Alaska teachers among those who signed pledge that no law will stop them from teaching Critical Race Theory


The Zinn Education Project has a pledge online that it hopes teachers will sign. It states that the signers will violate the law, if that law prohibits the teaching of Critical Race Theory, which is a broad-stroke description of teachings many parents feel amount to radical revisionism.

Alaska educators are among those signing the pledge, even though there is no Alaska law prohibiting Critical Race Theory being used in the classroom, and in fact Anchorage School District has essentially approved the curriculum.

CRT is an indoctrination program to label all whites as racist and the nation as systemically racist, sexist, and homophobic, rather than the learning, growing, changing, and largely tolerant society that it is.

The theory is being pushed by radicals across the country into classrooms of children as young as kindergarten age, where white children are being discriminated against as they are told they cannot help but be racist since they are white and therefore privileged.

Named after Howard Zinn, a controversial radical historian and anti-American, the pledge reads simply that teachers will not lie about history, which on its face seems benign.

But the pledge pretends that it’s about historical truth, rather than Critical Race Theory. It supports the false narrative of the New York Times 1619 Project, which seeks to distort the historical record. One has to dig deeper in the narrative to see what is occurring.

Several Alaska teachers have signed the pledge, and they are listed at the bottom of this story.

A teacher from Buffalo, New York commented, along with his signature, that “I never learned in school that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves with the sole intention to use them for the war, and then send them off to Liberia. That whole part of history never existed in my classroom. Why was that left out?”

A teacher from Virginia wrote, “Racism is real today and can be traced back to the foundation of the United States which was built on white supremacist ideas. More information about this historical truth leads to action, not guilt.”

And a teacher from San Diego, California commented, “Students deserve to know that biology does not work the way conservative, far-right members of the legislature claim it works. They are wrong about race, sexual identity, sexual preference, how women’s reproductive organs work, global climate change, the need for regulations and oversight for pollution, and many other things.”

Here’s the narrative that the teachers are signing onto:

Lawmakers in at least 21 states are attempting to pass legislation that would require teachers to lie to students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexism, and oppression throughout U.S. history.

A bill introduced in the Missouri legislature exemplifies a rash of similar bills — in Texas, Idaho, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, and more states — that aim to prohibit teachers from teaching the truth about this country: It was founded on dispossession of Native Americans, slavery, structural racism and oppression; and structural racism is a defining characteristic of our society today.

Specifically, the Missouri bill bans teaching that: identifies people or groups of people, entities, or institutions in the United States as inherently, immutably, or systemically sexist, racist, anti-LGBT, bigoted, biased, privileged, or oppressed.

But how can one teach honestly about the nature of our society without examining how today’s racial inequality is a systemic legacy of this country’s history?

From police violence, to the prison system, to the wealth gap, to maternal mortality rates, to housing, to education and beyond, the major institutions and systems of our country are deeply infected with anti-Blackness and its intersection with other forms of oppression. To not acknowledge this and help students understand the roots of U.S. racism is to deceive them — not educate them. This history helps students understand the roots of inequality today and gives them the tools to shape a just future. It is not just a history of oppression, but also a history of how people have organized and created coalitions across race, class, and gender.

The Missouri bill names these leading social justice education groups as those whose curricula would be banned: 1619 Project initiative of the New York Times, the Learning for Justice Curriculum of the Southern Poverty Law Center, We Stories, programs of Educational Equity Consultants, BLM at School, Teaching for Change, Zinn Education Project, and any other similar, predecessor, or successor curricula.

The proposed legislation fails to name a single lesson that is inaccurate or that misleads students about U.S. history.

We the undersigned educators will not be bullied. We will continue our commitment to develop critical thinking that supports students to better understand problems in our society, and to develop collective solutions to those problems.  We are for truth-telling and uplifting the power of organizing and solidarity that move us toward a more just society.

“Pledge to Teach the Truth: Despite New State Bills Against It.”

The Alaska teachers who have so far signed the pledge include:

Adak, Ak

Mark Biberg

Anchorage, Ak

Dr Paula Williams, Heidi Northover, Lyn Franks (running for House District 15), Megan McBride, Michelle Wagner, Rozlyn Grady-Wyche, Toni Biskup

Eagle River, Ak

Danyelle Kimp (running for House District 13), Mary Richards

Fairbanks, Ak

Stephanie Ferrara

Kenai, Ak

Amanda Trower

Palmer, Ak

Sam Jordan


    • Well said! Are the parents ok with all this? If not they better get it together and start kicking butt on these teachers making up false history .
      There needs to be an opt out form for parents! I would battle these teachers to the very end about telling my kids they’re a racist. This way of thinking is causing a lot more friction among race and it wreck g what all of us worked so hard to accomplish

  1. Fire them. If you’re going to teach hate to children, you need to find a new career. Garbage collection would be a good field to go into.

