Alaska Democrats endorse Perez-Verdia, Zaletel, Dunbar, and Weddleton in Anchorage local election


The Alaska Democratic Party has made its endorsements for local Anchorage elections. They are the candidates you’d expect for Democrats: Kameron Perez-Verdia, Forrest Dunbar, Meg Zaletel, and John Weddleton for Assembly, and Margo Bellamy and Kelly Lessens for Anchorage School Board.

In doing so, the Alaska Democratic Party used a secretly produced website that has no “Paid for” disclaimer, as required by the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Who runs the website? That’s none of your business. All you need to know is that the Democratic Party, using its newsletter links, endorses what the secret website endorses. APOC rules rarely apply to Democrats.

The Democrats are slipping through the campaign laws using the AlaskaBluEvolution, which says it is owned by a person who gets no donations and is not “endorsed by any candidate, candidate’s committee, or political party.” The proxy website depicts Democrats as a large group of (possibly) men crowded together with their arms in the air, and Republicans as a small group of men standing around wearing “Q” on their t-shirts. All of the endorsements were recently sent to registered Democrats in one of the party’s newsletters.

A page from the AlaskaBluEvolution.

The party’s endorsement of Forrest Dunbar, Meg Zaletel, and Kameron Perez-Verdia for Assembly are not surprising. They are Democrats or de facto Democrats.

But Assemblyman John Weddleton? He posits himself as a true nonpartisan, and earlier this month he even attended a meeting of the Young Republicans, where he went maskless — uncharacteristic for the south Anchorage Assemblyman who is mask-vigilant when on the Assembly and in public settings.

Weddleton has consistently donated to Democratic candidates and has never donated to Republican candidates. He supported (former) Sen. Mark Begich for Senate numerous times, and given directly to the Alaska Democratic Party, giving $500 in 2012. As an Assemblyman he has consistently supported property tax increases. He has, on his social media, associated himself with Black Lives Matter and Anchorage Democrats, as well as pro-Palestinian groups.

Weddleton is putting out requests for funds to help him provide “balance” to the Anchorage Assembly.

Running against Weddleton is Randy Sulte, a newcomer to politics, who hopes to replace the Democrats’ favored candidate during the April 5 Anchorage municipal election. Sulte has the endorsement of Mayor Dave Bronson.


  1. Correction:
    “Alaska Communists endorse Komrade Perez-Mentira, NutMeg Zaletel, Forrest ‘Gump’ Dunbar, and John ‘Pull My Finger’ Weddleton in Anchorage local (s)election.”

    • Nice. You Beat us all to it. What your wrote is literally what appeared in many thought bubbles as they read the initial headline..

  2. 9 liberals and 2 conservatives is “balance” on an 11 member body in a City that just voted for a conservative for Mayor? John Weddleton is a case study on how public education has dumbed down our citizenry.

  3. The real Democrat values

    Censorship only of any whom do not agree with their Marxist ideology
    Government knows best, despite wha citizens want
    Voting rights – for the deceased, the relocated, the illegally residing, and those that simply did not bother to vote as their vote counts too, even if someone else has cast it
    Public school indoctrination – our values should by everyone’s values, all depravity goes
    Workers rights only for those endowed with more melanin
    Equal justice for all not suffering from melanin deficiency (today’s lepers) or those not blinded by our actual constitution
    Safe streets – ?????. What is that?
    Those driven by entitlement, mediocrity, laziness, and addiction should be able to live their lives as they desire

    • Weddleton is not out.
      Know why? No one knows who is running against him. In his district, and I see almost zero signs for Sulte.
      In my opinion, the reason why we are stuck with the marxist nine on the Assembly is because the average voter does not pay any attention to local politics. They are likely to just vote for the person in currently holding the office because… their life is OK, so they must be doing a good job.
      That’s why voter turnout for local elections is so low.

  4. I have a feeling that the comic store guy is gonna get shellacked. We on the south side recently dumped progressive Chuck Kopp. Weddleton is next. Not that Sulte will be much better but a a wiser man than me once said the best people can expect from government is gridlock and hopefully Sulte will get anc one step closer to that.

  5. Vote all communists out of our government, now! Nothing new about breaking the law, democrats believe the laws don’t apply to them. They need to be sued in court if they are violating the law and you need to pray the judge is fair and will interpret the evidence evenly to the written law.

  6. I’ve known John Weddleton for over thirty years. He truly is a moderate. It makes perfect sense that in an election between a moderate candidate and a right wing candidate that the Democratic Party would endorse the moderate. I understand why the right wing might want to replace him, but almost all of the assembly is to his left, and the right wing should not forget that either.

