Anchorage Assembly refusing to confirm first Samoan to highest executive appointment in the state


In November, the Anchorage Assembly passed an ordinance to prevent Mayor Dave Bronson’s appointees from serving for long periods of time without being confirmed by the Assembly.

That was then — when the Assembly didn’t like the mayor’s choice for the Anchorage Library directorship and wanted to make sure she didn’t serve without being confirmed.

Now, with the appointment of Uluao “Junior” Aumavae as the chief equity officer for Anchorage, leftists on the Assembly have readied a resolution to delay his confirmation.

The resolution, to be presented during Tuesday’s meeting, will spike the confirmation process that would have been a key feature of the meeting. The agenda included the confirmation of Aumavae, at the request of the mayor.

Meanwhile, Aumavae had already invited the Samoan community to come out and provide moral support for him during his confirmation. On social media, he wrote: “Come out to Loussac Library tomorrow March 15th to support my confirmation date with the Anchorage Assembly at 5pm. Let’s EAT!”

The Samoan community may come out, but may find the Assembly has gone a different direction. In the resolution delaying Aumavae’s confirmation, the Assembly says that the mayor has only “purported to appoint” Aumavae.

The Assembly, however, is ready to accept that Aumavae is an “acting” chief equity officer, and that his confirmation vote would come during the first Assembly meeting after the lawsuit between the Mayor and the Assembly is resolved.

The lawsuit is to settle the question of whether the ordinance that created the position of chief equity officer also governs whether that person can be replaced by a new mayor.

The ordinance currently says that a mayor may not replace that particular employee without the permission of the Assembly. Mayor Dave Bronson argues that is an illegal usurpation of the authority of the Executive Branch.

Bronson had fired the first chief equity officer, Clifford Armstrong, who was appointed by an unelected temporary Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson just weeks before Bronson won election to the city’s highest seat. The Armstrong appointment and quick confirmation was a way for the leftists on the Assembly to have someone right in the Mayor’s Office who would be beholden to them and would report back to them on the mayor’s activities. Quinn-Davidson returned to her seat on the Assembly after Bronson was sworn in.

Meanwhile, Armstrong financially settled with the Bronson Administration and has moved on to working as a consultant. Aumavae has been the chief equity officer since October, while litigation flew over whether Bronson has the ability to replace his own staff.

Aumavae is well-known for being a former NFL tackle for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets. Born in Samoa and raised in Anchorage, he worked as a community outreach specialist for the Drug Enforcement Administration. He worked with non-profits, such as United Way of Anchorage, and other entities, including the Anchorage School District, private schools, the Office of the Governor, the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development, the Municipality of Anchorage’s Department of Health, and the Anchorage Assembly.

Aumavae also has worked for the National Football League Player Association, serving as the Secretary and Vice President. In that capacity, he assisted a diverse group of players in developing a plan for life in the workforce after retiring from professional football. That included connecting the former athletes with leaders in the public and private sectors to help them access the resources and benefits they needed to succeed.  

“Junior Aumavae is the perfect example of someone who has overcome the hardships of life to become successful and strive to help others in need,” said Mayor Bronson. “With his background, experience, and heart, Junior will be a great addition in our efforts to ensure the Municipality of Anchorage’s workforce is more representative of the incredible diversity and talent of Anchorage’s citizens.”

Read the Assembly’s resolution at this link:


  1. Obviously a bunch of Samoan hating racist heterophobes. There’s no place in public service for hate-crimes, nor disgusting discrimination as witnessed by the Anchorage Assembly. A legal suit should be filed by Mr Aumavae.

  2. What a shame! and assembly preaching about ethnics! ( Only their ethnics groups UHM) I would say District 1, better watch out in future…
    We are very diverse! in this area….Talk about! racism???

  3. OMG you’ve got to be kidding?! These assembly weirdos are totally insane. There was a moment when I thought this was a comedy piece about how the assembly third string wimps were going to try and ‘Block’ a former tackle for the Cowboys ‘n Jets, but evidently it’s true.

  4. Bigotry against the islander. If you’re not black or gay, the left has no use for you.

  5. I hope that the nasty nine doesn’t mess with Junior. He has proven his ability to do the job better than the flake from wherever. One thing I have always appreciated of the Samoan Community, is their value for family and their acceptance of others. They are just about the hardest working and loving people ever, and I am thankful that they have chosen Anchorage as their home. Even if they don’t seem to be the stereotypical Alaskans. And they bring a great culture with them. And they appreciate good food. What’s not to like? We all need to support him, not just the Samoan community.

  6. Its clear these nine have no good friends to talk good sense into them. Their pit deepens… Their arrogance is astounding, the fall will render all speechless.

  7. The Anchorage Assembly never fails to disappoint 😞 Anchorage residents. Willfully out of touch. Perhaps they should be reported to the EEO Federal Agency in Seattle or federal prosecutor in Seattle for showing distinct preference for some minorities and not others inhibiting public service from all of Anchorage residents.

  8. So, the most qualified candidate our city has, Mr. Aumavae, will not be confirmed due to the commie 9 not liking him. Competence does not matter to the commie 9, they want their spy in the mayors office to undermine him and us.
    Are you really surprised?
    They take every opportunity to undermine him and any progress we may make in improving our community.
    They are out to destroy our city and could not care less who they destroy, that includes us.
    We the people must vote out theses lying communists.
    They do not represent we the people, they mis-represent us at every opportunity.
    Put them last on ranked choice ballot if you have to, leave them off your choices entirely as they cinsistently vote against our city. Oath breakers.
    Communists, voting against us do not get our vote.

  9. That is flat out racist. The Assembly is discriminating against a minority. That is illegal! In my opinion, is justification to remove that Assemblymember permanently ban them from any future elected office in Alaska

  10. How do these people keep getting elected? We need to investigate the electoral process and voting machines. This just makes no sense!

  11. This is so stupid. If people would address others as just people, instead of Black, white, Samoan or whatever, like it used to be, this garbage would not see the light of day! Anchorage Assembly needs to be flushed and everyone needs to stop playing the race baiting game. It’s childish! Especially in positions of power. This is what the puppeteers want.. They want us warring with each other instead of fighting who the enemy is. Our very own Government. There are more of us than them.. They know that.

    • “If people would address others as just people, instead of Black, white, Samoan or whatever, like it used to be, this garbage would not see the light of day!” Absolutely! Please, let’s leave ethnicity out of it and concentrate on character and experience. Ethnicity should never be a big qualifier for either the left or the right.

  12. This rejection is exactly what racial discrimination in Anchorage Alaska has always looked like through the gerations and the generations to come. All that’s missing is the privately negotiated contract between the minority in a suit doing more than what is required and the princesses and a pea.

  13. If a minority has any contact, affiliation, or beliefs consistent with real Republicans and Conservatives they lose said “minority status.” They are now ostracized and subject to liberal abuse and name calling. Just ask Ben Carson and Herchel Walker.

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