  2. Now we know exactly who the racist and utterly stupid people are. Thanks for identifying yourselves, guys, smooth move.

  3. I am not a fan of David Nelson, but Lyn Franks would be far worse in the Alaska state house of representatives. On the topic of this article, what does Franks teach and where? I thought she was unemployed therefore allowing her unlimited free time to run again and again and again and again in east Anchorage District 15.

  4. The government schools, with their teachers’ union, have been brainwashing students from kindergarten through 12th grade; from there, the radical college professors complete the indoctrination with the coup de grace……….

  5. The unfettered exchange of ideas is the foundation of democracy. Passing laws that regulate what can and cannot be taught in public schools and universities is the epitome of trying to circumvent the First Amendment. I agree with JEFFERSON that we have among us Anti-American bigots, traitors, and racists, but they are not teachers, they are those who attempt to pass laws trying tell us what we can or cannot believe or say, and then wrap themselves in the American flag and proclaim themselves patriots.

  6. Right on Jefferson. The weasel words from those woke idiots are astoundingly deceptive – they sound so “righteous and just”… What they want is to remake the greatest most free nation the world has ever seen and make a socialist hell where everyone – especially white people – are slaves. We must stop this foolishness, and we must regain control of our schools and universities.

  7. Now it’s time for digital warriors to strike at the virus that has infected the educational system in our state.
    There needs to be a demonstration of the majority voices to expel the ones that support the racial divide that this causes.
    We are a Republic that represents freedom, established to escape the kind of tyranny we see in these aggressors against our values.
    Use your freedom of speech.

  8. The proverb “there are none so blind as those who will not see” which is translated as “understanding cannot be forced on someone who chooses to be ignorant”.

    How true, especially when that choice is guided by “political correctness”. Also how contrary that type of thinking is to traditional Further Education which tried to lead young people out of their framework thinking and to encourage them to have “open and enquiring minds”.

    To an alarming extent that ideal has now been replaced with all the political correctness and safe spaces of the multi-culturalist diversity agenda!

  9. If someone publicly announces, or even tells someone in private, that they’re going to blow something up, burn something down, or whatever … they can be prosecuted for it.
    These teachers have publicly announced that they’re prepared to break a specific law against teaching CRT, if the legislature passes it … or the law of any state which has a CRT ban. That many have signed the same pledge is a conspiracy against law and order.
    At the least, they have announced that they’re scoff-laws.

  10. These democrats don’t belong in the classroom, administration or on school boards. Thank you for the information.

  11. How convenient! A ready made list of teachers desiring to have contracts not renewed or be outright fired. I do believe that they still work for us.

  12. This Blog is pure tripe. You don’t allow people to post comments if their comment does not fit your disgusting propaganda narratives. GO TO HELL; the Republican party has turned into 100% white trash! Thanks, Trump!

  13. The implications of the words in that manifest, signed by Alaska public employees is literally treasonous. May it blow up in their faces without mercy or quarter.

    America may not have been perfect, and probably never will be, but it’s still always been a damned sight better place than any other on earth…and has always risen to the call with our blood, sweat, and tears, to defend freedom and to challenge and defeat evil. Both external and internal.

    These wokester snowflakes don’t know the difference between real freedom and their own self-fantasized Bolshevik fanaticism.

    Treason should be sound grounds for immediate termination.

  14. Fire them all. Pull state funding until they are gone.

    It’s past time Dunleavy realize he is in a political death match with these people

  15. The brainwashed with a college degree in Education brainwashing the next generation. Right on schedule. And that’s how it is, folks.

  16. These people are virulent racists, who are teaching little kids to hate each other.
    Therefor, they are a menace to society and deserve to treated as such…..

