Anchorage in black and white, a picture of fascism



I’m something of a student of Western history.  I’ve had some academic history, but I’m more of an autodidact; I don’t really adhere to the Marxist historical canon of the academy. Besides, I never had the money to go to Oxford to learn about the Byzantine Empire through some lens other than Gibbon’s English Protestant point of view.   

I’m very much of the view that there is little that is new under the Sun, and if you know your history, you can find the same fact pattern in the past and it will give you at least guidance into what you face today.

I can barely see the first half of the Twentieth Century in color. I can’t see women and children lined up on the edge of a pit and facing machine guns in the bright colors of a beautiful sunny day in the Ukraine, yet I know that they have bright, sunny days just as we do, since we share the same latitudes.   

When my eyes were still up to it, I was a museum-quality model builder and my major interest was militaria from the 20th Century.  I can rattle off the MilSpec numbers or RLM names of the often garish colors of World War II American and German equipment, but I still see them in black and white. I can’t see Auschwitz on a sunny cloudless day.

I know the Me-109s that escorted the German bombers during the Battle of Britain were two shades of green with a light blue underside and many had a bright yellow nose and a white rudder to better show off the pilot’s kills and awards, but they’re all gray to me.   

A world dominated by authoritarian powers is a world of black and white.

To the point: I don’t have much reason to go to downtown Anchorage; there’s nothing much there anymore other than drunks and drug addicts.  I go to the car dealer a couple of times a year for service. I go to a group I meet with sometimes, but these days, I usually just Zoom that.   

I used to like lunch at Fletcher’s or Sullivan’s with associates or former work mates, but that has become too much of a hassle.  I live in South Anchorage and you can get most anything within a mile radius of Huffman and the Old Seward.

But even that has become a hassle. The fascists running our city government have their conformity Gestapo out harassing merchants and barkeepers, especially those audacious enough to host Republican political events.   

People have been “distanced” for so long that they’ve forgotten how to get along. God help you if you don’t wear a face diaper or if you’re only five and a half rather than six feet away in the grocery store aisle. It’s better just to order online and go to Fred Meyer and pick it up.

I made a reservation at a nearby upscale restaurant for a Friday “date night” with my wife. We were on time but they didn’t have a table ready. We couldn’t wait in the bar because the fascists have closed bars. There was probably enough room for “social distancing” in the waiting area, but the ignorant children in charge couldn’t make such decisions, so they told us to go wait in our car and they’d call us.   

I gave them the two-word speech and won’t likely be back.  

In these times, businesses need managerial competence to make adaptive decisions; they might even need owners to drop down from their ivory towers or return from Hawaii and actually run the place. I’ve supervised twenty-somethings; you don’t put them in charge of anything.   

Executive summary: Anchorage sucks.

I went to a political event in Palmer last week. Driving across the Knik River Bridge is like escaping the concentration camp. There are friendly people who aren’t wearing face diapers, our equivalent of a yellow star or a pink triangle, and who will shake your hand.  I’ve gone to Palmer and Wasilla numerous times during the period of our incarceration. I can get anything there that I can get in Anchorage.  I can fill up my car without paying an extra 10 cents to support the drunks, addicts, and screw-ups.  

The lefties in Anchorage and throughout other parts of Alaska have decided that they don’t need or want a private sector. The private sector is the constituency for the corpus of the Permanent Fund.  If you need the dividend to get by, you’ve likely made some bad choices in your life.   

The lefties envision a world in which the private sector abandons Anchorage.  If you want a prototype, just look at Juneau; there is just enough private economy there to provide the basics for the Democrat parasites who live there. They envision the the whole state having a similar economy.  Since the primary constituency for the corpus of the Permanent Fund is the private sector, if you eliminate that constituency, you have access to the corpus of the Fund and the parasites can live off money that other people made for many, many years.

Art Chance is a retired Director of Labor Relations for the State of Alaska, formerly of Juneau and now living in Anchorage. He is the author of the book, “Red on Blue, Establishing a Republican Governance,” available at Amazon. 


