Anchorage murder suspect arrested in Wasilla

Jesse Lee Jones

Alaska State Troopers responded to the area of Joes Drive for a verbal disturbance after 1 am on Thursday. Upon arrival, troopers identified one of the involved individuals as Jesse Lee Jones, who was a wanted man in the killing of Josiah Goecker in Anchorage.

Jones had been on the lam for two days after reportedly killing Goecker, who was reportedly trying to protect a woman who was under assault.

Jones was arrested without incident and handed over to APD. On his voter registration, Jones lists a motel at 3rd and Concrete Street in Anchorage as his home address.

Anchorage police transported Jones to the Anchorage Police Department for questioning by detectives. Once that process has been completed, Jones will be remanded at the Anchorage Jail on his warrant, the department reported on Thursday morning.


  1. It’s disgusting that AK Democrats ended the death penalty. They are bragging about it this week because Vic Fischer passed.

    • People like Jones should be sent out to count polar bears. Unless this case is more complex than “got angry at a woman, then I shot a guy,” he has really forfeited his right to remain in society.

  2. Drop him off at Gates of the Arctic and let nature take its course. It’s more of a chance than he gave his victim.

  3. I wasn’t worried. I have total confidence in local law enforcement would nab him . They knew who they were seeking. This state has a small population and limited roads. Where would he go? As well sounds like the woman and he were acquaintances. The woman probably ought to take a hard look at who she brings into her life from family relatives to friends.
    I saw about Alaska twenty years ago for a state that has highest levels of domestic violence you would think by Now! Alaskans will had self-educated themselves about abusive behavior about others including self evaluation for self improvement. It’s challenging for an aggressor to keep up an argument with someone when the other gets quiet taking the submissive role to de-escalate the other person just to get rid of the aggressor quietly and quickly.
    There lots of available information to read about the forms of abuse including the newly added narcissism.

  4. So.

    A coward brings a gun to argue an eviction notice, one that had most likely gone through several notices of increasing establishment of lack of payment unto legal residence. Said eviction notice is the last resort of any landlord, after having exhausted all other possible measures.

    This is not a workplace violence event, nor is it a domestic violence event.

    This ‘event’ is simply one of extreme victimhood, whereas the convinced ‘victim’ has chosen to strike out at those they perceived as punishing them for their obvious, and self-understood failures within life, rather than simply punishing the one responsible for their situation within life, which is obviously themselves.

    Alas, the individual that considers themselves to be such a ‘victim’ cannot simply end their own ‘victimhood’ by ending themselves, bravely, they must end others within their own cowardice, instead of themselves, alone, as they should.

    That is why all such individuals, such as this one, are the ultimate of cowards, whereas they cannot end their pain within themselves, but rather choose to spread their pain unto others, no matter how separate and innocent those others are from the individual.

  5. 3rd & Concrete …. welfare hotel.
    Good thing we’re developing more of those.
    Progressive Progress …. we don’t need no stinkin jails; they’re “prison like”

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