Anchorage School District makes applicants toe the line on Marxist ‘equity’ ideology


Applicants for jobs at the Anchorage School District are being asked to confess to the district their private thoughts about the Neo-Marxist “diversity, equity, and inclusion” agenda, in 500 words or less.

The application instructions tells prospective employees in advance what the correct answer will be:

“Anchorage School District values the diversity of our applicants, staff, and students and strives to be inclusive in our organization. Our district is among the largest and most diverse in the country. We understand the responsibility we have to teach and model both equity and inclusion to both students and staff. As a district we start by placing a caring and competent teacher in front of every student while honoring the diversity we share among staff and students. We seek to treat everyone with dignity and respect in our pursuit of both educational and occupational achievement for everyone,” the application states.

Then, the school district asks the applicants to expand on that statement by regurgitating its components in specific terms. It’s a way to weed out conservative values in advance of hiring:

“We would like to hear your thoughts on the following topics.

“What is your definition of diversity? How do you encourage people to honor the uniqueness of each individual? How do you challenge stereotypes and promote sensitivity and inclusion?”

The second question in this section of the application asks applicants to describe how much experience they have actually had working with diverse work environments:

“What opportunities have you had working and collaborating in diverse, multicultural, and inclusive settings?”

While innocuous enough, the district has already signaled to applicants that diversity doesn’t just mean racial or ethnic diversity. This is about the transgender and LGBTQ+ agenda, and about the use of bathrooms by all gender identities, but without actually saying so. Equity is Marxism sanitized and rebranded.

“Identity politics and its evolving concepts and tributaries (political correctness, intersectionality, systemic racism, unconscious bias, white fragility, etc.) can actually be traced back to efforts on the part of the ‘New Left’ in the 1960s and 1970s to preserve Marxist theory by disassociating it from Marxist practice in places like Russia, China, and Cuba,” wrote Bradley R. Gitz, who earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Illinois.

“Embarrassed by the show trials and the mounds of corpses in the killing fields of ‘people’s republics,’ Marxists shifted the focus away from Marx’s historical revolutionary class, the proletariat, to groups defined by race and ethnicity. Rather than the bourgeoisie oppressing the proletariat, we get white Christian males oppressing people of color, gays, and the transgendered,” Gitz wrote.

In the old Marxist framework, status was determined by your relationship to the means of production, while in the new Marxist framework, it’s all about skin color, gender identity, or sexual preference, he explained here.

“The terminology has changed, but the fundamental logic and theoretical relationships have not–politics still centers around conflict between oppressor and oppressed groups, ‘false consciousness’ still needs to be overcome by ‘revolutionary consciousness’ (the Great Awokening), and an abstract, cosmic sense of justice still requires that the expropriators be expropriated (that the ‘white supremacist patriarchy’ be dethroned as the capitalist bourgeoisie),” Gitz wrote.

“And at the heart of all this is an old term, ‘equity,’ that is now being used to deceptively market the new Marxism and which has been made the centerpiece of the Biden administration agenda.

Anchorage schools provide some of the lowest quality education in the country, with parents fleeing the district, which has drifted into Marxist training camps.

In the 2018-2019 school year, the Anchorage School District enrolled approximately 46,695 students. According to the latest figures available, the district now has 43,298 students, a loss of nearly 3,400 students over five years, representing a 7.27% drop in enrollment in five years.

In 2010, when today’s Anchorage 12th graders enrolled in kindergarten, Anchorage schools reported enrollment of 49,492. During their 13 years from K-12, the district has lost over 12.5% of its enrollment.

According to state test scores, only 37% of students in Anchorage are grade-proficient in math and 43% are proficient in reading.

The document itself is available here:


  1. In truth, ASD doesn’t value the things they claim to value. Quite the opposite. The demand conformity, obedience, and singularity of thought.

    If they actually wanted DEI they would hire according. Including white conservative men who don’t feel obligated to state pronouns or orientation.

    If you love your kids, get them the hell out of “public education”.

  2. The Anchorage School District is a complete and udder waste of my property taxes! If I had ‘school age’ kids, there’s absolutely “NO” way they would be enrolled within this system today here in Anchorage! Private School is thee only responsible choice for responsible parents.

  3. How does Anchorage change this?
    1. Fire the Superintendent. He doesn’t meet the qualifications put forth by the School Board due to his lack of classroom teaching experience.
    2. Elect conservatives to the School Board.
    3. Get conservatives out to vote in the (awkward) April elections.
    4. Move the April election back to November.
    5. Get rid of mail in voting. (Never voted on by the people of Anchorage.)
    6. Get rid of Ranked Choice Voting.
    7. Pray.

  4. ASD FAILS “to treat everyone with dignity and respect”

    If only those mistreated and abused by ASD could tell their stories…

  5. The aware parent who fails to homeschool or seek a proper private education is sinful and their children pay the price.

    • That’s an incorrect statement. Many people work 2 jobs just to survive and raise their children. Many cannot afford a private education nor the time it takes to homeschool, even if they wanted to. But it is a crime and a sin that we don’t have effective public education for the children in Anchorage, especially since it is well funded by the taxpayers.

