Alaska Republican Party endorses Mike Dunleavy for governor


The Alaska Republican Party officers today unanimously endorsed Gov. Mike Dunleavy for a second term.

There was no consideration of Republican House Rep. Chris Kurka, who has challenged Dunleavy. No one among the party’s leadership made a motion to offer Kurka for an endorsement.

The nomination for Dunleavy’s endorsement was made by Ron Johnson, who is region representative for Region 2, the Mat-Su. Cynthia Henry of Fairbanks, who is the party’s National Committeewoman, seconded the motion.

Dunleavy appeared at the party’s quarterly meeting, held in Juneau to thank the party for its endorsement. Attending were over 50 members of the party, representing districts from Ketchikan to Barrow. Dunleavy, in his remarks, reminded the room that it’s been 44 years since the state has elected a Republican governor to a second term. And he thanked the party for its endorsement, and for Republicans and their efforts on behalf of the state.

Dunleavy told the room that he became involved in politics as a Mat-Su Borough school board member, before being elected to the Legislature just 10 years ago. He assumed office as governor on Dec. 3, 2018.


    • If only he was a dictator like Biden and had a willing legislature behind him like Biden, to do his bidding and never veto his leadership, like Biden. What a perfect world it would be.
      *removes tongue from cheek

      • The governorship in Alaska affords that position far more power than governors of most states are able to wield. He promised to deliver a leaner government, but then ran into opposition and went into hiding. He allowed the state to be closed down. Additionally he did not fire flakes such as Zink. Much Dunny could have done but didn’t, and much he did that he shouldn’t have.

  1. Of course they did. He’s exactly the kind of figurehead the AK GOP needs.
    Talks a lot, does little, folds when pushed by a old woman at Carrs

  2. The legislature binds the governors hands, bunch of do nohing demoncrats.
    Time for dunleavy to issue more executive orders to get some work done FOR the people
    No mask or vax mandates
    Support our national guard, no max or vax mandates
    Join the other Governors around the country enacting voting rights to ensure voter id.
    Eliminate illegals, dead people, and those that moved from the election registries.
    Enact an office of fraud, waste and abuse and rid our state of the medicaid, medicare, employee, etc fraud, waste and abuse of state resources.

  3. What is the alternative? Granted he may not be the best, but he’s the best we have. We could have a Jay Inslee or a Gavin Newsome. We’re one governor and a few crazy mayors away from being just like Seattle or San Fran. Want that?

    • Voting for Dunleavy, a failure as governor, out of fear is as stupid as voting for Walker because you thought him a good governor.
      This attitude is why Alaska can’t have good things and Princess gets re-elected

  4. This is good news. The way that some go on from time to time, I am a bit surprised that the endorsement did not go to Donald Trump.

  5. An “endorsement” by the Republican Party “officers” means what?
    Under rank choice voting there is no State supported party primary election.
    Any Alaska “resident” can enter their name in the Nonpartisan Top 4 Primary. There could be 100 candidates on the primary ballot!
    I don’t think party affiliation will even be shown on the ballot?
    That is, unless the Alaska Supreme Court rules otherwise.

  6. After his nomination of Dr Zink for an AMA award after she refused to look at alternative therapies for Covid, I will vote for anybody but Dunleavy. She is right up there with Fauci… no excuse for the number of Covid deaths in the US! Kurka looks better everyday.

  7. Dunleavy has been strong and consistent in his leadership. There’s nothing to be gained by endorsing someone else.

    • Strong? Please list examples. Start with giving back all the money he got from the UA system. Continue with failing to veto the reverse sweep.
      Consistent? I’ll give you that. He has been consistently disappointing since he was emasculated in Wasilla.

      • Oh please. Dunleavy has successfully resisted mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and race baiting politics like CRT. He has overseen a great increase in rural law enforcement, solved the state’s decades-long backlog of sexual assault cases, and slashed wasteful spending everywhere, including on the bloated ferry system that no governor has been willing to touch. He has promoted major mining projects like Pebble, the Ambler Road, and Donlin. Yet you talk as if there’s no difference between him and Murkowski. Sure he hasn’t been able to deliver on the PFD, but that’s reality for you. No conservative could have gotten a solution past the granite wall that is the Alaska Legislature. And anyone else (including Kurka) who wants to take a swing at enacting their agenda will hit the same roadblock. Bottom line: If Dunleavy is a spineless RINO to you, then you won’t find anyone who isn’t a spineless RINO.

    • I love the way Kurka talks, but honestly he sounds like Dunleavy when he was running in 2018. It’s easy to talk big, but reality will bite Kurka in the behind fast if he does get elected. Replacing Dunleavy will do nothing to solve the real problem: the vegetative Legislature. And then Kurka will be a “spineless RINO” just like Dunleavy is now- at least to the people on this forum. So what’s the point? You’d just be replacing the name after the word Governor. Everything else will stay just the same.

  8. Fact is my friends who died from the covid virus were denied treatments from mat su hospital, Ann Zink and Mike Dunleavy, Tony fauci are bad people.

  9. ‘’

    Hope to see Dunleavy start making real moves for his voters.
    Be like Youngkin!

    • Was a good start, but not enough. Youngkin fails to understand Frankfurt critical theory and communist subversion tactics.

      He needed to outlaw economic lessons not “divisive lessons” as stated in the 1964 civil rights act. CRT proponents and teachers are already making tic-toc videos of how to bypass the restrictions.

      Swing and a miss.

  10. I’m voting for Dunleavy. He and the AK-GOP will pair up a good Lt Governor and will continue to work on behalf of Alaskans and Alaskan Businesses / Industries.

  11. I will write in Hobo Jim or the idiot “Into the Wild” kid before Dunleavy. They at least brought passion and energy to Alaska.
    Dead (respect, Hobo Jim) they show more life, determination, and drive than Dunleavy.

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