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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Alaska Republican officers call on party to take stand on integrity of elections


A group of officers from the Alaska Republican Party Central Committee are calling on the Alaska Republican Party to make a statement regarding integrity of the presidential elections.

Over 30 of them signed a letter requesting the party issue the following statement, or a similar statement:

“Millions of Americans across the country are concerned about the integrity of our elections. They believe that significant voter fraud occurred in the 2020 Presidential election. They have held protests in states across the country as a result. Thousands of Alaskans agree with them. 

There are too many allegations of fraud, too many affidavits, too many unanswered questions about legitimacy. Congress should do their due diligence and conduct their own review before approving disputed electors.

The Alaska Republican Party is concerned that the fraud that has been exposed so far may have influenced the presidential election.” 

The signers say they don’t want to call out any members of the congressional delegation by name, but want to support the position taken by thousands of Alaska Republicans who believe the election was rife with fraud in some of the key battleground. The signers of the letter to Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary include former party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock, several regional representatives and district chairs :

  • Ron Johnson – Region 2 Representative
  • Spencer Moore – Region 3 Representative
  • Steve Strait – Region 4 Representative
  • Christine Hill – Region 5 Representative
  • Christine Hutchinson – Region 6 Representative
  • Judy Eledge – President Anchorage Republican Women’s Club
  • Michele Hartline – President Republican Women of the Kenai
  • Sarah Hetemi – President Young Republicans
  • Tuckerman Babcock – Previous ARP Chair
  • John Rathbun – District 1 Chair
  • Barbara Tyndall – District 3 Chair
  • Joe Kurber – District 4 Chair
  • Hank Smith – District 5 Chair
  • Loy Thurman – District 8 Chair
  • Carol Carman – District 9 Chair
  • Todd Smoldon – District 10 Chair
  • Joe Wright – District 14 Chair
  • Connor Parker – District 16 Chair
  • Richard Shafer – District 20 Chair
  • Christy Strutz – District 22 Chair
  • Bruce Schulte – District 24 Chair
  • Grover Johnson – District 25 Chair
  • Wayne Ogle – District 29 Chair
  • Randy Daly – District 30 Chair
  • Jon Faulkner – District 31 Chair
  • Rich Thorne – District 40 Chair
  • Elizabeth Holm – District 3 Bonus Vote
  • Vicki Wallner – District 9 Bonus Vote
  • Michael Tavoliero – District 14 Bonus Vote
  • Barbara Blakeley – District 29 Bonus Vote
  • Charlene Tautfest – District 30 Bonus Vote
  • William Deaton – District 32 Bonus Vote

Must Read Alaska was not able to connect with Alaska Republican Party Chairman Glenn Clary for comment.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Speak up….send the Alaska GOP a message on their web page and say it like it is….send a letter to your representative and the Republican party Senators that will argue for an election and electoral college no interference and appeal and investigation. Today is the day to do this. Murkowski is pure sick in the head and one of the swamp of Democrats that voted against every republican value and rule since she became a senator by her father Frank Murkowski. Our votes were disenfranchised by Frank Murkowski and Lisa plans to kill our votes and those of americans who voted for President Trump. REMEMBER…Lisa Murkowski voted for every bill that Obama and Joe Biden wanted when Obama was President. Against the Alaska GOP and members in this state. So, Speak up and ask for appeal and investigation and vote for Trump.

    • He is telling it like it is Alaska. Now is your time to fight and make a stand against the current insurrection to overthrow our form of government. Call Murkowski, Sullivan and Young and tell them Article 2 of our Constitution was violated by the Battleground States and we expect them to contest this election!

  • Seems as if the Chair Clary and Vice-Chair Ann Brown are absent. They don’t seem to care about their Party or a legal election process. And they don’t seem to care about the U.S. Constitution that reserves the right to state legislatures to manage elections withing their states–NOT Secretaries Of State and surely not Governors. Why and Why Not?

  • Waste your energies in whatever ways you want, AK Trumpicans. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the incoming President and Vice President. Ranked voting is the rule in Alaska now — so no more closed primaries for you Truth and democracy finally returns to the 49th State — and to the United States of America.

    • Glad to finally see someone speak to sense on here, Cheryl. Thank you!

    • Spoken like a true marxist. Joe Biden will never be seated in the White House and is complicit in treason against the United States and the Constitution. President Trump is well aware of this and will not concede to a criminal. Keep watching, I believe on January 6th, when the truth is revealed to Congress and the nation. Our great President will have his second term and the criminals will be prosecuted for their crimes against the American people. Article 2 of the Constitution was violated by all the contested Battleground States. The fraud is overwhelming!

