Anchorage mandates: Customers must wear masks



As Anchorage opens up for limited business on Monday, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz says that all employees and customers must wear masks inside stores.

Berkowitz said the Municipality worked with local businesses and public health experts to develop safety measures against the coronavirus known as COVID-19 for the following sectors of “nonessential” businesses:

• Food – restaurants that provide table service
• Retail – general retail stores, such as clothing, sporting goods, books, greenhouses, gifts, etc.
• Personal care services – beauty, barber and hair salons; cosmological services, tattoo shops, body piercing, etc.
• Non-critical businesses that interact with the public – service-focused businesses that include a retail-style storefront such as bait shacks, carpet stores, etc.
• Non-critical professional services that do not interact with the public – such as law offices, architectural, engineering and environmental agencies, consulting services, etc.

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All businesses need to have COVID-19 mitigation plans; and employees and customers must wear face coverings; and practice physical distancing of six feet. Hand sanitizer must be available to the public to use in establishments.

Those businesses that can meet the criteria may begin operations on Monday, April 27, Berkowitz said. The lists of required and recommended safety measures for each sector may be found online at

For retail stores, Anchorage residents can expect these regulations to apply:

  • Employees and customers must adhere to 6-foot physical distancing protocols.
  • Only one adult per household per visit to a store.
  • Employees and customers shall wear face coverings. Businesses should post signage notifying customers of the requirement to wear face coverings at entrance(s).
  • Frequent hand washing by employees, and adequate supply of soap, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and paper towels available onsite.
  • Hand sanitizer publicly available for customers.
  • Hourly touch-point sanitization (workstations, equipment, screens, doorknobs, restrooms, etc.)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting must be conducted in compliance with CDC protocols
  • Maximum capacity is no more than 20 customers or 25% of the approved occupancy, based on fire and building codes, whichever is less.
  • Walk-in visits to restaurants are prohibited.
  • Reservations, call-ahead, or other form of advance check-in required for dine-in service. 
  • Businesses are required to maintain reservation/ guest log records for 30 days. This information will be made available to the government.
  • Reservation/guest log must contain first and last name, and phone number.
  • Fabric face coverings required for all restaurant employees and encouraged for customers except while eating.


  1. 1-2 weeks of this is doable. Anything longer seems ridiculous. We need to phase back into a return to normal, not establish a “new normal”. There is nothing normal, or sustainable about these behavioral restrictions..

      • There are already laws on the books that allow for restrictions of various rights during times like these. The 5th Circuit Court recently ruled to allow the banning of abortions and used the Jacobson decision by the Supreme Court as part of the ruling. I have no doubt that Berkowitz will use the laws on the books to defend his position on his Los Anchorage mandates, whether they allow him to do what he is doing is a different story.
        The voters in Los Anchorage are getting exactly what they have been voting for.

    • Koch’s Postulate. Read what it is, how it is accomplished. Then pubmed and read all the publications from Jiaxian, et al. And tell me what you know about Koch’s Postulate then! Why do you refuse to understand what actual scientific principles of observation and replication can tell you? Go ahead… follow that out and then me what you know!

  2. Total crap. I will no patronize any store or parts outlet that requires me to wear a mask. Get a grip.

      • Uh, yeah we in the valley will stay away. How many cases have you had in Anchorage with your ridiculous mandated face coverings vs the Matsu??? Is it working for you?

        …right, I think we doing just fine in the valley without such a ridiculous mandate.

        We do not need mandatory face coverings, limited occupancy restrictions, or customer log keeping policies anymore.

        Time to reopen local governments and businesses, and cease all of this fear mongering.

    • You get a grip! What’s the big deal? You’re probably one of those people that doesn’t wash their hands. If everyone wire a mask and gloves when shopping specially at Wal-Mart, Costco, Safeway, Fred Meyers, etc. This virus could be eradicated. Anyone that thinks their ‘s–t don’t stink’ us a narcissistic idiot!!! Get with the program or stay away!!!!!

      • The Virus will not be eradicated until Herd Immunity or a vaccine is reached. We still do not have a vaccine for HIV after 36 years nor SARS after 13 years so our only hope is Herd Immunity.

      • My friend is a nurse and this is what she said – gloves DO NOT prevent you from obtaining the virus, and in fact, they can actually help spread the virus. You touch one thing that has germs on it and it adheres to the glove. You then proceed to touch something or someone else and the glove “pushes out” that germ to what you touched. That is why medical personnel only use gloves ONE time for whatever reason and immediately strip the gloves and dispose of them. Doctors agree that you are better off frequently washing your hands and refraining from touching your face, etc. than wearing gloves and spreading the virus further. Also, a mask can be very helpful, especially for those people that are elderly or have compromised immune systems, but unless they are a medical grade mask, they will not grant you 100% immunity from anything.

      • Agreed on all accounts from the eradicating covid19 (and others as well I would bet) to the narcissistic behaviors to please stay away.

      • Absolutely not, I will not comply with this order. There is no continued reason to mandate that everyone wear face coverings. I am sick and tired of liberal wackos trying to keep the local and federal governments closed. I am a conservative who supports re-ooening schools and businesses now. No more stimulus b.s. entitlement handouts. I do not listen to or believe anything that the liberal backed CDC or Compost News Network says about a “second outbreak”. More people die from the Flu each year (and we have vaccines for that).

        Enough is enough.

        Time to get back to life and business as usual. Time to stand up and speak out against the liberal hacks attempts to rein in their socialistic agendas in the aftermath of this pandemic through their false reporting, entitlement spending, and continued interference of local business and school operations.