  1. Nice OpEd Art. I’ve been keeping an eye out for John Gault, I’m sure he’s running around here somewhere? Looking for that hidden valley, where people work productively in a free society and everyone is pursuing happiness with their hands and minds. I’m looking for that Production Economy, and trying to escape from this Parasitic Economy. If you run into John, tell him I said hi!

  2. Quite the whine Art, that you’ll be wanting some cheese served by a take-out outfit. And you don’t get fascism, either.

        • Ah yes Robert…. but it is far more important to speak truthfully than nicely. Remember what Ben said, “facts don’t have feelings.”

        • That’s just Art’s schtick whenever he doesn’t like something said. And now he has resorted to calling those he doesn’t agree with “fascists.” Heheh!

          • Billy, didn’t Fascists quell, ban, and snuff out any dissent? Sure looks like that is what the group running Anchorage is doing.

          • Next you’ll be telling us that those Fascists are “far-right authoritarians.” You don’t have a clue about fascism, either Robert.
            Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism[1][2] characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy[

  3. Mr. Chance
    I always enjoy your columns but take exception when you diss Juneau where you used to live. We have two mines and several seafood processing plants and many many more smaller businesses. I am a manufacturer who serves all of southeast and have many other business associates who take offense at your attempts to paint all of our populace with the same brush. It’s same as when the bulk of the state blames Juneau for bad or no legislation. You all fail to remember that you folks sent all but three of them down here. We’re all in this together so let’s try to stick together. Good luck with your municipal elections and bringing some change to the mess you’re in. We’ll say a little prayer for you.

    • I’ve lived in Anchorage. I’ve lived in Juneau. Juneau, for all its faults, is much more livable than Anchorage.

      And much better run

    • You know, I actually agree; Juneau is much better and actually more conservatively run. Juneau’s people actually know something about running a government.

      That said, I stand by my assertion that there is almost no private sector in Juneau. I lived at the suit and tie level of State government, and you couldn’t buy a decent suit and tie in Juneau.

      I don’t blame Juneau; I know that only three members of the Legislature live in Juneau. That said, I know that the lefties know that the Juneau economy is a model.

    • You make good points Dave. Now, if we can just get them to move the blight that is the state capital to Anchorage, then Juneau could become a true beacon of hope for Alaska. And I’m not joking.

  4. I live halfway we between Anchorage and the Valley and woild just assume to drive north than give my business to the big box stores that inhabit Anchorage. The Municipality in the future will probably replaced by Mat-Su as the hub of business for the state. I think they should move forward with building up MacKenzie Point pirt and extend the rail line down because Anchorage will be done if current members of the Assembly are not replaced and we elect a Conservative Mayor.

  5. Art, you are such a true voice of reality in the non sustainable condition our state finds itself in. We need lots more people to open their eyes, ears and mouths, and reign in the liberal left! No where, have they demonstrated that their policies and ideas work.

  6. Art Chance just wrote the best analysis of what the socialist/communist/totalitarian assembly has done to Anchorage. Inevitably all laws, regulations, statutes or mandates are enforced with fines and then by physical force. The wimps on the assembly need to know that their “physical force” which would be law enforcement, just might turn on them. Keep it up, Dunbar, Rivera, Ms. Illegal Mayor, Weddleton, Constant and the rest. Keep an eye on your “bodyguards”.

    • I think the Left has pretty much completely alienated law enforcement other than those at the managerial and union leadership level, and their interest isn’t public safety but rather raw political power. And, thanks for the kind words.

  7. Thanks for your imput Art!
    I would add that Covid is but a magnifying glass, to what has been so for decades now!

  8. Art: “Since the primary constituency for the corpus of the Permanent Fund is the private sector, if you eliminate that constituency, you have access to the corpus of the Fund and the parasites can live off money that other people made for many, many years.”

