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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Anchorage mayor locks down city economy — again

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If you want to eat out at a restaurant or go to church in Anchorage, you’ll need to do it this weekend.

As of Monday, Anchorage will be yet again in a lockdown mode. No more indoor dining. No more church. No more bingo halls, bars, or breweries that can’t provide outdoor seating.

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz signed Emergency Order 15 on Friday, saying Anchorage had just experienced “our worst week of the epidemic as measured by new cases, active cases, and cases per day. New local cases are being found at more than double the rate of last week. The number of cases has exceeded the Anchorage Health Department’s capacity to rapidly trace and monitor every known case.”

The mayor said that “more people are in the hospital with COVID-19 in Anchorage now than at any point in the epidemic, and modeling from the University of Alaska Anchorage shows a deteriorating situation in which Anchorage exceeds hospital ICU capacity by mid-September if we don’t act immediately to flatten the curve.”

In fact, there were 28 people in Alaska hospitals who have COVID-19 on Friday, the lowest number in nine days. Three were on ventilators. 75 new cases of the coronavirus were identified in Anchorage on Friday and cases in the city are clearly on the rise, in spite of the mask mandate the mayor put in place over a month ago.

The Emergency Order begins Aug. 3 at 8 am and is in effect until Aug. 30 at midnight, requires extreme limits for the next months on all gatherings, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, breweries, bingo halls, and theaters.

  • The mask mandate is also continued for another month for anyone outside of their household if they come into contact with people.
  • At-risk individuals are asked to stay home.
  • Anyone with symptoms that might be COVID-19 must stay home except for medical care and testing.
  • Those coming into Anchorage from out of state must quarantine for 14 days.
  • No gatherings of over 15 people.
  • Outdoor gatherings that do not involve food or drink are limited to 50 people.
  • Masks must be worn at all gatherings.
  • Farmers markets are exempted.
  • Outdoor food-truck events, and drive-in events where groups remain in separate vehicles and maintain physical distancing are exempted.
  • Day cares, day camps, and K-12 schools are exempt.
  • All workers who can work from home are required to do so.
  • Bars and nightclubs are closed to dine-in service.
  • Restaurants and breweries are closed to indoor dining.
  • Bingo halls and theaters closed.
  • Mayor Berkowitz extended the mask mandate effective today and remains in effect until modified or revoked. In other words, masks are required indefinitely.

On Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly extended Mayor Berkowitz’s Proclamation of Emergency until Oct. 16. This action extends previous emergency orders that are in effect until modified, revoked, or until the end of the Proclamation of Emergency.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • This is outrageous. How many ways is this man going to come up with to try to destroy all decent people left in Anchorage? You and everyone you know needs to storm the mayor’s email and phone lines, and also contact every Assembly member that just handed him the power of emperor well into October – that would be every single one one except Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy. Also, call and write to Governor Dunleavy and urge him to defend our constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Berkowitz is out of control.
    And where are the business owners with some spine? Get together and push back! People in other states – even pathetic California – are managing to do it.
    A lot of us Anchorage homeowners are basically moving our business and social lives to the Valley already, but my heart aches for the people with businesses here that are going to go under… or maybe manage to stay afloat with government handouts at the expense of their dignity? And if the power-mad Anchorage mayor gets away with this, what’s to stop wanna-be petty dictators everywhere else in this state?

    • The Governor wipes his butt with the Constitution and his own UnConstitutional Mandates for testing, quarantines and regulating interstate commerce. Your overgrown RINO Governor isn’t going to do crap.

      • Our governor doesn’t control Anchorage Mr Mongoloid!! In case you haven’t figured it out, there’s a lot of tension between our mayor and our governor. Cheap shot to label our governor as a RINO especially coming from a democrat!!

    • Check your constitutional rights, the government has every ability to step in and impose quarantines after citizens fail to make safe decisions. That precedent was set in 1903 and has happened a hand full of times when pandemics are concerned, legally.

      • Wrong, it takes a Court Order to quarantine. And a search warrant to force a test. Ba Ba little Sheeple, Ba, Ba

      • Well you obviously do not know the law at all
        The Governor has no authority over Anchorage which is a first class category city with a charter.
        If he said anything it would be nothing but words.
        Sling your words at the mayor and liberal assembly members

    • People need to wear masks it is that simple otherwise we could be like this into next year!

      • This is the latest from CDC June 2020. Berkowitz needs to get up on his facts. There are several links I could post regarding truth. People need to research and stop living in fear. It’s time Napoleon Berkowitz to open up Anchorage.