        You want to wear a face mask, go ahead. The rest of us are going to not wear one exercising the same rights you have to do so.

        • Michael Faro – So far 90,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 virus. This is over 3 1/2 months. Influenza killed approximately 65,000 to 80,000 American from 2017 to 2018 ) Oct 2017- April 2018. Which has the higher death rate?? COVID-19 virus or influenza?? COVID-19 virus is more deadly. And we have no vaccine for it and few treatments. How is COVID -19 spread? It is spread through small droplets from your mouth emitted when you talk, sing, sneeze, cough. An entire choir got infected from one individual during choir practice north of Seattle. 2 choir members died. A cloth mask worn by you protects others from droplets emitted from your mouth. If another person wears a mask that protects you from the droplets from that other persons mouth. Wearing a mask is not perfect but it helps reduce the spred of the virus. The virus does NOT care if you are Conservative or Liberal. It just needs a human body and lung cells to reproduce in. It also affects heart cells, causes blood clots and strokes , damages kidneys ( patients need to go on dialysis), and affects the brain. Most people put on ventilators die. And they die alone or holding the hNd of a nurse. Family is not allowed to be physically present. They can be connected to their dying loved one by phone, laptop. So it definitely is not a fun way to die. If we don’t wear masks and socially distance ourselves, we run the risk of causing surges of infections, overwhelming our hospitals with COVID -19 patients and returning to lockdown. This certainly will not help open businesses! You resent any restrictions to your “freedoms”-to do whatever you please. Do you resent stopping at a red stoplight?? That is a restriction to your freedom. Do you refuse to give your child vaccines for polio or measles? Children have to get certain vaccinations prior to entering school. Do you resent speed limits? Collective responsibility is required to keep our communities safe by following certAin rules. Again viruses don’t give a damn about your political views. They will infect your body if you make yourself an easy target or don’t follow ways to protect yourself and others. Of course maybe you are immortal and you don’t care if your family or friends are infected.

          • Susan, that is what the CDC wants you to believe. Sorry, my best chance of surviving this, and any other virus, is for my body to produce antibodies. Take Pro-biotics, live a healthy life, and you can weather this so called pandemic. I, nor my family, will live in a bubble. And BTW, many doctors disagree with the CDC and your belief that cloth face coverings prevent spread. The truth is, it does not prevent it (but your free to wear one if you like).

            Tks. 🙂

  3. I don’t see why the Mayor couldn’t just let everyone follow the Governor’s mandates as written. He just confuses the rules and for hair salons to change separation from 6’ to 10’ is ridiculous. All these openings businesses now have to write their own plans. Do they did one log or plan for the State and another one for the Muni? One just one plan and log/register. Just where in Anchorage do you find enough surgical masks and hand sanitizer for a business. My wife has been looking for us and just spent $51.90 on four 6oz bottles of hand sanitizer from FL. Good luck finding what a business needs to open.

  4. It was fun shopping in Wasilla today, no mask, no gloves….a lot of fun.
    Protest Mayor Berkowitz, and do your business outside of Anchorage!

      • Hi Michael J Pharo, yes , antibodies are produced in reaction to viruses. So I wish you luck with that. Elderly people’s immune systems are not that effective so they are more at risk. But also some people’s immune systems over react and actually start attacking their healthy cells creating an emergency situation and this occurs in young and middle aged people. Still I think we need to exercise a ” collective responsibility” to prevent a catAstrophic overload if hospitals. This WILL happen when we have a 2nd, 3rd , etc wave of the COVID-19 virus. I am a biologist. So I am familiar how viruses act. Also my information comes from John Hopkins Medical Center. They are a good source of information. But then I don’t consider physicians and epidemiologists to be whacky liberals. I consider them to be scientists. Many of them risk their lives working with COVID-19 patients and have first hand experience with intubated COVID patients. They are witnesses of the havoc this virus causes to the heart, causing clots ( leading to amputations, strokes, etc) damage to lungs, damage to kidneys, etc. This virus is more dangerous than flu. So good luck to you and your family.

        • Susan, the elderly and those with suppressed or compromised immune systems can wear face masks, or take whatever precautions they need to take to remain safe and healthy. Their desire or need to do so should not be the basis of our government forcing the rest of the population to do so. Again, there is conflicting information in the medical community concerning the effectiveness of all of these health mandates. For every example given supporting the mandates, their is an equally opposing example of why it these mandates are unnecessary. We cannot afford to continue living under these ridiculous mandates. Our economy and the well-being of our schools and businesses will be irreparably harmed, and unemployment will rise to levels beyond what are government can manage. Reasonable responses to this virus have been implemented, and the spread is under control. Mandating face-coverings, requiring restaurants to log and report visitors, and forcing businesses into having to lay off employees to remain solvent due to these mandates is WRONG.

  5. This is the dumbest thing I have read. Suzanne knows that 31 NY police officers have died from this thing. It is real. Money is causing this governor to cave in and turn loose the maniacal folks. Cattle. Get me the hell out of here before it all blows up.

    • The interior is right there. Gear up and bug out! I opt to fight this encroachment of our liberty. Ageed this crisis is real! Painfully so. But this draconian action, facilitated by power hungry politicians and sketchy disease control organizations. Is to put simply in progressive terms, unsustainable. Most of us don’t and won’t live in a tyrannical society. Period!

  6. F Anchorage Mayor. He is non essential. So is the governor.
    I will not WEAR A MASK. I do not live in FEAR. I will fight against any oppression and dictatorship tpo to the Supreme Court and revolution if necessary.

