Alaska Republican Party major donors like Mike Robbins for GOP chairman

Mike Robbins


As supporters of the Alaska Republican Party, and as members of the Founders Club, a group of people who have committed to providing foundational financial support of the Party, we are writing to advocate for Mike Robbins’ candidacy as the next Chair of our Alaska Republican Party. This endorsement reflects the commitment to conservative political values we share with Mike. 

All of us know Mike personally. He recruited us as the Party’s Founders. Mike’s leadership skills, communication skills, and people skills make Mike a standout candidate for Party Chair. We have also been impressed with his organizational skills and ability to marshal large numbers of volunteers.  

Mike has demonstrated his capability time and again through his extensive campaign experiences and pivotal roles within the Party, for example, by serving as the current Party Vice Chairman, co-creating the Founders Club, organizing the 2022 Anchorage Trump Rally, organizing the Party’s 2022 post-election observer program, and working on numerous statewide campaigns. All of these skills and experiences make Mike far and away the most qualified candidate for State Party Chair.

Mike’s platform, “Vision, Values, Victory” describes a plan for our Party that we can all get behind. Mike stands for Party unity, financial growth and responsibility, grassroots organization, and principled leadership. These are the priorities that we, as Party Founders, believe are crucial for victory in the 2024 election cycle. Moreover, Mike’s commitment to fostering a Party culture of co-operation and attracting the next generation of voters will strengthen our Party’s impact and ensure future electoral success.​ (Vision Values Victory)​.

Writing on behalf of myself, and the other undersigned members of the Alaska Republican Party’s Founders Club, we enthusiastically endorse Mike Robbins for State Party Chair. 

Dr. John Morris, Kieth Manternach, Jerry Lewis, Abraham Gallo, Mike Baker, Dr. Tori Dallas, Lucy Bauer, Diane Bachman, Matt Thorpe      , Roger Briley, and Jim Winegarner are founding members of the Founders Club, which provides major financial resources for the ARP.   


  1. If the major donors approve, that is a May Day parade of giant red flags.

    Please God let this end soon.

    Just electe the dead cat mayor from Talkeetna and be done with it. He’d be far more effective than any of these clowns.

  2. The CBC Surrender Caucus gotta keep that sweet loot coming in. how else can their Democrat buddies take our money to use against us??

  3. Congratulations must read. Some of us have some bad luck & need every penny to get by here all. to have the full dividend is such a luxury to be blessed with. Thank you must read for giving we the people a voice & having the guts to print it is flat out awesome. Oath integrity is all we the people need & ask thank you must read. LOVE YOU MUST READ.

  4. I understand the Chair and Leadership are not paid and must foot their own expenses…any wonder former “Leaders” were swayed by the OLD RNC and UNIPARTY RINO’s?
    I watched Mike Robbins coordinate 100’s of us for the Trump-Tchibaka Rally, he has reached out to me and others in a call for volunteers when needed.
    Vote for Mike Robbins for AKGOP Chair at the Convention:
    Mike is a Proven Leader; Mike has shown good Communications with Volunteers; Mike has first-hand Knowledge of the Nuts and Bolts in the mechanics of the AKGOP; Confident Mike will support and enforce the 2022 AKGOP Party Platform as amended; and Alaska Republicans have no time to lose NOW!

  5. Good for the AK GOP. Lard knows that hypocrisy, lying, and theft doesn’t just happen on its own. Old Christian rich white guys need to step up to the checkbook.

  6. Saw this guy numerous times at Life Church with his Ukrainian wife. They helped lots of Ukrainians come to Alaska for refuge. He’s actually a nice guy in person. Beautiful wife and they are involved in churches.

    • Huh. I’ve been wondering if the Ukrainians have been coming here too. Too bad. I don’t welcome them myself. I’m sure there are fine Ukrainians; mostly from the east and south Russian speaking and, frankly, Russians. Anchorage sounds so unAlaskan these last years – and sadly, Fairbanks is following.

  7. All that to say a group of people who’ve committed to providing foundational financial support of the Party just told us who the next Party Chair will be if the Party want their “foundational financial support ” to continue?
    GOP Inc. at their finest, no?

  8. Out of the four he is the likely one who is the safe candidate to maintain a sense of order, principles, camaraderie of the AK Republican Party. Aged members have to worry being alienated by GenX, Millenials, and GenZ who struggle getting along with others and doing things their way.

    Rep Lance Pruitt judging on his House Legislative leadership, he still would make an excellent AK GOP chair to a party fractured and splintered by different groups within one.

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