Anchorage Assembly to vote on ‘no right on red’ downtown district and homeless camp clearing

Assembly members Felix Rivera, Meg Zaletel, Daniel Volland, Anna Brawley, and Chris Constant, at the budget passage meeting in April.

As the number of Anchorage pedestrians killed by motorists has increased after the relaxed jaywalking laws was passed by the Assembly. Yet another proposal to put pedestrians in harm’s way will be voted on at Tuesday’s evening’s Assembly meeting, which begins at 5 p.m. in the meeting room on the ground floor of the Loussac Library.

The no-right-on-red ordinance offered by Assemblyman Daniel Volland, would create a unique area in downtown Anchorage where motorists would not be able to turn right after stopping at a red light. Volland proposed the ordinance in October.

The proposed no-right-on-red zone is between Third and Ninth avenues and Gambell and L Street. It would be the only district like it in Alaska.

The vote will come one day after a woman crossing A Street — not in a crosswalk — was struck and killed by a driver. The relaxed jaywalking rules, observers say, have made pedestrians more bold in crossing streets in front of traffic.

The Assembly also plans to take up the issue of how the city prioritizes the clearing out of homeless encampments, including the current 72-hour abatement of camps in some areas, large encampments with 25 or more tents or makeshift shelters, and camps within a half mile of a licensed homeless shelter. The proposed ordinance would also reduce the abatement notice requirement from 15 days to 10 days for some encampments.


  1. This crosswalk ordinance change is yet another Assembly plan that has NOT been fully thought out and vetted. Since they relaxed the jaywalking laws earlier, they have only emboldened the “homeless law breakers” to do whatever they want completely disregarding their own safety. I have had to dodge no less
    than six individuals who flaunt the jaywalking laws. I strongly advocate leaving the “right on red” as is.

    • The assembly will always put the wants of the homeless before the needs of the taxpayers.
      And, with LaFrance in the Mayor’s office, expect it to get much worse.

      • How about another ordinance… No idiots allowed in Loussac library.
        The assembly would have to find another place to pretend to be useful idiots.

    • We should be able to sue the assembly for the deaths as they don’t care as long as the homeless are gotten rid of.
      I told my kids that no matter how right you think you are the big metal monster is going to win.
      There should be a law that says no walking while intoxicated.
      This is only going to create more issues and cost the taxpayer in the end.

  2. SERIOUSLY???? This was the dumbest thing that was put into law!No right on red was most likely enacted to prevent vehicle pedestrian accidents. The up tick of pedestrian accidents was because the homeless and drunks walked wherever and whenever they pleased! The result of this new law created gridlock on the roads. So basically the drunks controlled we people trying to get to work😡

  3. If you enforced the laws, you wouldn’t need to make new ones.

    Fitting Anchorage Politburo wants to move backwards with no right on red.
    The Muni is a dystopian poop hole, so why not?

    • I can assure you that new Mayor Suzanne LaFrance will be doing everything in her power to make Anchorage much, much more like Portland and San Francisco. I would not doubt that the new Mayor will introduce an ordinance to require the daily feeding and housing of every homeless person at municipal expense. Plus she could have the Muni exercise the home rule power to prohibit the enforcement of all drug laws in the Anchorage. Indeed the problem with Portland and San Francisco is that they have not fully committed to the dystopian project. Anchorage is going “all-in” under the great Mayor Suzanne LaFrance.

      LaFrance and the Leftists of the Assembly will make things look and feel like Port-a-Prince, Haiti.

      • All sane Los Anchorage residents are cordially invited to come to God’s country (Juneau).

        If sane LA residents joined us here, we could create a bastion of sanity in a deep blue Alaska.

        • I have threatened to drive any homeless person I see within one mile of my house to Suzanne LaFrance’s street, because her neighbors should get to enjoy the diversity that comes with the homeless first.
          But, I think I will change my plans, and drop them off in front of your house instead. Please demonstrate how much stronger you are than MAGA snowflakes.

  4. Well, just like the children they are, the assembly enacts changes to the law that make it more dangerous, then act surprised when people get hurt. Which leads them to enact another law, instead of just rescinding the one that caused the problem.
    Which is exactly what I would expect a child to do.

  5. Suzanne, “no turn on red” will not endanger pedestrians. The danger to pedestrians come mainly from inattentive and anxious motorists, but also from the pedestrians own irresponsibility. I would give the commie assembly this one, and let them own the jaywalking deaths and injuries.

    • What are you saying ? Is the assembly changing the laws to thin out the Houseless ? That’s one way to reduce the numbers of people who choose to not live in a house and break law laws living on the streets .

      One of the bigger issues is how much money is the city of Anchorage getting to fix the homeless problem ? In the state of Cali they’ve received $22 Billion dollars in the last four years and now 40% more people living on the streets ? No one in govt is accountable for the money . Seems like similar situation in downtown Anc

  6. Progressives are so mentally disabled. Allowing a “right on red” is the best way to keep pedestrians out of the way. Here’s a definition for those from Portland: The red “no walk” hand keeps you from stepping out into traffic that has the green light. I pull up to that intersection with a red light. I stop, look left to make sure that I’m clear and make the right turn while you stand there waiting for the white “walk” guy.

    If this idiotic ordinance passes, which it will because we have idiots on the Assembly, I’m going to have to block traffic that doesn’t desire to make that right turn on the green light, just to accommodate those that are too stupid to look both ways and not cross a street when they shouldn’t.

    This is where Liberal Logic is just decimating our culture.

  7. They clearly don’t have enough to do.. We need to cut the Assembly by half. And any staff they have

  8. NL and Minnesota were already high jaywalking areas exacerbated by winter weather. Now we have times the sunlight is too bright to see what cars are in which lanes. Recind this ordinance and SAVE LIVES, unless that’s your intent.

  9. Dumbing down of society at best.
    Traveling Asia and renting a scooter there. It’s amazing how few accidents are made even though there were zero traffic lights.
    Parked at any intersection here in town, I’ve counted as many as 72 individual lights on average. Including every r,y,g and walk/ don’t walk.
    SEVENTY TWO!!!! Think the electrician union gets to sway a bit.

  10. If APD enforced traffic laws, such as stop and look both ways before you cross a crosswalk this waste of time would not be necessary.

  11. We had to slam on our brakes yesterday when a highly intoxicated individual fell into the road (Lake Otis near Tudor). He was unable to stand until I got out and helped him up. He could easily have been killed.

  12. You should thank all your Anchorage neighbors who voted for Lafrance and the Assembly for this. They are the ones who think these are great ideas, hence their continued vote and support for these people and their poor judgment and poor decision making. For me, just another reason to decrease my visits and money spent downtown.

  13. Waste of space and air! Assembly has nothing better to do? Blah blah! Let’s make more stupid laws! I can turn on a green light and someone could accidentally stumble into my lane! Red light distraction! Just dumb

  14. It won’t matter soon anyway anchorage will be an abandoned wasteland. It’s well on the way now. It’s like a scene from water world. Drugs and alcohol arnt they grand.

  15. Ignorance in its finest form.
    Take a good look at Felix when He is out in public…not a respectable figure.

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