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Alaska Life Hack: Congressman Don Young is making bolo ties great again — on t-shirts

Congressman Don Young made shaking hands with him cool during the last election, with a shirt that said, “I shook Don Young’s hand and survived.” It was a poke at his opponent, Alyse Galvin, who famously grimaced and said “Owww!” after a debate with Young, when the two shook hands. She felt the octogenarian’s grip was too hard.

Plenty of people since that debate have asked Young if they could shake his hand, and there were even drama contests at Young fundraisers to see who could fake the most pained look on their faces.

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For the congressional election coming up in 2022, Young is leaning on his trademark bolo tie, with a new t-shirt that his fans can buy to show their support for the Dean of the House — the longest serving representative in Congress.

This t-shirt will definitely be a keepsake, no matter what the outcome of his 26th campaign season. Young was first elected during a special election in 1973, after the plane carrying Rep. Nick Begich went missing on a flight from Anchorage to Juneau.

Young is rarely seen without a bolo tie — sometimes ivory, sometimes beaded by his daughter. The shirts can be procured at:

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Agree! At his last fund raiser public event it looked like he was about to keel over when he walked ten feet over to a chair he needed to prop himself up while delivering a few very brief remarks and taking only one question. He was completely unstable on his feet, had to be propped up by a high chair, and otherwise looked feeble. When getting around the Capitol building, he must surely rely on a wheel chair. He can’t walk more than ten feet unassisted!

  1. Another corrupt politician – anybody remember the Coco Beach real estate deal? And we still re-elect this dottering old fool.
    He doesn’t even spend hardly any time here. But, oh yeah he’s a conservative. He’ll get ANWR opened up any year now….

  2. Whatever happened to the hand shakers who just worked harder to return a harder squeeze than the champs? I still remember this being a playful characteristic of the men growing up around me, and to build character in child they knew they’d test to see how strong is that child’s grip? The two would go out into an all out war clenching hands! Until one of us says okay! okay! mercy! Mercy! Uncle!

  3. The man who made tracks as quickly as possible to congratulate Joe Biden on the election steal. Guess that kinda stuff impresses him. Later voted to certify the fraud. No tanx.

  4. Glad to know with our government collapsing in front of us the Alaska delegation has its eyes on what matters most.


  5. I respect his service but it’s time for Don to retire. He is turning into an America Last RINO in his old age

  6. Can you get one with attached roach clips? Sorry, I could not resist. I have known him far longer than most. His embrace of the marijuana industry and the poison they distribute is disheartening.

  7. Go back to your river boat in Fort Yukon, Don.
    What kind of power-hungry person still wants to be in political office in their late 80s?
    Oops, I guess I just answered my own question.

  8. I have shaken Don’s hand.
    He has a man’s handshake.
    Not many people are used to that in the world of politicians.

    He also had a bruiser escorting him around if the environment gets rough.

    His handshake should be the least of anyone’s worries.

    As for the bolo tie. Whatevs.

  9. Handshakes and signature ties…the kind of unimportant stuff that people with little else to offer concentrate their attention on.
    Don Young needs to go.
    Maybe he was good once (or maybe never but he’s been in office for so long that most can’t recall how he was when he started) but now he’s an embarrassment to Alaska and a traitor to the country for his embrace of the illegitimate Biden Administration.
    He, Sullivan and Murkowski are all traitors for doing nothing to fight the election fraud of 2020.
    It doesn’t matter how much federal pork he brings back to Alaska…he can never buy back his integrity, if he ever had any.

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