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Anchorage school board approves Covid mitigation and mask plan, rejects adopting Mat-Su or Kenai school mask policies

At the Oct. 5 Anchorage School Board meeting, board member Dave Donley tried several times to amend the Covid-19 mitigation plan that was being voted on. Every one of his amendments failed.

First, Donley tried to insert language that would have the Anchorage School District using the same school-by-school masking policy that is being used in the Mat-Su, rather than the one-size-fits-all masking plan offered by the superintendent. Although he said the Mat-Su policy, which allows each school to adopt or relax masking rules for students and teachers, was sensible, that idea failed to even get a second.

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Donley then tried to insert language to have the plan adopt a school-by-school masking plan similar to what is being used by the Kenai School District. There was no second for that, either.

He then offered something to give relief to the youngest students, asking that the plan be revised to reinstate the summer school “optional masking policy” for kindergarten and first graders. It failed to get a second.

Next, Donley offered an amendment that simply said “The Board encourages the Superintendent to remove the mandatory mask policy as soon as it is safe to do so.” It failed on a 5-2 vote.

His next amendment, to encourage the superintendent to purchase and deploy additional Covid testing equipment, also failed, on a 4-3 vote.

Donley tried to add, “The Board acknowledges that use of the vaccine for children ages 13 -15 is under an Emergency Use Authorization of the CDC and is not FDA approved,” but that failed with no second.

Ultimately the “Start Strong Plan” was approved by the board on a vote of 6-1, with Donley dissenting.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. How DO all these radical leftist extremists end up on all these school boards, city councils and municipal assemblies? I absolutely do NOT believe that the average person, apathetic or not, supports this kind of lunacy and authoritarianism.

    • Apathy. The same reason HOAs around the country are run by petty tyrants whose idea of a good time is walking around with a clipboard looking for infractions. Most people have better things to do than run for positions on these small boards and councils. The ones who actually do tend to be exactly the sort who should never be given any authority, anywhere, at any time.

      I really hope this is a wake up call and good people start running for these positions.

    • With ASD it is a city wide vote on all the members of the School Board and the average person can’t stand up to the onslaught of money from the Unions and outside interest. Until we change and have the school board elected based on districts we will continue to have this. I dam sure wish there was a way I could not have my taxes go to the school system. The ASD has gone down in students and they don’t need any more money they need to have less.

  2. As a resident of the Mat-Su Borough I wholeheartedly agree with everything ASD…especially since the absurdity stops on the south side of the Knik bridge.

    * If you reside in Anchorage and support ASD please accept this notice that the Valley is full.

    ** All others are welcome.

  3. More commie stuff in Anchorage.
    All of the children are being taught to comply with the State, regardless of how non-sensical the edicts may be.
    They aren’t educating the students – look at the absolutely abysmal test scores – at least we are ahead of Mississippi and Arkansas.
    Yet, we are domestic terrorists if we don’t CRT, radical sex Ed, or transgender bathrooms.
    This is a dystopian nightmare.
    Am I the only one that doesn’t see how this ends peacefully?

    • I agree, Done.
      And you’ve hit the nail on the head with why all the radical leftist extremists, statists to the core, just LOVE forcing masks on innocent and non-threatened children: because they are the victim group least likely to protest or rebel against it, and because it just (further) inures them into automatically obeying authority, no matter how nonsensical the edict, and instilling in them kneejerk conformity to the collective. How pernicious, how diabolical, how perverted, how Anchorage School District.

  4. Donley is the smartest guy in the room. But when you’re dealing with idiots, Communists, Democrats, and Lefties, your smarts gets drowned out by the crazed wackos. Donley should know. He used to be a Democrat before he got woke. At least he’s figured out the Left’s agenda and is willing to fight these insane people.

  5. There seems to be a very wide blind spot when it comes to matters of mental health in this country.

    As if there is a conspiracy to normalize mental illness.

