Anchorage Election Clerk Barb Jones to retire in June


Anchorage Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones has announced her retirement, effective June 30. She has served as the election chief for Anchorage for 24 years, reporting to the Assembly. Before becoming the city clerk, Jones was the city’s Ombudsman for one year and served 12 years as the executive director and staff attorney for the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission.
In her role as municipal clerk, Jones has worked alongside 11 Assembly chairs through four mayoral administrations. She was a leader in the state in pushing for all-mail-in and drop-box elections, which is how the Anchorage voters now cast their ballots.

She has also been blamed for not giving over what should be public documents to people who have made records requests, or being heavy-handed in redacting documents that should be public. She has lost in court three times to citizen Russell Biggs over her documented collusion with liberal members of the Assembly, which she refused to hand over public documents.

Jones has not been without other controversies. Many voters under the new mail-in system enacted by the Assembly — without a vote of the public — have had their ballots tossed because their signatures did not match that on file and they were not able to successfully “cure” their ballots.

Jones is considered by many in Anchorage to be a partisan actor who puts her thumb on the scale on behalf of Democrats who are on the Assembly.

“The Municipality is fortunate to have benefitted from Barbara’s service. She is a team player and has built incredibly successful teams that enabled Anchorage to reach its goal for easy, accessible and open Vote-At-Home elections. In the last regular election, 66,844 voters, or 96.4% of all voters, completed their ballots from home, demonstrating the impact and reach of her team’s work,” said Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance. “Additionally, she has helped the Assembly run meetings with accuracy and efficiency and oversaw several initiatives to improve access to the Assembly process, such as livestreaming meetings and making Assembly documents more readily available.”


    • If us conservative voters would have shown up to vote and conservatives won, we would be worshiping Barb Jones as the next coming of Christ.

  1. Voting should be in person with a valid picture ID with other forms of voting rare and exceptional.

    And on the subject of elections…jungle primaries and ranked choice voting both need to go. Bad ideas.

  2. Waiting until after the election, I see.
    If I were the tin foil beanie conspiracy nut I have been accused of, I might find that interesting…

  3. Good riddance to another radical neo-Bolshevik.
    I will forever damn her for her duplicitous campaign to bring the untransparent, intermediated, and eminently corruptible mail-in voting to Anchorage. It is clear why these radical leftists keep pushing for all these novel, complicated, and intermediated means of voting — so that they can insert THEMSELVES into the process, and massage the results to their liking. It is obvious and undeniable.

  4. She has one more chance to cheat for her fellow Lefties before riding off into retirement sunset. Good riddance.

    • Rumor has it that MOA retirees lose a significant amount of their retirement if the leave the State for greener pastures. Only State employees can retire out of state and take their pension with em.

  5. Just wait…….I’m confident the assembly has lined up an even bigger partisan hack to take her place.

  6. Who gets the final say on who will replace this communist?
    Is it the mayor, or the Politburo… I mean “Assembly”?

      • Thanks, Suzanne.
        I guess that means that they will most likely replace her with someone just like her, so Anchorage still won’t get someone who will perform the job without an extreme Leftwing biased thumb on the scale.

  7. Ms. Jones did a great job during a very challenging time of transition in politics and voting. Anonymous trolls keep a lot of great people from public service, very unfortunate.

    • As usual, “frank”, your specious and laughable attempt to invert reality is a hoot.
      I do wonder, how do you radical leftist extremists manage to stay rooted to the ground in your world, where black is white, good is bad, and down is up? Shouldn’t you be floating off into space?

      • On more than one occasion I’ve requested “Frank” lead by example and post proof he is who he says he is.

        If it’s so important to “him”, you’d think he’d be happy to do so. Lead by example.

        Oddly enough, “he” chooses not to do so.

    • Distrust in elections keeps more great people out of public service.
      I might consider running for an Assembly seat if I actually thought the voters made a difference. But, with this stupid mail in voting scam, errr… I mean scheme, I have zero confidence the right person for the job will get elected.

    • You can continue your “anonymous troll” routine until the moon turns into green cheese. It won’t stick and nobody but you cares.

      When you lack cogent and common sense arguments, I suppose you gotta go with what you got.

  8. She is probably leaving to state before we find the truth about what she’s done that was illegal. The rats always jump ship before it sinks. She is up to something not good.

  9. Oh God, where is she heading to? Green Valley, Arizona? Ha, ha ha. Lots of her ilk there already!

  10. Assembly members up for re-election have to find another Clerk, a Clerk whose bosses are the Assembly members, to count Assembly members’ re-election votes.
    As if Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme isn’t corruptible enough, someone who works for the Assembly counts votes for Assembly members.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  11. 43 legal complaints filed in the last Assembly election tell it all about Jones’ election handling.
    These range from 8 trashcans sitting next to ballots, stacks of blank ballots in Barbara’s office and other places, mishandling of ballots, giving someone access to the server using an employee’s password, with his laptop & a thumb drive (witnessed by 5 pe), bring in a trove of uncertified people at 8pm election night to gather the ballot drop boxes around town, which happened in a haphazard manner, some with bags in their cars for hours (unsecured & for what purpose?!);
    Scrutinizing the political affiliation & obfuscating the process for ballot observers which included new rules and many, many hoops to jump through, 100 boxes scattered throughout the ballot area, unmarked & extremely questionable, sn on & on.
    The Election Commission requested 2 reports as a result. Unfortunately, they are pretty powerless, as the can only make recommendations to the Assembly, who can push them aside.
    This process greatly needs change, and shared oversight, not just by Assembly majority.
    BTW- We have long had a mail-in process, it’s called “Absentee voting,” which does allow for such gross mismanagement & manipulation.

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