  17. This is part of the socialist agenda to attempt to turn America into a communist country, anyone who supports it has to be called out and labeled domestic terrorists along side BLM and Antifa. The Democratic party with the Biden administration are failing to uphold the constitution and rule of law, it is up to decent communities and people. So, you so called educators wish to break the law? Good, do it and never teach again, go to jail with your CRT. Anyone who supports CRT and presses that communist garbage into a community or a young child’s mind deserves at the very least termination from their employment with revocation of any educator credentials and lifetime placement on the no fly list.

  18. I’m not teaching critical race theory it’s not even mentioned in the pledge of your going to post about me post THE TRUTH….. because that’s all I’m going to teach is THE TRUTH….. no where in the pledge does it say anything about CRITICAL RACE THEORY THIS BLOG POST IS FULL OF LIES…..

    Pledge to Teach the Truth is a commitment by educators to teach full and accurate U.S. history and current events. It’s also a Day of Action to raise awareness of the dangers of lying to students about the existence and persistence of structural and systemic racism, and all forms of oppression.

    Where in that pledge do you see critical race theory. You should be ashamed of yourselves, telling lies.

    • It isn’t what it clearly is! Lol. Wow lady. You’ve been won over for sure. How are you going to sit here and say it isn’t what it is? It quacks but it’s not a duck! Critical race theory is a right wing conspiracy! Pwwweaaase don’t ban it!

      Lady, wake up.

  19. Well, first things first – why hasn’t Alaska passed a law banning the teaching of this BS yet?

    In any case, we homeschool, so it’s not an immediate concern for my own kids… but I’d rather my children not have to grow up and be surrounded by CRT-trained racists.

  20. A bunch of phony scare tactics to try and convince people to oppose public education. The far right is afraid of the truth being taught, and it shines a light on their actions. Glad to see teachers who are willing to no longer teach the white lies.

  21. I’m assuming that if these teachers feel so inclined to publicly take such a stand then the union, school boards and local assemblies must agree with them. If they are terminated, it’ll be only a matter of time before the NEA comes to their collective rescue with state and federal lawsuits, replete with government-fueled arbitrators to back their case. Wouldn’t it be nice for the rest of us to have that legal muscle at our disposal considering that we’re all paying for it?

  22. Critical Race Theory is the only polarizing subject matter currently in public debate. Any pledge to violate the law to teach the “truth” has only laws being passed against CRT to violate.
    There are no other laws being passed, banning teaching of anything else, other than CRT. If it’s not about CRT, then what else is there? Weren’t our teachers supposedly teaching the truth in the first place? They weren’t, and now they pledge to begin teaching the truth?
    “…to raise awareness of the dangers of lying to students about the existence and persistence of structural and systemic racism, and all forms of oppression.”
    Racism does exist. Here, there, and everywhere … but it’s not nationally structural nor systemic. Even the KKK ebbs and wanes, never having a permanent presence anywhere, not even in the deep south. Sometimes chance and happenstance finds racism on the rise, then poof, it’s gone again.
    Some places in Alaska had “No Dogs or Indians Allowed” signs on their doors. Bars, because Natives lacked the gene which helped metabolize alcohol, and became unruly. Also some exclusive stores, restaurants, and private clubs. White business owners preferred white employees because they had similar backgrounds, and wouldn’t have to spend half the work day trying to guess what the employee thought the boss meant by what he said.
    Racism exists, but it’s always been by a minority. A lot of other stuff keeps getting labeled as racism, but there are other dynamics involved, which would require too much time and energy to figure out. So, racism is often the default label, even when it’s not racism, per se.

  23. Rozlyn Grady-Wyche

    You want to teach truth, so I am assuming that means that you will teach the children in your class that the first slave owner in America was a black man. I’m assuming you’ll also tell them that those who sold those men, women and children into slavery were also black. I’m sure you’ll detail how leaders of African tribes, after conquering their rivals would sell the survivors of those tribes into slavery, because that’s true too.

    You know what? You’re not going to teach any of that. You know it. We know it. The only ‘truth’ you aim to tell is the one that makes you simultaneously a victim and a savior. You state that nowhere in the pledge does it reference CRT. And you’re right. The pledge does not specifically state that CRT is going to be taught. However, it does outline the basic tenets of Critical Race Theory, mainly that the United States were founded by racist, sexist men and the structural racism is still a defining characteristic today. That, right there, is the basis for CRT. There’s more, but you already know that. You know all too well that people don’t like CRT, overwhelmingly don’t want it taught to their children so you and your comrades know to couch it in language you hope they will find more acceptable.