    • How are restaurants supposed to work on a six feet rule? They have a mask on, the people at the table have masks.. Who can hear what anyone is saying?? In not afraid but I won’t be going to a restaurant for some time until these ridiculous mandates are over and things are normal. Definitely think it’s time to reopen, however with these restrictions, I’ll wait.

  7. Outrageous! Berkowitz has no authority to tell Alaskans what they have to wear, and no authority to tell business owners how to run their business! Not only is this beyond the pale, but masks and gloves have no science behind them. In fact by “hunkering down” inside, sterilizing everything, and wearing masks and gloves, we are actually damaging our immune systems and making it very likely that when (if?) our insane (or evil) mayor deigns to allow us back to a normal human life, we will all be at risk of every illness that comes by!

    Everyone needs to stand up and call BS – and refuse to cooperate with this insanity anymore!

      • Hey, Scott rise up and do NOT practice social distancing (6 feet), do NOT wear mask, do NOT wash your hands. Make sure you go to crowded bars and hug strangers. And then go home and hug your kids, and hug your grandparents if you are lucky enough to still have grandparents. But do NOT complain if you get COVID -19 virus. And don’t complain if your kids or any of your relatives get COVID-19. And do NOT complain if any of your relatives die from it. COVID-19 virus is VERY contagious. These mandates are for the protection of people and keeping them safe or safer. But your families and friends health is of NO concern to you. The mandates are a part of a “collective responsibility”. But obviously you feel NO responsibility for the health of others. So go out and have fun. Be irresponsible!

        • Wow, well, we’ll keep practicing common-sense higene while you are living in a bubble. So long as your bubble doesn’t infringe upon our right to live as free men and women, we’re all good.

          P.S. You may want to consider an actual surgical mask because the mass produced cloth coverings will not prevent any virus from entering your body.

          Better yet, research how your body actually develops antibodies to protect you from viruses. You may come to understand why many of us are beyond ready to re-open local and state governments and get back to normal living.

          Take care, friend. 🙂

  8. Wow. Next thing this mayor is going to require is our bank account number to breathe. Is there a penalty for a business or customer for not adhering to this requirement?

    • Yes. There is a penalty for businesses violating State mandates regarding COVID -19 . The mandates are designed to protect public health from this dangerous virus. Prosecution of “Reckless Endangerment” is covered by Alaska Statute – 11.41.250. Also “Reckless Endangerment” by individuals and businesses can be cited under Alaska Statute 12.55.135. If convicted you get a class A misdemeanor. And could be imprisoned for 1 year and fined up to $1,000 for each occurrence- or if death is the result of the endangerment you could be fined much more. These are rules that can be read on Governor Dunleavy’s website. See phase 2 of the COVID -19 restrictions which began on May 8, 2020.

      • Uh, …no. You completely took those laws and incorrectly applied them to fit your position concerning this subject. The truth is, Supreme Courts all across this land are ruling in favor of those citizens rising up against their governors and mayors who are illegally forcing unnecessary health mandates upon them. I believe you will continue to see courts overturn local governors and mayors who try to impose ridiculous health mandates upon its citizens and continue to restrict local businesses from re-opening under the present circumstances. 🙂

        • Hi Michael, our family is interested in challenging these rules. Is there a way to bring the matter to the courts? I’ve heard that there are people doing this, and we would like to help – but have no idea where to start. Thank you!

        • Michael J Pharo, Those Alaska Statutes are cited or spelled out under information given about COVID -19 pandemic on Governor Dunleavy’s website. Actually it is under questions about the virus. I was interested in Dunleavy’s mandates for non essential businesses ( retail). See attachment E. This is part of Phase 2 of reopening businesses in Alaska and went into effect May 8. Also you can read about these Alaska Statutes in the Alaska Daily News April 24, 2020. “Health Mandate 016 Reopen Alaska Resonsibly”. I was interested in attachment E ( for nonessential businesses). NO , I did not make this up! Also most people want safety precautions. Look at the polls. The overreactive immune response is called ” a cytokine storm”. ie the immune system attacks the body tissues. This happens in many COVID-19 patients including in young patients. This causes an exaggerated inflammatory response. It may cause damage in liver, blood vessels, kidneys and lungs. It may cause blood clots which lead to strokes in young patients. Also some people have had limbs amputated. (The clots cut off the supply of oxygen in the limb) And in children it is called ” multisystem inflammatory syndrome”. See Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School , New York Times May 19 What We Know About the Covid- Related Syndrome Affecting Children, etc. the latter is rare and not much know about it. 100 plus cases affecting children in New York, some cases in Europe.

          • Susan, we agree about the existence of this virus, and in what it has caused (mostly). However, we disagree on how to best combat this virus AFTER we have sufficiently flattened the curve. These regulations you quote were necessary when we did not have sufficient resources to respond to this virus. We have slowed the spread and given the government and medical facilities the time to built the necessary ventilators and other resources required for effective treatment. A vaccine is in the works, and people are practicing better hygiene. Continued enforcement of the business restrictions still being imposed in places like Anchorage, mandatory usage of non-medical facial coverings for EVERYONE (arguably proven to be ineffective against this virus), and continued social distancing is UNNECESSARY.

            I appreciate your willingness to share these statistics, and for your passion for reporting ‘Must_Read_Alaska’ news.

      • Governor Dunleavy announced today that effective Friday 22 May 2020, Alaska is open for business:
        – All businesses can open
        – All houses of worship can open
        – Libraries and museums can open
        – All recreational activities can open
        – All sports activities can open

        The Governor also expects to eliminate the 14-day travel quarantine effective 2 June 2020. Mandates 15, 17, 18 remain in effect. Expectations are that all organizations and people will continue to practice wise health behaviors with regard to COVID-19.

