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In the world of politics, most of our conversations are framed around right or left, conservative or liberal dichotomies. However, what is deemed right and left, conservative or liberal at any given point in history is a moving target.

More important are the underlying philosophies that drive our tribal identities. Just as dangerous philosophies such as eugenics rose to the foreground surrounding the time of World War II, newly cloaked but equally dangerous philosophies are threatening to hold a death grip on our nation and world.

In our day, the thing few are talking about is modern versus postmodern thought, or those who believe in objective and universal truth vs those who oppose the concept altogether. How in the world can we even have effective conversations with those who don’t even accept the concept of truth itself? 

While it can seem impossible, I have discovered some keys for making transformative conversations and reform more likely. Putting on our “boxing gloves” in this volatile time is sometimes necessary, but it’s helpful from time to time to take a healthy pause from the fray and examine the big picture. Knee-jerk reactions created from sustained levels of frustration are not always effective at creating and sustaining necessary reform. Neither is it effective to pretend nothing is wrong or constantly pine for “the good old days.” 

In my brand new book “Pride and Privilege: expand your influence in cultural chaos,” I help you frame your world, to understand the philosophies that threaten our future while arming you with useful strategies to unravel these deceptions while bringing clarity to yourself and those around you with effective language contextualized to our present day. 

This book has already been giving people all around the world hope that they were made for such a time as this and that they can truly effect change. In place of the confusion we are being inundated with, we can be armed to co-create our future in more effective and innovative ways. This book will challenge you to consider real ways you can expand your influence even in the midst of chaos as you bring order from the rubble and hope from the ashes. 

There is no clearly defined blueprint for where we are heading, but my hope is that this book will inspire you to begin to steward your particular sphere of influence with more courage and wisdom than ever before. 

“Pride and Privilege” is now available on On March 24, over 100 people gathered for the in person launch. We now invite you to the upcoming online zoom launch on Thursday, April 4 at 4 p.m. Alaska time. Invite a friend near or far to hop on with you at

There will be free giveaways and you’ll be able to hear from other powerful cultural architects who are making a difference where they are. In the following weeks, we will be offering an online book study so you can really start applying these principles to your daily life. Get your book on Amazon and join us on Thursday!

Leigh Sloan is author and trainer at


  1. A needed voice crying out in the chaotic wilderness of tribalism and politics today.
    Looking forward to reading your book, Leigh. I hope it makes a difference far and wide.

  2. Another founder of another church here in Alaska. How many churches are there in Anchorage now? Paying taxes at all? Yawn. These discussions are a dime a dozen, kinda like all the churches here.

  3. Question from article: “How in the world can we even have effective conversations with those who don’t even accept the concept of truth itself?”

    Answer: “The same way mankind has been doing so for thousands of years; that is, they never bothered with “effective conversations.” For most of history, the varioius ethnicities of the world new little, if anything, of each other. Rather, they kept separated and tribal, with wars or treaties being the primary communication. Their commingling is a relatively new phenomenon that remains to be proven to be workable in the long run.

  4. Modern politics is turning to more of a reality based culture and less religious based, Jurys in court cases are asked to set their religious beliefs aside to render just verdicts or you may be dismissed by counsel. Some may not agree.
    My Republican Party must include pro-choice and learn pro-choice is not pro abortion, its pro-choice, lest we keep loosing elections. Our Honorable former Senator Ted Stevens was pro choice, President Reagan who was pro life, did not lift a finger against women rights.


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