    When there is a school shooter, the gun is blamed. The mental health of the shooter is never questioned.

    When a child wants to be confused about their gender, therapy has rendered illegal. Gender confusion encouraged by older, bearded men in dresses at the library.

    When there is domestic abuse, it is jail time for a short while, then the abuser is back out, no correction to the deep mental issue that caused it.

    When it comes to substance abuse, it is encouraged with a plethora if liquor stores and pot shops.

    When it comes to the homeless, it seems to just get money thrown at it, but rarely is anything done to help correct the mental state that got them there in the first place.

    When it comes to people on wellfare, money is just thrown at them rather than having a system in place that teaches self reliance.

    When it comes to psycho therapy, more often than not, drugs are prescribed that make the user someone else, instead of finding the root causes.

    When it comes to entertainment, it seems demonic themes and overall debauchery is projected more than morals and ethics. Pop music encourages depression and materialistic pursuit.

    The heavy use of social media is promoting narcissistic behavior and neurosis. Tik Tok makes people incessantly scroll and scroll and scroll. Take the phone away and kids don’t know what to do with themselves and they have a breakdown.

    When it comes to holidays, there seems to be an abundance of spending money, but little spending of quality time.

    There is way too much fear and that fear is being encouraged by every aspect of our government and institutions. Fear should be a tool used to warn of a dangerous situation, not a weapon to drive the masses into social control.

    I am not sure how these kids will turn out when they are being educated by the mentally ill at every turn, but I hope some make it through and learn to think for themselves.

    Not sure there is much hope for the future of humanity. Maybe it would be best if Covid and the vaccines wiped everyone out. Cause the direction we are going here, does not seem sustainable.

    • You get it.
      The attempted normalization of all that is perverse, debased, debauched, depraved, unethical, and immoral- by the Left.

  6. God Bless the Matsu School District. Praise God that I do not have to live under the liberal non-sense that is coming out of the Anchorage Assembly and School Board. I truly feel sorry for those living in Anchorage, and strongly encourage them to leave that God-Foresaken city and live in a place where the American ideals of freedom abounds.

  7. Anchorage is now considered a cancer, if you compare it to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco.

    Not sure on the specifics as to how we arrived here, though I have my suspicions.

    The cancer has spread, and it’s here to stay.

  8. Enough of this bullsh… (hey!).
    Fondly hope that parents respond by disenrolling children from this abusive cesspit, putting them in private schools. Sure and it’s expensive, time consuming but is a classically educated, healthy child not worth the investment?
    Mass disenrollment happens, the school district could start to implode under its own bureaucratic weight, parents might even get One More Last Chance to bulldoze the rubble and build a respectable, affordable school system.
    Might be helpful to double down on calls to Governor D. and to Governor D.’s campaign committee for an executive order prohibiting mask mandates by state, borough, city and school-district officials.
    Eaglexiters better make double damn sure not even a molecule of this crap sticks to them on their way out… could take root, infect Eaglexitville again, like an invasive alien species.

  9. “The Board encourages the Superintendent to remove the mandatory mask policy as soon as it is safe to do so.” And it was voted down… what the hell? What is the reason/logic for that vote? Inquiring taxpayers and parents want to know. Hope I won’t be the only one writing and asking the board that question!

    • Because, KN, the socially and morally destructive radical leftist extremists clearly want to see these ridiculously ineffective and dehumanizing masks on all children FOREVER.

  10. The kids these days if you see them unmasked and they are staring at you, make an extra point to stare back and smile at them. For a lot of young kids these days the response takes awhile for them to respond back with a smile after being forced into wearing a mask, if they do. Some kids who exchanged pleasant smiles toward strangers before the force by their caregivers and teachers, they will smile agian at the genuine kind adult passing by. I take a moment to smile at them even if they look weird blankly staring. To see a light return back into their eye remembering and smiling back makes the lag worthwhile evenwhile they don’t smile back. Next time they may smile at the next person because of your initiative.

