Anchorage Assembly to hold hearings for Bronson’s fire chief, attorney, city manager


This week the Anchorage Assembly will hold work sessions, during which three of Mayor Dave Bronson’s choices for his new municipal government will be interviewed in confirmation hearings.

Appointees to be heard Friday, July 9:

  • 10 am – Confirmation hearing for Doug Schrage as Anchorage Fire Department Chief. To attend telephonically, (907) 273-5190, code: 721227#​​​​.
  • 10:30 am – Confirmation hearing for Patrick Bergt, Municipal Attorney. To attend telephonically, (907) 273-5190, code: 721227#​​​​.
  • 11 am – Confirmation hearing for Amy Demboski, City Manager. To attend telephonically, (907) 273-5190, code: 721227#​​​​.

The meetings are held at City Hall , Conference Room #155 , 632 West 6th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99501 and will be live-streamed on the Assembly’s YouTube channel.


  1. Section 5.03. – Manager.
    (a) There shall be a manager appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the assembly. The manager serves at the pleasure of the mayor. The manager is selected solely on the basis of professional qualifications. The manager need not be a resident of the municipality at the time of appointment but must be a resident while in office.

    I expect this section of the Charter may be discussed.

  2. I’m still hopeful that Mayor Bronson can clean house at the Anchorage Economic Development Corp (AEDC). Current AEDC leadership was appointed by Begich and has achieved nothing more than holding luncheons to talk about the economy.

    We need a REAL economic development corporation in Anchorage!

  3. About to find out just how much power Bronson really has. While he did win, it wasn’t by much. Nearly 49% of the population who bothered to vote went for Dunbar.

    If Dunbar hadn’t been one of the worst political candidates I’ve ever seen he’d probably be mayor now.

    Enjoy the victory but don’t con yourselves it is anything but what it was: a squeaker. Not anything close to a mandate

  4. There is real anti-Democrat sentiment growing. The MSM won’t mention it but its there. I seriously wonder if Dunbar was that close in the polls. One would think if the election was this close, he would demand a recount. Perhaps his campaign didn’t want a recount as it could trigger some type of further verification of votes. Democrats didn’t want anyone digging too deep so I believe they just punted. Put this behind them, learn new strategies, and wait for the next election.

  5. All can say, if they refuse confirmation of these 3 people, They better understand change is coming and they can’t stop it. If they can’t realize they don’t own Anchorage can get a bit sticky. (I have been rephrasing my words to prevent threats.).

  6. Unfortunately I have a prior commitment to attend that day. Please ask the attorney how he feels about all private property rights and the US Constitution and how might problems be handled where the Railroad Corporation is seizing accesses and begs for more and more favorable treatments while they behave as they do toward we the people who have government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. Also, ask him if people are a corporation; and if living breathing people are the same as a corporation; and finally, if a suit between a corporation and a living breathing man are in like kind. Watch as he feigns ignorance and confusion. He is not. Transcribe word for word his answers. Therein is the unspoken bias. We have the diction, etymology of the words in the Constitution as written; nothing else. There is nothing to interpret. The Constitution interprets itself.

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