Alleged manifesto of trans school shooter shows intentional targeting of white Christian children


A leaked segment of the alleged manifesto written by Covenant School shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale was released by conservative podcaster Steven Crowder on Monday. The manifesto was hand-written on notebook paper that was dated Feb. 23, 2023, and it’s filled with hate. It contains a few pages showing the actual details of Hale’s plan.

Hale, who was 28 and a former student at the school, entered the school on March 27, where she shot and killed six inside, including three students. A police officer shot and killed Hale, who identified as a transgender male. The manifesto that she left behind has been kept under wraps in spite of numerous lawsuits against the FBI and other law enforcement by news organization to get access to it.

Hale preferred the name “Aiden” and used the pronouns “he” and “him.” 

On the podcast, Crowder said members of his “Mug Club Undercover” investigative team got their hands on the manifesto.

The leaked page follows, and contains disturbing language that indicates Hale had targeted children who were white:

The alleged manifesto says, in part – (Caution, language ahead is redacted, but still disturbing):

“Kill those kids!!!

those crackers

going to fancy private schools

with those fancy khakis & sports backpacks

w/ their daddies Mustangs + convertibles

fu** you little shits

I wish to shoot you weak a** di**s w/ your mop yellow hair

Wanna kill all you little crackers!!!

Bunch of little fa****s

w/ your white privileges

f*** you f******”

A spokesperson for the Metro Nashville Police Department told The Tennessee Star the department has “no idea” about the document. The department did not specifically address the authenticity of the purported document.

The spokesman said the department has “no idea who he is, what he’s got, what he’s talking about,” the newspaper reported.


  1. Hard to have faith in our institutions of justice when everything is so one-sided. This information was intentionally hidden because it didn’t fit the narrative/message.

    Thank you to Crowder & team for uncovering this.

  2. We are getting closer to some serious civil disobedience where sides may be drawn. This country was great before Obama and look what we have now.

  3. Hale used to be a student there too. A white privileged youth too. So what made her upset? You know there are kids who probably shouldn’t been at a particular type of private school. There is probably other hidden dysfunctional behavior at the conservative private school from within that disgusted and hurt the girl. Most Kids can see straight through people young and old unless parents or family are dishonest immoral and they teach that natural discernment out of their child when they are young cause I seen watching parents here do it to two and three year olds, they don’t realize their standards is killing their child’s consciences development.
    I can understand a youth complaining like that about the “Rich kids” going to a private school while they attend a below average falling apart public school repeating the criticism their poorer parents criticized those having more. They are insecure and jealous. She had no reason to be insecure and jealous when she is just as privileged as the current kids. Her poem and well written coming from a young adult who was privileged to have better education delivery too , it doesn’t make sense.

    • It actually makes perfect sense unfortunately. When you have a very confused child, who’s trying to deal with their own gender dysphoria, placed in a conservative Christian school by conservative parents, where’s the child going to turn for comfort and support? If her parents weren’t willing to listen, or they were never approached, this girl turned to groups that welcome her confusion and offer support. These liberal groups have been very clear about their hatred for conservatives and the church. Then it’s backed up by our very own POTUS who repeats the mantra that White Supremists are the leading form of domestic terrorism… well, there you have it. Pretty clear reflection on the state of our nation right now. Support your kids, talk to them about everything. Be there for them in every situation. Kids have many many questions, and in many cases, they don’t talk to parents out of fear of the answer. Step it up parents.

  4. If evidence doesn’t fit the preferred storyline or further the desired deviant agenda it gets buried. Replace “white” with any other race and it’d be front page news and the FBI would be holding press conferences highlighting it as evidence of systemic racism and mental midget Biden would be calling for, well, whatever the people actually in charge told him to rant and blather about.

  5. Sadly this was a tantrum by a well to do, mentally ill child. But instead of just screaming in the aisle of Freddy until out of breath,

    this “perfectly normal, non disturbed, not at all sick” child decides to kill innocent children and their teachers.

    • “Sadly this was a tantrum by a well to do, mentally ill child. But instead of just screaming in the aisle of Freddy until out of breath”

      are you describing the way Crowder treated his x-wife or the shooter here?

      • You seem less concerned with a school shooter and her motive than the one responsible for the revelation, implying that you approve of her actions.

  6. President Biden and much of the federal government leadership wanted this material hidden forever. It just doesn’t fit with the woke narrative about inequality and white privilege to have someone target white children for murder. The landscape is too confusing to the elites if people target white kids, if the US Supreme Court says that favoring one race over another is racism not matter the races involved, and if white people can qualify as class action plaintiffs when they are quashed and squashed because of their race. Had Hale been taken alive could she have been charged with a hate crime? Can Christian victims ever trigger a hate crime determination, or does the victim have to be either Muslim or Jew? Who gets to decide who is white and who is not? Why does any parent put white for race on a newborn’s birth certificate?

    So many questions yet so few answers from the elite and their President Biden. So many organizations such as the NEA, Planned Parenthood, AFLCIO, the Anchorage and Juneau municipal assemblies, and the Alaska Democrat Party want to tell us how to think and how to live: but no one wants us to be allowed to ask any questions. If you think about it the guilt that the elite want white people to feel has some similarities with carbons storage.

    It’s really no wonder that this Nashville murderer was so confused. Her victims were also victims of the elite. Those of us who are not confused, who choose to not be confused, need to be prepared so that we do not become victims of the elite and the confused.

  7. The spokesman for the Police is named Sgt Schultz.

    He knows Nooooothing, he sees Nooooooooothing, he hears Noooooooothing! Jawohl!

  8. This motivation for the shooter is very believable but the Steve “Canadian psycho” Crowder boomer mug club investigative team cracks the case, lulz not buying it.
    sorry this Is a Smollet/Wallace until proven otherwise

  9. And who are the nazi terrorist? Not the MAGA crowd but sure looks like the antifa left are showing what their capable of. The federal Bureau of incompetence, department of injustice, and homeland sissies are chasing their tails.


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