Alaska Republicans elect new party leaders, with Carmela Warfield as new party chairwoman

Carmela Warfield

Alaska Republican Party convention delegates elected a new slate of leaders at its convention in Anchorage this weekend. The new officers are:

Chair: Carmela Warfield of South Anchorage, who won overwhelmingly in a race that had three other candidates that included Jerry Ward, Nikki Rose, and Mike Robbins.

An enthusiastic crowd welcomes the new Alaska Republican Party Chairwoman, Carmela Warfield, who won by a landslide on April 20, 2024 in Anchorage.

Vice Chair: Zack Gottshall, Anchorage, replacing outgoing Vice Chairman Mike Robbins.

National Committeewoman: incumbent Cynthia Henry, Fairbanks.

National Committeeman: Brian Hove, Anchorage, replacing outgoing National Committeeman Craig Campbell

Secretary: Trevor Shaw, Ketchikan

Assistant Secretary: Cheryl Markwood, Fairbanks

Over 300 delegates have been meeting for two days at the Hotel Captain Cook to vote of platform and resolutions, rule changes, delegates to the Republican National Convention, and to hear from candidates for Congress Nick Begich and Nancy Dahlstrom.


      • Good!
        We need youth energy. Not old timers who put in an hour or two and then go play golf the rest of the day. Give this young gal a chance to prove herself.

  1. If she brings in all 5 categories of the Republican Party, she may be a good chairwomen, if she caters only to the extreme radical, confederate right wingers, the party is in trouble.

  2. Nick Begich lit that room on fire. Washington DC is with Dahlstrom but grassroots is definitely with Begich – wow.

    • I’m 70 and I’m with NB III. The guy has class and he is independent. Dahlstrom is lazy, old, and low on energy. And she’s a bs artist. Promises, but no delivery. Money and votes coming at you, Nick.

      • Paul, I concur with your assessment, which is why my $ and energy will continue supporting young NBIII.

        BTW, I’ve endured my 67th Alaskan Winter, so like you I’m no spring chicken!

      • Paul, You are engaging in a classic fallacy. Nancy Dahlstrom may be lazy and low on energy, but the fact she is 66-yrs old is quite irrelevant. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is 72-yrs old. In 2021, the Center for Effective Lawmaking ranked Kennedy as one of the ten most effective Republican senators of the 116th Congress, and the most effective Republican senator in the areas of commerce, education, and trade. The center compared him to all senators–not just those in his age bracket.

        Both you and Robert Schenker should be careful with assertions regarding age. As John Donne said, “…. Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

        • @Wayne.
          Nancy Dahlstrom can’t even do her job as Lt. Governor. Why would we support her after only her short unproductive term in Juneau?
          I’m supporting Nick Begich. All the way.

          • Marla, I agree and support Begich 100%. My point was only to advise my friends to avoid logical fallacies. They are comrades in our struggle against leftist tyrannical communists. We need them to be fully competent in debate.

  3. Until the repubs get on the same page they will continue to lose.
    Remember they are all on the same team and we are just cannon folder.

  4. Chin up and belly to the wind, Madame Chairperson! I’ll support you through your first faux pas (faux pas, here, being plural). Remember, there is no substitute for good judgment and often, in making the right decision, you will be reviled!

  5. She is a Woman. Men don’t listen well to a woman. The splintered fractured AK GOP needs a man leader who can pull groups more different than alike under the AKGOP banner together. The problem with Women today is the lie we grew up under that a woman can do it better just because too many men dropped the ball. Just like watching growing up Gold Medal women’s basketball the seats will be 3/4 empty. People don’t listen to women. A driven emotional choice on AKGOP choosing a Woman in a time as they face.

    AK GOP still needs a chair like Rep Pruitt leadership, political astuteness, experience, and camaraderie.

  6. Well…this is going to be interesting to see if the Alaska Republican group is going be vocal in their support of getting rid of Rank Choice Voting or if they are going to stay mum on it and just keep pushing for Begich to get elected?

        • 2022 0611 … Special Primary Election … Palin beats Begich
          2022 0816 … Special General Election … Palin beats Begich
          2022 0816 … ‘Pick One’ Primary Election … Palin beats Begich
          2022 1108 … General Election … Palin beats Begich

          Palin beat Begich each and every time they went up against each other.
          Yet Wayne says, ‘Palin BARGED IN AS THE MOTHER OF ALL SPOILERS.’ That doesn’t make any sense, Wayne!

  7. As a “senior citizen” I was happy to support Carmela as leader of our Alaska GOP party. With a focus on outreach to our young people and training our base for leadership at the local level, I believe we will work together to strength an organization that will lead us to successes far into the future.

  8. Trumps Good.
    Will vote for him a 3rd time.
    But Reagan was WAY better because of his policies plus his winning personality.
    Young people that follow Reagan can’t be all bad.

  9. I’m hopeful that we will see the ARP take firm and decisive action when Republicans make alliances to give control of the Legislature to Democrats or to vote with Democrats on critical issues. For example, Senators Giessel, Bishop, Stedman and Stevens recently voting with democrats to pass SB240, which would allow kids under 18 to receive professional counseling at school on issues such as gender reassignment without notifying parents. If the Republican Party of Alaska wants to remain viable, it needs to get control by holding rogue legislators more accountable.

  10. Congratulations on your victory but now it’s time to focus on true power behind the party. It’s not the people elected either. Too long we have seen districts empty of leadership. People are claiming no party. You wonder why? call on me sometime and I will gladly explain why the party has fallen so far.

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