    I agree the corpus (sustainable value) of the Permanent Fund is under attack. More so from Dunleavy than the Left. But both sides want to get their fingers on it. Why? The Legislature has run out of savings accounts to borrow from and now an overdraw of the PF Earnings Reserve is the only resource left.
    It would be extremely foolish to draw more than the statutory 5% per year.
    Paying Dividends through deficit spending every year is just wrong.
    Let’s DIVIDendit!
    It will be a brave new World for everyone.

      • Well, its the glaringly most important issue before the Legislature except for those who choose blinders and pandering. And if you note I quoted Art’s view on the subject so it is relevant to the story.
        Why don’t you take your mask off oh brave snarkicist?

  9. What ever will we do when we don’t need our muzzles anymore,? Like Texas did today. Freedom!! I don’t miss the heat, bugs. And reptiles from there, but there were benefits. Even in Houston’s insanity.

  10. Pretty much sums it up…Anchorage has gone off the deep end with this covid madness.
    It is refreshing to live in the valley where we did not have to cover our airways to socialize.
    We still shake hands with one another and can share the occasional smile.
    I have always said that Anchorage is one hour away from Alaska and these last 12 months have really driven this point home.

  11. That’s exactly what the unions want in Alaska: the permanent fund all for themselves. The teachers union and the labor unions want to purloin the PFD money that belongs to the people of Alaska for their salaries, wages and benefits.

  12. Just so you know – a world in which addicts and junkies and others who’ve made their “choices” don’t get help and don’t get better makes the world we all have to share that much worse. Compassion can be selfish and to your benefit in that way if it suits your worldview.

    • Just so you know, a world in which addicts, junkies, and others who’ve made poor choices are continually bailed out with no accountability is a world that suffers from dysfunctionality as a result.

    • We don’t help them, we enable them. We have a welfare system that is far more lucrative than entry-level jobs plus corporate and Permanent Fund dividends for most as well. Anchorage, well urban Alaska generally, is a very good place to be a screw-up.

  13. Art, thanks for another good read. I too have noticed the parasitical nature of the petty tyrants who have seized control over our local and state government systems. Your example of Juneau is well founded, with two world class mines and a thriving fishing fleet it really is the envy of the rest of Alaskan local governments. Trouble is, Anchorage, aside from providing fuel and service to international air freight has no basis of an economy other then Government spending. Reliance upon dwindling State petro dollars and uncertain military expenditures under a China Friendly Biden regime do not bode well for old Anchorage. I fear your dystopian vision of the city of Anchorage may only get worse.

  14. This dude is totally confused, is the MOA elected government fascist, or left wing? At least he is not confused when he crosses the Knik Bridge

    • Well put! Art just usually calls out leftists but that apparently isn’t working to his liking, these days.
      So……………….he is running “fascists” up his flagpole in a trial run to see if it sticks. Must be this “brain fog” that comes to some with covid-19. Heheh!

    • For those educated beyond government school, fascist is left wing.

      The name of Hitler’s party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

      Mussolini, from whose Party the name Fascist comes, was a communist before he adapted to a more practical theory of State dominance but private ownership.

      Since you weren’t paying attention in Western Civ, Fascist comes from the bundle of sticks, the fasces, that were the symbol of civil authority in the Roman Empire.

      Mussolini had visions of restoring Rome to its former glory. Now, there is some history to slip through the vacuum between your ears.

      • No it’s not, Art. Fascism is a right wing, nationalist movement. For their many virtues and vices, true left wing movements are fundamentally opposed to the nation state as an organized political entity. There are plenty of reasons to disparage leftists if you choose, but calling them fascist is intellectually lazy. Who did Nazi’s target after the Reichstag fire? The communists. What were some of first measures Mussolini took in office? Abolishing left-led unions. Class-based revolutionary movements are fundamentally at odds with nationalist-based fascist movements. Please stop botching this easily understood history.

      • Art, it matters not what Hitler’s party was called but nobody has ever referred to it as left wing as they were pitted against the communists in Europe. And your bit about “bundle of sticks” is just garbage.
        Rast has you pegged-you are totally confused. But do keep em coming as we need the laughs.
        Did you ever find a suit that fit real men off the shelf? Heheh!