    You lie when you say you will only teach truth. You lie to the public, for whom you work, you lie to the children you’re supposed to teach and you’re lying to yourself. It is you who should be ashamed of herself.

    • All of these things are taught to my children.
      Humans of all skin shades have long practiced, and suffered slavery. An inconvenient truth. And an inconvenient truth that some early slaveholders in Virginia were Africans who had been freed themselves, becoming slaveholders of European slaves. Also an inconvenient truth that Christian Europeans were the first to widely ban the practice.

      During the Revolutionary War, George Washington became highly impressed with Poet Phillis Wheatly, sufficiently that his whole perspective on slavery changed such that upon his death all of his personal slaves were emancipated. In fact, after initial resistance, the Colonial Army became the most integrated in America up to the Vietnam conflict.

      Times change and people change. We no longer burn people at the stake for accusations of witchcraft. In fact, America never did. We no longer kill cats because we think that they spread the Plague. Most of us believe that the Earth is round and that it orbits the sun.
      Thankfully we are not punished for the ignorance nor sins of our fathers. If so, I could demand recompense from Southern Democrats for the deaths of my ancestors at Gettysburg, Vicksburg and Franklin, which left my family financially devastated. I would demand reparations from the British for their treatment of my Irish ancestors, the Turks for their treatment of the Slavs (which, by the way, is the origin of the work slave). Oh, but then what of how my Viking ancestors treated my British, Kiev and French ancestors? That would be like Kamala Harris demanding reparations for her slave trading ancestors paid to compensate for her slave ancestors.

      Very few today have ever been held as slaves and none legally. Very few today hold people in slavery, and none legally. By law all in this country have equal opportunity to do with as they choose and become what they choose. Barack Obama rose from obscurity to lead this Nation. Ben Carson and Herman Cain rose from ghetto to fame. Let’s praise what we have, while not neglecting our past, but also not continually dwelling on it. Our kids deserve better. That’s why mine never attended public school and why this self lamenting trash should not be taught.

  24. Sam Jordan in Palmer, AK; nor any of these teachers will ever teach my child that critical race c—. These teachers should be removed from the classroom.

    My child will be attending a private Christian school because of this evil doctrine.

  25. Greg R. – “The unfettered exchange of ideas”? Alternatives to public schools has been fettered for decades. Free speech in universities? Forget it. Social media? hahahah. Freedom and Liberty are now racist terms along with the flag.

  26. Why don’t they teach in school that Africans bought and sold and owned slaves. As did the tribes in southeast Alaska. Bad on is whites that we dabbled in it…. but we also abolished it. No other race did.

  27. Critical race theory is a subset of Critical Theory. This was a philosophy pushed by Karl Marx wherein you take any system and focus solely on the negative aspects of it. Thereby, criticizing it.
    There is no system in existence that is without flaws. There never will be.
    Yet, critical theory demands that you ignore every positive aspect, and focus solely on the flaws.
    There is no known method of raising people out of poverty than a free market system, yet instead of examining the benefits of that system, critical theory demands you only examine the times it failed an individual. And, thus, the system is imperfect, and must be destroy.
    Critical race theory is no different. Instead of looking at how well the blacks and minorities do in the US, they instead focus on that “aspiring rapper” who was “turning his life around” when he got shot robbing a convenience store.
    Does racism exist? Yes. It is called human nature. We all have our prejudices and biases. Do some people have a bias against someone with a different skin tone? Yes, some people do. But, that is not what critical race theory is all about.
    Critical race theory is all about focusing on those few individuals who are racist, and assuming every time a black person is not successful (in whatever they desire to do), it is the fault of racist whites.

  28. Not too many signatures in Alaska. How chilling what these people are believing. No checking of sources or authenticated facts from primary sourced information. They just drink the koolaid revision lies. Seems a sad testimony of the lack of education of a number educators.

    One case in point from a comment in the article – To say Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves to use them for war?

    During the civil war Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union side of the nation where there wee no slaves to free and those he did declare free where living on the confederacy side, under Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and were not declared free until the emancipation proclamation which was near the end of the war. Most in the south did not even hear of the proclamation until the war was nearing the end. Hence such a claim does not even make sense.

  29. We just moved here from OR…… just about the worst state for education right now pushing all this far left ideology garbage & more BS you can’t even make up it’s so crazy!
    I am interviewing both principals with a laundry list of questions before sending my 3 kids to another public school.
    I will absolutely fight these issues to preserve my family’s conservative values & believe it’s my moral obligation to not have them brainwash & confuse innocent children.
    Who is with me!!!