      • I’m reading this, thinking it cannot be the opinion of a real citizen of this nation. The writer is advocating for the takeover of the US government based upon easily, and often rejected, arguments that the election was a fraud. Biden is the President elect and Trump is the treasonous criminal trying to undo a legitimate election, which has been audited and examined over and over and over again, all with the same results.
        My question to the writer is, “How much is two and two?”

    • Put down the koolaid. You brainwashed sheep just like your free stuff.

    • Cheryl, so you admit that ranked voting gives democrats an unfair advantage? It’s interesting how democrats can’t win on ideas alone. Instead, they have to cheat, brainwash generations of children through the school system, lie and/or omit the truth via the media, hunt down and destroy those who speak out against them, block free speech via the internet with the help of super rich, super insane tech giants, force people to accept that which has always been good and moral is now wrong, and what is evil is now good. Creating a pretend pandemic to control our behavior was a big one. Leftist tactics are so creative and endless…you people never sleep. Enjoy your usurper presidency, until they come for you.

      • Thank you! No worries mate, Bejing Biden will not set foot in the Whitehouse. Keep a close eye on the January 6th proceedings. These leftist guerillas are going to be shocked.

    • Ranked choice voting will be overturned and Alaska will remain a red state, then you and your ilk can move back to California or Oregon or Washington state or wherever you and your faulty political ideals came from.

    • Dark money and Dominion Voting Machine fraud stole measure 2 from the Alaskan voters. We will see it removed in time! One person, one vote Alaska!

  • I think they need to go further and call the delegation by name. Do we answer to the delegation, or do they answer to us? What’s wrong with looking at the evidence that’s been presented thus far? Lisa Murkowski prides herself on looking thoughtfully at both sides of an issue before taking a stand. She should be leading the charge to investigate these elections, but she seems all too willing to just give the election to Biden despite the growing mountain of evidence showing widespread fraud. She and Sullivan and Young need to protect us and our voice in the electoral college and should participate in challenging the results on January 6th. If the Electoral College is compromised, Alaska can kiss goodbye any meaningful voice in DC. Doesn’t she owe us an explanation as to why all that evidence is wrong?

  • The ONLY verifiable fraud discovered was by a Republican in PA who was charged with voting twice! Is that the extensive fraud you all are whining about?? It’s time to accept that your candidate lost!! In a little over 2 weeks Joe Biden will be sworn in and maybe this country can return to a modicum of sanity! This ridiculousness is making us a laughingstock as well as making us extremely vulnerable to our adversaries!! Try again in 4 years with another candidate, assuming your party survives the sedition and corruption of 45!

    • There won’t be an America in 4 years.

    • Whew! Gale, Gale, Gale. ‘only’, and in caps? … pathetic
      Must you be so silly? Gulping the media kool-aid for the past 4 years? Addicted?
      Afraid of letting a simple audit of votes prove you wrong? Keep grasping at straws. I can see you are willing to drown in your sea of denial.

      NOT US. Sorry kid.

      • The problem is that the simple audits have been made and have proven that Biden is the President-elect. Makes me wonder what kind of kool-aid this repliant is drinking.
        BTW, how much is two and two?
        And GF, I’ve got five bucks that says America will still be here in 4 years. Just don’t know what kind of shape it will be in.

    • So, in your world, if no charges are filed, than a crime did not happen?

      I guess if your house gets burglarized and the police do not arrest anyone, there was no crime? Same with murder, rape, or any other crime? As a youth, I had a bad habit of driving after a few cocktails, but never got arrested. I guess I did not break the law then.


  • Sore losers
    They are delusional if they think Americans don’t dislike Trump enough to vote him out.

  • OK folks.
    Let’s pretend that we live in a world where there is a rational explanation for every single one of the oddities that happened on Election day. That it is possible that hundreds of thousands of votes could be counted, and the division is 94/6% favoring a single candidate. Let’s say there were valid reasons for sending the counting observers home, then continuing to count votes, or covering up windows. Let’s say there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for a state to have 120% voter turn out.
    And, let’s say that even though every single one of these red flags benefitted one political party, but there was no fraud.
    Next election there will be.
    There will be massive fraud next election because anyone who is inclined to cheat now knows that no one will investigate. No attorney general will pursue charges. No Governor will reject the vote.
    None of that will happen, no matter how flagrant the cheating is.
    Even the politicians will choose to ignore it. (Senior Senator from AK??? I am looking at you.) Of course, right up until they are disenfranchised by voter fraud. (Senior Senator from AK, I am talking about you. Do not bother campaigning in two years, the Democrat has already won.)
    I do not care which candidate won, what has happened in this last election is a travesty. I have zero confidence in the election process any more. None. Unless the State of AK decides to take action to ensure next election is fraud proof, I do not see the point in voting.

