America’s busiest northern border sector has had a 550% increase in illegal entries, mostly Mexican



The busiest northern U.S. border area, called the Swanton Sector, saw a 550% increase in apprehensions in one fiscal year, according to new data.

Chief Border Patrol Agent Robert Garcia, who oversees the Swanton Sector, said Border Patrol agents saw “an astonishing 550% increase compared to last year by recording 6,925 apprehensions from 79 different countries between 10/01/2022 to 9/30/2023.”

This is consistent with data first reported by The Center Square of Swanton Sector Border Patrol agents apprehending more than 6,700 people from 76 countries and reporting at least 3,745 gotaways in fiscal 2023.

Gotaways is the official U.S. Customs and Border Protection term to define foreign nationals who illegally enter the U.S. and don’t turn back to Canada or Mexico. They illegally enter between ports of entry and seek to evade capture. Those in law enforcement have no idea how many there are in the U.S., or who or where they are. According to data previously published by The Center Square, they total an estimated 1.7 million since January 2021.

In a social media post, Garcia said the overwhelming majority of foreign nationals illegally entering his sector from Canada were primarily Mexican nationals (49%). The next greatest number of people came from countries from all over the world (18%), followed by Indians (14%), Venezuelans (10%), Haitians (5%), and Romanians (4%).

The majority coming through, as is the case nationwide, are single, military age men. The ones captured in person or on camera are mostly wearing camouflage, hoodies, and masks to hide their identity as they run through wooded forest to evade capture.

Garcia has long praised the relationship Border Patrol agents have with local residents, who he says have been instrumental in identifying suspicious activity.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, residents in multiple communities reported suspicious activity, “which aided Swanton Sector agents in apprehending 71 subjects and confirming four illegal vehicle incursions,” he said, near ports of entry. These are record high numbers for a holiday weekend, according to Border Patrol data.

“If you see something, say something,” Garcia said. “Report suspicious border activity in Swanton Sector: 1-800-689-3362.”


  1. The US is in danger be being lost. We have surrendered our borders, our sovereignty, and our sanity.

    Especially with two failed nations north and south of us.

      • No, your clueless.

        Canada Trucker protest?
        Free speech has been canceled in Canada for a while now. – Risk being imprisoned for talking bad about Dictator Trudeau. See what happens.

        Canada is testing ground before it ships the policies to the US.

        Everything comes down to the US. The rest of European nations are testing grounds to see how the public reacts.

        The Public has been failing in protecting its sovereignty. But what more can you do? The unelected WEF dictators are in control of everything right now thanks to the rigging of 2020………and 2022….and I’ll bet 2024.

        Civil War is on the horizon guys..stack up on ammo, remember, the leftist don’t like gun’s so it should be an easy fight right?

        Nope, the left has armed militias such as Antifa, BLM and LGBT.

        Found that out when Antifa stood guard in front of a kiddy strip club where LGBT promoted Satanism & danced naked in front of kids.

        Don’t ask for a link, it’s literally everywhere. You should not be commenting about politics if you don’t know how to search the web without Google and duckduckgo(sellouts..).

        Mojeek is my new friend.

        • There are plenty of sheep who cant see the forest because of the trees in the way.
          You may as well be trying to convince the Anchorage Assembly their homeless project is failing.

      • cman …. if it’s not a failed country, why are people sneaking over the border into this country?
        In the darkness of night, on holidays, wearing camo and face masks.
        Is it just the ‘intruders’ that are failed?

  2. Need to secure our all borders of The United States. Slam the door on the illegals.

  3. Maybe now we can get some good Mexican food. There’s going to be an abundance of labor for that industry. Always a silver lining. And the universities will have their hands full trying to convince this new group of the new “values “ that they teach. Kind of like an oil change for our country. Get rid of the lawbreakers and embrace the ones who wish to contribute.

  4. According to the constitution the states are supposed to choose who and how many may come in . Our border states need to up their game.

    • Ah no, immigration has always been a FEDERAL duty, as it has overarching regulations and mandates in protection and criteria for new immigrants. We don’t have Texas border patrol or Alaskan border patrol, we have federal immigration and border patrol agents.
      The ones falling down the the job are Biden and Mayorkas and more and more it seems on purpose.
      See Article I section 8:
      Congress shall have powers to establish a uniform rule of Naturalization.
      See also Title 8 US Code section 12 Sub chapter II Immigration

  5. I may have missed it but I did not see in this story where the Swanton Sector is! I believe it’s eastern NY, and all of VT and NH. Last I knew there was a general store in VT that is half in PQ and half in VT. The border in that part of the US can be pretty informal, especially if you speak French. If you speak French and turn your collar around you need not slow down at the border unless someone wants to go through the beads with you. I knew a fellow real well who had a horse that sometimes carried US cigarettes into Quebec all by himself. The fellow was a relative and the horse was a buckskin.

  6. I used to smirk at the idea that our own government wants to replace the native-born citizenry with 3rd world illegals, but then I heard it from Biden’s own mouth, and now I see it happening on a daily basis. This is an invasion and, as pointed out above, is being done largely by military age males. Much of our military is deployed elsewhere on behalf of other countries’ security. Durbin wants to make these illegals our new military.
    Folks, our country is being destroyed before our eyes, and it’s on purpose. The GOP fiddles while it is happening, when each GOP representative and senator should be burning both end of the candle trying to stop this madness!

    • I understand your frustration Sharon but dont give up the struggle..I think we can skip the spanish but the final upcoming invasion will only result in us having to learn mandarin or cantonese.
      Send your thank-you card to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Attn: Joe and Hunter.

    • “Well, we indigenous had to learn English”
      You mean Russian, don’t you?
      BTW Mexicans speak Spanish (yes there are dialectic subtle differences, but it is Spanish).
      More and more I wonder if “sharon smyth” is not a poorly programmed AI.

  7. Pretty awesome reporting, only took 6 clicks to find out where the heck the Swanton Sector is.

    FYI it’s in Vermont.

  8. This reporter is lazy, incompetent and unprofessional. She doesn’t even tell you where “Swanton Sector” is located. She gives no clue as to where and how these criminal interlopers are entering Canada to use it as a back door into the USA. She leaves it to the reader to do her fundamental research for her.

  9. Too bad the press doesn’t ask Andrés Manuel López Obrador next time he opens his mouth why so many of his citizens are fleeing his country for ours?

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