        • You rarely disappoint; your ignorance is exceeded only by your arrogance, but that’s a pretty typical lefty attribute.

          • Just more ad hominem name calling by someone who is out of his league when it comes to any knowledge of fascism.
            Here is Hemingway in “For Whom The Bell Tolls”
            “But are there not many fascists in your country?”
            “There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the times comes.”
            Just my guess here but I’m thinking Art is just now learning he is a fascist. Heheh!

          • The thread got too narrow to respond directly to Bill Yankee’s ignorance below. Bill doesn’t comprehend that Hemmingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” was written in sympathy for the communist “Republican” forces in the Spanish Civil War, but then Bill would like the communist side of things.

        • Actually the Romans carried the fasces as a symbol of their power, but more than sticks, there was also an axe included in the bundles as a reminder of the penalty for disobediance. Who the hell cares which side of the political spectrum is destroying Anchorage and Alaska. Dead is dead whether from left or right. I haven’t seen much good coming from the average Republican lately. From Stutes, Merrick, and most of the other R’s to Begich, Edgemon, and his ilk, the results are the same. They prosper as Alaska burns. Dunleavy talked a good show, but is missing in action when it comes to arm twisting or pushing his agenda. I see no end in sight to the betrayal of Alaskans. Unfortunately the electorate is too ignorant to forestall their own demise, or even to see it coming.

  15. Nice to see the colorless world of Anchorage through your eyes Art. I agree with you. I live in Fairbanks and I have no desire to visit Anchorage anytime soon. It is real easy to stop in Palmer or Wasilla and gas up or even spend the night then drive right through Anchorage to points south.

  16. After escaping Commifornia a little over six years ago to move to Alaska, I can say with conviction, Alaska is in big trouble. Over the six years of being here I can say this state looks more and more like the liberal cesspools of California, Oregon, and Washington, day after day; and it won’t be long before it becomes the next blue state to join to Pacific Northwest. If you allow these tyrannical leftists to continue running your public school systems, and Universities; if you foolishly keep sending your children to these indoctrination centers; then you can expect in no less than 4 years from now, this state will be dominated by socialists supporting tyrannical liberal policies and flipped blue. These neo liberal technocratic fascists, (lets call them what they are), will completely brainwash your children from cradle to grave in baseless science based off feelings not facts, and keep them ignorant to true historical truth so they can learn to be victims, hating themselves and America. I have seen it happen to California, Oregon and Washington first hand. They will train your children to turn against commonsense, reality, facts, true American values and freedom, and most importantly their own families that are not towing the leftists party line of socialistic tyranny. It’s happening right now. It’s already begun. Americans need to wake up to reality and understand you can no longer vote these tyrants out of office because of rigged voting machines. These leftist criminals are raising your children from cradle to grave in their education systems. They are brainwashing the uninformed by the use of neurolinguistic programming in the local media by repeating a lie over and over again until eventually people believe it. They are crippling America in fear and conditioning them to cower in fear to the state giving up all their freedoms. You have to take back your children and stop sending them to indoctrination centers, because that’s all public education is anymore. You have to take back the local media outlets and put a fire under any social media platform and news outlet that promotes censorship. This unfortunate reality was installed while Americans slept in their bread circuses of distractions, while we all worked and played. Until people wake up and realize that they need to actively get involved to participate in changing their situation and communities, then people like Murkowski are here to stay and many more will be joining her in the years ahead. Because just walking to the voting booth isn’t enough anymore. THE GAME IS RIGGED YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT! These neo fascist liberals spewing their hypocritical hateful radical views (in the name of equality and equity), will eventually dominate every corner of this state and this nation. It is already happening. These communist liberal tyrants want Alaska bad. They won’t stop until they get it. They will continue to pave the road to hell with so called good intentions until they are stopped. These liberal elitists on the top know exactly how to manipulate the masses on the bottom to follow along. I know it’s hard to admit this reality, but understand truth is never easy to swallow. Unless Alaska fixes their education system, the way they conduct elections by getting rid of electronic voting machines, and gets off their addiction to federal funding, and learn to say no to bad liberal policies, this state is a sinking ship and that is the reality. Welcome to the beginning stages of socialistic communism. It is only going to intensify until people learn to say no! Remember the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over again expecting different results. So how long are Americans going to keep lining up at the voting booths believing they can change something? How long are Alaskans going to comply with tyrannical policies keeping business shuttered and travel hindered? How long are Alaskans going to allow big pharma to inject them with experimental gene therapies for a virus with a 98% survival rate? How long are they going to allow their local news agencies to pump propaganda and fear over facts? Hopefully freedom loving Alaskans wake up sooner than later to the danger we are really in and decide to stand up to these tyrants. Remember the word “No” is more powerful than you could every imagine. It’s time we learn to say it once again. Just say NO and stop complying! It’s really that simple. Just because tyrants pass policies and laws doesn’t mean we have to follow. We have the right not to follow or comply and overthrow such government when it no longer serves the best interests of the people. That time is now! Let’s stand up and say no already! I understand people want a peaceful solution to this mess, but these tyrants have seized power and they will never give it up. The only reason there is not an all out revolution is because people are still afraid of loosing the scrapes these tyrants are throwing at them. Soon enough those scrapes will cease to exist but by then it will be too late. So stand for freedom now while you still have the resources to do it or die later on your knees with nothing! The choice is yours and yours alone. So do you choose freedom and bravery or cowardice and slavery?

