Anchorage school resource officers appear to be done with masks in schools; what will leftist school board do now?


In a post on social media, the Anchorage School District has shown its appreciation for school resource officers — and none of them are wearing face masks in a school district where masks are the law.

Surely it was intentional. Maybe the school district leadership is trying to telegraph to the greater community that it’s done with mandatory masking. But will the Anchorage School Board keep forcing masks on kids in schools, or allow children to see each other’s faces — and the faces of their teachers and safety personnel?

The school board extended the mandatory masking of the kids into 2022, in an action that some parents view as the crime of the century. A growing body of evidence shows the pandemic policies of the past two years had led to a mental health crisis among the young. Superintendent Deena Bishop, who turned in her resignation due the board’s anti-child policies, is going to make another attempt at moving to a “mask choice” policy in the coming days, Must Read Alaska has learned. At this point, only school board member Dave Donley seems to support a lifting of the mask mandate.


  1. The answer to this insane Covidian tyranny, as is the answer to ALL forms of tyranny: DO NOT COMPLY!
    I guarantee you, if 500 Anchorage parents directed their children to defy the idiotic and unscientific mask mandate, and refuse to wear on at school, the mandate would fall very quickly thereafter. Do not ask tyrants for their permission to exercise your freedom — JUST DO IT!!
    I will never understand why so many people cannot grasp the concept that EVERY governmental official, every bureaucrat, every official, only exercises power under the tacit compliance of those whom they govern. Remove that compliance, and their power crumbles. Just as we are seeing in Ottawa today.

    • Well, you see Jefferson, they have more than my tacit compliance. They have my explicit consent. They were put in power via legitimate elections, and therefore have the necessary mandate. The fact that you don’t like it means nothing until the next election, when you again get the chance to vote them out. And by the way, we are all getting a little weary of your incessant anti-everything rants.

      • Hitler was elected via a legitimate election as well.
        And regardless, tyranny by popular election is still tyranny. Sheep can always be led by the fearmongering and propaganda of those skilled in using both for their own self-serving and control-agenda purposes, always of course in the name of “public safety” or “national emergency” or some such specious rationalization.
        And I am not “anti-everything”, NomDeMerde — I am PRO-freedom and PRO-liberty and PRO-life, concepts which you obviously loathe and revile.

        • Personally, I feel neither a lack of, nor any imminent encroachment of my personal freedoms or liberties. Why you complain so loudly about being threatened in this way is a real mystery. Honestly, you have more of both than anyone else in the world, and the main threat to both will be the possible reelection of Donald Trump, or another autocrat like him.

          You obviously suffer from narcissism, being concerned only with yourself, and caring little for the greater good of society.

          • And yet again, NomDeMerde, just like every other sociopathic radical leftist, you project your own sins, crimes and failings onto others.
            A less narcissistic person than myself you would be hard-pressed to find.
            And as for your specious and patently false claims about our ongoing and egregious losses of liberty, in this country and around the world, I can only surmise that you deny such obvious truth either out of dishonesty and malice, or out of a self-absorbed and profound ignorance of history. Quite possibly both.

      • Winning an election does not equate to a mandate.
        The school board is there to represent the children and parents. Not to dictate whatever they want, whenever they want it.

  2. Deena quitting is one more reason the leftist school district will not relent. Deena and Dave are the only voices of opposition to the masks. With her gone it will be even easier for the lib majority to impose their will on the young people of anchorage. Also, she supports one gender ideology like they/them bathrooms and locker rooms. Good riddance.

  3. Even Democrat lead states and cities have been lifting masking mandates. School board needs to strung up to dry!!

  4. I’m sorry but parents are complicit in this as they obey!! If even a quarter to a half of the parents refuse to send their kids to school with masks I am sure this would’ve ended much sooner. The school board with the exception of Dave Donley are low vibration low IQ humans and parents are in charge yet they’ve allowed this to happen. Time to stand up people and quit obeying As you have the power. Take it back and wake up people!

    • It seems like if parents in ***San Francisco*** can figure out how to stand up to their school board members – in fact can and have now effectively fired and replaced them – Alaskan parents should be able to manage it. But I am afraid that most of that type of parents have already pulled their children from ASD, and many that are left actually believe in this child abuse.

  5. Tiring on the soul and maintaining one’s peace to be around or work and live around condescending people. Then lesson wouldn’t be much of a trial if it is easy. Their lying behavior just increases my honesty since i know how being lied and condescened feels, so i don’t lie to others or make others think of me on a power trip.

  6. Sorry to inform you masking is not a Law the School Board cannot make laws and as such they are becoming little tyrants.

  7. Totally agree Sheryl. I have grandkids in the district. I think their parent’s generation were the beginning of the teaching in our schools that the government makes the rules for the “greater good” and your liberty has no meaning in the face of that. I hope they start to see the truth soon.

  8. Parents hold the power!!!! If ALL parents organized and refused to mask their children, it would not take very long before these mandates would stop!!!! STAND UP to this insane BS!!!!!! Our kids need examples, so be one!

  9. Parents need to take a lesson from the Canadian truckers and peacefully resist. Instruct their children to NOT wear a mask in school. The Covidiot’s minds will explode!

  10. Look into Esser III funds. The school districts are getting paid big money to keep our kids masked. See how to take on these clowns at ‘
    Peace and Love! 💕

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