Alaska Family Council files brief supporting Colorado web designer in her fight for religious liberty


Alaska Family Council has joined family policy councils across the country to file a legal brief supporting Lorie Smith, a Colorado web designer fighting a Colorado law that would force her to create messages endorsing same-sex marriage. The case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Whether it’s Colorado, Washington, D.C., or Alaska, we’re proud to stand in defense of free speech and religious liberty,” said AFC President Jim Minnery.

Alaska Family Council can be found at this link.

The brief says, “It is one thing if the pressure to conform remains cultural rather than legal. While online attacks are difficult to endure, one can persevere and still speak. While peer shame can sting, only a small amount of courage is required to preserve one’s public voice.”

Minnery said, “State censorship and compulsions, however, are different matters altogether. It is the state that wields the power of the sword. It is the state that can bar entrance into the marketplace of ideas. It is the state that can dictate whether a citizen can open a business or earn a living. Thus, it is the state that is the eternal threat to liberty. Only the state can truly suppress the American idea.”

Colorado is trying to bully a Christian business owner into applauding same-sex marriage or risk the government forcing her out of business. Unfortunately, this is a trend that has been occurring for some time now.

In 2015, Alaska Family Council featured Barronelle Stutzman at its annual dinner. She is another Christian business owner who endured years of legal battles for simply wanting to operate as a floral artist consistent with her deeply held conviction that marriage is a sacred union, designed by God, between one man and one woman. 

“Lovers of freedom should all be grateful to Lorie Smith for standing up and for our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom for taking this case to the Supreme Court,” Minnery said.


  1. Genuine question: what does this do to help her? Money? Legal support?
    Physical security?

    I agree with her, no one should be forced to act against their faith. But not seeing the merit of this particular action.

    • In these cases, as she is a business owner, and those who protest these actions tend to boycott her business, monetary compensation makes up for the disruption in business that she is undergoing due to the unjust boycotting of her company/contract work. I doubt physical security is really needed as most liberals don’t know which end a gun fires from, and throw punches like wet noodles. The main concern is people not giving her business due to not liking her having the right to her religion and therefore a drop in income which would be considered damages.

  2. Where is it going to stop? It the government going to force people to do what the government wants or are we still free choice? Look at England now tell drivers where and when they can drive in Oxford.the US government is going to try the same thing. Telling us how to live and what we have to ask permission to do.

  3. Some view this as using religion to discriminate against an all ready marginalize groups. Have you thought that just maybe people are trying to live their lives and be given the same services as others? Without anti-discrimination laws it harms and burdens others to live, work and be happy in their communities. Saw this business sticker posted: “We Don’t discriminate”-“If you’re buying-we’re selling”.

  4. Both our Senators voted in support of the marriage bill.
    Update,, The lady congresswoman who Alaska just voted in. ( supports open borders)
    It’s on record people,, thinking all the new Amazon workers in Anchorage will be happy.
    We’re to house them all?. Never mind we have the Anchorage Assembly on it…

  5. Those who oppose and deny God’s existence may flourish and cause persecution and harm but God is a perfect timekeeper. When active worship of God is shut down those who are faithful will be faithful still. They will receive a demonstrable great salvation through perilous times. Those who make gods of themselves will not succeed in obliterating God or His hierarchy or his purpose for the earth ?.

  6. Speaking as a practicing Christian of well over 60 years…

    I would give good money to make the sermons and proselytizing go away. It doesn’t change hearts/minds in a place like this and makes it harder to reach people in a political context.

    Reminds me of an event a long, long time ago in a college far away and out of state.

    A street “preacher” wandered on campus. He was yelling about how all the women were sluts, whores, and fornicators. They, their families, their boyfriends were all going to burn in hell. Real fire and brimstone stuff.

    He was kicked off campus repeatedly and kept coming back. He went from annoyance to joke quickly, so he upped his game. Started laying hands on people and waving his Bible at them.

    Eventually he grabbed the wrong girl and her BF beat the snot out of him.

    The aftermath included lawsuits (all lost) and a cloud over the credibility of all campus faith based groups. They were stained by the actions of a nutcase who lacked the ability to discern how to read a situation and moderate accordingly.

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