter is dissolved that
    protection won’t exist.
    • Currently the FPCS is fiscally strong with a $4 million savings to weather unexpected
    events. The APC is required to immediately surrender this budget to the ASD upon
    dissolution. The ASD will put this in the general district budget to use where they see fit.
    The ASD is currently running a debt. Dissolving the APC and taking possession of the $4
    million is a conflict of interest.
    • Current allotments are well known and easy to budget and plan. ASD is not obligated to
    keep allotments the same.
    • AS 14.03.255 (a)(1) states a charter “is exempt from the local school district’s textbook,
    program, curriculum, and scheduling requirements.” This protection will be lost.
    • Currently parents have a direct voice in the governance of their school. This will be lost.
    • Currently parents have a choice over who the principal is and what teacher they have as
    a sponsor. This will be lost.
    • Currently students have a say in our school by having two board seats. The board will be
    dissolved and this will be lost.
    I desire to educate my children as I see fit. I know my children better than anyone else and I
    know where I can push them hard and where I need to give extra assistance. The ASD claims
    “no longer confident that the FPCS APC is able to provide the best possible educational
    decisions and experience for their students and families” (ASD email Mar 17). I reject this claim
    outright in the strongest possible terms. This statement perfectly sums up the apparent intent
    of the ASD. That is, dissolve the APC and take control of the FPCS so that the ASD can provide
    its version of the best possible decisions and experience. This is precisely why our family
    homeschools and chose FPCS. We do not want our children under the direct control of ASD nor
    does the ASD have the knowledge and experience to provide the “best possible decisions and
    educational experience” for our children. This statement is offensive. We are at FPCS right now
    only because they are providing the best experience in their present capacity. Our family and
    our family alone is qualified to make this call.
    Due to our knowledge of our children and our decision to use FPCS, we have two extremely high
    performing children. For example, my oldest is 1st in his class taking numerous AP and college
    classes with a 4.33 GPA. Make no mistake, if the APC is dissolved, we will not keep our children
    enrolled in the new version of ASD “Correspondence Choice School.”
    Please reconsider the recommendation to dissolve the APC. Keep FPCS exactly the way it is. I
    implore you to remove politics from this issue and make the right choice for our children. The
    right choice is the status quo. Only the parents are enabled to make the hard call of the best
    possible education decision and experience for their children. I have thus written to you with all
    possible sincerity and determination to change your mind and NOT dissolve the APC. In
    addition, I have made this letter available to the Anchorage Mayor’s Office and the Governor of
    Alaska to seek assistance in settling this matter quickly.
    Thank you for your time reading this lengthy letter.
    Caleb Haley

  18. Now we know why this young, inexperienced person was hired for the job. Kind of like using someone with dementia to run the country.

  19. No on school bonds until the ASD gets reformed. Otherwise, they’ll continue to waste and mismanage our money, while students suffer.

  20. Hostile takeover (unjustified). Any wrong was corrected (the issue over teacher voting on principal retainment…resolved 2018!!). ASD operates in the red, controls curriculum and mask wearing without parent involvement. FPCS School has 1700+ students (largest in district) . Operates in the black. Parents have a voice in curriculum. ASD wants to control the money and curriculum…Biden would be pleased…

  21. No on all bonds, especially school bonds.
    Enrollment down ~ 10,000 students & their gonna close ONE school.

    • NO on school bonds. Enough is enough! Stop incurring debt on the taxpayers’ backs. I voted NO on all bonds as well. Force the powers to budget and spend responsibly. Meanwhile, keep their filthy hands out of our wallets.

  22. Poor anchorage school district is trying to get rid of the charter school competition because they can’t stand to lose. Their teaching ways don’t work, as test scores have shown. The charter schools are better at teaching kids what they need to know. If anchorage school district can’t stand the heat, get out of the fire.

  23. We should be calling on Margo Bellamy who said NO to revoking the membership costs in the Marxist ideology groups. As Suzanne prefviously stated in an article, she wanted to keep the memberships when Dave Donley brought up the costs and wanted them all cancelled.

  24. If ASD has had issues with Family Partnership Charter School for a number of years, it appears to me the new Superintendant is doing the job he was hired to do.

  25. I’m the father of another conservative FPCS family. I second the comments by Fcps dad, the fault for this situation lies entirely at the feet of the members of the APC. The rampant infighting and conflicts of interest among their members has put all of the FPCS families in this situation where the ASD can swoop in and take the allotment if they so wish, as well as dictate curriculum. If they do so it will be the death of the school because many families chose Family Partnership for the freedom it afforded as well as the generous allotment. We’ll take freedom over an allotment any day, but we’re only being forced to choose because of the APC’s dysfunction.

  26. I smell a rat, is the principal of FPCS a part of this Socialism, derailing of this Charter School becoming a communism? It’s unreal to think that parents and staff are being forced to an agenda that is run by a ASD school administration, and a power seeking brown nosed principal, which I picked up from her spotlight she wrote about herself in the Tidbits? The corruption that is within the Family Partnership, has been increasingly amped up. I have watched all the meetings with FPCS and In my belief, it stems from the Family Partnerships principal wanting the takeover. The system of this family home schooling Program has been very successful in allowing choices for families in Anchorage, and now because the principal is wanting to advance HER agenda to go higher status in the school district, she has planted it to the ASD corporates. It has many families, the staff, and also the teachers who will be dictated on there teaching choices. It looks very suspicious, based on the true information about the school, that someone inside is behind this. I’m just saying, WHO is the rat?

    • I have not had any direct dealings with the current principal, but she has made no efforts to encourage families to conform to anything going on in the rest of ASD. This was not the case with her predecessor. Our circle of conservative homeschooling families has been very happy with the current principal’s hands-off approach to how we teach our kids.

      In fact, one of the points of contention between her and the APC is that she allowed school funds to be used to pay for classes and tutoring at religious schools, so long as it wasn’t for a religion class. The APC wanted to stop her from doing so. She actually wants more school choice than the APC does.

  27. The ASD supervisor was illegally hired & should be fired. A clear power play for district control & funding. Maybe jealousy? Charter schools outperform regular schools in ALL metrics. The wording is crystal: the charter school principal is in charge of day to day operations but the Academic Policy Committee supervises him.

  28. We need to look ahead three moves to see what the results will mean and what the left will gain. This is scripted for something the libs want.

  29. ASD does not like competition. In hind sight, if I had children of school age today, I would never ever put my children in public schools!!! I’m all for charter schools. Give parents a choice of which school is best for their children!!!

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