Anchorage homicides by the number: 14 so far this year


Anchorage is gaining on the record-setting homicide year of 2017. After a slight reprieve in violent deaths in 2018, the numbers are on the rise again in Alaska’s largest city, already considered one of the more crime-ridden municipalities in the country. Police have made arrests in seven of the homicides; one of the deaths was believed to be a murder-suicide. .The first on the list below was deemed to be a negligent manslaughter, through mishandling of a hand gun


  • Jan. 22, 12:33 am, at the 1200 block of LaTouche Ave. Victim: Omar Mandour. (Later classified as negligent manslaughter, shooting death.)
  1. Jan. 24, 12 pm, at 600 block of West 34th. Victim: Steven John, 36. Body trauma.
  2. Feb. 3, 2:01 am at 5900 block of East Sixth Avenue: Victims: Danny Smalley, 61, and Brenda Smalley, 46, murder-suicide.
  3. Feb. 4, 11:03 pm on East 12th, Victim: Salisa Loucks, 30. Shooting.
  4. Feb. 16, 8:53 pm, 46th and Spenard. Victim: Javon Diggs, 40. Shooting.
  5. Feb. 17, 12:12 pm, 1300 block West 36th, Ryan Cannon, 31, body trauma.
  6. March 7, 5:23 am, 1000 block of West 26th. Victim: Katelyn Sours, 22, body trauma, domestic violence.
  7. March 13, 6:42 pm, Point Woronzof, Victim: 3-year-old girl stabbed to death by her mother.
  8. March 30: 11:55 pm at 300 block of Oklahoma Street. Victim: Tion Price, 19. Shooting.
  9. April 1, 5:42 pm at West 16th at A Street. Victim: Tony Susook, 27. Body trauma.
  10. April 7, 2:08 am, 5100 block of Strawberry Road, Katherine Schmidt, suspicious house fire.
  11. April 8, 10:40 pm on Taku Drive. Victim: Navarrow Andrews, 23. Shooting.
  12. April 26, 4:29 pm at 1000 block of East Third. Victim: Veronique Long, 59. Intentionally run over by vehicle.
  13. April 28, 10:12 pm on East 20th. Victim: Laron Roberts, 36. Shooting.
  14. May 3, 1:30 am, on Debarr near Patterson. Victim: Not identified yet. Body trauma.


  • 2016: 34, or 2.8 per month
  • 2017: 35, or 2.9 per month
  • 2018: 28, or 2.3 per month
  • 2019: 14 as of May 3, or 3.5 per month


  1. April 1, 1:13 am at 31st and A Street, Bishar Hassan, 31, shot by police after pointing gun (turned out to be BB gun).
  2. March 7, 2:11 am, Columbine Street, officers shot prowler Dylan Aikey, 23, who shot at officers first.


  1. You might have transposed a couple of locations here. The photos related to the shooting of Bishar Hassan all showed the area around the bottom of the stairs leading from the 15th Avenue overpass down to A Street. The reports I read about Tony Susook’s death weren’t specific as to the location but did state that it occurred “across from Midtown Walmart”.

  2. Thanks. Good Short and sweet article. I notice some of the people on the list seemed to live a rather dangerous life.

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