  11. You can even nod or bow or tip your head down at adults and children wearing a mask. It shows another polite gesture when you are getting their attention saying hi when you can’t see their smile, if they are smiling. When I had to wear a mask, I found myself stretching the mask away from my face as a man lifting his hat off his head displaying the courtesy to another’s presence entering their space and conversation. Hahaha. Now its become habit I just do it unconsciously. Some people today have no sense of humor, no imagination, and no courtesy and I realized they look at me as if I am being defiant. Its not defiance. Its showing courtesy.

    • Why wear a mask ever ? I am not being defiant, as you say, but rather willing to fight for Freedom of Choice. Courtesy, you say. Well, I believe it is extremely discourteous to wear a mask that hides a smile!

      I choose to not be a hypocrite so I do not wear a face diaper.
      Be non compliant to give strength to others to do the same.
      Covering a child’s face is not only based on lies but also very unhealthy. Just imagine a child never touching their mask, never stuffing it into a pocket or who knows where! The germs alone can cause multitude of serious health issues or even – quoted by the infamous DOC FAUCI – ‘ can cause deadly bacterial pneumonia’.
      How can thinking adult parents even consider putting a MASK on their children’s faces – especially for 6-10 hours every day (includes on school busses plus grocery shopping etc..)

      Guess what? Not only have the masks been proven to not protect you but neither does the experimental shot (they incorrectly calling it a ‘vaccine’).
      Breathing fresh air and staying home when you have the flu – aw! wisest choice for everyone all ages.

  12. Start Strong Plan, like Build Back Better and Yes We Can is monosyllabic communist code word. Meant to mesmerize the masses and placate the dirty unwashed proletariat. All you need to know. Reject it.

  13. Thank you, Donley, for revealing these people for who they are. Even common sense is unsupported with this group. I strongly support Morrigan’s recommendation for pulling kids out of schools that force a mask policy.

  14. Good luck encouraging that superintendent to do anything logical. I’m sure one could hope. She has a pretty stellar track record of following the politically correct narrative and logic or common sense are not variables.

  15. What is the cost for child to go to public school in Anchorage? Figure out that number, withhold that amount from your property tax and federal tax and start a private school.

    • Then they’ll come and take your house and where will you be then? Homeless living out of that motel? There’s better ways to fight this than jeopardize your humble abode.

  16. The picture of that little girl wearing the mask above just breaks my heart. The loss of oxygen to her developing little brain, the germ build up after hours of her exhaling into it and the discomfort! Plus the total ineffectiveness of the damn thing…
    Makes you wonder how cruel and or deceived these School Board Members really are. Nothing says I am a Tyrant quite like causing oxygen deprivation in a 7 year old.

  17. What happened to Anchorage? Crime and homelessness used to be the worst now the officials are the problem? Looks like the west coast rot is here.

  18. The question is not “Are you vaccinated?” The question is “Are you immune?”
    From that approach, kids are 99.993% immune.
    There’s your answer. Done.

  19. Anchorage, you now have full blown Marxists and communists, with total control over the schooling of your kids. These people hate America, but more than that they hate free thinkers and liberty itself, and now they unilaterally OWN your kids education, and you have the great honor of paying for it all. You are literally paying your tax dollars to have people teach your kids that you are horrible, your country is horrible, and that they, your children, if they are white, are inherently racist. Think on that. This is what you have let happen. This is what you’ve let happen to your children. Take back your city and your children’s education. It may already be too late, but for Gods sake, at least put up a fight.

    • Lawrence, great post.
      Thanks ! It takes a lot of mental energy, courage and persistence to defeat evil.
      Faith in God being essential.

  20. “People get discouraged. They should remember, from me, it takes courage not to be discouraged”
    ~Ben Ferencz

    He also had 3 principles
    1- Never give up
    2- Never give up
    3- Never give up

    Ben was a prosecutor at Nuremberg.

    Keep pushing back Patriots!

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