  6. At one time Anchorage School District provided a good education, but that was a long time ago. Now, they are just a bunch of stinking commies.

  7. These communists in Anchorage need to go.
    My God has anyone seen the videos of them trying to smear Bronson!? Between the Assembly and the school district showing what the really are, people best stand up.
    I will never spend another DIME in Anchorage.
    I will go to AZ in the event I need a REAL physican. I refuse to deal with a town so off their ROCKERS!

  8. “Diversity and inclusion” apparently does not include political beliefs, but only meaningless physical appearance.

  9. It is obvious, on it’s face, that the focus is no longer on education but on indoctrination. The very vocal few that are immersed in our political and educational systems will eventually create an untenable situation that will require definitive action from those of us working to perpetuate our society. As long as the judiciary remains in lock step with these Obama sycophants, the courts will remain an unavailable avenue for redress against what are obvious constitutional violations of personal freedom. If a conservative oragnization tried to illicite such private information from a prospective employee, the ACLU would be in court in seconds to support the personal constitutional rights of the individual. Sad state of affairs in a nation that used to be such a great place to call home.

  10. Obviously, ASD is not focused on academic achievement, only on social re-education of vulnerable youths. To discriminate against people who hold to traditional values is an illegal process. Anyone volunteering to send their children to an Anchorage school is not a loving parent. God help the children. They will be taught to hate.

  11. Diversity, equity and inclusion is the exact opposite is equal.
    Equality is the right we are all guaranteed in this country. DEI is unconstitutional and unlawful. Anyone promoting or incorporating DEI in government must be fired.

  12. Wondering how successful they will be in “Weeding out Conservative Values”.

    That is one of the scariest documents I have ever read. Am hoping there are enough parents in the district that will send a message to the district that this is not acceptable.

    • Probably very. The court and school systems are on their side.

      When the system wants someone out, they get Machiavellian. Whatever it takes. Unless the person is high on the intersectional ladder.

  13. Remind me to send a note to the HR department on monday.

    “Effective immediately, an applicant that began employment at ASD, on or after, October 21st, 2023 shall be disqualified for employment with this company.”

  14. Its a Bellamy BBRYANTT s**tshow.
    How much of their worthless time did they spend writing up this Marxist hiring manual?
    Matsu school district voters beware of Bellamy’s “snake in the grass” she is funding to install on the Matsu school board seat so she can eventually be crowned the “Queen of Diversity” where pedophiles will be welcome to use the bathroom/shower room of their choice.
    That is the Diversity Equity Inclusion” they are gunning for.
    To quote Willy “Its enough to gag a maggot”

  15. How far down the rabbit hole we have gone!!!
    We are in crisis mode now! I left a long time career, 23 years to be exact, several months ago because I could not longer, in good conscience be so closely connected to ASD. What I had started seeing was alarming and has only gotten worse!

  16. The article notes an important distinction between neo-Marxist and Marxist. A classical Marxist recognizes that ruling elites and the institutions they control (military, media, universities) fully embrace the DEI model.

    A Marxist recognizes many DEI efforts as methods to create divisions among the working class. As long as workers are squabbling over micro aggressions and past harms, they won’t notice the shrinking paychecks, reduced benefits, increased corporate welfare and concentration of wealth in fewer hands.

    To a Marxist, DEI efforts, like gun rights and abortion, serve to create the illusion of two distinct political parties, when in fact both parties exist to preserve and, concentrate the power of the ruling class.

    • I compared the education and experience of the candidates for the past two SB elections. I discovered was all that mattered was support from the unions.

  17. Well, it appears that the Anchorage School District Marxists are getting worse. But I guess it’s not bad enough or the people of Anchorage would be rising up and booting them out of the system, jailing them and throwing away the key. Maybe later it will be bad enough for the parents of the children who go to these schools will get it that Hiltler’s actions could actually happen here and would please the unions, the school board and their ilk to no end. Good luck Anchorage. When are you going to wake up?

  18. every one of these bloggers has done a fine job pointing all the BS ASD is concocting here.

    I agree whole heartedly. And will support all of them 100%
    EXCEPT in the end Margo “The Shark” Bellamy will rename the entire program, change some of the dialogue and get it all passed just like she does everything else. Margo says there is no Critical Race Theory within ASD — oh such a liar…. There is ample CRT in ASD Programs

    Keep an eye on her, Dave Donley does all he can, but he is in the super minority.

  19. I didn’t realize the US Constitution failed. You don’t get to equity until and unless the US Constitution has failed. You see where they are going with this don’t you?

  20. This should really help recruit excellent effective classroom teachers (sarc). Shortly, the ASD bureaucrats will wonder why they are losing teachers, why they cannot recruit effective classroom teachers, and why students’ academic scores are falling. Connect the dots. Hiring people based on their political philosophies has no place in PUBLIC K12 education. What has the AK Department of Education & Early Development have to say about this or is it just a “local” problem? How about the Professional Teachers Practice Commission–is this really ethical to ask a potential teacher hire about their political beliefs?

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