        [Live link removed by moderator.]

  • “Cases“ is the standard now. We are chasing positive tests of a community acquired respiratory virus.

    Morbidity and mortality and actual (not modeled) hospital and ventilator capacity no longer mean anything. I see. Goalposts have moved to “unattainable” so that the mayor can keep his emergency powers and the assembly can continue to sit back while he destroys our community for generations.

    Hospital utilization is NOT on the rise. It os stable and bouncing around in the 20-30s of hospitalized patients at any one time. 1-3 Vents used for Covid statewide. Despite the large increase in positive tests that’s what we have for actual sick people. That’s it.

    Just watch the state dashboard each day. And realize there are 1400 active hospital beds in AK per the state’s own dashboard.

    Is Anchorage really ok with this? No protests for jobs, freedom to gather or worship? No protests for freedom to be outside without your face covered? No protests for freedom to get together with your friends and extended family? Does anyone want to have anywhere left to eat out when this is over? Or will it ever be over?

    Where will the goalposts go next? Flu? RSV? Herpes? STDs are skyrocketing in Alaska. Most of those come with life long complications. Let’s let the mayor tell us all we can’t have sex. The sheep won’t mind right. Wake up Alaska. Wake up Anchorage. Wake up.

    • Fraud Fauci has just said people should also wear goggles or face shields and we should do all this *every flu season.*
      What a sick world we’re creating (sad pun intended).
      It will not end until enough of us push back, but that takes a little courage and I’m not really seeing much of that in Anchorage or the rest of Alaska. People are afraid of someone yelling at them for breathing and having a human face, or snitching on them to Big Brother.
      So much for the pioneers of “the last frontier.” What a joke that is. Might as well live in California.

    • And you’re absolutely right about the tiny numbers of hospitalized and on vents. Watching the dashboard, you’ll see both AK and Anchorage are trending down since the very suspicious peak on 7/25, in spite of record numbers of tests. But we’ll rely on UAA models…because bth UAA and models have done so well for us up till now, right?

      • I’ve seen the UAA paper on the pandemic that I’m afraid Berkowitz is relying on. It uses the discredited Imperial College of London and University of Washington models that disastrously overestimated the death and hospitalization rates. Maybe they’re using a different one now, but if it’s the one I saw in March, then Berkowitz is working from assumptions we had back then when it wasn’t known how deadly or infectious it was. The whole rationale for the lockdown was to give hospitals time to build up capacity and prepare, which has happened. A surge in the virus was inevitable, but younger people catching it now aren’t going to be hospitalized or go to the ICU in rates we saw out of New York and Italy because of all the old people catching it. This such a huge mistake, assuming Berkowitz’s intentions are benign.

    • Amen

    • Well said.

    • The only problem with your numbers is they don’t match the states numbers. In almost all of June the number of covid positive people hospitalized was in the low single digits, beginning in July the numbers started getting into the teens, then quickly into the twenties and into the thirties. ICU bed availability has also dropped over the same time frame. In short your opinion is based on incorrect information.

      Here’s the daily test positivity rate report, notice it is increasing from less than 1% in June to over 3% in July

      All politics aside the numbers are not improving, but getting worse. Masks will not save you, staying away from people and social distancing is the key.

    • Why would we think Anchoragites have the chutzpah to protest a communist dictator? – You elected him! How much protesting did we get with the theft of the PFD? My disgust is extreme, but where else could we go?

      • I’m looking at property in Circle, Ak.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Forbes came out regarding tests not being accurate. Where is the outrage. Do Alaskans not have a backbone? Do they want things to go on like this.

      [Live link removed by moderator]

  • Why are NO mayors or governors across the country emulating Governor Kristi Noem in South Dakota? Her state is experiencing miraculous results because they didn’t blindly follow the fear promulgated by the so-called agenda-driven “experts.”
    Plus, with all of the excellent news and “evidence” learned from the thousands of doctors prescribing and people taking the Hydroxy-Zinc-Azithro treatment, Mr. Berkowitz could possibly become Governor, Congressman, or even Senator by bucking the talking points!
    If he would simply do some of his own research and embrace the “PREVENTION From Dying or even Getting Sick” strategy rather than the “Masking it with fear because I love the power” strategy, his political career could have a longer shelf life than even Mr. B.
    As it is now, people HATE him. Maybe it’s time for the mayor to do something different – for the greater good – accumulated through allowing everyone to chase their own pursuit of happiness. ‘Hope so!

