Alaska life hack: Getting to SE Alaska State Fair without the ferries


Thousands of people have been inconvenienced by the IBU strike, which impacts communities up and down the coast. But in Southeast Alaska, the private sector has shown up with alternatives for travelers. Here are some options for getting around, with more in the works if the strike continues:


Eagle Enterprises has a schedule for the next few days. Call 907-821-5100 to reserve your sail time. They depart/arrive from City float in Ketchikan and arriving/departing from the float plane dock in Metlakatla.

Depart KTN. Arrive MET
Sat. Jul 27. 2pm. 3:30 pm
Depart MET. Arrive KTN
4pm. 5:30 pm

Depart KTN. Arrive MET
Sun Jul 28. 8am. 9:30am
Depart MET. Arrive KTN
10am. 11:30

Depart KTN. Arrive MET
4pm. 5:30pm
Depart MET. Arrive KTN
6pm. 7:30pm

Depart KTN. Arrive MET
Mon Jul 29. 3pm. 4:30pm
Depart MET. Arrive KTN
5pm. 6:30pm

In-state fares offered for communities impacted by the ferry strike for travel now through Aug. 4. No advance purchase necessary.

Check or call reservations at 1-800-alaskaair for specific fares to/from Kodiak, Cordova, Wrangell, Gustavus, Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, and Ketchikan.


As the ferry system is down until further notice, Harris has multiple flights going to and from Haines each day, 7 days a week. Conveniently, Harris has the Haines State Fair special going on through July 30, where you can get $15 off a Haines one-way ticket using promo code STATEFAIR19. Call or book online for Haines seats at

The carrier also wants to help those making their way to and from Skagway. Passengers needing to get to or from Skagway should call 907-966-3050 and the company will try to add additional flights to help meet the needs of the Skagway community. 


To further support Southeast Alaska’s residents and visitors this weekend the company announced sailings:

Saturday, July 27

Sitka –> Juneau at 7:30 AM
Ketchikan –> Juneau at 2:00 PM

Sunday, July 28

Juneau –> Hoonah at 10:00 AM
Juneau –> Sitka at 6:00 PM

Special Southeast Alaska State Fair weekend pricing:

Sitka to Juneau (or reverse) Adults $89+tax Children 12 and under $79+tax

Juneau to Hoonah Adults $69+tax Children 12 and under $59+tax

Ketchikan to Juneau (or reverse) $125+tax Children 12 and under $99+tax

Call 1-888-289-0081 for booking, as well as embarkation location and policy information.

Reservations agents will be available July 26th from 6 am to 6 pm. Call volumes are high, so the company advises patience. Walk-ups are allowed but space availability is not guaranteed.


Extra runs on the catamaran to Haines, departing Juneau 11am. Pick up at Downtown Marine Park at 9:45 am or Airport at 10 am. $135, snack and bus transfer included. Departing Haines back to Juneau at 1 pm. Call 1-800-320-0146 and reference extra runs for available seats.


Alaska Seaplanes has scheduled extra trips between Haines and Juneau airports.


A foot ferry runs between Haines and Skagway all summer.

Saturday, July 27:
Juneau –> Haines at 6:00 and 8:30 AM
Haines–> Juneau at 7:30 PM
Sunday, July 28:
Haines –> Juneau at 5:30 AM
Juneau –> Haines at 6:30 AM
Haines –> Juneau at 5:30 PM
Southeast Alaska State Fair Special Pricing: Adults $79.99+ tax; Children 12 and under $69.99+tax (one-way)
Call 888-289-0081 for booking, as well as embarkation location and policy information.


The AMHS strike has not changed the IFA schedule. If you have travel set up with a tied-up state ferry,  call IFA and they will assist you, refund tickets, or hold a credit balance.

If you have paid reservations and would like to keep them and see if this situation can get resolved before your travel, call IFA so the company can make a note on your reservation that you’re trying to connect with an AHMS ferry.

If you have paid reservations with the IFA and need to cancel your travel with the IFA, the company can refund you in full. IFA will hold a credit for you until the IBU strike situation is resolved.

Hollis gives riders access to:


Have a car or freight to ship? Check with Alaska Marine Lines. The company also has a mobile app.


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  1. Alaska Airlines. What about flights from Kodiak to Anchorage then take a shuttle, From $135 every day. We should think outside the box and find efficient ways to travel.

    Person: $20-80
    Depending on Destination.

    Depart Homer 8am

    Depart Soldotna 9:45am

    Depart Cooper Landing 11am

    Depart Girdwood 12:15pm

    Arrive Anchorage 1:00pm

    We take a 1 hour break in Anchorage then head Southbound towards Homer at 2pm.

  2. This will be a small test of whether the private sector might be up to the task of providing reliable service state wide. Will be interesting and certainly will have a positive financial impact on those businesses providing the services. I do worry about the safety factor of transporting so many people using everything from Bush planes to larger vessels. Let’s hope.

    • Alaskans First,
      As we have seen this summer, the state ferry system is a much safer method of transportation as opposed to chartering a float plane in unstable weather.
      I am sure many private charters will enjoy the extra revenue in the peak of summer when employees are in higher concentration yet I doubt they could offer a long term solution.
      Like it or not “public transportation” is subsidized and that is what “keeps it a float”.
      Unless the government moves in the direction of the airline industry (where it offers millions in subsidies to private corporations) there is no way the private sector could afford to move as many people and vehicles/ cargo for the same prices or less.

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