  30. …….and your children will grow up to be little Marxists too. Parents should go into the public schools and just yank them right out of class.

  31. It’s one thing to tell real history truth.. It is entirely another thing and wrong to tell someone, especially a child, that they are automatically a bad person for how they were born and by their skin color. Now that is racist.

    No one is responsible for someone else’s past or present, actions. Children of today’s teachings like this will grow up with a deep self hatred for something they can never change about themselves, no matter how good of a person they try to be.

    A child should be raised to have self respect/love, and be judged by for what is on the inside not on the outside, and in return will be reflected outward to others.

  32. Pass the law, then criminally charge them when they violate it. Easy fix. Give them a new career of tutoring fellow inmates in prison………for free.

  33. Always nice when the enemy self-identifies with the appropriate amount of self-congratulation and righteous indignation. The undersigned have just terminated their jobs, though it will take a while.

    Also might make a good case for body cams for teachers just so we know what they are doing. Cheers –

  34. “ You know who I am”: thank you for your helpful comment. It really adds to a healthy discussion of the issue. We can always benefit from well reasoned arguments that point out facts in support of conflicting viewpoints. Keep up the good work!

    • There is no discontent toward education nor educators. Too bad we don’t have more! Unfortunately the emphasis has become totally on anti-American crap and Marxist dogma, leaving kids to become adults unable to read, write or cipher.

  35. Elizabeth Henry

    Pearson Textbooks will more than likely be funded to rewrite history. Whoever has the funding for the textbook monopoly controls learning. Use Roanoak for example. The 21st Century DNA samples shows the Native American bloodline as well as the American Settlers. Records reflect many settlers abandoned their sites and went willingly to live with the indiginous people. The current textbooks do not make reference to this.

  36. ROZ

    I’m not Cher. If they did it would still be hard to swallow my kids coming out as LBG. Being raised before this wave of accept everyone, and make everyone equal, condemn those who have worked for what they have earned, and ignore those who suffer on the streets makes me consider, the special education classrooms are not doing enough through 504’s to place students with mental disabilities in group homes. Everyone who commutes travels down Ingra. Those numbers are going to get bigger. That line is people waiting to sit on a couch and watch T.V.

  37. I have a idea, how about teaching the kids how to read, write, and arithmetic. Our schools have done a horrible job teaching the basics and now our future is the lowest performing in the US. If you look at different countries, the US is way down that list too, so let’s get all the bs courses of the classroom and teach real classes.

  38. Be careful, AK. You will incur the wrath of Jasmin Smith who considers herself a local celebrity and has transitioned into a prominent seat on the Muni’s “Gravy Train”.


    Christopher Schutte, one of the “big deals” in the current Muni government, was questioned about the $50,000.00 he authorized for her to distribute around 300 debit cards to low income individuals during the pandemic. He said this decision was not based on any actual decision-making rubric and was unable to justify this “gift” to her. From what I heard, Smith was merely at the front of his line, with the loudest voice, and with the goal of getting all the money she could convince the Muni to give her.


    To make matters worse, the assembly recently gave her an additional $100,000.00 to do something like encourage people to get vaccinated. With Dave Bronson as our mayor, we know that that Gravy Train for these types is coming to an abrupt start. Good for us. Bad for Jasmin Smith.

  39. They are not teachers. They are social activists, advocating neo-Marxism, Scientific Atheism and Scientific Communism. They are greatest liability in our education system!

  40. Start making posters and banners that target the people on the list and hang them up all over these communities. Expose these people’s names and occupations for the Communists that they are. People are always putting up yard sale signs on street corners and intersections, so why not start a grassroot campaign and make your own signs targeting these individuals by name and put them EVERYWHERE! It can be a fun project for the whole family. You can decorate your poster boards how ever you want and make an afternoon outing of hanging them up around your neighborhood and communities. It’s cheap, easy, fun and highly affective if enough people join in and hang up these signs. Then if you see one up somewhere snap a photo and circulate it on social media so their names gains more and more attention. Then call them out at school board meetings and write your school districts and get loud and vocal. Let these communists know how much people dislike their subversive tactics embedded in our schools poisoning our children. Don’t allow these people any peace of mind. Stop letting them live in comfort. Let them see their names on handmade posters all over town. Let them see how much the majority dislikes them on social media with hand made signs and photos of them being posted all over the state. If you know their face confront them in public areas. These leftists want to go by their rules for radicals so dish back to them the same techniques. Blast their names all over the community hopefully they will get run out of the state and move to communist communities like Seattle and Portland to peddle their Pinko trash. Run them out or you will only see more come and infect. Confront these Pinkos now or Alaska will become like Washington state quicker than you can even imagine.

