Alaska’s top prison doc is now state’s new chief medical officer

Robert Lawrence, MD

The Alaska Department of Health Commissioner Heidi Hedberg announced Dr. Robert Lawrence, formerly the chief medical officer at the Alaska Department of Corrections, is the new chief medical officer, replacing Dr. Anne Zink.

“We are truly thrilled to add Dr. Lawrence’s unique perspectives to the work we are accomplishing within the Department of Health,” Hedberg said. “His commitment to promoting the health, wellbeing and self-sufficiency of all Alaskans is widely recognized and deeply appreciated. As we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Anne Zink for her outstanding leadership over the past five years, we anticipate continued improvements in Alaska’s healthcare systems with Dr. Lawrence at the helm.”He began his new role on Monday.

“Of everything the great state of Alaska has to offer, people matter most,” said Dr. Lawrence. “I am honored to join this team of dedicated servants who focus their efforts to elevate the health and independence of every person in Alaska.”

Dr. Lawrence earned his medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine, a master’s degree. in Bioethics from Trinity International University, and a master’s degree in Social Science Education from Harding University. He is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He began his work as a doctor in Alaska in Nome.


  1. What is his position on “the Covid trio”: mandatory vaccinations , lockdowns and face masks?? Is he going to follow in Dr. Zinc’s footsteps, and continue to promote her dangerous and ineffective policies? I was profoundly glad and relieved to see her go. I hope her replacement isn’t just more of the same.

  2. Well, since Dr. Lawrence has experience working in prisons, he is eminently qualified to replace Anne Zink, who did her level Covidian best to turn Alaska into one big prison.

  3. Political party is “Undeclared.” Was a prison doc and is now the Chief Medical Officer for the state. I hope that he likes humanity, but given that he was the prison doc…..I hope someone can clue us in on this guy.

  4. No WE the people of Alaska Do Not extend our heartfelt gratitude to Zinc ! She will be viewed in the same light as Anthony Fauci and hopefully recognized for the HARM she helped perpetrate on Alaskans and Alaskan Children. Go to ‘www.dailyclout.iocategory/pfizer-reports/ for the huge list of reports on injuries and deaths caused by the MRNA death shots. By the way, EARLY Dementia is now being touted as a result of getting the clot shot. WAKE UP all you doubters!

  5. It’s funny the illuminati globalists set are sticklers for spelling accuracy but actual legal diction imperatives and understandings contained within the laid down foundation law, the US Constitution founding document of the greatest republic on earth is just so “interchangeable” and malleable: no more important than a jot or a tittle.

  6. How does Alaska’s public-health industry ever recover from what they did to Alaskans during the China flu hysteria?
    Seems almost like poor Dr. Robert Lawrence is being set up to fail, no?


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