  • Elections have consequences.

  • We need to look to our real leader. I am talking about our President. The War President, effective March 2020. Not a war against the Islamic terrorists or ISIS. We already won that war tremendously and perfectly. President Trump is a winner and he’s a war winner. He never loses. Anyway, the new war is the war against the Wuhan Flu. Today we have 150,000 dead. About a thousand a day. If Vietnam was smoking weed, this is like a bad acid trip. (See Hunter S. Thompson’s description of the experience, including attacks by vicious and infected bats and giant lizards.). So if our War President says we’re kicking covid’s butt and there is nothing to fear but fear itself, I’m saluting the flag and going work. No mask. Masks send the message that this so-called virus is dangerous. I’m gonna wait until the death toll goes over 200,000. By then it’ll be too late. Lost Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Lost the war on poverty. Lost the war on drugs. But the war on covid is the biggest war since WWII. Tragically, the troops are fighting among themselves — can’t even agree on the proper uniform for war (for example, that little mask). The War President and his devoted followers badly want to announce Mission Accomplished, and return to normal. But those dead Americans, those thousands and thousands of dead and injured citizens, are hard to ignore. A lot of people don’t want risk dying for a part time job paying $9.75 an hour. Especially when they need to ask angry customers to put on a mask. So listen to the President, attack your fellow citizens, and ignore that another thousand good Americans will die from covid tomorrow. We’re talking about a lot of Purple Hearts that could have avoided. Oh yeah, blame the mayor. I urge you to pray for Dan Fagan, a victim who has suffered in silence way too long.

    • My religious beliefs prevent me from voting “liberal”, just so you know which side I’m on. However, your comment is a true work of art!

      • I’m tempted to expound on things that rhyme with “art” – at least one is more fitting…

    • Ravings from a deluded prophet!!

  • Wow. Suited for Broadway if it were still open. Too much drama.

  • Isn’t it amazing how folks in Anchorage would protest the murder of a black criminal in another state – which has NOTHING to do with life in Anchorage, but they won’t stand up and protest in the same way…a crowd in public outside wherever he is. The people of Anchorage are just sitting back and wringing their hands over a tyrant they elected and who took upon himself the rights of a dictator, but all I’m seeing is people complaining online, and – as far as I can see – not doing anything to rectify the situation. Can you not impeach a mayor or something? The only conclusion I can come to is that it really doesn’t bother the residents of Anchorage, since this has been going on so long now, and the residents are just too apathetic to take action.

    • He can be recalled – but that is a difficult and lengthy process (which is really a good thing…) – have at it Anchorage. Just make sure his replacement won’t be worse – your Assembly is controlled by the left as is much of the media. Remeber this idiocy when the next and future elections come around.

    • I think we need a Boston Tea party. I think we need a Grassroots movement.

  • Screw this little—-. I am not wearing a mask, I will go where ever I please and the first prick that tries to enforce this BS on me is going to be in court. It is unconstitutional and unnecessary and I am not going to run around like some little sheep, while this — pontificates like some type of tyrant spouting utter friggin’ nonsense as if it is fact.

    • Sorry to inform you but the issue of lost personal rights during a national emergency has already gone to the Supreme Court over a century ago. And they ruled that it was appropriate. Ditto for Alaska and Anchorage in terms of the weight of the law AGAINST personal rights in an epidemic.

      • Sorry to inform you that every case accepted for review by high appellate courts presents facts and circumstances that will be different from previously decided cases. The appropriate presentation is “Well in Smith v. State, the court decided X, but I guess it is important to understand the facts in Smith. What do we know about the litigation that may be brought here?” That is one way lawyers approach these things.

  • I knew this was coming and I fear Juneau will follow. This is so ridiculous to base all this on “cases.” 99% of all these cases are fine and probably didn’t realize they had it until they tested positive, as was the case with me in May. More modeling showing deaths. The sad part is that there is a large contingent of people who believe this nonsense and are deathly afraid. Notice how all the establishments required to close are primarily small, independently owned businesses or churches. There is a goal and agenda here.

    • Well, we have 10000 a day sick here, and 150+ a day dying from it. You are thinking small. I wonder how many folks you got sick?

      • Where?

  • Berkowitz is with the Democraps. Make everybody’s life miserable and they will vote for Biden. Democraps dont understand the hatred is growing and growing. Burning and destroying cities and this joke COVID. In November, liberals will be crying again. Trump 2020.