  9. How do you eat with a mask on. Tables 10 feet apart.? Reservation only?
    Do the elites really thing this is sustainable. They want the restaurants open for their private dinning. It will cost 100 dollars for a chicken wing and a glass of water with this business model.
    Six friends drive to a charter boat and only one can go fishing.
    Stop This Madness Now.
    Isolate the vulnerable , Quarantine the elderly and protect our Elders.
    It is statistically more dangerous to die mowing your lawn than to get this virus and die from it. Open the State to most if not all business. Let New York handle it their way. We Alaskans can do much better than this.
    The Constitution remains a shield from the tyranny of the majority.

    • What did people ever do before restaurants? Barbarism!
      Sustainable? Try not having 67% or economy dedicated to the service sector?

  10. Doesn’t seem too much to ask. Business owners are servants to the gainfully employed or financially retired and should remember that. This is a union state controlled by lobbyist and government bosses. Now march.

  11. Now I understand the new commentators here, that have no idea what liberty and freedom are, you all live in Los Anchorage. In Alaska we believe in the rule of law and the Constitution. You folks in Los Anchorage need to vote so your elected representatives don’t do the crazy stuff they are doing to your city, many of them are doing it to the state. Hopefully this is your wake-up call. YOU NEED TO VOTE Los Anchorage. Your liberal elected official are trying to ruin this state and they have already ruined Los Anchorage. If you don’t like it being called Los Anchorage, then fix it.

    • Any suggestions on how to “fix” Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in voting system that was –forced– on voters by the Anchorage Assembly?

      • Get enough people together to vote those who are in place voted out, once that happens get rid of vote by mail. Vote by mail was only forced upon you because people elected those who support subverting the vote; what has been done can be undone.

    • I don’t like being associated with Los Anchorage but that’s likely because I live in Eagle River. Unfortunately ER doesn’t have the population to “fix it.”
      I assure you I know several families with an exit strategy to leave the Municipality to its own ruin.

  12. For the first time in history, “Quarantine” doesn’t mean separating out the sick, infirmed, fragile, or contagious. It means EVERYone gets separated. But the truly amazing part is we, as a world, said, OK.
    If folks who are pro-choice really lived that out, they would let us make the choice to take our chances. Ironically, those same traditional pro-choice (think Planned Parenthood) folks generally want us to stay home to save lives while keeping the abortion centers open to, uh, well, be essential at, uh, Well, nevermind. Nothing to see here, folks.

    • you might consider looking things up before commenting. from the CDC website:

      What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?
      Quarantine is used to keep someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 away from others. Someone in self-quarantine stays separated from others, and they limit movement outside of their home or current place. A person may have been exposed to the virus without knowing it (for example, when traveling or out in the community), or they could have the virus without feeling symptoms. Quarantine helps limit further spread of COVID-19.

      Isolation is used to separate sick people from healthy people. People who are in isolation should stay home. In the home, anyone sick should separate themselves from others by staying in a specific “sick” bedroom or space and using a different bathroom (if possible).

  13. Like toddlers let loose in a town full of Lincoln logs, Berkowitz and his wife destroy things.
    The opposite of the greatest generation.
    I’m surprised no one has yet to band together to file a lawsuit or ask for an injunction, especially with all the revised modelling out there. And good luck getting people back to work for the next four months: many of them are making double their normal pay on the supercharged unemployment.

  14. Are these the same masks that the World Health Organization, CDC, and Dr. Fauci laughingly told the public were useless in stopping the spread of Covid19? Freaking imbeciles!

  15. Can someone clarify? Is the 30 day reservation/guest log a requirement of the Muni rules AND the State rules? Or just the Muni rules? And I wonder what they will do with that information?

  16. Gov. Dunleavy has the authority to override Mayor Berkowitz anytime he wants to.
    Gov. Dunleavy just chooses not to.
    We know this is true, because over the objections of Mayor Berkowitz,
    Anchorage Baptist Temple requested directly to Gov. Dunleavy for outdoor Sunday services, and it was approved. (ABT is in the Anchorage city).
    So… Mayor Berkowitz has a Tantrum, and sends APD cruisers through the church parking lot during the services to intimidate the patrons.

    • Their first mistake was asking for permission to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. You don’t ask, you just do it.

    • Now, ABT knows how the city has treated AFN (alaska federation of native) attendees during every convention i known since 2002. Apd patrol cars line the whole right side and back side of the denaina center, while there are at least 8 police cars continually circling the whole downtown district circumferencing the denaina center.

  17. Great to finally reopening Anchorage! However, one question I keep asking…Why are not the big box stores such as Walmart and Fred Meyer being forced to adhere to the same standards?…Only about half the employees at any Fred Meyers are wearing masks…The way certain things are arranged in the front of the stores promote clustering and not social distancing. Even the ADN has interviewed a family who stated that they probably got it at the grocery store, and yet no one seems to care that Walmart continually crams its aisles with stuff which makes passing anyone at a semi-safe distance impossible and Fred Meyer midtown has its sanitary wipes at the entrance that are for customers guarded by an employee who does not wear a mask in a tiny space behind the baskets which everyone clusters at. I feel much safer patronizing small businesses…Granted, everyone needs groceries and it’s almost impossible to restrict the number of folks entering a box store, but stores have the ability to make their aisles free and clear and movement within the stores much safer. They will not do any of this of course….Are we really “all in this together”?

