Alyse for Congress puts wreck in ‘wreckreational’



There was a great crash and splintering of wood when the “Alyse for Alaska” vehicle, seen above, crashed into the Palmer Veterans and Pioneer Home at the end of the Colony Days parade in Palmer on Saturday. The air conditioning unit on the RV was just too high and was ripped open in the crash, which startled occupants, as well as bystanders.

The motor home was Galvin’s carbon footprint in the annual parade, and it was just too tall for the building’s breezeway. Entries like that are supposed to go around, not through.

“She’d also be a train wreck in Congress,” quipped one bystander.

We’ll be watching FEC reports to see how the repairs are handled on that one. And about those carbon credits … Will Greenpeace be sending a bill?


  1. We need more candidates like this one, who at 85 years old Don Young can drive circles around…

  2. Not to mention that Galvin’s husband is the CCO of the oil exploration company Great Bear LLC, which stands to benefit from Walker’s bill to sell off $900 million in state bonds in order to pay down tax credits to them.

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