  • Why is it that the homeless who don’t wear masks or social distance or practice good hygiene are not dying off in droves ??? A friend of the family registered to take a covid-19 test but had to leave before he actually tested got a positive test result in the mail. He told his employer that he never tested but was still sent home He can’t feed his family now. Sad times we live in

    • The latest podcast from Radiolab looked into that question. The working theory right now is that the homeless have a lot more exposure to direct sunlight which produces Vitamin D, and Vitamin D suppresses the inflammatory cytokine storm reaction of the body to covid-19 that’s responsible for the serious symptoms. I’m hearing versions of your friend’s story about getting a false positive result after signing up to be tested but not actually receiving the test from all over the country.

  • Ahhh the Anchorage Sheeple, will there even be a single “Ba” heard from them? The mayor gets away with this because nobody pushes back, nothing but a herd of compliant Sheeple there in San FranAnchorage I tell you what.

  • Help me understand why if this “lockdown” is so important to do it can wait until after the weekend to implement? Oh, I know, Corvid-19 doesn’t work on weekends.

  • What a joke! Anchorage has had a mask mandate for some time now & cases are soaring! Most people in Berkowitz are wearing dirty masks & breathing in concentrated amounts of fomites, Covid 19 & CO2 which can compromise your immune system! Take the masks off. Fresh air & sunshine is a much better answer.

    • It’s cover to prevent public testimony concerning the homeless-housing.

  • Revolt against Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, he is infringing on your Bill of Rights. Look back at Germany in the 1930s. Look at what happened to Russia after the Craz was removed from power.

    • Lead the way Greg!!

  • If only Berkowitz had mimicked what Trump said for the last five months, all of you wearing the red hat would now be expressing respect and admiration for the mayor’s leadership. We only have 15 cases and will soon be zero. It will just disappear in April. No mask. No testing. No restrictions or closures. Sports. Schools. Concerts. Bars. Tourists everywhere having fun. Get back to work. Everything would be normal today except the real Alaskans, the real conservatives, would be begging Berkowitz to run for governor. It’s as true as the Wuhan flu. Please don’t be shy about describing President Trumps actions that kept covid contained in our country and our state. And remember not to take those checks the government is sending you. You want freedom, not a handout. No more money to those who aren’t working. If you don’t work, suffer the consequences. No more charity. Be proud. Be a real Alaskan. Dan Fagan for Mayor.

  • I don’t think a one day spike necessitates this drastic action. Once again, over-reacting and over-reaching. Everyone suffers except the mayor, who set him self up early on to have plenty of outdoor dining and the ability to circumvent his mandates.

  • Anchorage?

    Stick a fork in it.

    It’s done.

  • Yesterday, Swedish officials, including epidemiologists, doctors and healthcare ‘experts’, gave an update on the “pandemic” response in Sweden. Swedish epidemiologist, doctors, health care officials and survivors of scare mongering, along with wuhan v itself, across all of Sweden, confirm the policy of no masks, no lockdowns, no distancing requirements of any kind, every business and public facility open, their freedoms enjoyed as normally, their policies succeeding, herd immunity (at least to an extent) claimed, children being mostly immune or invulnerable to the ‘virus’ and most Swedes, if not immune, are virtually unaffected by it. Their country never missed a beat. Life as normal in Sweden, except for those perils life is made of, in any summation. The rest of the world in turmoil. Political, religious, power enabling grabs are the rule in most every “Western” society and we can thank the arbitrarily made, disabling decisions of the left, to accept wuhan v as the culprit. Wuhan v is part of the world wide deception and grab for power, but not the sole reason or cause of the turmoil engulfing all of these ‘Western” societies. An obscene gambit for power by the left and other assorted radical instigators is and has been written on the wall for a decade or more. Wuhan v was only the initiator of this financial, personal and medical deception on a world scale.
    Now the little tyrant in Anchorage is furthering his grip on power over those within his purview. He and the Anchorage ass-embly are completely ignoring all scientific studies or perverting those studies to conform to the leftist mantra, main stream media and the leftists they support. They are using blatant fabrications of the truth to tighten their stranglehold on and further subjugate Americans. They have only just begun. Mail-in voting is the next big scam.
    What is happening in Anchorage, much of Alaska and the rest of our country, is directly from the orchestrated play book of the leftist/socialists in, not of, America. The assault on America is being brought to us courtesy of big corporations of all ilk and government officials, local, state and federal, who promote the leftist agenda of conquest and claim it is legitimate. Even high ranking ‘justice’ officials.
    All this is getting closer by the day. It will only intensify for the next 90 or so days and probably be with us for some time. The current extension of the ‘lockdown’ in Anchorage is not a valid prevention of further contagion of anything. It is another extension of power by ethan, because he can. That assembly supports him.
    Anchorage citizens ‘elected’ him. Whose responsibility is it?