    • With respect, it does not look like we are “all in this together”.
      Anchorage seems to be separating into at least two tribes: productive Anchorage residents versus government representatives morphing into rulers.
      City government can’t make us safe or not sick, Catherine. It can’t keep China flu or much of anything else from killing us; it doesn’t have that ability.
      But it does two things very well: rule and get money.
      And, as uncomfortable as it might be, we have to draw the line, say no mas!, fight back when rulers cross that line.
      So you may be right… we are all in this together, but “this” has nothing to do with disease or safety.

  18. If the Founding Fathers were still alive and living in Anchorage, being the good and considerate citizens that they were, they’d all be wearing their masks. To heck with your precious “rights” in these pandemic circumstances. Suck it up, do the right thing, and try to protect yourselves and your fellow citizens. It’s not forever…

    So many have been poisoned by the Conservative ideology and its disciples- Fox, Rush, Sean, Laura, et al., all of whom only pretend to believe what they espouse on television for the sake of money.

    I really despair when I read these comments sometimes.

    • “It’s not forever”? You’ve got to be kidding. Mayor Berkowitz extended the hunker down mandates every time he had the opportunity in spite of the medial data indicating it was time to let up. Before the Assembly members extended his emergency powers, they told me that it didn’t mean he would extend the hunkerdown mandates. The first thing he did after receiving a renewal of emergency powers (which he wanted for 7 more months) he extended the hunkerdown mandates. And he knew the Governor was preparing a phased open up plan in the same week. He is only opening things up because the Governor is doing it for the entire state. The Mayor is begrudgingly opening up; but only with all kinds of silly differences from the Governor’s plan. This is all selfish politics on the Mayor’s part. There is absolutely no real science to his differences.

    • Whidbey,

      Spoken like a true leftist, to heck with your precious rights, really.
      And you have the unmitigated gall to reference the founding fathers, for shame. There is legal precedent (with SCOTUS decisions to back them) to restrict rights in this country during times like these, we DO NOT send our rights to heck or anywhere else!
      How’s the lockdown going in Washington? Los Anchorage seems to be following suit with your state. No cases reported today for all of Alaska! I full expect the numbers to start rising as we slowly start to reopen our economy.

      • Whidbey is an old worn-out druggie, with a thinning, white pony tail, from the 60’s, who studies the philosophy of Mao and farts a lot in the basement of his grandparent’s house. Exciting life! A true Democrat with a quarter-page of work experience in his curriculum vitae.

        • Dear Paul, sorry to disappoint. For your information, I’m a former 35-year Alaskan resident who worked for decades as an engineer and manager in the Alaskan oilfields, and others around the world. I saved my money, invested it, raised successful kids, and subsequently retired quite comfortably Outside. But I’m still 100% Alaskan at heart, and I follow the Alaska news on a daily basis.

          For most of my life, I was a conservative Republican. But over time, as I have aged, and as I’ve travelled, lived, and worked all over the world, my views have changed considerably. I’m quite a bit more liberal now. But also, the GOP has moved so far to the right, that I can no longer partake of their narrow-minded and uncompassionate ideologies.

          So, you see, you really have me wrong. Shame on your stereotypes.

          And by the way, I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. I do wish, however, that I still had enough hair for a pony tail.

          • Sounds like you are ok with big government and less rights. Well a lot of us are not ok with it so say outside and pay taxes and get oppressed by big government rules. This virus is not going way and we need to learn to live with it or say home until the end. Some choice to make for sure. You have made yours as becoming liberal and wanting someone telling what you can and cannot do.

      • And as the number of deaths consequently begins to rise there, the sounds of grief and anguish will be plain for all to hear, unmuffled as they will be by any rights-infringing masks…

        • Death happens. Every day. About 7,500 a day in America. Every one is a tragedy for someone. Still have to live life while you can. But, it is America. You are free to go hide.

    • Since you’ve dragged conservatives into the mix, isn’t it telling that the states and cities with the highest rates of infections and the highest death rates are all sanctuary cities and states run by dems.

  19. Remember this Anchorage residents and voters when you vote in another Berkowitz in a year or so! Look at this past months votes right along his requests. Time to move out of Muni!

    • Seems like nobody is able to comprehend the true value of this virus and the effects of it on our culture.

      Try living at the speed of life, instead of the industrial speed of commerce. You might find more value for your time at the speed of life.


  20. I wish ALL of you screaming and throwing tantrums would take a beat and breathe, these are NOT forever circumstances IF we behave rationally Now. The article said mask “Except when eating”. If you do not want to give your information maybe pick up your order and eat at home or at a park.
    There are always alternatives use your energy throwing tantrums to be creative.
    Or if I could be inconsiderate as your self and not care if You would get the COVID-19 and end up on a ventilator alone in a bubble with spit dripping down your face and sweat pooling in your eyelids because the nurses are overwhelmed and unable to tend on you hand and foot!
    So I will rise above your current attitude of entitlement and realize I am helping my fellow Alaskans to minimize the spread of a disease that sees No difference between those with narrow minds and those that are concerned for the greater good.

    • Taryn-

      If you think these are “NOT forever circumstances” Then why are Berkowitz and Dunleavy referring to these mandates “The New Normal”?

      Alaskans are putting up with that!! And we are not going to wear a mask.

