Anchorage Assembly to vote on resolution calling for cease fire in Gaza


The Anchorage Assembly, at its regular meeting on Tuesday will vote on a resolution calling on Alaska’s congressional delegation to support an “immediate bilateral ceasefire, the release of all hostages, the safe passage of food, water, medical supplies, and other life-saving humanitarian aid into Gaza, and ultimately long-term peace and security for the people of Israel and Palestine.”

In so many words, it is what the Anchorage Party for Socialism and Liberation has been calling for during recent assembly meetings.

The resolution is being sponsored by Assemblywoman Karen Bronga and Assemblymen George Martinez and Felix Rivera. The resolution does not condemn Hamas for starting the conflict, but takes a conciliatory approach. It also states the Anchorage School District student body has over 100 languages spoken in it and that Anchorage is a “welcoming city;” the addition of those Whereas items is unclear in the context of the war in Gaza and the funding of terrorism by Iran. Iran as an instigator and terrorism funder in the conflict is not mentioned anywhere in the resolution.

The Anchorage Assembly meetings start at 5 pm on the ground floor of the Loussac Library, at 36th Avenue and Denali Street.

Read the resolution at this link.


  1. Jewish person here. Its understandable from a human perspective to seek vengance and kill everything alive in Gaza. But as we Ameicans learned in Iraq and Afghanistan, and previously in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Germany, wanton slaughter of non-combatants, children, and civillians, is counterproductive. I’ve seen little to no complaining in Christian circles about Israel bombing Christian chirches and neighborhoods is Gaza. I’ve seen even less compassion for kids being intentionally targeted and having their murders put on TikTok. Hamas has not held elections since 2006. 7 year olds did not vote for Hamas, and the anti-Arab racism and anti-Muslim sentiment teeming in the far right should be deservedly challanged. War is awful, and Hamas should be defeated and expelled from Gaza, but there is no humane justificaton to intentionally kill civillians, and anyone who says “they all should die” is advocating to massacre Christians, civillians, and is supporting something very dark and ugly.

    • You don’t sound like a jew. But in the very slim chance you’re telling the truth, then you should thank God that on Oct 7 you weren’t in Israel to have your head chopped off, your women’s breasts cut off while being gang raped and your child’s brains bashed out while the families of Hamas cheered and danced.

      • replying to a concerned and reasonable comment with a flood of graphic descriptions of violence really shows that you care about jewish people and aren’t just using them as ideological props. lol.

        • How about you stay in your lane and let them settle their conflicts because we both know anyone besides feet on the ground over there are getting a spun perspective on every event occurring. It’s impossible to make an informed decision either way, and the people in charge all have something to gain from it and doing the right thing is NOT a factor in anyone’s minds. I’m glad they opted to just kick this joke vote down the road rather than make some pointless boring symbolic gesture. I’m ecstatic that people got pissed and screamed at them and got yanked out of the hall over a meaningless act that would do nothing. I hate these manchildren trying to hard to change everything except for the immediate community around them. Pick up some litter quit trying to save some tribal morons across the planet who would bash your brains in for a couple loaves of bread if they had to.

    • Christian man here.

      You’ve seen no one complaining because we understand something you don’t. Hamas started this war. Israel has had enough of seeing her people die in unspeakable ways (baby cooked alive in an oven, for example) and has made the sensible decision to attempt to destroy Hamas. Everything that is happening in Gaza is on Hamas head, and the overwhelming number of Gazans who support Hamas. Hamas played a stupid game, and they won the ultimate beatdown. Stupid decisions have dire consequences.

      We also know Israel has shown remarkable restraint. The casualty ratio combatants to non combatants is historically low due to the extreme lengths Israel goes to try to spare non combatants. Something Hamas never does.

      And, last but by no means least, the only group calling for the extermination of the other is Hamas. The group you are useful idioting for. The very dark and ugly is what you see when you look in the mirror.

    • I have been complaining about the ONE Catholic Church being attacked, and two old women murdered as they attempted to go to the bathroom in another building, since the day it happened. I do so regularly on this outlet, and most recently I was actually told that there “is no genocide because the Palestinians are not a distinct ethnic group.” What stupidity!