  • If you have ever been in a war zone where the enemy is attacking with overwhelming force, you want brave men like Mr. Rubey to be by your side. You say, “Hey Robert, the bullets being fired at us are fake. Go down that trail and kill the enemy.” And off he goes. He’s fearless, so no body armor or helmet needed. Then your troops learn real quickly that warriors without fear are the easiest target. DOA. Sadly, for Robert Rubey and brave men like him, we may need to attend the celebration of life remotely. Hopefully, the mayor will attend and announce it’s all his fault.

  • “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

  • What do
    Anchorage bums,
    Texas Salon A la Mode owner Shelley Luther,
    New Jersey Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti,
    Maine Sunday River Brewing Company owner Rick Savage
    South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem
    Minnesota Lutheran and Catholic church leaders
    Anchorage Denali Disposal owner Bernadette Wilson
    and Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy
    have in common?
    Petty tyranny, excused by China flu panic, doesn’t work for them.
    Elected and unelected rulers (not to be conflated with representatives) can’t control them.
    Can Anchorage-Americans follow their example by taking back their lives, economy, Constitutional freedoms, showing Anchorage’s elected and unelected rulers (peacefully of course) what they can do with “lockdowns” and “mandates”?
    The choice for Anchorage’s church, synagogue, mosque, temple leaders is clear. You believe in the Power of Government or you believe in the Power of God. Guess we find out next week…
    Productive Anchorage-Americans can still fight back. Imagine what could happen if Anchorage’s legal community fields a team to sue the city administration for every dollar of income lost to date by every person and every business as a result of China flu panic.
    Imagine what could happen when (not if) concerned citizens take it upon themselves to ask the Dunleavy and Trump administrations to stop all revenue sharing with the Municipality of Anchorage and the school district until officials stop their petty tyranny excused by China flu panic.
    Alaska finally gets a double first, #1 blue-ribbon in tuberculosis and syphilis cases, yet no panic, no mandates, no masks, no dark 24/7 propaganda about two bugs that don’t need government lies or falsified test results to kill people. What, China flu is worse than syphilis or TB?
    May we offer lovingly, so our post isn’t deleted) that we’re fed up with elected and unelected rulers’ lunacy, lies, incompetence, this gaggle of dribbling imbeciles playing at power government, who can’t seem to grasp the notion that Anchorage residents are to be governed, not ruled.
    Despite Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote system, we held out faint hope that mostly competent, intelligent, ethical adults would guide city government. Instead we get almost-martial-law based on lies, panic, morons cranking government power up and down like a manic microwave oven, sending the message that elected officials lost control of the situation some time ago, if they ever had it!
    We fought 244 years to prevent outside enemies doing this to us but now we should bend over, surrender to inside enemies because they’re cute and cuddly and look like us and will save us from certain death due to China flu plus they’ll make us pay money and go to jail if we resist.
    Why not fight back, hard? What have we got to lose?

  • Welcome to the House of Berk (Saud). Cover your face. Do as you are told. We may allow you to join the ruling/working class one day.

  • Mayor Ethan such a Demon.
    Why does he want to kill peoples livelihoods and displace workers? He has no Heart or Soul.
    Mayor Berkowitz is an evil evil little man. Killing peoples lives must satisfy a need to make him feel like he is a big man. He has created an ugly situation in Anchorage.

    • There’s no need to shut things down if we had hydroxychloraquin as a prophylactic.

  • The little mayor is lashing out because he didn’t get his vagrant Hotel Californias.

  • Looks like all those mask mandates didn’t do any good.

  • Sweden has one of the highest mortality rates in the world! And they are banned from travel in the EU. Their scientists are admitting they were wrong, that they should have shut down. No one knows how this novel virus is affecting people. One study showed 78% of survivors, regardless of age, has physical heart damage as shown on MRI and 76% have heart disease as determined by bloodwork . Survivors. Children included. You don’t have much of an economy if over half your people have heart problems!! This virus attacks more than the lungs!!!

