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Monday, September 20, 2021
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Anchorage Assembly takes a step left

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The Anchorage seat vacated by progressive Tim Steele has been won by hard-left Austin Quinn-Davidson, who kept a commanding lead during the first ballots counted on Tuesday night.

Steele resigned in June to focus on his health. Several filed for his seat but the two who were on the conservative side of the balance sheet were Nikki Rose and Sam Moore.

Quinn-Davidson enjoyed insurmountable financial backing from environmental groups and unions, and was able to run a robust campaign with the help of donors like Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and dozens of union and environmental group contributions.

The other two main candidates had a fraction of the financial capacity to get their messages out.

Quinn-Davidson had nearly 50 percent of the vote late last night, with Nikki rose at 31 percent and Moore at less than 10 percent. Minor candidates filled out the rest.

Most of the 7,145 votes that were cast were counted, a 20 percent turnout in the city’s second mail-in-only election. Another 850 ballots will be counted on Wednesday and the rest will dribble in from the U.S. Mail in coming days.

Quinn-Davidson is an environmental lawyer with Great Land Trust, and her wife is one of the cofounders of Stand for Salmon, the ballot initiative that will be decided in November.

Her victory is a big win for the liberal-leaning assembly and mayor in Alaska’s biggest city.

The seat held by Steele, and soon by Quinn-Davidson, will be up for election again in 2020.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Very disappointing. I’m beginning to question if a conservative can ever be elected again in Anchorage for the Assembly. And when unions are overwhelmingly buying elections, and Democrats run as “Independents” (Jason Grenn) or Republicans, as in Eagle River for state House, confusion among the under informed voters is going to happen. And its exactly what the Alaska Democrats want.

    Beware Anchorage, if we’re not careful, we won’t know if this is Seattle, Portland or Anchorage soon.

  • It was rather obvious when Anchorage went to mail-in ballots that no conservative was likely to ever win another election in the city, given the proven penchant of the Left for cheating, stealing and lying. To them, the ends justifies the means. Mail-in ballots make it too easy.

  • According to the Daily News she wants to “delve into the root causes of crime.” I’d be curious to know what the root causes of crime are.

  • Power and greed.

  • Either of the Conservative candidates would have been better for Anchorage, but maybe folks will pay attention to how much they are paying for local government, and wonder if they shouldn’t be getting a better deal. Then maybe they will wish they had voted otherwise.

  • I’m getting out of here within 5 years. Headed for Mormon red state areas.

    • Buh-bye ?

  • As a Municipality we are so screwed with this vote. Wondering if I need to pack up and leave after 68 years

  • Let’s face it, Anchorage has had a belly full of so-called CONservative fake values. Buh-bye to you who lost and want to take your loser marvels home. Was as ?

    • I take exception to your comments because the only reason the left gain per some much municipal power, was by gaming the system. In a straight voted conducted in real polling booths, the left would never claim victory.

  • A step? More like a hop, skip, and a jump over the line from pragmatic thought processes unto the wildly uninformed emotional and self proclaimed victimization reactionary actions.

    Should this Assembly lean any more left, it shall fall of the edge, much to Berkowitz’s delight, I am sure.

    I am of this district, and have been for quite some time. I know many, many individuals that also are within this district, including many ‘classic’ liberals, and can guarantee that not one of them voted for the supposed winner of this district, and no, I shall not name them, as they have not earned that distinction.

    Crime shall only get worse under this guise of ‘leadership’.

    Homelessness shall only get worse under this guise of ‘leadership’.

    Quality of life for the average citizen within this City shall only get worse under this guise of ‘leadership’.

    And I truly wonder thus. Has the critical thinking ability of the citizens of not only the district, but the City as a whole gone by the wayside, or has the far leftist ideology taken over within an honest manner?

    I personally hope that the ability to critically think, to be pragmatic, is an ability that the majority of this district and City still contain, based upon those that I personally know.

    So where is the shift coming from?


    Uninformed or underinformed voters that choose to be ignorant within the result of which they vote?

    What, exactly, is causing individuals to vote unto not only their own demise, but of their district’s, and their City’s demise?

    Alas, perhaps it is simply, as I believe, willful ignorance, believing that life is not fair, they are a victim somehow, and that an entity shall somehow ‘protect’ them, which of course said entity shall not only not protect them, but exploit them, proving them the victim that they believe themselves to be, which is a sad thing, indeed, because the ‘hero’ they support becomes not only their ‘master’, but by their allowance, becomes the ‘master’ of us all.

    There are many examples within the failure of their chosen system, and all of them, Nationwide and Worldwide do not give a whit regarding their own willfully ignorant supporters, and only when it is too late, do said willfully ignorant supporters fully understand just how wrong they were.

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