      Thank you for speaking out on this—particularly from the point of view of an American Jew. I’m a Christian, a Catholic, and have been totally opposed to America’s imperialistic wars for decades. The ugly truth is that no two countries on earth are more aggressive than the USA and Israel.

    • Straw man, Jimmy. Destroying Hamas does not require wonton slaughter of innocents. We didn’t do that in Iraq, so your analogy is flawed.

    • You have a typo in your first sentence. I am pretty sure you meant to write: “Leftist Jewish person here”
      No need to thank me, I am glad to help.

    • American person here. Israel is a liberal democracy like many modern western countries and as such has a responsibility to protect its citizens from butchers and their butchery. It is as sad today to see what is happening to the people in Gaza as it was sad to see what happened to Germans and Japanese during WWII. This socio-political fetishization and sacralization of the people in Gaza is evidence of white supremacism no matter how paternalistically benevolent it pretends to be. Your ethnicity or faith is immaterial to the discussion and lends no authority to your statements. We’re talking about a war inflicted upon the citizens of a just, constitutional government by a terrorist organization.

  2. All the Hamas Sympathizers need to fly their candy a—- over there, pick up a weapon and fight!

    Anything less and they look like Clowns.

    • Hamas sympathizers no doubt exist, but those of us who would wish Hamas eradicated from Gaza and Qatar still seek an end to the excessive carnage. Christians, non-combatants, and children should be safe from intentional killing bu the IDF. A cease fire may not be the way to go, but a recalibration of the ROE is imperative.

      • So you want one of two things.

        1-an endless war until all the Jews are dead


        2-an endless war until all the Jews in Israel are dead.

        You’re not even a good useful idiot. You’re potentially the worst kind. A stupid naive one.

      • You wrote: ” Christians, non-combatants, and children should be safe from intentional killing bu the IDF.”
        Does that not equally apply to hamas?
        How many unguided missiles are fired into Israel from Gaza every year? Fired not at military targets, but at civilian centers?

    • Amen to that brother. Heck, I’ll pay the one-way fare cost for each foolish assembly member to join the fight in Gaza.

  3. Just saying…


  4. Good to know Anchorage is in such good shape the Politburo has time to virtue signal.

    Why do you keep electing these morons, Anchorage?

    • Jew here.
      This is the clown show of Alaska, our commie Anchorage ASSembly “members”.
      They are completely anti semitic, (majority rules) and any of them claiming otherwise are lying. Self loathing Jews vote democrat and call themselves defenders of democracy.
      All democrats are anti semitic, i lump them together as they vote in a block.
      If you vote democrat, you are part of the problem.
      You want a solution, vote for the actual republicans, true conservatives, not rinos like lisa.
      I have written countless letters to the Assembly, they (the majority 9) do not give a d— about any of us, they are following the democrat politboro, brought to all of us by China and George Soros.

      • The roots of anti-Semitism are from the Catholic right. Whether its the Catholic Church holding Jews (collectively) responsible for the murder of Jesus until 1964, or their open alliance with fascism before and during WWII. Your compass is way off.

  5. I am sorry – where are we? Isn’t this Alaska? Isn’t that the Anchorage Assembly? OH YEAH, I forgot, they are working on taking over the world. Excuse me…my bad. Anchorage people, don’t you see this globalist group that has taken over your city? This assembly is schizophrenic OR controlled by the devil himself.

    • They are too busy reading the commie rag, ADN and paying attention to the rachel maddows of the world.
      Lazy citizens, they are uninformed and scared.
      The truth would destroy their happy bubble. They are not seeing that we are being invaded and it will be here all too soon as our clown show of government employees, both elected and unelected, continue to undermine our city, state and country.