    • Sweden does not have one of the highest mortality rates in the world. They are lower then many other EU countries, but are higher then some of their Scandinavian neighbors right now. The verdict on Sweden’s response won’t be fully known for months hence. They could very well have taken the right course of action. It is too early to tell. Stop spreading FAKE NEWS!

  • We’re supposed to rely on so-called MODELING from UAA which shows hospital ICUs will exceed capacity by mid-September if we don’t act immediately to flatten the curve?!? Not only have all the speculative models been WRONG, but not a single hospital in the U.S. has exceeded hospital ICU capacity. Not even New York City! If anyone believes this pretext to destroy the Anchorage economy, they’re a blooming idiot.

  • Dear Mayor Ethan Berkowitz,

    You, Vulcan Towing, and your Gestapo police force (APD) stole a $20,000 car from me during your first city wide lockdown. You use the Alaska Scofflaw to do so.

    You see on May 21, 2020 I allowed a co-worker to drive me home because I had several beers after work. We where pulled over just north of Dowling for making a turn incorrectly. My coworker was asked about the car. She replied back, it’s Martins car. She was asked to step out of the vehicle. A second officer then asked me to step out of the vehicle.

    Once out of the vehicle I asked, what’s this about. I was directed to keep f— mouth shut or I would be going to jail. I had to laugh because I spent 19 and a half years in prison on a 23 year sentence. I again had to ask what this is about. I was then told that my car was going to be impounded under the Scofflaw. After your Gestapo police force searched my car (without my permission or consent.) I was informed that there was no registration or insurance card, which I find odd because eight hours prior to this incident the registration and insurance card were in the driver’s visor.

    Since I had just returned to work four days prior to this incident. I did not have money for the impounded fees or the Municipality of Anchorage fees. Thanks to you and your Gestapo police force. I am now stuck with a $20,000 car payment and no car. A $5,800.00 impound bill with Vulcan Towing. A $1,200.00 bill with the Municipality of Anchorage. And I am now a member of the Alaska Scofflaw club.

    My car is now in the repossession process. And am $30,000 in the hole. Am three months behind on my rent and it cost me $57.00 a day for cab fare to get back and forth to work. This is my third layoff since March.

    Just wanted you to know that you are doing a fine job of screwing me. Hope you are enjoying my car. And since Vulcan Towing has sold my car, I will consider my bill with them as paid off as well as the fines, administration fees owed to the Municipality of Anchorage.

    Once again thank you for your help, understanding, and support during this unprecedented times.

  • I really thought it would be impossible to shut down again after the protests, etc that happened during a lockdown. I really thought no one in their right mind would voluntarily shut their businesses down again knowing full well it wasn’t about safety. Protest? Fine. Run a business so you can pay your bills? Not Fine.

  • Could someone please tell my why it is OK for people to congregate on street corners not social distancing, not wearing, masks, etc., yet businesses that are sanitizing like crazy, wearing masks, keeping people apart, etc., cannot run their business and pay their bills and employees?
    The street people are not getting sick, we have not read about any testing positive or getting sick and going to the hospital. Is the news media hiding this somehow? Yet, we must close businesses again? Does anyone else see how ridiculous and curious this is?

    A reporter should start calling around and getting data from Bean’s and BFS to see if they are dealing with any sick people among their clients. I just received a newsletter from the Rescue Mission and they have all tested negative. Good for them. If they can operate their shelter without anyone getting sick, so can restaurants and bars.

  • Remember former mayor Rick Mystrom’s article a couple of months ago. He surveyed twenty of the largest retail stores and asked the management how many of the many hundreds of their employees had contracted COVID. This was before mask mandates on customers or employees. The answer was two. You would think that employees without protection and in contact daily with hundreds of unprotected customers would have created a spike greater than with any other situation. Didn’t happen.

    Now with weeks of mask mandates, there are more cases. So, masks don’t really do anything? The bottom line, if you’re sick, stay home. If you are part of the more vulnerable population, stay home. If you can work from home, great. But shutting down an economy, again, with all the social and mental ills it will cause, is the more dangerous course of action.

  • Look at fine print at the so called testing sites outside of the hospital.
    The Covid-19 Testing Sites are not to be used for prior medical procedures.
    It states that these tests are not to be taken if you have an upcoming medical procedure!!
    Are the testing for a strain of COVID only? Is that why the numbers are rising? It’s time to start a righteous protest and shut him down along with all his swamp!!

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