    • Yes. There is a penalty for businesses violating State mandates regarding COVID -19 . The mandates are designed to protect public health from this dangerous virus. Prosecution of “Reckless Endangerment” is covered by Alaska Statute – 11.41.250. Also a person or business that recklessly endangers another person’s life could be convicted of a class A misdemeanor. That person could be imprisoned for 1 year and fined up to $500,000. If the “Reckless endangerment” results in the death of another person, you could be fined even more and sentenced to a longer imprisonment. ” Collective responsibility” for a community is important. The mandates for COVID-19 virus are working to reduce the spread of this dangerous and very contagious virus. The mandates are preventing Alaska’s hospitals from being completely overrun by the COVID -19 virus and requiring another lockdown. So controlling the pandemic is important and must go hand in hand with opening businesses. If the spred of COVID -19 virus spikes and overwhelms Alaska hospitals, we will be back in another lockdown. We will not be able to open our schools. Etc. Viruses and especially very contagious ones don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. They just need human bodies to infect and human cells to reproduce in. Thus the social distancing rule of 6 feet is in place. Masks reduce the chance that your spit, coughs, sneezes will infect another person- in other words it protects other people. 25 % plus people are infected with the COVID-19 virus and show NO symptoms. The COVID-19 affects the heart muscle, kidneys ( patients require dialysis), causes blood clots and strokes, damages the cells in the lungs, etc. It is often fatal especially in patients that are intubated. Those who survive intubation suffer from permanent damage.

      • Only a matter of time before Alaska Supreme Court steps in and shuts this illegal activity down (just like in other states).

        As for the Valley, yeah, we feel sorry for Anchorage residents right now.

        You elected the idiot, sorry. 🙂

  21. The ‘diminutive democrat dictator’ (wanna-be) isn’t letting the ‘crisis’ go to waste. He’s trying to use every iota of “power” given by Wuhan v. If left to him, Anchorage will be a ‘mini-Wuhan’, complete with outrageous restrictions from the little guy, cops forcibly supporting his “mandates”, and his objective achieved of using the ‘tyrannical’ powers granted by the Wuhan v to establish his “absolute” authority over Anchorage citizens. One can only imagine what would be happening to Alaska if the little jerk had won the governor’s race. With further thought, the “little imposter” has complete support from the “legislative majority” in Alaskan politics. No doubt he will be supported at the state level, to turn Anchorage into his “private” fiefdom. Anchorage citizens beware. Your lives will be changed forever (at least until the next election, anyway) by the non-Alaskan/American little idiot that you have ‘voted’ into office. You see, actions (voting) have consequences.

  22. Wow. Pretty thorough. Too bad people can’t seem to do all of this on their own with having to abide by government rules. Freedom does require responsibility. With that said though, likely we will have a covid free summer after 2-3 weeks of such intense diligence.

  23. My understanding is that all of this is a result of “following the science” yet the MOA website does not identify that science. The website has some statistics and graphs that do not match up well with the criteria found in the plan for opening. Is the COVIDAct Now model still being used? Behind a facade of information I have the impression that the current municipal administration is doing whatever it wants. If there ever was a time for transparency in government, this is it. Welcome to soft totalitarianism.

  24. Been waiting on this one. Its precisely the sort of one size fits all routine that Ethan glories in.

    There is a community out there – the disabled community – that has a number of its members who cannot wear masks or face covering. Ethan is still required to guarantee appropriate access for those people.

    What does Ethan plan on doing about that? Cheers –

  25. So does the 20 person limit apply to stores that have been open, like Costco and Fred Meyer? Same with the masks, are they now required where they were not last week? How is this opening up?

  26. So if I don’t have a mask? Can’t buy any, can’t find any, will Uncle Ethan provide for me?
    Will business’ refuse entry if I don’t have a mask?

  27. I don’t think these restrictions are unreasonable. There’s more than your life at stake. If you have the infection but are asymptomatic, you are putting everyone you come into contact with at risk. This disease kills by not only causing lung issues, but kidney, heart, and brain damage. Young people are dying from strokes from this. Your attitude shows to ignorance. It shows that you have no real knowledge. You haven’t had to deal with anything that would cause you to actually stop and think on your actions. You could give your loved ones this disease and they could die. Who would be to blame then? Seeing your attitude, it would be everyone but you. It’s not your fault, you didn’t know. . . Irresponsible.

    • Yeah, but that is the brand of snowflakes that we are having to live with these days. It isn’t right, but can’t do anything about it except distance yourself, arm yourself, protect the ones you love.

    • There is definitely more than our lives at stake here, Betty. Our whole economic future is at stake. Never before have we put the responsibility of preventing the spread of a virus on a select group of our citizens. You see, Betty, it is only those who are supposedly ” non essential” that have been expected to stay home. Those in government and a few other sectors are still working. Hopefully, as our society opens up some of these people will regain employment.
      We live in a free society, Betty. That means we have personal responsibilities. Being personally responsible for our health is one of those. We don’t ask our neighbor to lose his business because we were a smoker for 30 years and now “vulnerable “.
      From my view, it’s mostly those with guaranteed incomes shouting to keep people home and control our lives 24-7. I wish those with guaranteed incomes would pony up some of that income to help those who have lost so much economically. All in the name of supposedly saving lives.

  28. I don’t know what the protocols are for the Alaska State flag, but I do know that one should never wear the American flag as an article of clothing. Not sure if a mask is considered an article of clothing, but wearing one with a flag emblem seems disrespectful to me.

    • While not illegal, it is frowned upon. There are better ways to show patriotism. Flag etiquette has taken a hit lately like lots of things nowadays. Look at the bright side, they could be wearing swastikas or rising suns.

    • Greg, you’ve said a lot of ridiculous things in these forums but this one stands above the rest. Flags rebuilt as articles of clothing is different from having flag imagery printed on a shirt or another article of clothing. I guess if you object to wearing the Big Dipper on a blue hat, you’re really at the wrong place. Seriously, you have a problem with a Betsy Ross flag on a face covering? Stars of gold on a sea of blue? Good grief, man. Get a grip.