  6. Wow… it’s not like there are more important issues facing Anchorage or anything. The useless assembly is going to waste time on a meaningless resolution that has no authority or binding actions behind it. However looking on the bright side, at least time wasted on that resolution is not time spent screwing over the Anchorage tax payers even more… so there’s that… SMH…

    • Thats what they do, waste our money and give themselves more and more power over us.
      Get out the vote, make it count, vote out ALL DEMOCRATS

  7. Have they talked with Hamas? Hamas is the reason that there is a war going on. END OF STORY. What outsized egos for these clowns to think THEIR approval or approbation means anything to anybody. Do they feel Chicago upstaged them?

    • If the muslims put their arms down and petitioned for peace in the Middle East, there would be no more wars.
      If Israel put their arms down and petitioned for peace in the Middle East, there would be no more Israel.

  8. Finally…. the Anchorage Assembly exerts it’s monumental international influence by speaking out. Doubtlessly, both Hamas and Israel will now lay down their arms and coexist peacefully. The Assembly needs to find time in its busy schedule to do this more often. They should tell Russia and Ukraine to settle down. Most were unaware the Anchorage Assembly merely needs to speak out for world peace to prevail. Its so genius.

  9. Too bad our Assembly doesn’t follow Aaron Bushnells example.

    For those who only read mainstream news, that’s the active duty Air Force engineer that burned himself alive in front of the Jewish embassy in DC yesterday.

    Biden Airforce clearly letting in a lot of nutty woke clown towns, but odd how little mainstream reporting that event got. Couldn’t find a single mention of it on Breitbart or Drudge Report anywhere despite the shocking imagery and video.
    I thought ‘if it bleeds it leads?’

  10. Well if the anchorage assembly is doing it, we will definitely see an end to this bloody engagement….good lord.
    Virtue signaling has no limits with these people.

  11. I thought there was a ceasefire right up through Oct. 6th, 2023 when Hamas decided it didn’t want one anymore.

  12. Anc. Assembly needs to focus on anchorage and our problems only, you have no business with world affairs in your official capacity

    • Yes your are right what a waste of time like the world is going to follow their vote.
      ridiculous politicians strike again.

    • They are busy telling their minions, followers, et al how and what to think.
      Virtue signaling, not doing their actual job…. Ask Constantly complaining….

  13. Why are our local “LEADERS” more concerned with foreign policy than properly resolving their local community issues with the short amount of time they spend together?

  14. Joel, I completely agree! My husband has asked me to not wear my Star of David ✡️ because he is concerned for my safety. There are so many ignorant people that need to pick up a book and read about the historical facts of Israel. I will NOT be bullied 🇮🇱

    • My husband and I are continuing to wear our star of David and Chai.
      We will not hide.
      I understand your husband too, keep your head on a swivel and be vigilent.

  15. We should send the Anchorage Assembly on a fact finding mission to view the conflict firsthand. Boots on the ground kind of thing. Dress them up appropriately in their LGBTQ+ apparel, maybe with a few gay rights banners and flags so that they can experience the hospitality of Hamas. Just make sure to schedule a special election to replace these brave heroes because they probably won’t be coming back. Their sacrifice can serve as a lesson to their brothers, sisters and whatevers and a wake up call for normals to the Religion of Peace that the Biden Administration is importing into our country as fast as it can.

  16. Once again the Anchorage ASS-embly ignoring their responsibility of taking care of Anchorage and it’s residents. Exactly how is this so called “resolution” going to solve Anchorages problems? Hint: it isn’t.

  17. Democrats just want to defy Govenor Dunleavy a Republican and his recent Isreal support in Alaska We won’t do business with businesses who are anti-Isreal. Democrats know most Republicans stand solidly with Isreal. Anything Republicans are for. Democrats feel they must be against.

  18. These morons want to tell the folks in Gaza what to do.

    They can’t even handle local issues – look at Anchorage today- pitiful.

  19. For my way of thinking, they can proclaim inconsequential resolutions all day every day to their hearts content. The more time they waste on “feel-good-do-nothing proclamations” the better, as they can do the least damage to the residents they supposedly serve that way. Now if we could just get them to keep their noses out of the Eklutna hydro power plant, leave dealing with the homeless to the mayor and budgetary votes to the 3 sane members….man Anchorage would be the best city ever!