  41. Critical Race Theory is alive in the Anchorage School District, people are being trained in it.
    A quote from Suffer the Children: Critical Theory in the Classroom by Kevin Roberts PHD published in the Washington Examiner. This man spent many years in the classroom “When we teach history, we”re teaching our children who they are and where they came from When we teach them civics, we”re teaching them who they can become. If we allow critical race theory to corrupt this, we will teach them the soul-crushing lesson they they are nothing more than the color of their skin-and that’s all they will ever be.” Alaskan schools used to be the very best. Currently fourth grader reading was reported we are number 50. Every 2 years the poor teachers have to learn a new Math Curriculum. However, to those who promote CRT, this is the important issue. Pathetic.

  42. “White Supremacy” made some people feel better about themselves, and the KKK had their day terrorizing the weak and helpless. … but they played but a very small part. In the end it’s always an evil minority, in all arenas, who set the stage for social and political upheaval down the road.
    I’ve been warning for years, here in MRAK, and as my2cents, ADN, that America was going to go through a lot of upheval, before it was over. Changing demographics, shifts towards whites becoming a minority, political and economic power shifts, the rich getting richer, and etc.
    Citizens United, Critical Race Theory … these sort of things unhinge a society, like an anchor dragging in soft sand.
    That there’s a backlash against the evil minority is becoming more evident each passing day. We can’t stop it, but we can moderate it. We have to, or we’re collectively toast. “A kingdom divided can not stand.” Illegitimi non carborundum

  43. These 13 compromise the short list of Propaganda-driven activists in our halls of education, they are a baker’s dozen of nut rolls, masquerading as “teachers”.
    They are also a good reason for Alaska instituting the Education VOUCHER.

  44. Sam Jordan needs to leave the Palmer community. How dare he attempt to infuse racist sentiment in our children. Our children are very open and accepting of all races, creeds, and religions. What scum would attempt to poison children’s minds with this Marxist claptrap? It’s disgusting. Truly.

  45. It is time to set down and write, text, and call your legislators, Senators, School Board, School Administrators and tell them that this should not be taught in our schools. Senator Reinbold did put this out to be voted on but our Rino’s and Democrats voted it down.

    It is time to speak up everyone and get this message out that this is not wanted in our schools!

  46. I have been emailing and demanding a law from our Governor for almost a year now to stop this CRT indoctrination BS and so far to no avail. Our political leaders are actively or passively allowing Marxist Billionaires to destroy OUR NATION!

  47. If you find you disagree with the majority opinion here, and feel your comments are not being posted, I find the majority opinion over at r/Anchorage on the Reddit forum is considerably more liberal and they tend towards name calling and a higher level of hate in general.

    Perhaps your leaving comments here in a similar vein. Here I find more threats of bodily harm which while entertaining are uncalled for and the editors really should stop posts along those lines too.

    As always, I’m thankful to be able to express my opinions on stories which just don’t appear on any other sources I’m aware of.

  48. Welcome to the communist insurrection! They want to indoctrinate your kids against your will. CRT is just Marxism 101 with face paint to make it sound innocent. It is not innocent and prays upon children’s vulnerable minds that are like clay and will believe this crap if you allow them to be brainwashed by it. Everyone must rise up against this evil at every school board meeting. Get organized and get busy now! If you don’t protect your kids, they will destroy them and their future.

  49. Rozlyn Grady-Wyche acts indignant while inflaming racial tensions amongst the children she teaches. What I find more impressive than her stalwart defense of Post-Modern, identity propaganda is her complete lack of syntactic competence. Rozlyn’s first sentence obviously wasn’t given even a cursory proof-read. Furthermore, her illiterate use of ellipses is only acceptable if she is a tween, in 2006, using MySpace to post “Panic! At The Disco” concert photos. Forget CRT concerns, I am not comfortable having this person teach children anything until she learns to write basic sentences.

  50. If they really plan to drill this crap into young minds, my kids will go to class wearing their Trump shirts and MAGA hats.

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