      • You must remember that I am old school and as such, i don’t bend just because the breeze changes direction. I speak the truth as I see it and have many at-a-boys in my corner. You of course are entitled to your own opinion as am I.

      • I give less than a crap about a big dipper, but I take imagery of the US Flag serious. If you look up flag etiquette you will see what is acceptable. Let me guess, you voted for HILLARY! That speaks volumes.

      • An American flag is an American flag, whatever its provenance. The etiquette is the same for all.
        You might be surprised to find that burning the flag is recommended as a respectful way of disposing of one. I believe, not too long ago, several worn American flags were retired this way by one of the local military groups.
        American flag etiquette does not necessarily apply to state flags.
        Flag imagery printed on clothing is one of the things that is considered in poor taste. It’s still the flag. Imagine flag underwear?

  29. With respect, Mr. Mayor, that’s not happening.
    Anchorage-Americans aren’t riding in the back of that bus, if you get the drift.
    Seems reasonable to expect the “shall wear face coverings”, “required to maintain reservation/ guest log records for 30 days (which) will be made available to the government, (which) must contain first and last name, and phone number.” to be challenged until mandates are withdrawn
    especially when even one (1) bum is allowed to infest downtown Anchorage and crap openly in the peoples’ space.
    Also, it seems reasonable to expect productive Anchorage residents and businesses will:
    … demand jury trials if arrested or fined for noncompliance,
    … invoke jury nullification,
    … shop outside Anchorage on collective buying trips,
    … demonstrate publicly against your mandates,
    … file civil-rights complaints with the U.S. Justice Department against your mandates,
    … actively campaign at state and federal levels against state and federal money, including law-enforcement assistance grants, intended to bail out Anchorage or enforce your mandate,
    … actively campaign at state and federal level for a hold-harmless law to prevent China flu-related lawsuits against businesses and individuals,
    … exit Anchorage like they did in the 80’s, leaving city leadership Lords of all they survey which, apart from thriving bum colonies, probably won’t be much.
    Respectfully request you withdraw this mandate Mr. Mayor and set an example by opening Anchorage for business.

  30. I don’t think Berkowitz is to blame he’s just following orders. Anyone think that maybe this was a test to see how well they can manipulate and lead us to slaughter? Some of these so called rules that are supposed to protect us are down right retarded.

    • No lack or irony here, Mr. Thilo!

      You think you’re being lead to slaughter – really? Actually, the idea of wearing a mask is intended to try to keep you alive. Why do you refuse to believe in things that are for your own good?

      Not everything that happens is a liberal conspiracy. Turn off the conservative media, think for yourself, and become enlightened.

  31. Are you kidding me, who is going to give their real name and phone number anyway???? It is way to boring staying shut up inside during the 3-4 months that we actually have warm weather! I would rather just get the virus and die then stay at home any longer! Even people who are elderly have a greater chance of dying in a car accident on the way to the hospital to get treatment then from the actual virus!

  32. We know that Berkowitz and the majority of the city council were against the Trans bathroom proposition that passed in 2018. Can we all just ‘Identify as homeless” ? After all the homeless are not required to wear masks, social distance or hunker down. Just a thought.

  33. No dine in restaurant could possibly make a profit under these conditions. It would cost them money to operate. And if they are paying employees with money loaned from the government it’s the taxpayer and restaurant that are both going into debt just to create the appearance of a normal economy.

  34. This is what the State emailed out on 4/22 attached to #16. Now really confused who to follow, Mayor or Gov.


    The policies contained in this Health Mandate are most effective when implemented uniformly across the State. Conflicting local provisions will frustrate this Mandate’s health and economic objectives and, therefore, are irreconcilable with this Mandate’s purposes. Therefore, unless specifically authorized by this, or any another Mandate issued by the Governor, this Mandate, Attachment A (Alaska Essential Services and Critical Workforce Infrastructure Order), Attachment B (Alaska Small Community Emergency Travel Order), and Attachments D through G expressly and intentionally supersede and preempt any existing or future conflicting local, municipal, or tribal mandate, directive, resolution, ordinance, regulation, or other order.

    Business operations and other activities permitted to operate under this mandate may not be prohibited by local, municipal, or tribal mandate, directive, resolution, ordinance, regulation, or other order.

    Notwithstanding the above, businesses subject to this mandate that are located within the Municipality of Anchorage, must continue to operate under prior state and municipal mandates through 8 a.m. Monday April 27, 2020, at which time, this Mandate will control.

  35. If you choose to wear a mask & are wearing it, why should I have to? You’re protected from your hysterical fear whether I wear a mask, or not, because you’re wearing one. Being more restrictive than grocery stores were during the “peak,” is asinine & has no logical medical justification.
    PS. Been under hospital care for a week & only caregivers have to mask.

  36. People are seriously grumbling over a Mayor making executive decisions in order to help stop the very real possibility of spread? Is wearing a simple mask and staying 6ft away from people so infringing on you? Such idiocy! It would be careless for a Mayor to not make this protective measure mandated in Alaska’s most populous city. Ignorance.

