Alaskans asked “Should I vote?” on Google in 2018


Google is where we ask important questions about life, such as “What is the Keto diet?” and “What’s a good Christmas movie?” It’s our 21st Century encyclopedia and Ouija board rolled into one.

In 2018, when Alaskans started a search-term question with the phrase “Should I…” they ended that sentence with “vote?”

Google Trends tracks the usage patterns for searches, and you can find out for yourself what Alaskans are concerned about by performing your own queries here.

Here’s one that was an obvious search: the timeline on the U.S.-based search term “Alaska” since mid-November. Can you tell when the earthquake occurred?

As for “Should I vote?” ATT performed the research found that in addition to Alaska, that question was asked most by people in¬†Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming.

The ATT methodology and other trivia they discovered can be viewed here.

For the search term Alaska, the top 10 other topics related to it in 2018 were:

  • Earthquake
  • Tsunami
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Airport lounge
  • Airport terminal
  • First class

And in the top “related queries” category, “Alaska Mike Dunleavy” made #9 on the list of terms associated with “Alaska” when people were making “Alaska” queries over the past 12 months. “Alaska cruise 2019” made item #6.

You can also find out on Google Trends that Alaska was #5 for people interested in the learning what “Bitcoin” means, and #10 for interest in the term “government shutdown.”

Absolutely no interest could be gauged in Alaska for the question “How to apply magnetic lashes,” however. The states that dominate that question are Texas and California.


  1. Our civilization is doomed. What thinking human is unable to answer these questions for themselves? Should I vote?! (Let’s hope that anyone asking that question did NOT vote.) Should I cut my hair? Should I lose weight? Should I delete FB? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. These people trust GOOGLE for answers to their big questions? We are so doomed.

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