  20. Fact Check MRAK – the conflict in Israel did not start on October 7. It started in 1948 when 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homeland and many others murdered by the newly minted nation of Israel. The Anchorage Assembly may actually get something right if they can pass a ceasefire Resolution. Pretty much the entire World is calling for one with the exception of the lazy, corrupt and incompetent Biden Administration.

    • That is just not true.The Arab armies who wanted to clear the battlefield encouraged arab civilians to leave so the Arab armies wouldn’t have to contend with collateral damage. It is really hard t think that YOU think that Israelis forcibly moved a civilian population while fighting for their very lives. Boy are you ever brainwashed or brainless, whichever.

    • Wrong Fishing.
      The conflict started in 610 AD when a young “prophet” named Mohhamed was driven out of Mecca and ended up in a small Jewish village of about 900 or so. And, when the people of that village did not accept the god of mohhamed, he and his handful of followers decided to kill them all.
      And, that is why muslims hate Jews to this day. Because their prophet could not handle rejection.

    • Have HAMAS release ALL hostages if they want a cease fire.
      Otherwise no ceases fire.
      It is in Hamas’s hands actually.

  21. ANCHORAGE voter here–(Doesn’t matter whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, whatever).

    This assembly’s “power” barely reaches Mountain View. Why are taxpayers funding this narcissistic effort to control overseas action?

  22. I believe the Israeli’s are completely justified and capable of handling these unsavory issues with the terrorists – heathens – animals.
    Ukraine? … After a 2-year long campaign and donating $150-200Billion of Taxpayer dollars have resulted in exactly what result, benefited America – Americans how? It’s quite evident that Ukraine is being used as a money laundering scheme, to benefit a few at the expense of many. It almost feels as if this is being orchestrated in such a manner as to potentially be used to delay – defer the November Election? A negotiated peace deal should be actively underway but, unfortunately it appears that when Ukraine runs out of fighting age men, they’ll most likely be asking for not only more American dollars and military equipment but, also American Military war fighters.
    When does this Administration say … No More”

  23. Why is that even a discussion when this doesnt even affect us here in Alaska. Obviously the Assembly has nothing better to do with their time. Losers.

  24. Reminder to all.
    The legislature/assembly are you enemy. They will expend no end of your time and effort in order for them to look good.

  25. If there is one thing this assembly can do well, it is virtue signal. Let’s just look at a few of the obvious items:
    1. Pride flags in front of each of the Marxist nine
    2. The plastic bag ban. (seriously, everything in your average supermarket is wrapped in single use disposable plastic, but we are going to save the planet by getting rid of plastic at the checkout? is there a word in the dictionary for a move that is so meaningless and futile?)
    3. The land acknowledgement before every public meeting, and now…
    4. Some stupid meaningless resolution that has not a shred of bearing on Anchorage in any way.
    Is the time for tarring and feathering here yet? Or do I need to add to the list?

  26. Why are the liberals on the Anchorage Assembly doing such a gaslighting motion anyway. Anchorage has zero say in Foreign policy. Maybe the liberals should address the homeless crisis they created in Anchorage

    • Exactly, the Anchorage assembly like many others cheer on this stupidity. How about we figure out how to better serve our veterans and send the illegal invaders out of our country. This nonsense is about to come to a head where the citizens are ready fo constitutionally rebuke our current government.

    • Right on! Guaranteed some shady stuff going on in the background. How does the assembly increase an illegitimate sales tax on fuel that was instituted against the charter? Because nobody stands up and tells them it is illegal.

  27. Assembly?
    Communists say what?
    Maybe they should bring HAMAS here and they can jaywalk on our dark, icy streets.
    We can get rid of them that way.

  28. There WAS a ceasefire in place when Hamas attacked on October 7th. Ceasefires only last as long as it takes Hamas to regroup and rearm.

  29. It’s always pathetic when local officials try to stick their nose in international affairs that they have no expertise in or knowledge about.
    If they’re going to do it, though, why don’t they just vote to solve world hunger. That would be helpful.

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