      • I prefer expression and the creative flow of wordiness over brevity. Just as I prefer Spencer and Chaucer. Shakespeare is over rated.
        “He who repeats a tale after a man,
        Is bound to say, as nearly as he can,
        Each single word, if he remembers it,
        However rudely spoken or unfit,
        Or else the tale he tells will be untrue,
        The things invented and the phrases new.”- Geoffrey Chaucer

    • Finished? I’ll heat up some milk for you and tuck you in for a nap. You’ve had a long day, I know.

      • No, naps here. Only freedom of expression, speech and truth. That uncomfortable truth every liberal wants to exchange for the (oh so loving), comfortable lies. Oh, to be the fly on the wall once the liberal fools wake up to the truth of their folly. That day will be a sight to behold, just like the sheep that followed the tyrants of the 20th century before them. The blinders on the leftists eyes and their willful ignorance of facts, history, and truth will be the destruction of all that is free and good. Their blind faith in authority and pseudo intellectualism will eventually destroy critical thinking, creativity and progress. Those promoting, championing, and proudly hailing these tyrannical leftist policies will soon understand and see. Just like those crushed under the Iron Heel of oppression before them. Remember after they come to cancel those that are educated to truth, science and history, warning of these dangers, they will then come for everyone else; including everyone that went along with this foolish liberal agenda with their votes and voices. But as history shows, when these liberal fools finally cry out for someone to save them, they will solemnly look around and realize there is no left because everyone else was already silenced and taken away. Joining and aligning with these liberal tyrants will never save humanity, it will only destroy it. By then, there will be no one left to help the liberal sheep escape the bad policies and horrific censorship and persecution they once applauded and voted for. So keep watching TV programming, keep living in fear, keep poking fun of those conservatives being “alarmists”. Keep repeating the neurolinguistic talking points the censors of the tech giants, and the media tell you to; after all, if your not repeating those talking points you are just a thought criminal infecting society with “fake news,” right? So be a good little sheep and take a knee. Bow down to the corporations. Oh, and don’t forget to take your experimental gene therapy shot for a disease with a 98% survival rate. Don’t worry about any possible long term adverse health reactions to develop later in life as a result because it’s loving to take the “jab.” But most of all, enjoy the hell being paved with those liberal good intentions. It must feel good now for those foolish enough to ride the hypocritical leftist train of hyperbole and distortion with the evil orange man Trump out of the Whitehouse; but I promise, very soon the lights will go out on the freedoms once taken for granted. It has already begun. Very soon, it will be become even more clear who the tyrants really all, who supported them, and how they operate. America is now witnessing cancel culture and color revolution in real time, and soon enough will go through the socialistic, fascist, communistic hell they create. Time always tells the truth. Time never tells a lie. This liberal agenda being hailed as loving tolerance will soon be exposed for the nightmare it really is. It’s only a matter of time. This “New Normal” has begun to usher in the most horrific form of Maoist style technocratic tyranny the world has ever seen. It is the wet dream of all those who adhere to democide as a solution to society’s woes. It is every eugenicists dream come true. This new liberalism is nothing more than a blend of socialistic technocratic fascism to bring about a neo liberal feudalistic utopia of the 21st century. It’s