Anchorage schools add 30 minutes to school days starting Monday through March 9 to make up for snow days


Anchorage students will be in school for an additional 30 minutes starting on Jan. 30 through March 9. The Anchorage School Board voted to extend the days to make up for several snow-day closures during December’s epic snowfalls.

Students in the public schools have lost seven days of classroom time due to snow this year. By adding a half hour every day, the school district will recover three full days.

Another lost day will be made up by the district making Feb. 22 and 23 into school days. They were previously half days, in order to hold parent-teacher conferences. An in-service teacher preparation day — Feb. 24 — will be another learning day instead. The final two other snow days were already worked into the schedule and won’t need to be made up.

March 10 marks the end of the third quarter and the beginning of a week of Spring break. The school year is currently scheduled to end May 23.


    • Why should they receive ot? They were already compensated for their snow day I am sure.not to mention however long fake teaching from home during the lockdowns.

  1. This should be permanent and focused on reading and math until ASD is over the 50th percentile in national testing

  2. So how is this going to work?
    Are the students going to be held in their last class for an extra 30 minutes each day? Or are they going to have an extra 5 minutes added to each separate hour of instruction?

    • No. But that’s OK.

      This is about ensuring ASD receives the full allocation of State Education funding. Meeting standards and encouraging student success are never a priority.

  3. Honestly they would be better off without it. After the 7th grade is mostly obedience training and propaganda. Less actual time sitting in a box getting talked AT, and more time thinking and doing, the better these kids will do.

  4. The snow day makeup has nothing to do with missed education- it has everything to do with butts in the seats for federal and state funds.

  5. Best guess is the 30 minutes was arranged by ASD’s union-management ownership so members get maximum overtime for minimum “work”.
    No? Watch the next ASD “budget” for lots of unplanned overtime or school bonds inflated even more than usual, from which overtime payments will be taken.
    Sad when ASD affairs seem understandable only through the lens of corruption, perversion, and malfeasance, no?

  6. They are still getting field trips, reading days (which just allow children to read whatever all day), and assemblies. With all they other days they could change into learning, the only reason four this is federal funding and butts in seats.

    Let’s also look at how bad this is for some parents who already struggle pick up and drop off times. But adding a school day at the end of the year would anger the unions.

    Parents don’t have a Union after they were targeted as terrorists for letting their ideas be heard.

    School board thinks of children and parents last. Unions first.

  7. Folks here in the MRAK Comments section never pass up a chance to bash the ASD, even when the District is doing something positive to ensure that kids get all the classroom time they deserve. One wonders how people can make it through life with such cynical attitudes. Is there anything that you all won’t b**ch about?

    FYI, my kids went to the ASD, did the full AP/IB programs, went on to good universities, got advanced degrees, and are now successful professionals. Don’t tell me you can’t get a good education in Anchorage.

    Maybe, just maybe, your kids are not succeeding for reasons unrelated to their classroom experiences…

    Just sayin’.

    • No argument there… back in the day, one could get a good education in Anchorage.
      Best guess is yours became successful professionals not only because of a good education, but because you taught them something no education system, good or bad, can teach, something they can pay forward long after you’re history.
      And that, my friend, is a most respectable legacy.
      So… with respect, no right or wrong answer, could it be said that bashers perceive the issue as less about children not succeeding and more about impediments to children’s mental and physical success which the new, improved, overpriced ASD seems determined to put in their way?

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