Alaska sues Biden over NPRA oil and gas restrictions


The Alaska Department of Law filed a lawsuit Wednesday challenging the Biden Administration’s restrictive regulations imposed for oil and gas leasing in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPR-A).

The new rules were passed without proper input from affected parties, exceeded their congressional authorization and were rushed into place as an end-run on congressional oversight. By challenging the new NPR-A regulations, Alaska joins local industry and Native Alaska stakeholders to reverse the new rules. 

“The State of Alaska wants federal agencies to follow the law,” said Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor. “Rulemaking must allow input from various perspectives and be fair. These new rules circumvent the congressional mandate to develop and manage the NPR-A lands for oil and gas uses. This lawsuit seeks to prevent overreach by federal agencies that disregard Alaska’s rights.”

Alaska sought to engage the rulemaking process, submitted thoughtful comments and requested more time to prepare comments. Instead, the rules were passed in haste to beat a potential change in congressional oversight. 

“The inmates are truly running the Biden Administration asylum,” said John Boyle, Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. “This National Petroleum Reserve rule is nothing more than a consolation prize to the radical environmentalist groups upset by the Willow decision. And the people of the State of Alaska are left to hold the bag and bear the terrible consequences.” 


  1. I’m sure Alaska’s Congresswoman at Large has been pressing the Biden administration to lift the oil & gas restrictions at ANPTA. Oh wait, there hasn’t been a peep from her office about the huge affect this is having on the Alaska economy? That’s because Mary Peltola is a card carrying Democrat first! She supports any and all Democrat policies no matter what harm they do to Alaska. Mary needs to go back to Bethel.

  2. It’s not Biden doing this, it’s his handlers. Probably Obama. Alaska is the last western state not entirely controlled by Democrats and is in the crosshairs. One by one our industries are being shut down to increase government dependence. Murkowski is more than happy to assist in this.

  3. Better yet, release a few million acres from Federal prison and return them to the State of Alaska.

    Over 60% of our lands are Federally owned, much of the rest controlled by regulation. That’s more land, by far, than there is in all of Texas.

  4. It would make more sense to sue to get our fair share of royalties from the NPR, other States such as Louisina get 50% from Federal lands, Alaska only gets 10%. The Capital credits that CP will charge for their Willow development costs will far outweigh the 10% royalty. In other words since we don’t have an income tax Alaska will lose money on Willow until the capital credits are exhausted.

    • “In other words since we don’t have an income tax Alaska” while it’s correct that we don’t have an income taxes on individuals, corporations are taxed. In fact ConocoPhillips paid $1,200,000,000.00 in taxes to the state of Alaska last year.


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