only a matter of time before the ugly, uncomfortable truth is seen by all. Oh to be the fly on the wall, what a sight that will be; to watch the liberal pseudo intellectuals be exterminated by the very system they praise and support. Oh, to be a fly on the wall to witness their silent reaction of terror once they realize the socialistic machine of technocracy is now coming for them. Oh to be the fly on the wall, silently observing their reactions; when realized they are not immune to the censorship and persecution. Oh to be the fly on the wall to observe, when they realize the toxic rhetoric they so virtuously championed upon others who dared to critically think and speak is, at last, used against them and their children. It’s only a matter of time and time is running out sooner than most realize. The only argument the liberal agenda has is based in fallacies and psychological projection; that hypocritical rhetoric, so commonly used as written by the leftist communist Saul David Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals. The Universities pump socialism, equity and equality into every idealistic fresh young naive mind. So stay asleep to the truth. Continue to slumber in the denial of comfortable lies, and in 10 years lets see how much freedom, prosperity, and happiness America really has left. Lets see if our children get to enjoy the same freedom and prosperity as we did. Remember time will tell the truth, it always does. And this time, the tyrants disguised as loving liberals, are just now taking the stage in their grand finale; their grand entrance on the stage, to exterminate the last bastion of the free world; America. Cheers! To loving 21st century liberalism! The Hypocrites of the Ages! Its progress is so wonderful after all!

  17. Anchorage is like that 220 lb. weight lifter at the Alaska Club who looks down on you because you can’t quite bench press double your body weight like he can, and the Valley is Planet Fitness- a “Judgement Free-Zone.” Wanna wear a mask? Great! Don’t wanna wear one? Equally, great!

    Isn’t it refreshing when free people are able to make FREE decisions on their own? Cheers to the Valley- a refreshing place to go when you need to escape the lunacy of fear from the Anchorage thought police.

  18. I have supervised twenty something’s. Wise not to put them in charge of anything! So true , thanks art. Calling my twenty something tonight

  19. Socialism; You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.
    Communism; You have two cows. The government takes them and then gives you some milk back.
    Fascism; You have two cows. The government seizes them and it sells you back some milk.
    Capitalism; You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.

    Where do you fit Bill?

    • A Lithuanian immigrant described communism to me: You grow potatoes and the government takes them from you, pouring them from bucket to bucket along the way. Finally you receive your daily very bruised potato back from the government and you ask “why did you not just let me keep my potato.” And the commissar responds, “but what a beautiful noise we made with it in the mean time!”

  20. You may consider yourself an autodidact of history, but frankly you’ve done an awful job of teaching yourself the subject. Are there modest, mildly annoying yet fundamentally reasonable precautions that we are asked to observe in Anchorage amidst the worst public health crisis in a century? Yes. Does that make Anchorage a “concentration camp” run by fascists? Ummm…. pretty sure I missed the gas chambers and crematoriums on my way to Carrs this afternoon. Would you kindly remind what part of town I might find them. Seems like something your boy Tucker Carlson would want to report on.

    But seriously…this kind of rhetoric exposes your childish intellect and a complete inability to engage meaningfully in what might otherwise be a fair discussion about the appropriate limits of local government.