    • Americans don’t give such authority to one elected official.
      As a matter of survival if nothing else, Americans refuse to obey “executive decisions” which deny them herd immunity needed for the species to survive.
      Ignorance is conflating herd immunity with herd mentality.
      Ignorance is accepting Dr. Birx’s pronouncement on April 7: what kills you doesn’t matter, if you “test” positive for China flu, stats’ll say you died of China flu… accepting control of your life based on falsified stats, one big damned lie!
      Ignorance is meekly accepting that 600 Americans have to be thrown out of work for every one who reportedly died of China flu, whether or not he actually died of
      China flu (see above).
      Ignorance is meekly obeying “mandates” which penalize productive Anchorage-American residents for making a living, but allow Anchorage’s bum colonies to
      congregate freely and openly crap in the peoples’ spaces!
      Ignorance is meekly obeying Anchorage’s plastic-bag “executive decision”, which facilitates transmitting all sorts of diseases through re-usable shopping bags.
      Just out of curiosity… where Magen works, HIV-positive employees have to suit up so they don’t contaminate anyone and HIV positive customers never could come in except by appointment, with proper social distancing, and if they’re properly suited up, yes?
      Of course, sincere apologies are offered in advance if Magen indeed set an example by suiting up properly back in the day when SARS, MERS, Ebola, bird flu,
      swine flu, AIDS, and the regular ole flu hit.

    • You call it ignorance? Research Koch’s Postulate and tell me what you know. Read the original publications from Jiaxian, et al. On pubmed and tell me what you know. Tell me what’s available in the literature.

      Now lets make the jump into policy actions. Is it my obligation to cease my life and livelihood to protect you? Or, if you perceive a monstrous risk to yourself or your loved ones, is it your obligation to act on behalf of yourself?

      There’s a very strange thing going on where we get gaslighted into believing in something for which the evidence of its very existence is thin at best, then emotionally manipulated into succumbing to your personal tyranny against me. You can choose not to dine out. You can choose to lock yourself indoors. You can choose to wrap yourself in a chemsuit with self contained breather, but you can’t–WON’T–force me to do the same on your behalf. Your hypochondria shall not transform into Tryanny!

  37. The big question that people maybe have asked the whole time but I think they are really taking seriously now, is “how long”? How long do we not shake hands and have to wear masks? How long do we persist not trusting people to deal with natural phenomena on their own terms? How long do we let government overrun our liberties and destroy our businesses? How long before there is a vaccine? How long, after that, does this happen all over again because of the next “virus”?

    They know now how easily they can dominate the people and destroy private wealth. They know now how easily they can secure rights and property. The few, well meaning folks, who are making the calls, are trying to emphasize with people who have lost their life’s work and life’s savings, who’ve had to lay off friends and close stores, destroy inventory, etc, however it is an impossible task; By definition, if you are making the call, you have a pension, you have healthcare, you have job security, you have been allowed to continue to BE HUMAN. Those making the calls will NEVER be able to have that empathy—and that is taking into account the few that want to. The rest? Well they are extending this overreach out as long as they can and already planning the next one, and that is a frightening prospect. The only solution I can think of, is to fight like hell to get or KEEP the few people we can see in positions of authority, who are fighting the tendency of all men, to subjugate their neighbor.

  38. As for me and my family, we simply will not comply with the Mayor’s prohibition of cash payments, nor will we comply with the demand to place our names and phone numbers on customer tracking logs. If they want my personal info, they will need to obtain a warrant from a Judge. I will not voluntarily relinquish my right to privacy.

  39. Mayor buttwipe you can take your rules and put them to good use ant the city level and keep all of your employees away from us city folks who will not follow your rules when they violate the constitution and our rights.

  40. Wish it would have stayed that way
    Everyone is staying away from people but I went in to pay my GCI Bill you have to have your own mask to enter
    I left
    Went to Thrifters Rock to check on a couple things They have masks/gloves/and sanitizer at door but won’t let you in unless you put them on
    So guess what I left there too I know how to stay away from people I’m not wearing a mask. I’m claustrophobic.

  41. If a mask works then the one who chooses to wear one will not be affected by one who chooses not to wear one. Problem is, none of your homemade masks work, and they aren’t going to work any better with all parties wearing them. So what’s the point, except to give people false sense of security.

    People have lost their ever living minds, and this panic pandemic has brought their unstable side out.

    • Yes. There is a penalty for businesses violating State mandates regarding COVID -19 . The mandates are designed to protect public health from this dangerous virus. Prosecution of “Reckless Endangerment” is covered by Alaska Statute – 11.41.250. Also a person or business that recklessly endangers another person’s life could be convicted of a class A misdemeanor. That person could be imprisoned for 1 year and fined up to $500,000. If the “Reckless endangerment” results in the death of another person, you could be fined even more and sentenced to a longer imprisonment. ” Collective responsibility” for a community is important. The mandates for COVID-19 virus are working to reduce the spread of this dangerous and very contagious virus. The mandates are preventing Alaska’s hospitals from being completely overrun by the COVID -19 virus and requiring another lockdown. So controlling the pandemic is important and must go hand in hand with opening businesses. If the spred of COVID -19 virus spikes and overwhelms Alaska hospitals, we will be back in another lockdown. We will not be able to open our schools. Etc. Viruses and especially very contagious ones don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican. They just need human bodies to infect and human cells to reproduce in. Thus the social distancing rule of 6 feet is in place. Masks reduce the chance that your spit, coughs, sneezes will infect another person- in other words it protects other people. 25 % plus people are infected with the COVID-19 virus and show NO symptoms. The COVID-19 affects the heart muscle, kidneys ( patients require dialysis), causes blood clots and strokes, damages the cells in the lungs, etc. It is often fatal especially in patients that are intubated. Those who survive intubation suffer from permanent damage.

  42. Study conclusion in the Annals of Internal Medicine published April 6, 2020 regarding surgical and cloth masks as protection from COVID-19: “In conclusion, both surgical and cotton masks seem to be ineffective in preventing the dissemination of SARS–CoV-2 from the coughs of patients with COVID-19 to the environment and external mask surface.”
    Effectiveness of Surgical and Cotton Masks in Blocking SARS–CoV-2: A Controlled Comparison in 4 Patients

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