Alaskan college student ‘stands in’ for Trump as debate gets underway


Grace Christian School alumnus Ryan Sheldon is the “stand in” for President Donald Trump, as Belmont University in Nashville prepares the stage for the presidential debate that kicks off at 5 pm Alaska Time on Thursday.

Sheldon, well known for his extraordinary vocal chords, is a senior at the university, and was asked by the Commission of Presidential Debates to stand at the podium while the lighting, microphones and set was finalized. Must Read Alaska has learned he will also be helping to prepare the debate moderator, Kristen Welker, by answering questions ad-lib before the debate begins.

Sheldon is 6’5″ (Trump is 6’3″), weighs 275 pounds, and throws hammer and discus in Division 1; he is on a track and field scholarship at Belmont University, where he majors in entrepreneurial business, and minors in voice. He can sing in nine languages, has studied opera, and has a noted stage presence. Sheldon has sung the National Anthem and the Alaska Flag Song at Alaska Republican Party conventions and meetings.

Ryan Sheldon

While only 80 people will be allowed in the debate room, Ryan will be among those 80 on Thursday night. His parents are Robert and Marne Sheldon of Talkeetna and Anchorage and his grandparents include Frank and Jeanne McQueary of Anchorage and Dave and Barb Kolesky of Anchorage.

At Grace Christian High, under head coach Marc Coulombe, he was state champion in discus and runner-up in shot put in 2017. He was named team captain as a senior and also lettered in basketball.


    Moderator (NBC’s Kristen Welker): “Good evening Mr. Trump and Vice-President Biden and welcome to the final Presidential debate. I will be asking a number of questions for each of the two candidates However, first the ground rules. Mr. Trump please don’t talk over me. Vice-President Biden please refer to your teleprompter for the answers to your questions. Now, for our first topic FIGHTING COVID-19.”
    KRISTEN: “Mr. Trump, Yes or No? Your mismanagement of the Covid-19 virus has now cost America over 200,000 lives. Will you apologize to their family and friends for causing the deaths of their loved ones since this number would have been almost zero if you had only worn a mask? That’s Yes or No please.”
    President Trump: “NO Kristen, that is a ridiculous assertion! In fact, I did more to….”
    KRISTEN: “Excuse me Mr. Trump! I asked ‘Yes or No?’ I didn’t ask for an explanation. I’m cutting off your microphone. So, with your NO answer, I understand that although you are in agreement that these deaths are due to your mismanagement and not wearing a mask, you continue to say NO you will not apologize. That is shameful Mr. Trump. Now to our question on Fighting Covid-19 for Vice President Biden.”
    KRISTEN: “Vice President Biden, you have promised that unlike Mr. Trump, you will follow the Science. How many lives do you expect to save by your approach, lives that will otherwise be lost if Mr. Trump is re-elected? You may read the teleprompter for the answer to this question.”
    Vice-President Biden: “Well on climate change I’m FOR the Green new deal! Uh… I mean I’m NOT FOR the Green new deal. Uh. I mean, what was the question?”
    KRISTEN: “Vice-President we’re still on question 1 on Fighting Covid-19 not on question 4 on climate change. Please don’t embarrass me. We’ve practiced this over and over. Now please read the answer on your teleprompter to Question 1.”
    Vice-President Biden: “C’mon Man! You know, you know the thing… I’m a … Man… I mean, I have a JOB to do. That’s why America needs me. Not me, us. America needs us. That’s why I’m running for the Senate. Now, that’s all I’m going to say about that until after the election. And Krystal, stop throwing me hardballs… and ask those ‘stupid bleep-tards’ to move the teleprompter closer.”

  2. Ryan Sheldon was one of my favorite high school students when he was at Grace Christian School. He is going places and I am proud of him. Great young man! I’m glad he had this opportunity at Belmont University.

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