    • ‘Mildly annoying yet fundamentally reasonable precautions’?????? I walked out of a business when confronted by a cashier over a mask, and there are lots of other liquor stores to patronize. My body, my choice. Progressives justify tearing babies’ bodies apart with those words and I will use them to defend my right to breathe. Look up ‘mask mouth’ ‘maskne’ or ‘microbiome’ for harmless.
      “Mask wearing leads to local alteration of the skin microbiome. With mask use, the covered skin is subjected to elevated CO2 levels, increased humidity, higher temperatures, and more bacteria and microorganisms from the mouth and respiratory system,”

    • Your government school programmers did a very good job of brainwashing you; you’re a stellar leftist tool.

    • Good luck, I know it’s hard to admit your opinions and thoughts are no longer your own and instead molded inside you by technocratic social engineers of today’s media designed to keep you afraid and obedient. Besides who can blame you. You grew up knowing nothing other than freedom and trust of your government. You have never lived through or experienced anything else other than freedom and blind obedience. No one ever sees the tyrants when they are their own reflection. So keep living in your comfortable lie, the lie you tell yourself everyday. “It could never happen here in America. Tyranny and concentration camps happen in other places never here in America. These modest, mildly annoying fundamental precautions we are asked to observe in Anchorage is only to help aid the worst public health crisis. There is no danger other than the danger the authorities tell us to be afraid of. There is no danger. Quit being an alarmist.” If you ever studied real history then you would know that the words you commented above are not new. They are not intellectual. They are not impressive of your wit or foresight. They are same narrative spoken by every person that ever lived during times of censorship and oppression of truth. Your above comment are the words that always proceeded every other society that poked fun and discredited all of those that saw the writing on the wall before horrible democides took place. Liberals sound more and more like the people of the 20th century before great persecution. Your words are no different than the words spoken of people who lived through the rise of Moa, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and so forth. They are the same words that proceeded every concentration camp. The same people back then, that laughed at the “alarmists” who warned of coming persecution and the writing on the wall, is identical to your views and words today. Do you know that people were warning about the coming persecution in Germany since the end of the first world war? Their views identical to your above comment. There is nothing new under the sun, including your reactionary comments towards anyone smart enough to see the writing on the wall. In tens years, if you survive, lets see how you feel about all of this. I bet your words change if your still alive to speak them.

      • Thank you for informing me how I grew up, what I’ve lived through and trust in, and for explaining to me the experiences I’ve had. Not only do you have the gift of bloviation, you’re also a psychic. Since I do believe in the virus and taking modest safety precautions, I’m not currently planning any dinner parties. But as soon as we’re on the other side of this pandemic, I’ll invite you over. You’ll be a real hit.

        • I am sure I would be a hit. It wouldn’t be hard when dining with shallow cowards and Pinkos, unable to see a forest past the trees. However, I must respectively decline your invitation since, boot licking isn’t a very appetizing meal choice. So just stay on your knees and keep trolling intellectual thought; after all, it seems to be the only stimulating conversations you are exposed to. Remember those who trade their liberties and freedoms for the guise of safety deserve neither; so continuing enjoying the fruit of your modest precautions. I am sure it’s excitingly stimulating for such a dull mind.

  21. My oh my! Did somebody get their feelings hurt ? Again? Well some of us have work to do to pay for all this nonsense “our” government is hell bent on doing so I will be exiting this discussion. Have a nice day everybody. Even you Bill.

  22. The irony is rich. Mr. Art Chance, the career government bureaucrat, with his fat government salary and cushy government retirement, hates socialism and apparently doesn’t understand the definition of fascism. Fortunately, I’ve been educated in private school, private university, and I’m employed by the private sector. Maybe that’s the reason I’m readily able to discern cranks, frauds, historical illiterates, and other ill-informed misanthropes that predominate on this message board.

  23. Love your writing and commentary, Art. Obviously, you never took a history class from Dermot Cole or Stephen Haycox.

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