Alaska Life Hack: Canadian border guards call for strike Aug. 6


Canadian border guards and other officials voted Tuesday to strike, in a walkout that would take place three days before Canada opens its borders to fully vaccinated Americans. The border has been closed for 20 months and will open Aug. 9, if current Canadian plans hold.

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According to CBC, some 8,500 members of the two unions representing the guards and officials said bargaining has stalled since December. Now, the union is going after elected officials.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada union wrote:

“We’ve organized a targeted phone campaign to hold MPs’ feet to the fire in several key ridings. We want to send a clear message that a labour dispute at Canada’s borders would damage their election campaign and take away from the issues that matter most to voters.

“Let’s send Vance Badawey [member of Parliament] a clear message that a labour dispute at Canada’s borders would damage his election campaign and take away from the issues that matter most to voters. Next to Niagara and Fort Erie, this swing riding is not a consistent Liberal seat. In 2019, this was a close election, with the incumbent Liberal  MP narrowly defeating the Conservative candidate by less than four per cent.”

The Canada Border Services Agency said that the strike would slow down commercial traffic at the border and ports of entry, would impact international mail and parcel deliveries form Canada Post and other shipping companies, and impact the collection of duties and taxes on goods entering Canada.


    • They are taking stabs at America anyway they can due to Biden/democrats cancelling the Keystone project. I bet they were ordered to do this and the border will continue to stay closed through the winter and beyond.

      • The Canucks are probably mad, as well, that the USA (or at least large parts of it) are not as Covidian-hysterial as the Canadian federal government is.

  1. With the Biden administration shutting down what little industry Alaska has, the persistence of the Jones Act and related federal law, and our reliance on Canada for access to the rest of the US for so much of our communication we have become the 5th teat of America. The takeaway for me in this latest Canuck challenge is that America doesn’t care or perhaps doesn’t even know.

    • You mean the Jones act that supposed to be repealed upon Alaska’s entry into the U.S. as a state? The repeal act that down-voted by washington, oregon, california and several other port of entry states…?

  2. Let’s just invade Canada and secure a land route to Montana. What’s Canada gonna do? Ask for Chinese assistance?

  3. At least they have been smart enough to secure and close their southern border. Perhaps we could learn from them.

  4. We need to prepare for interruptions throughout the transportation sector.
    Alaska needs to lean into the task of self-sufficiency.
    …and a Governor who can protect us from WaDC’s diktats.

  5. So strike already!
    Close the border, put up guard towers, do something besides chatter about it!
    Who knows, a healthy mix of greed and xenophobia may be just what it takes to secure a country’s borders.

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