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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Anchorage schools change how they report Covid cases on campuses

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The Anchorage School District on Friday began to share with the public how many cases of Covid-19 have developed at each of the district’s campuses. Earlier, it was only showing the number of classrooms that had been temporarily shuttered, but not the number of cases.

Parents protested having so little usable information, which led the district to now report both the total number of cases in the schools, as well as how many active cases there are.

As of Aug. 12, there have been 694 cases of Covid-19 in the schools, and as of Saturday, 288 were active cases.

Of the schools with the most reported cases, East High School was far-and-away the highest, with 14 active cases as of Sept. 4. Other schools with more than a couple of active cases included:

Creekside Park Elementary School – 11

Service High School – 11

Rilke Schule Arts – 9

Eagle River High School – 8

Tudor Elementary – 8

Willow Crest Elementary – 8

Northern Lights ABC School – 7

Ocean View Elementary School – 7

Dimond High School – 6

Fire Lake Elementary School – 6

Taku Elementary – 6

Mirror Lake Middle School – 6

Denali Montessori School – 5

Polaris K-12 – 5

Rabbit Creek Elementary -5

Russian Jack Elementary – 5

The entire list of schools, cases of Covid-19, and whether classrooms have been closed or if students are doing partial home-learning is at this link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I’m curious to know how many cases are amongst the vaccinated. Seems like many cases at my children’s schools are amongst vaccinated kids.

  • Reporting the number of cases of Covid amongst school age children, who have an almost zero probability of mortality from Covid according to our national health authorities, is about as impactful or interesting as reporting how many get a cold or the flu.
    Stop falling for meaningless statistics.

  • This is like counting Mono, its speculative if they actually have it in the first place and so what if they do. Its 100% survivable with symptoms lesser than that of the common cold. Most dont even know they have covid until they go in for a school physical, sprung ankle ect. where they are subjected to a unreliable PCR test and added to the official “Anchorage Covid hospitalization count”.
    What a clown show.

    • The issue is for children to spread COVID to their family members. Community leaders are responsible for outbreaks in the community. That includes student origins. Why does this concept have to be repeated ad nauseum? It’s really not complicated. What is the problem? Is there an “on” button for your brain? Flip it now.

      • You know that tingly sensation you get when you comment on Must Read Alaska?
        That’s common sense leaving your body George.

      • George, to my knowledge there is very little data that suggest that kids are active carriers.
        Secondly, if you care talking about an outbreak of E. Coli infections because of contaminated drinking water due to a burst sewer pipe’s lack of maintenance or widespread salmonella outbreak the health department ignores, we can talk about community leaders’ responsibility. However as with any communicable disease our leaders responsibility is to inform, advise of ways to mitigate, but in the end the burden falls on the individual to assess risk and act accordingly. That they have been taking it upon themselves to order you to do it their way or the highway doesn’t fit with our nation’s concept of INDIVIDUAL liberties and freedom. I suggest you flip THAT switch.

  • Who want’s to send their kids to Vax-Central? Does anyone trust these people not to jab their kids? You know they’re going to try.

  • Are teachers, their assistants, admin staff, janitors and any other non- students included in these Covid numbers? How do we know? How many of these Covid infected individuals were hospitalized or died?
    Getting accurate info is difficult enough. But it seems to me that the liberal media and our State and Federal health care leaders are cherry picking the info to always make it look like things are worse than they probably are.

  • Anchorage indoctrination centers need Dr. Judy Mikovitz.

  • There just cases, with a high probability of false positives. No one is sick, our hospitals are empty, and no one has died. Granted, if you’re unhealthy and have multiple underlying conditions, this can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If you’re that person, there are many precautions you can take. Plus, I thought the vaccine was the cure all, a suit of armor against the virus. Hmmm, maybe not so.

  • but we have mask mandates so this shouldnt be happening

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