    • That is a complete inversion of reality, Anon.
      Yeah, Weddleton a “moderate” — make me laugh!
      He has voted in near-perfect lockstop with the rest of the Marxist Nine for years.

    • I was his customer when I was a kid and he was always on the level and likable.

      He’s terrible in politics.

    • Moderates… bleh. The city has gone commie and the state is following, so there is no room for “moderate” anymore. Pick a side! Like the Bible says about lukewarm: they get spit out.

    • First of all, a “moderate” does not vote with the liberals 90+% of the time. That is called a liberal.
      Secondly, I do not want a moderate.
      Moderates do not stand for anything. They start from a position of compromise. Which always mean the final landing place will always be skewed against them.
      I want a solid conservative. I want a second Jamie Allard. Anchorage will benefit from the Assembly being completely and totally locked up. Incapable of moving.
      Moderates seem to think that giving the opponent what they want will make them a friend, and they will return the favor in the future. In reality, the moderate ALWAYS loses.
      If you know Weddleton and have known him for over 30 years, and he is, in your mind, a moderate, I want him as far away from politics as possible.

  7. No surprise that democrats are endorsing this parade of losers for the Assembly election. It will no doubt accelerate their puerile war against the duly elected mayor. The games these people play: lockdowns, incessant mask wearing, hiding out in their remote locations etc.

    Why do the people of Anchorage continue to elect such fools as these?

  8. I am working hard against these anti Alaskans and getting the truth out to the public on who and what they really stand for. Not the lies they tell you just look at their track record.

  9. Democrats: Safe streets?? Like Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, Detroit, Flint, San Francisco, LA, Portland, and Seattle to name a few.

    Democrats: Freedom of Speech: Like democrat owned Facebook, Twitter, et al that BLOCK free speech????

    Democrats: Equal Justice for All People: Don’t prosecute BLM, ANTIFA, for Billions of Dollars damage & 25 deaths or those who steal millions of dollars of merchandise while looting.

    Republicans: Skyrocketing Crime: Are You kidding?? Check out the cities with the most crimes. All run by democrats.

    Republicans: Gerrymandering. Check out the democrat cities and states.

    Republicans: Anarchy: Really? I’d say BLM and ANTIFA qualify for that category.

    • Gerrymandering is a democrat process these days. Check out Nadler’s district in the NYC metro area. Looks like it was drawn by someone extremely bad at Tetris.

  10. One must only look at the oligarchy in Washington and see what sewage has been spewing or flowing downhill from their swamp, who diverts it or accepts it has become clear.

  11. Its never good being luke-warm. Either be cold as ice having a frozen heart or be burning the tongue hot fire in your blood! People clearly know God whether or not they would admit having knowledge of God when they want one another to be geniune. No moderates. A moderate is worse, since they are likely to double cross you.

  12. Based on just numbers in district 5 every man woman and child could get 30$ just with my two opponents have spent.

    Odd… I’d think I failed if a couldn’t save my constituents 30$ over the course of a term on assembly.

    Anyone got a reason these jokers will spend this much?

  13. Hey, I think they got that Democrat vs. Republican values chart backwards! And don’t they know it.

    Suzanne, I love your new website design! If you add an extra space after your ads, it will make it perfect. Thank you for all your hard work.

  14. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, are we?
    Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in ballot scheme, which the Assembly forced on voters, seems perfectly capable of assuring the PZDW Squad’s job security.
    Remember, the Assembly hires its Clerk. The Clerk uses Dominion vote-tabulation gear, running on proprietary software, free from meaningful outside observation, to “count” votes for her Assembly employers. What could possibly go wrong?
    Then there’s old-school ballot harvesting, alive and well because labor unions can use it so effectively to help their folks, like the PZDW Squad, get into public office and stay there.
    Throw in a few overpriced bonds to grease the right palms, and it’s business as usual, no surprises, nothing unusual, no?

  15. I always figured Alaska was too tough a place to live for wussie girly men from the lower 48 so the communists calling themselves democrats up there must be border jumpers from Siberia. That’s the only explanation I have for their tyrannical behavior.

    • Since Putin banned Gay Parades, American Marxist Democrats hate him. IF he did not do that, American Marxist would be cheering Russia on like they did all of the 20th century

  16. Yep, they are the quad that would replicate the policies of Portland and Seattle upon the citizens of Anchorage. Would that not be sweet?

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