    • They want us to not have any faith in the election. They win if we give up. What they don’t understand, is that we don’t give up. They don’t understand why We fight our party, when they take orders and do what they’re told. The establishment doesn’t know what it’s in for. Trump could, over NIGHT, destroy the GOP, simply by taking his ball and going elsewhere. The left thinks only in short term wins, so they think this would be a win for them, it would not. The remanent of the GOP would have to decide whether to be forever impotent or merge with Trumps new party. What would rise from the ashes would contain the same numbers of voters or more, but would be cleansed of the establishment elitists slaves and cowards that currently dictate the direction of the GOP.

      • This has been tried. Think Teddy Roosevelt.

  • Any message signed by Tuckerman Babcock ought to be enough to make any genuine conservative distance themselves from whatever Bab’s is pushing. This is another goofball play perpetuated by conspiracy theorists and folks given to wearing tin foil hats. The thirteenth stroke of he clock here is the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States of America (populated by three individuals appointed by Donald J. Trump and three other justices viewed as “conservative,” shut down the judicial antics and silliness that are the basis for the call to action in this posting.

    President Trump wore out his welcome with a majority of Americans and lost the election in the popular count and the Electoral College count because he was a lout too often, failed to pay attention to basic governing principles and spent way too much time playing golf, engaged in needlessly polarizing civic debate. If he had spent a little less time on the links and a tad bit more time engaged in actual governance based on conservative principles, he would have been elected handily. As it was, Trump lacked the will and skill to act like an adult and work diligently to implement a complete conservative agenda. He will be remembered for some achievements but mostly relegated to a fourth or fifth tier president because he lacked focus, didn’t follow through on campaign promises and pretty much acted like the draft-dodging, carnival-barking huckster that has defined his existence since he was a kid. His act and inability to pay attention to the core functions of the job and his propensity to surround himself with incompetent staff eroded his ability to get re-elected. He has only himself to blame for the loss. Trump losing this election is sort of like losing to the New York Jets. It happens, but only if the other team makes a pile of mistakes.

    Enough about Trump and the cult of el Donaldo. Can we get on with trying to manage our little state in a way that will not totally bankrupt the state.

    Onward ………………..

    • Based on your statements, If you are on the right you have completely lost touch with the majority of your party. They saw something different; the most effective spokesman for the party platform since Reagan, and the most effective executive since Eisenhower. They saw a guy who ran on promises he made (better trade deals, lower taxes, more jobs, stronger military, less needless war, and better immigration controls) and then kept them. Then they saw the election blatantly stolen. They are not going away and they are not giving up. The days of the establishment right shrouding themselves in small government ideology, while enriching themselves and their friends off the backs of hard working men and women they fleece to fund largess, and the Warriors we send overseas to die in wars that enrich those same people…are thankfully over. This is something different. You won’t be able to suppress it like you’ve done before. Too many voters on the right have woken up.

      Now, If you are on the left, then your statement makes total sense. You want us mired in foreign war, our corporations off shoring jobs, and China surpassing the US economy. Basically you want America losing, and left wing totalitarian regimes winning. Well there you go. Beijing Biden is your guy. Makes perfect sense. He will give you what you want and Trump would not sell out America, so it’s easy to see why you hate him.

    • It’s been a while since I have read such a summary of perfection, very well said. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

  • Waste of time. Pitiful diversion of resources.

  • CBMTTEK: What state had a 120% voter turnout??? Interested in this fact.

    • Not states. Districts.
      And, I will freely admit to exaggerating a bit there. However, several districts reports 102+% or more percent turn out. Precinct 538 in FL had 107+% turnout, which is perhaps the most egregious example. However, that is not the only district showing incredibly high turn out percentages.
      There were rational explanations for some of these odd numbers, but unlike most of the red flags, at least they got investigated. What is not getting any investigation at all is the statistically improbability of a district which averages around 80% turn out suddenly showing more votes than voters.

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