Anchorage speaks: 96.5 percent say Berkowitz wasn’t honest on sanctuary city



Here are the results:




You read about how Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz implored immigration lawyers to help him with ideas for helping illegal immigrants evade federal immigration authorities. And perhaps you watched the CSPAN footage just to make sure you agreed with the characterization.

Here’s the original story, in case you missed it.

Now take our survey: Has Mayor Berkowitz been honest with voters about his intentions?

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  1. No, Berkowitz is not honest concerning Sanctuary City. He has pulled the Superintendent of the Anchorage School District into it and now the majority of the School Board is paving the way supporting the same language.
    Wake up Anchorage!

  2. This is what you get with low voter turn out. Get out the vote conservatives. Stop complaining after the election. Mobilize.

  3. What happened to the pull yourself up by your bootstraps, hardworking, conservative Alaska? It has turned into a hippy, pot smoking, takers rather than makers state. Almost Illinois!

  4. The rule of law is the basis of functioning government and society. Having a leader select which laws to enforce doesn’t qualify.

  5. And, like one former President once said “…after my election I have more flexibility…”.

    If Mr. Berkowitz is re-elected, I expect him to go into full sanctuary overdrive.

  6. Maybe all the conservatives like me are waiting to go to a polling place to have their signatures Witnessed. Can we say we don’t trust the new vote-by-mail system? I for one know that my signature has changed and will get booted out by the computer system. I was told by election Central today that I can go to loussac library tomorrow and have my signature witnessed by a polling place and employee and that will verify my ballot. Anyone in the know, that knows if this is correct or not? Rebecca Logan for Mayor do you know if this is true information?

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