Alaska COVID-19 cases: 102


The first COVID-19 case in Alaska was diagnosed on March 9, and on March 28, the number of official cases of the coronavirus is at 102. It’s an increase of 17 known cases over Friday.

One of those additional Alaskans is hospitalized, bringing the total cumulative number of hospitalized COVID patients to 6 in Alaska. One of the new cases was a person at the Denali Care Center in Fairbanks, a  90-bed short- and long-term care facility next to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

No additional deaths were reported; two Alaskans have died from COVID-10 or related complications.

Anchorage’s known cases increased by about 25 percent over Friday. Fairbanks cases grew by 21 percent in one day. Still, the overall number of Alaskans who have been tested positive is less that one tenth of one percent.

The case count for Saturday, March 28:

  • Anchorage: 54, up from 43 on Friday
  • Girdwood: 1 (part of the Anchorage 54)
  • Fairbanks/North Pole/Interior: 23, up from 19 on Friday
  • Mat/Su: 2, unchanged
  • Ketchikan: 12, unchanged
  • Juneau: 4, unchanged
  • Kenai Peninsula communities: 7, up two from Friday


  1. Kind of like a “bear” market on the stock exchange. Cascading bad news. Our main solace is that it’ll be over one day. Being there to see it is the goal of more and more Alaskans and Americans. Contrary to what many people think, the Wuhan virus is not the flu or like the flu. Can any reasonable person justify, in their own mind, shutting down the majority of countries in the world and their economies for a hoax or the flu? Not going to happen. What’s lacking in all our news and discourse is a good dose of truth. If we had that, the way to the light at the end of the tunnel would be much clearer. As it is, one statement clouds another in a never ending clamor to be the ones knowing/telling it all. Confusion reigns for now. Speculation, suspicion, blame and political mayhem is distorting reality. Thank God President Trump is driving. Can you imagine what pickle we would be in with Hillary, Bernie or sleepy Joe at the helm?

    • Got curious about what you said, if you go back and look at Hillary’s campaign proposals she published you will find.

      Hillary Clinton: 2016

      We will create a comprehensive global health strategy that moves beyond the disease-by-disease emergency model and seeks to build a robust, resilient global health system capable of quickly responding to pandemics. And we will boost support for research and development of drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools, and medical equipment needed to respond effectively to health crises.

      Imagine comparing that with what someone else said lately:

      I don’t take responsibility at all.

  2. I’m not confused , sorry you are!! I think our Governor, Chief medical officer and even our mayor have done an excellent job of keeping us informed of factual events and in making the right decisions that affect us. I have heard excellent interviews from Dr Anthony Fauci Chief of epidemiology at the NIH and from Dr Frances Collins the director of the NIH. These last two and the best sources of scientific data regarding Covid-19 in the US. I will also say Kudos to Channel 11 KTVA For excellent reporting and coverage given to our state and city officials above.

    • John,
      Parroting the leftist rhetoric is not the most reliable source of info. Fauci, Collins and the rest of the “experts” is what got America into this bind and seems intent on making it worse. They are regurgitating the point of view presented by China, mostly. If they would have done their jobs at the start, we would be much better off. That makes reality confusing. The ‘confusion’ results from so many “experts” telling different stories. If one takes the gov’t explanation (or any MSM) as gospel, you are in for a rude awakening. Sorry to pop your bubble. The “news” needs to be recognized as what it is Reality can be very enlightening and not necessarily in line with the propagated “news”.

  3. The truth is, the SOA has exactly zero clue how many people are infected, because of very limited testing.
    I personally know hundreds of people, and not a single one has been tested.
    I don’t how many people statewide have been tested, but I gather that it’s very few.
    With the virus reported to have an incubation period of up to two weeks while the infected person experiences no symptoms, the 2 to 3 weeks are going to get very interesting.

    • You are correct. Due to limited test kits, I know of a lot of people turned away because they were not severe enough or were symptomatic, but had not traveled outside in the last 14 days. The true number of infected folks is much larger and growing exponentially each day. Stay home if you can, wash your hands and disinfect surfaces at home frequently. We have three essential workers I. Our house and are doing our best to try to keep it out of our house.

      • 20% of South Koreans who tested positive were totally asymptomatic. An important number still missing is how many really have the virus … that would make the hospitalizations and death rate number become weighable against our regular flu season… not that any death or morbidity is wanted, just an idea of how to handle it.

  4. What concerns me? Is the fact there is nothing else being reported to us. No other news. Nothing. I cannot believe the entire world and its issues just stopped because this virus got going. Makes one wonder. Pretty depressing waking up every single day to more negative news… That’s what I wish would change.. Like I said I can’t believe there is nothing else in the news!

  5. GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa put out a statement on Feb. 4 saying the panel he heads, the Senate Finance Committee which oversees the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), had just been briefed by the National Security office within HHS.
    “The coronavirus doesn’t appear to pose any imminent threat to Americans who have not recently traveled to the Hubei province of China,” he said in a statement, downplaying the threat. “For now, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control have the resources needed to prevent any significant contagion from spreading into the United States. If more resources are needed, Congress stands at the ready.”

    • That was almost two months ago, a lot has changed in the last two days. So what’s your point, do you have one?

      • My point is that even after we had our first cases and after our first transmissions and after epidemiologists and immunologists were sending out dire warnings, and after the entire Senate was briefed on the imminent danger to our country, some people were still minimizing the risk to the security of our nation and our people.

    • Maybe some encouraging words by the mayor and health director of NYC saying enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration and not changing your daily routine up through early March? But that is in the past …. but not if Grassley? Maybe additional comforting words from WHO and Chinese authorities in January that Wuhan virus is not communicable and then.. marginally communicable, and now totally resolved in China. NYC is paying the price for open arms when uncertainty was present. London is next.

  6. People in villages need to stay put. If you just came back from Fairbanks or Anchorage, don’t go all around the village visiting or steaming. Don’t have a big Birthday party. All you are doing is potentially killing everyone. Keep your kids home. They spread it too.

  7. The reason we aren’t getting a clear picture is because it would be destabilizing. President Trump has to balance expectations and hope with truth as does Governor Dunleavy. I think they are doing a good job. I’d prefer they move earlier but I’m too nervous to be in their shoes.

    • Wait, what? Hiding the truth is better than revealing it?
      That might hold for a small child pondering the existence of the tooth fairy but we’re supposed to be adults.
      I don’t want some politician thinking he can just tell what he wants to let on. That goes against the very foundation of our form of government.

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